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You will find a full spectrum of the musical horizons available in Zzaj Productions CD's.  We carefully select artists on the label, to offer HIGH ENERGY/CREATIVITY!  We make these full-song SAMPLES available in hopes you will purchase something from us!  SPREAD the WORD to others, pleez!   THANKS!

INFINITE JUBILATION - The latest (& greatest) from Zzaj and Eric Wallack

BAND OF CHIP THIEVES "The Yakkers" are th' band... some W-I-L-D stuff

WHISTLEPOOT JUNCTION - A rollickin' instrumental avant-rock/jazz album that features Jeff Olson (formerly of the "Screamin' Popeyes"), & Rotcod Zzaj  

FLAG SLEEPING - If you've never heard John M. Bennett's freeform poetry, this is the perfect CD to "grok" it... features Rotcod Zzaj and Ficus Strangulensis (Forrest Richey), as well.

PIANO PORTRAITS - John Alkins plays some wonderful solo piano compositions in these 3 full song samples

THEY LOCKED US UP BECAUSE WE WERE HAPPY - Dean Ireland and Harlan Mark Vale in some really original and unique avant-rock settings.

IMAGINED EXISTENCE - Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Rotcod Zzaj take a very imaginary journey through music that even they hadn't imagined existed.

FRACTURED FAIRYTALES (Robert Winson's words mesh perfectly with Zzaj's

DREAMS OF A SUBMARINER - Harlan Mark Vale & Jeffrey Morgan join (musical) forces in th' early Seattle years!

EACH SPEECH (Ohio State University's own poet, John M Bennett, joins Zzaj
for an hour or so of zany fun; spooky parallels with th' "Gulf War" - th' 2
"Bushes", you know?)

ACCESSORY AFTER THE TRACTION (99 Hooker, Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Rotcod Zzaj
take you on a RIDE!!!)

DETROIT IMPROV DUO (Pontiac Michigan guitarist extraordinaire joins Rotcod
Zzaj fer' one PHUNK-philled adventure)

INTO THE OUT (S.O.A.R. (Stages Of Alternate Reality skirts th' "edges" on
this fine epic-rock CD)

IN AN ELECTIVE YEAR ("Emotional Circus" features some fine vocals by Zzaj,
against spacy rock compositions by Harlan Mark Vale)

ENTELECHY (Harlan Mark Vale solo synthesizer compositions take you to
distant galaxies; you'll be lucky if you make it back to Terra Firma)

SLIGHT REINCARNATION ("The Slights" are Dan Susnara and Rotcod Zzaj...
avant-rock at it's best)

MIDGET HILL MASTERY TOUR ("Midget Hill" features HIGH energy rock guitar by
Russ Stedman, with keyboard stylings by Rotcod Zzaj)

THE SCARAB POLEMIC ("The Scarbies" features grand keyboards (and vocals) by
Doctor Joe Hardin, with Rotcod Zzaj compin' right alongside)

NECESSARY ILLUSIONS (Belinda Subraman performs biting/sad/humorous poetry
for Zzaj to do synth-paintings against)

CRITICAL AS L COALITIONS (Pennsylvania-based psych/rock guitarist Mark
Kissinger joins Zzaj in some straight-ahead rockers)

DOUBLE U DOUBLE U .CALM (Ken Fletcher plays some mighty strange thangs with
Zzaj on this experimental CD)

BLUER THAN BLUE (The very first CD featuring San Francisco-based
multi-instrumentalist Ernesto Diaz-Infante and "odd-ist" Rotcod Zzaj... talk
about "strange"....)

CONTINUUM - This is John Alkins' debut piano solo CD.   John has been playing in and around the great Northwest since the late 1970's.   We were exceedingly proud that he chose us to produce this album for him!!!!!!

THE SPLARCH BROTHERS - As often happens on musical projects that Rotcod Zzaj is associated with, we got a little carried away with the band name.  This is highly original music from Harlan Mark Vale and Rotcod Zzaj; despite what you may think from the band name!

WROUGHT IRON MUFFIN RANCH - Way back when John Sosnowski and Mike Delaney were performing together as "Broca;'s Area", Zzaj contacted them about this project.  It took nearly 2 months to get it from tape to digital, but this CD rawks!

nEW dIRECTIONS - This great CD featured Jeff Olson, Stacey Gravatt, Harlan Mark Vale and Zzaj in a strange combination of rock&synth-based experimental tunes that tore thee ROOF OFF!

IN THE LIFEBOAT - This CD was a recording of a live show (here in Olympia) organized by Harlan Mark Vale, & featured compositions by Mark and trumpet player Remus Glaude.  Zzaj joined in on keyboards and vocals.  The music has a definite jazz flavor, but Mark's writing skills take it a step further!

AS GOOD AS GNU'S - "The Imaginary Band" (Harlan Mark Vale, Peter Tomshany and Rotcod Zzaj) are featured on this fantastic romp through experimental rock musicland!  Comparisons were made by the reviewers to Thomas Dolby and (thee GREAT ONE) Frank Zappa!

