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IMPROVIJAZZATION Nation - Issue # 100

Zzaj passes on links to his sites



As many of you know by now, we are pulling up our tent stakes and moving out to Korea in the very near future... the only thing standing in the way of that flight is some doctor's nod & sanction on my physical (next Monday, 2/8/2010.... wish me luck on that)... I don't anticipate any problems, but with all these diseases floating 'round, one can never tell.  At any rate, I didn't have time to pull together an INTERVIEW with someone "legitimate" for this issue, so what I'm doing instead is laying in some links to music sites I've got music posted for CD's I've performed on... use this to keep yourself entertained in the (short) absence of our reviews... and, of course, if you're so inclined, hit the BUY button... we can always use a few sales, whether that be CD's or track downloads!

Zzaj page at Bryan Baker's INDIEONESTOP -

     I use this page as the HUB for my musical uploads... you'll find many of the CD's we've produced over the years and links to purchase the CD's.  My hat is off to Bryan for setting this up... I first started with him way back in the GAJOOB 'zine days, and here I am again!

Zzaj label page at SOUNDCLICK:

     I've been on SOUNDCLICK since they started up... every CD we've ever produced is available here.  There are 2 minute samples of each track... track downloads are only $.25 and most CD downloads are only $3.99.

This is where I've got my free albums:

     This archive features 2 of the Zzaj Productions CD's, with the artwork, for free download.  I'm actually surprised we haven't gotten more response to these... so, go ahead & hit it.  There are quite a few other players from the old home-taper network who have stuff available here for free, too!


     I put together extracts from several Zzaj Productions CD's and loaded them up as PODCASTS here... this is a really good way to get a "taste" for the album... every song that's in the PODCAST is the entire song.

Zzaj Productions label page at REVERBNATION:

     Streaming songs from 28 Zzaj Productions CD's are available here... you can't download them, but you can truly "listen before you buy"... to purchase a CD, just click on the LINKS (at the bottom right of each CD/artist page) for "IndieOneStop", "Lulu" or "SoundClick".  (REVERBNATION used to have this feature right under a BUY button, but their recent revamp took that feature away, as they want folks to use "their" store... so they kind of "submerged" the fact that those links on the bottom right allow you to purchase).  Hope you'll listen through the streams & purchase one or two of these products.

















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