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Here's another feature Zzaj Band - The album is called "ARMCHAIR CARPET RIDES", & featured the fantastic guitars of Eric Wallack; I did on-the-fly improvisations against his sounds.  The reviewers said that it was "very accessible", even though it certainly has an "improvised flavor":



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Yoko Miwa - CANOPY OF STARS:  What the mind pictures when listening to the opening cut, "La Estacion"", is rippling water... I can't explain how, or why, but it has something to do with the touch Ms. Miwa has on those keys.  It's almost like listening to a life in progress; emotion clearly expressed  through her fingers, in all it's ebb & flow.  The title track is a lot more laid-back, but still doesn't take away (in the least) from the impression of "clear and present talent" shown by Yoko's skillful playing.  I've no doubt that much of the reason for my getting this sense of extreme talent is the fact that all of the compositions on the CD are originals, but I'm also sure that it wouldn't really matter what she was playing - it would be pure joy in the listening.  My favorite cut on the album from a purely jazz perspective, was track 4, "Borders"... the structure and rhythm take me back years & years, to my early days watching performers in the dark, smoky cellars of jazz in Frankfurt and Mainz in Germany.  Overall, if you love piano jazz, you won't be disappointed, and you'll find this album to be a real "keeper".  I give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, in all respects.  Get more information at  Rotcod Zzaj

Leslie Pintchik - QUARTETS:  Whether on standards or originals, Leslie's keyboard work  is masterful & unique, to be sure... we've had occasion to review her music in our pages before, & one keyword that always comes through is joy!  She has a style of playing that will both amaze & delight you... I think of it as a "conversational style" of playing... sort of like she was telling you stories with her piano - & if you think of it like that while you listen, you'll see/hear author's intent, certainly, but you'll also be blessed with a glimpse into the heart of the players.  This CD has Scott Hardy's bass, drums by Mark Dodge, percussion by Satoshi Takeishi & alto/soprano sax by Steve Wilson, a more perfect union than you might imagine... there are a whole host of original pieces, too, simply brimming with energy you'll love.  One of those (by bassist Scott Hardy) turned out  to be my favorite on the album, "Fugu", cut 7... very crisp recording, with beautiful piano leads & very complimentary bass lines.  This is a great album, especially for those listeners who love piano that seems to be played from the inside!  I give this one another MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, & think you'll want to add this one to your collection.  Simply wonderful!  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Jentsch Group Large - BROOKLYN SUITE:  Chris Jentsch's fantastic jazz guitar leads this adventurous outing.  It's full of rich textures and imagery that just won't quit; he draws you into the improvised painting he's created for your ears.  The opening tracks are truly introductory, getting you kind of "settled in" for your excursion about the city.  The first "hot" track (and the one I enjoyed the most) was track 5, "Follow That Cab".  I could easily imagine this being the background music for a Broadway play about adventures in the Big Apple, or the score for a movie with the same kind of theme.  The last couple of tracks are pure unadulterated jazz sound, and will be very attractive to the dedicated jazz fan, particularly "See You In Bali" (which was a close second for my favorite pick on the album); the guitar on this one will take you into smoky basements somewhere uptown... this definitely isn't a "bad side of the tracks" CD... it's clearly for the smooth... the sophisticated, you know?  Some red-hot, poppin' tracks that will give you a solid introduction to what life in th' city is all about.  I give it a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Manhattan New Music Project (performs):  PAUL NASH:  This one is a musical tribute to Paul Nash, an astounding player/composer/leader himself.  Though he's gone now, his wonderful jazz lives on through great experiences like this album.  All proceeds from CD sales will go to the Paul Nash Memorial Fund, which will help MNMP to promote his insightful and root-based jazz works.  I'm not sure how closely guitarist Vic Juris's chops measure up to that which Paul played, but if he's even half as great as Nash was, that says mountains about Mr. Nash's abilities.  The tunes are more than just "guitar-based jazz", though; more like orchestral odysseys, weaving you in, out & through the entire spectrum of universal jazz.  The players on this ride were Shane Endsley (trumpet), Bruce Williamson (soprano & alto sax), Tim Ries (tenor sax), Jim Ridl (piano), Jay Anderson (bass), Grisha Alexiev (drums) & the aforementioned Vic Juris on guitars.  They project pure power, & a love of the music they're playing that is totally infectious to the listener.  A most highly enjoyable album, this one gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

