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Improvijazzation Nation - Issue # 48

INTERVIEW with (supreme) bluestress Zola Moon


Zzaj:  Where do ya' come from?   Where ARE ya' comin' from?

Zola:  Raised in Northern California. Live and let live. Why is that so hard?
Zzaj:  You've got one snappin' lil' blooz group.  What distinguishes you & yers' from "all the rest" (for me) is the energy you put in to your singin' & the music. What do YOU think distinguishes you?

Zola:   Stubborn tenacity and following my heart, rather than setting out and trying to do what is commercial. I am not a business person.
Zzaj:  Though "blues" isn't the strongest focus in my 'zine, independent music IS. I view you as strongly (even fiercely) independent.  What MADE you that way? Or am I way off-base, & yer' really (just) a milquetoast momma'?

Zola:  What made me that way is that I'm in it for the music. I haven't learned how to be devious or compromising. The fact that the record companies right now are afraid of salt of the earth substance and common sense rebellion is something I hope will change. And that would be fine since I'm gonna do it
Zzaj:  You've talked (a bit) with me about "old style country"... what other "flavors" of music are your favorites?  I mean, do you have any "surprises" for my readers?

Zola:   I like the ground breakers. Robert Johnson. Bob Marley. Early Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash. Charles Bukowski. These are great artists. Patty Smith.
All the true originals with true passion.
Zzaj:  You've (on occasion) told me that "ranting" is somethin' more of us "reg'lar" folks otta' do.  What's YOUR rant?  (Please be as verbose as yer' need ta' be...)

Zola:  Right now, let's start with George W. Bush, who thinks that the world is his little frat house while he tries to protect the interests of the "in crowd" and
Texas style doesn't care if all the rest of us fry. He makes me sick. Didn't
anybody tell him that there is supposed to be separation between church and
state? And state funding the religion of his choice is unconstitutional. I find
him to be an embarrassment to this county and am extremely anxious about the damage he may do in the next four years. Could go on and on, but will stop here.
Zzaj:  Musically, who are your heros?  Or, is that an antiquated idea?

Zola:   I sort of touched on that above, but I could also mention Janis Joplin, Billy Holiday, and Bessie Smith. I also have some non musical heroes like Charles Bukowski who I mentioned above and can never mention enough. He was the knight in shining armor for the poor, dejected, and rejected.   He found beauty in them and loved the unlovable. The Old Lion, bless him.
Zzaj:  How "independent" is the PRODUCTION of your music?

Zola:  The last 2 CDs have been completely independent. Put them together myself.
Zzaj:  We remember readin' all the stories about "groupies" flockin' around "big" rawk bands in th' '60's.  Do YOU have a flock o' cute lil' guys (or big-'uns) hangin' 'round th' stage after a show?  Callin' you up?  How do YOU handle that (if it's a "real" thing)?

Zola:  Some of my favorite fans call themselves my groupies but I'm not famous enough to have so many that it's a problem. Course, there is no such thing as too much adoration, especially when I am the one being adored.
Zzaj:  What new CD's/projects do you have comin' up in the next year (or so)?

Zola:  Plan to hopefully release another CD in about a year for which I already have a bunch of songs in the can. Would like to do some international touring. Trying now to put something together for a festival in Australia.
Zzaj:  One primary focus of this 'zine is in "feeling the real".  I know what that means to me (having been through a lot of "unreal", & (actually) "made it through").  What makes it "real" for you (musically, personally, whatEVER makes it real for you)?

Zola:  Life is sure real. And surreal sometimes. In fact, it's a little too real sometimes. I have a decent car that runs great. That's real for me. I guess that shows I'm not really one of the upper crust. 

The sky is still blue. 

My boy friend spent some thousands of dollars fixing up my teeth so they won't fall out and I won't become a toothless old blues hag. That seems pretty fucking real to me. No toothless blues singer, I was always kind of worried about that. A lot of my heroes and heroines ended up old, poor, and toothless. 

A sense of humor is real even if it is as dark and twisted as mine. It takes one to know one, huh? Feel the real, Baby.


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