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Improvijazzation Nation - Issue # 50

(self)INTERVIEW with Zzaj


Zzaj:  Why in hail are you leavin' Michigan?  (You only went out there 2 years ago)

RealZzaj:  A Communist plot?  Terror attach?  Guilty conscience?  Actually, none of the above... in the aftermath of Twin Towers, my company started laying off people... as is usually true, they lay off the ones (first) who are most difficult for the "upper-crust" management levels to deal with.  In a sales-driven organization, that means people who are always "straight-up" & tell the truth are GONE!

Zzaj:  Will the Zzaj Productions site remain up?

RealZzaj:  Only until around 15 October... at that point, it will be taken down... we will reestablish it around the end of November, 2001, in Olympia, Washington

Zzaj:  What will you be doing (back) in Washington?

RealZzaj:  Assessing options; meeting old friends again; drinking lots of espresso; staying in a "temp" situation until (possibly as long as) August, then moving back into our house there; getting mentally prepared to play music a lot more; using the Internet to figure out any ways possible to expose people whose foundations are built on sand; exploring opportunities with companies like Manpower, Volt and Kelly Services

Zzaj:  Any "words of wisdom" for all the readers?

RealZzaj:  KEEP ON D.I.Y.'in... do NOT let the barstards get you down!  USE your talents to bring DOWN those who have evil political motives!


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