John Stein - GREEN STREET: Simple playing, but tight as "L", on this marvelous CD... John's guitar is joined by Ken Clark's Hammond organ, Dave Hurst's drum-works, & guest David "Fathead" Newman on reeds. This is a re-mix from WHALING CITY SOUND, & has a couple bonus trax from th' original album (1999). Excellent jazz/blues sounds, extremely well recorded, that will have you on th' edge of yer' seat th' entire album through. We'd not heard the '99 release, so would be hard-pressed to compare - but having reviewed hundreds of CD's similar in intent, I can say that "Green Street" is a "kicker"... when Newman kicks in on flute ("Hotcakes", cut 2), you'll be thinkin' of classic jazz flutists like Yuseff Lateef right away! If it's organ that turns yer' krank, you'll listen over & over (& over) again to the title track, which sorta' reminded me (in some ways) of "Green Onions"... ancient tribal grinding noises from that Hammond, to be sure, & "Fathead's" sax work is brilliant - this is my favorite cut on the album, without doubt. A superbly crafted album by very talented musicians - we give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, & your ears will, too!

Sandy Kastel - THIS TIME AROUND: If you're in the mood for high-end, big-jazz orchestrals, led by a female vocalist who is a total natural - this is your ticket, volkz!  Pretty much standards, but Sandy's vocal (and life) energies overcome any tendency to "hit" her on that.  "Cry Me A River", track 2, best exemplifies her vocal skills, and will wrap you in from the first bar.  "Fever", the next cut, demonstrates how deftly she can apply her own style - she most assuredly makes the tune her "own".  Parts of the CD (like the Sinatra medley) will make you feel like you're in the audience of some huge Vegas hotel show; not that that's a "bad thing", but there's no doubt, after listening through her album a couple of times, that Ms. Kastel's talents clearly like in breathing her own unique talents into jazz standards that can always use a new interpretation.  Very pleasant listening, & a very high "verve quotient" earn this musical experience a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Donkey - STONE: Ha! Ha! From the sweet and lilting tones of the jazz ladies to the somewhat disturbing and odd sounds created by "noise structurists" Hans Fjellestad and Damon Holzborn is quite some leap. Ah, but I don't mind - not a bit, since many of my own creations are founded on the same kinds of madness... the difference, of course, is that these guys are much better at this art than I am. Would I recommend this to Bertha Baptist? Doubtful, as she'd have nothing positive to say. Would I recommend this to the (now defunct) Olympia Experimental Music Society? In a heartbeat, as I know Arrington would know how to digest this accumulation of layers. Their structures are more subtle than most... no onrush of walls of noise assaulting your senses... they have in mind to infiltrate your conscious, then gradually WHACK IT! It's been a while since I've listened to noise sculpture this good, & I give it a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for any and all who like to explore new realms of sound experience. Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Debbie Poryes Trio - A SONG IN JAZZ: Nice laid-back piano from Debbie on the opening track, Richard Rodgers "A Wonderful Guy".  she's joined by bassist Bill Douglass and drummer David Rokeach.  As per usua, I flipped to the one original, "So It Seemed"... this one was also a very introspective piece - as much of Debbie's playing seems to be.  After listening through all the pieces, I found the opener to be the most attractive to me, from the standpoint of "straight-ahead" jazz.  Every performance is high quality, with high talent on display, and you will get hours and hours of pleasure from listening back through it... perfect kind of album for reflecting on your thoughts after a hard day.  This CD gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Melani Skybell - JUST A CHASEAWAY: It seems it's a time for female jazz singers.  I must have received a ton of them over the last couple of months.  Though this is our first listen to Ms. Skybell's work, I'm highly impressed - and if you love well-sung, well-played jazz, with strong hints of the blues woven in - you will be too.  I'd say that has something to do with the fact that all (but 3) of the tracks are originals.  Her keyboard touch is light, but not without soul, and her vocals are strong on every piece.  While listening, I tried to catch her influence... was it Joni Mitchell?  Or Ella?  Or who?  In the end, it's quite clear that Melani is, quite simply, Melani.  The CD, and the shining music on it, will remain a favorite (of yours, as well as mine) for decades to come, no doubt... she's able to convey a feeling of pure joy to the listener, in both the playing and the vocals.  As depressing as the world can seem these days, "Just A Chaseaway" is a sure-fire prescription for making all that evil just "scat" away.  An absolute "must" for anyone who loves talent combined with spirit and verve.  I give this CD a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, in the immediate.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

