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Some Basic GuitArt Things People Like To Know:

1. Talk about your first significant musical or guitar experience.
Hearing The Beatles in 1964 and buying "Twist and Shout" as my first record. I knew I wanted to rock after that.

2. Talk about the first guitar/instruments you took a focused interest in.
a. What were you doing with it?
I got my first guitar when I was 17 and at the time was interested in Indian music, so that's what I tried to do. Sort of raga rocking stuff. I didn't even know how to really tune it so I made up my own tunings.

b. How did people around you respond/react?
I don't remember my parents or brothers really reacting. I wasn't that loud in my room. They already knew music was my life at that point from all the records I would play.

c. Was it fun? - What made it fun?
Yes. Making up my own melodies was gratifying.

3. Formal training? - Lessons? - Significant "tutor"/"mentor" experience?
None to speak of although I knew how to read music. No guitar lessons though. I just practiced to various records and was highly influenced by a number of musicians.

4. Have you taught?
Only my 3 kids to some small extent. My son, Kevin is playing bass and some guitar now. He definitely has his own ideas of melody and composition.

5. Initial recording-experience memories?
One of the first things I ever recorded was with my friend Bob Ballantyne who had one of those record cutting machines. I remember we did "Season Of The Witch". I often wonder whether that record exists somewhere.  Some high school mates of mine and I had an avant garde group, The Roots Of Madness, that used to record "albums" on open reel. Some of this stuff is still pretty classic. I got my own 4 track open reel in 1981 and began my career as a solo home taper producing many cassettes and now CDRs.

6. What gear/stuff do you play in a performing context?
a. Presently.

I do not perform live.

b. In the Past.
Various instruments like piano, guitar, bass and miscellaneous things with The Roots Of Madness back in the 70s.We would "perform" on highway overpasses and laundromats.

c. Future aims and objectives?
Do you mean on live performance? I have no plans to perform live at this point.

7. How, if at all, does the performance paradigm differ from the zeitgeist during the documentation/recording process? Which do you prefer, and why?
In my experience, live performance is great when it's going well but there are too much equipment concerns and it never has sounded very good, especially vocals, live, to me.  I much prefer recording, either with or without others, to live playing, although I do like to get a live feel when taping.  Nothing is as fun to me as building my tracks up and then adding the final vocals and lead guitar.
I love that exhiliration.

8. Five favorite recorded songs/compositions (by others).
Ooooh, a toughie to get it down to 5. How about a short list instead of favorite artists?
Beatles, Stones, Kinks, XTC, Eric Dolphy, Frank Zappa, Xenakis, Derek Bailey, Indian music, Dino DiMuro, Amy Denio, and too many others.

9. If you could edit your ten favorite recorded/experienced sonic moments together into a seamless loop, what would they be?
1.   the ending solo by Nils Lofgren on "Cry Tough"
2.   the change from A minor to A major on "Um Mitternacht" by Gustav Mahler and performed by Leonard Bernstein and Dietrich Fisher-Dieskau
3.   The beginning jangly guitar of  The Hollies "Look Through Any Window"
4.  "White Riot" by The Clash
5.   a Tibetan song using the hoomi technique performed by a father and son duet
6.   Albert Mangelsdorff trombone solo on "Trombirds"
7.   Any Ravi Shankar
8.  Iannis Xenakis "Persepolis"
9.   Harvey Mandel guitar solo "The Ball" from "Baby Batter" LP
10. Robin O'Brien "Summer" my favorite song by my incredible wife

10. What are your feelings about improvisation?
I enjoy improvising a lot. I like the surprises it brings.

11. What strategies have proven effective to you in terms of successful group interactivity?
Having a comaderie that lasts for years and can grow with time. I have that with my friends Greg Gray and Joe Menichetti. Sometimes things just work out with someone new too. I can feel it when it's working out, usually pretty early in the session.

12. Are you friendly with any resources, publications, or collaboratives which might be of utility or interest to our readers?
Probably plenty-first, send me your music for radio play on "NO Pigeonholes". After that, we'll talk about other links.

13. On what project(s) are you currently involved?
My radio show twice a month on KKUP and Radio Marabu in Europe.

Recording my own music including two new albums , "Beyond Fake" and "Whatever Sticks"

Running my distribution service and label, Lonely Whistle.

Doing the web thing. See my portal at: 

14. How can interested readers learn more about your work?

Contact me now at:
a. URL(s)?
b. Postal Address?  PO Box 9162, Santa Rosa CA 95405
c. Available published work? How much do you want? I've got mucho...let's talk