Some Basic GuitArt Things People Like To Know:

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When done, send to: 

1. Talk about your first significant musical or guitar experience.

2. Talk about the first guitar/instruments you took a focused interest in.
    a.  What were you doing with it/them?
    b.  How did people around you respond/react?
    c.  Was it fun? - What made it fun?

3.  Formal training? - Lessons? - Significant "tutor"/"mentor" experience?

4.  Have you taught?

5.  Initial recording-experience memories?

6.  What gear/stuff do you play in a performing context?
     a.  Presently.
     b.  In the Past.
     c.  Future aims and objectives?

7.  How, if at all, does the performance paradigm differ from the zeitgeist during the documentation/recording process?  Which do you prefer, and why?

8.  Five favorite recorded songs/compositions (by others).

9.  If you could edit your ten favorite recorded/experienced sonic moments* together into a seamless loop, what would they be?
* [for example, there are some 5-15 second long feedback moments in a particular Brian May solo I like that are truly incredible]

10.  What are your feelings about improvisation?

11. What strategies have proven effective to you in terms of successful group interactivity?

12.  Are you friendly with any resources, publications, or collaboratives which might be of utility or interest to our readers?
13.   On what project(s) are you currently involved?

14.   How can interested readers learn more about your work?
    a.  URL(s)?
    b.  Postal Address?
    c.  Available published work?

Thank you for your thoughts.
This publication is here for one reason: to better acquaint readers with an artist.
Please consider the things about yourself and your work which interviews tend to not speak to...  Complete this interview by adding to this list additional questions which GuitArt has not asked, and then answer them.

When finished, proofread things and edit as you see fit.  When done, send to: 
This interview will be reprinted and made available in GuitArt precisely as I receive it.

Appreciatively and with respect,
Bret H. Hart

Search this site or the web powered by FreeFind

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