The Rocco John Group - DON'T WAIT TOO LONG: Rocco John Iacovone's (all original) alto sax work will please the ears of jazz aficionados the world over, especially on driving tuneage like (my favorite on the CD) "Bicycle For 2"! He's joined by Michael Irwin's trumpet, double bass by Aaron Keane & drums/percussion by Dallus Naujokaltis - & not just "joined"... these players are right on th' mark(s) together. Absolutely kickin', no hesitation & high-energy all the way through the album. Another jumpin' tune was track 8, "Cursory Rhyme"... the reeds & brass are in synch from the opening note, & that bass/drum syncopation keeps the music at full-tilt... I'm very much impressed, & you will be too if you cut your teeth on jazz that doesn't compromise & allows no hint of "smooth" to creep in - ANYwhere! A "way of life" is presented sonically - not that '30's "hep-cat stoned be-bopper" thang, either - this has th' mellow parts, but it also has edges that we all have to navigate on our journey! Very tasty jazz adventure that gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us! Get more information about the group at   Rotcod Zzaj

The David Finck Quartet - FUTURE DAY: This fine little CD starts off with an original from quartet member (piano) Tom Ranier... & it kicks!  When Joe Locke's vibraphone kicks in, you'll easily imagine yourself sipping champagne with th' hipsters, to be sure.  Leader Finck's bass is strident without treading on Tom's tune at all.  When you add in Joe La Barbara's drums, you've got a track ("I Know") that just won't quit.  Half of the cuts are originals from the band members, which makes the album all the more attractive to my ears.  The music is packed with clear talent & exciting energy... the highest rhythm event is Bevan Manson's "Four Flags", which turned out to be my favorite track, especially when guest Jeremy Pelt's trumpet takes the lead.  My only problem with this track is that it was only 2:30, but the other guest player, Bob Sheppard, on sax, made it a cut I wished could have lasted much longer.  Another outstanding tune was Cedar Walton's "Firm Roots"... this one definitely shows David's superb bass skills, & the tightness of the quartet assembled here.  You'll get much pleasure from listening to this over & over again, as I've been doing already.  I rate this one as MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, & believe you will, too.  You can get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Grupo Los Santos - LO QUE SOMOS LO QUE SEA (WHAT WE ARE WHAT WILL BE): There are some absolutely fine young Latin jazz players (from NYC) on this very well-recorded CD.  Cuban flavors throughout, with some of the best rhythms I've heard this year.  The opener, "Rumba in the Bronx", has some wonderful bass work by David Ambrosio, as well as superb guitar work from Pete Smith.  William Bausch on drums & Paul Carlon's tenor sax round the quartet out; very nice mix of Latino feel & jumpin' jazz roots.  The hottest track on the album, & my favorite (to be sure) was cut 9, "Toreja Kulo", a Bausch original; so many rhythmic contrasts on this one that your ears will be straining hard to keep up.  One of the main attractions for me is that these are all original compositions.  Maybe the start of a "new jazz age"?  That certainly falls in line with the title of the album, methinks.  This is the second album from Grupo Los Santos, & I've no doubt you'll be hearing plenty more from these folks - they are very talented, & their love of playing is truly infectious.  This is one of the most "fun" albums I've heard this year.  The only criticism I have is that they've not even indexed the tracks at FREEdb; that would be nice for the next round, so I don't have to build the playlist on my own.  That's a minor hit, though... their music is what counts, & they're a hit with me!  Enough so that they merit a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, especially for those who love music that liberates.  Get more info at  This hits the streets on 7 January, 2008, so rush right out & get it on order now!   Rotcod Zzaj

Pamela Hines Trio - RETURN: Ms. Hines' piano will take you back to an age all us (old) jazz lovers are enamored of... the days when jazz piano was the highlight, bringing joy to lives (& ears) around the globe.  The opener, a Walton tune (I'm assuming that's Cedar Walton), "Ojos de Rojo", features wonderful keyboard work from Pamela, superb bass from John Lockwood, dazzling drums by Bob Gullotti, & sexy sax work by guest artist Jerry Bergonzi.  The title track, a Hines original, is my absolute favorite jazz cut of 2007... when Jerry's sax leads right in, I can easily picture myself on the back veranda of the Oyster House (in Olympia, Washington), sippin' somethin' cool, & living th' jazz life!  What sneaks up on you, after you listen back through this track a couple of times, is that each of the players made a contribution to the overall talent quotient - & that that is HUGE!  One thing I do wish (with many of these bands, or their studio at least) is that they would get the tracks loaded up into FREEdb, so I don't have to type all the track stuff in myself - maybe on the next album?  That's only a minor criticism, though, & cuts like track 6, "Very", another original from Pamela, rescue the album from any negative hits... it's clear that Ms. Hines will be entertaining our ears for years - if you like jazz with spirit & verve - GET this one (January 2008 release).  I give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Get more information at  Rotcod Zzaj