MAD METCALF ENSEMBLE - The pieces on this CD feature some of the earliest spontaneous spoken-word  by Rotcod Zzaj in live performance at the "Gnu Deli" restaurant in Olympia, Washington.  He is supported in these madcap efforts by a cast far too long to list here, but if you enjoy music & poetry that MOVES, you'll LOVE this one!

EXQUISITELY PAINFUL - Guitarist "Pete Painful" joined Zzaj on this epic rock CD.  It shows a "different side" of Zzaj, & introduces the masterful fretwork of "Mr. Pain"!

SDRAWKCAB - Folks who know improvised guitar from the remote(est) corners of the underground will recognize Davey Williams name right away... you will also hear the by now famous saxophone of Wally Shoup and various instruments by world-renowned violinist LaDonna Smith on this live show CD.

LIZARD RIDERS - If you have never listened to guitarist Eric Hausmann before, you've been missing something great, verzure.  Listen to him create against the (in)famous "organ-isms" of Rotcod Zzaj on this great little CD!

VEDUTA REITER - Internationally-renowned multi-instrumentalist Ernesto Diaz-Infante (from San Francisco) and Rotcod Zzaj (Olympia, Washington) team up to "bend" your mind a bit.  This is one of their best "psychedelic" efforts to date!

LIVE AT THE MIDNIGHT SUN - Your ears won't BELIEVE their good fortune, if you're a dedicated improv fan.  World-renowned improvisor/guitartist Davey Williams is joined by Wally Shoup and Harlan Mark Vale in a WILD ROMP in this LIVE SHOW recording!

FANTASY IN DISGUISE - World famous "Thom, the world poet" (em-cee for GONG) performs over intriguing keyboard madnesses by Rotcod Zzaj

SPEECHES FOR THE SCHIZOID - Ernesto Diaz-Infante provides colorful improvised backgrounds for Zzaj to indulge his musical fantasies on One of the most adventurous excursions this duo has been on yet, with art (most graciously) furnished by Peter Sharpe.

ELEMENTS OF SUSPENSE - Mark Kissinger compositions on prepared guitars joined by San Francisco improvisor Ernesto Diaz- Infante and Rotcod Zzaj in one WILD romp through the elements.

THE MOMENT AS THE MOTIVE features some highly creative acoustic guitar improvisation by Ernesto Diaz-Infante.  Keyboardist Rotcod Zzaj percolates in/out/under & through this most mysterious music.

SACRED WOOD - A fantastic solo keyboard collection by John Alkins!  Totally calming, soothing music that will make you glad you are living!

SONIC NUGGETS - The latest sonic cebration teaming erstwhile rotcod with Vision-Ear (aka Jim Konen) on a very smooth journey. The music is like a quirky jazz symphony with loads of freaky spaced out synth effects. As with all zzaj productions, guaranteed VERY experimental, VERY "out there" and VERY much FUN!

ARMCHAIR CARPET RIDES features guitars by Ohio-based improvisor ERIC WALLACK & keys by Rotcod Zzaj.  It is the first Zzaj Productions release for 2003, & features some visions that could only have come from a ride on a magick carpet!

SIGN OF THE RAVEN is one of Jeffrey Morgan's latest improvised sax efforts - this album is one W-I-L-D trip... check out the FULL-SONG sample, "Floating Bridges".

OCEAN VOICES is appropriately named, since this CD was created right next to the waters of the Puget Sound, by veteran Northwest improvisors John Alkins and Harlan Mark Vale.  Just think "whales"!

COAST OF GHRISTMAS - Guitarist Eric Hausmann joins Rotcod Zzaj in a wild, WILD avant-rockin' romp-a-thon!

THE FUTURE HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE - '99 Hooker, Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Rotcod Zzaj take you on a ride through a future that's already transpired (musically, that is)... you won't soon forget this one!

PEYOTE BEAT REUNION - Kramtones & Zzaj take you on an improvised "trip" that you won't soon forget... JOIN IN this grand musical reunion!

FREE SPIRIT SUITES - Mark Kissinger's guitars play freely against Zzaj' keyboard framework(s) (& vice-versa) to take you on a sweet ride - a great album!

SOUND COUNCIL - A long awaited musical reunion turns into one of the most inspiring albums ever recorded/performed by this Northwest sonic trio!

HURTLE BLUE - John Sosnowski & Mike Delaney play against some classic Zzaj... this is one of the earliest by-mail collaborations to come out of the Zzaj studios (that time in South Korea).

SHE MAY ONE DAY WINNEBAGO - Wonderful lilting poems written/read by Joan Payne Kincaid, with musical backing by th' Zzaj

SIRIUS INTRIGUES - Ernesto & Zzaj make for one HELLUVVA' journey to th' outer limits!




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