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Improvijazzation Nation - Issue # 57

INTERVIEW with Dave Storrs, of "Louie, Louie Records"


Zzaj:  Were you (like I was) a big fan of "Louie, Louie"?  I mean, where did
that NAME come from for your label?

Dave:  No the name came from my dad. For some reason he started calling me Louie. And then my wife started called me Louie. Maybe they were the same reason.

Zzaj:  It appears that you produce music (almost) as prolifically as I do...
is this your "day job", too?  If not, what do you do for "reg'lar" work?

Dave:  Performing rarely pays the bills - I teach drums ( and life and music ) to a whole bunch of cool kids. And some older ones to.

Zzaj:  Since much of the music you produce is improvised, please expound (a
bit) on how you get in th' right "frame of mind" for improvisation?

Dave:  The gear is paid for, the garage is close at hand, no money involved, know the folks...We go out there and start playing ...

Zzaj:  If you could play with any one mainstream (or underground mainstream) musician, who would it be & why?

Dave:  Don't think about it.

Zzaj:  How important is airplay for the music you turn out?  Press?   Which
is more important, press or airplay?

Dave:  Airplay is nice but I have found it had no effect on sales. Press is probably more important. Listening to the music is the most important.

Zzaj:  Who (or what) has influenced your music the most? 

Dave:  Mingus, Sun Ra, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Daniel Ponce, Blue Note recordings, salsa, African, Ravel, hitch hiking, friends, weird gigs ...

Zzaj:  Should musicians be "politically involved" - or are they, by virtue
of the music they produce?

Dave:  Yes to both. Anything from the ground up is very important politically. These daze we should be fighting to get the corporate system brought down/cleaned up. We need close contact not this giant hookup to the big 1- 800 number.

Zzaj:   Do you master ALL the recordings for "Louie Records"?   If so, what
kind of equipment do you use?

Dave:  Dave Trenkel does it. I am not sure the names so I will leave it at that. He does a great job.

Zzaj:  How important (if at all) is "formal training" for musicians?   Were
you formally trained?

Dave:  Not real important. Experience is the main teacher . Teachers, playing, good and bad gigs, more playing, recording and etc. KNOWING when you are learning something is important.

Zzaj:  Since the focus of our 'zine is "indie", or "home-producers", what
words of wisdom do you have for those just getting involved in music?

Dave:  Pursue it like a religion, or "give up all hope"?  Abandoning hope is a form of religion. Get into the now, don't worry about the money too much and play play play ....


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