Ghidra - THE SOUND OF SPEED: It's been some time since my ears got a chance to gorge on more methedrine-like madness from this trio... let's see, their first album was "Strawberry Skinflint", which we had the pleasure of reviewing in issue # 68. As I said there, there's a "punk" kind of edge to this trio's playing, maybe a kind of "punk improv" (if there is such a thing).  The most poignant track (I thought) was # 2, "Halogen Blue"... cascade after cascade of sound, each player in their own "lightspeed zone", especially true for Horist's guitar playing... but, you'll also hear wild improvisations from Wally Shoup's alto sax, & penetrating drum work from Mike Peterson.  If this highly talented trio can't "whomp" Godzilla with some of their sonic smashing, the world is lost, to be sure.  "The Sound Of Speed" has some distinct compositional tendencies towards the Zappian, but in the end-run, it's pure Ghidra, pure improv, & loads of fun for your ears that will transport you to the edges of your universal reality - & if you're lucky - back, too.  For those who love improvised music, this CD gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - if you've not been initiated into the joys of freely played music, this is an excellent place to start.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Chris Humphrey - NOTHING BUT BLUE SKY: Quite often when I get a CD in with a new male jazz vocalist, it tends to fall to the "back of the stack"... too many guys trying to take us back to some kinda' retro "Sinatra-trip thang"... well, I'm glad I didn't do that with Chris's splendid album.  He's clearly got his own style, his own way of interpreting standards, & clear talent for showing his soul through his vocals.  The music is certainly enhanced by Matt Wilson's drums, bass by Martin Wind & piano by Mark Shilansky - but it's that spirit that comes shining out of Chris that will truly turn you on!  On Monk's "Friday the 13th", I'm reminded of Mose Allison, no doubt, but after listening through a little more carefully, you can hear that Humphrey has made the track his "own" - & that's a splendid thing, for the listener, anyway.  He's got some some "killer" scat on that cut; once again, I compare - maybe sounding (a bit) like Bobby McFerrin here?.  This is one highly impressive singer, who will make his mark on your collection, no doubt... I give "Nothing But Blue Sky" a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - as well as making it the "PICK" of this issue for "best male jazz singer"!  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

The Willie Williams Trio - COMET RIDE: You won't have any problem understanding the CD title as you listen to the title track (& the opener).  This album just smokes... whether tenor/soprano sax is your "thing" or not, you'll find your toes tappin' in triple (or quadruple) time... Mr. Williams is joined by Gary Wang on bass & Rudy Walker on drums, & they are one star-cruisin' trio, to be sure!  I'm sure one of the reasons why I found the listening so pleasant is that these tracks (except for two or three) are Williams originals... fast-paced, clearly enunciated & soulfully strident compositions that will blow your mind.  One of the "verviest" pieces I've heard in a long time was "Leprechaun's Dance", track 5, which turned out to be my favorite cut on the CD. Whoever did the recording ensured that the track titles were embedded (with CD-TEXT), too, so I don't have to go hunting around to build my playlist... this little extra effort goes a long way (in my mind) to making a recording come across as truly professional.  The trio if fully in synch, tight as the proverbial drum... we hope to hear lots more from this grouping/artist.  For sax-led jazz trio, this is the best outing I've heard in 2007 - it gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from my ears.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Alex Clements - WAITING FOR YOU:  Superb piano playing from Alex on this well-rounded & energetic CD!  The 10 tracks are all originals (except for cuts 2 & 10).  The lead-in track, "Blues for GB" was a perfect pick to get the listener fully engaged... from a purely jazz perspective, this was my favorite cut on the album; it features all the players in solo, as well as in perfect alignment.  Alain Bradette's sax work (soprano & tenor) is straight-ahead, filling your ears with tempting movement, & Danny Gottlieb's drum solo is nothing but movement!  Chris Queenan's bass is much more prevalent on the second track, "Nuits de Paris", probably since it's in a more ballad frame of reference.  Only one thing I'd ask the group to consider for their next release - get this indexed in , please - that makes it so much easier to catalog on my machine.  This isn't the kind of jazz you'd hear on your local "smooth jazz" station, as it's full of the kind of raw power & energy that's sustained the genre for all these many years.  I really like Alex's piano style - full-bodied & strident without being (at all) overbearing.  I give this great album a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED , & know your ears will agree.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Mike Khoury and Piotr Michalowski - SHARDS:  Another round of most intriguing violin (Khoury) & soprano sax (Michalowski) improvisations in from our Detroit-based friend Mike.  If you're thinking "chamber music", forget it... these compositions are "from the hip", and won't fit any pre-conceived notions you may have about what music is supposed to "sound like".  & that's the whole intent of (good) improvised music, anyway, isn't it?  At first listen, it may sound like the two instruments are sort of "playing on their own", but as you listen back through each track, you can hear that they are in full collaboration mode - it's just that when you're playing improvised music, your sense of "time" doesn't necessarily "mesh" with the listener's.  So, as a listener, you need to let yourself be absorbed in what the players are doing, without distraction... then, you'll "get it".  I'm used to a bit more frenetic & fast-paced pieces when it comes to saxophone improv, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one, no doubt!  I give it a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who enjoy hearing what spontaneity is really all about.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Jadoo/Soulfood - TANTRIC CHILL: Nice change of pace here, with a "world music" CD in from our friends at SOULFOOD MUSIC.  As usual, they've pulled together some fantastic sounds, strangely disturbing & haunting, yet thoroughly pleasant.  Sounds like a paradox, but on "Tantric Body", you'll hear what your body might have to say to you!  Excellent production, with both artwork & track titles embedded right on the CD, & indexed at; sound quality is (as always) superb, too.  For something more in a "dance" line, check out track 5, "Enigmatica".  The most haunting tune on the album, & my favorite, was cut 4, "Falling Rain"... you can almost feel yourself walking through a forest, with ancient voices whispering at you from/through the trees.  We've always enjoyed the music produced by these folks, & you will too, especially if you're in the mood for something away from the norm.  I give this one a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all types of listeners.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Mr. Groove - LITTLE THINGS:  The Nashville-based band on this CD has spent the last couple years behind "big" bands like Bonnie Brammlett & Boots Randolph... but that certainly hasn't detracted from their ability to produce top-grade music.  Bassist Tim Smith & his guitarist brother Roddy are joined by drummer Donnie Marshall, saxophonist Tim Gordon & keyboardists Mark Stallings & Steve Willetts.  There are some other players, too, but you'll have to check the liner notes for that.  As to the music, it's kind of "retro-funk jazz" (with a taste of jazz-rock), I'd say... but that's not a negative description (in the least).  I'm impressed with their rhythmic tightness and ability to shift to different movements at the drop of a hat; real compositional talent, & a verve for their playing that just doesn't stop!  Track 4 ("Germania Road"), with Pastorious-like bass lines, is a very attractive sound for the ear.  My favorite piece, though, is #5, "Hal's Shuffle"... some driving drums, & very nice guitar & organ work on this one!  I'm highly impressed, & hope to hear more from this band over the next couple of years.  They get a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from these ol' ears.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Jon Larsen - STRANGE NEWS FROM MARS:  What a pure joy to scope.... Jon is joined by a whole bunch of players (like Tommy Mars & Jimmy Carl Black) from the "Mothers Of Invention".  Larsen's guitar work isn't exactly like Uncle Frank's (Zappa) was, but his braincase is infected with the same humor quotient when it comes to composition... this is a SUPERB musical event!  The recording is top of the line (as I rather expected it would be), & tracks are in, so they're easy to suck into your playlist.  Track 3, "Mutant Fromage", featuring marimba by Rob Waring, is excellent, & really takes me back to "MOI" days.  My favorite cut, though, is "Dachs Reduction", mostly 'coz of the super trombone work by Bruce Fowler - one nutso composition, to be sure.  It's indeed refreshing to hear music like this (& played like this), because it means that the danged "Blue Meanies" haven't taken all the creativity off the face of the globe yet.  There's no doubt in my mind that this is the most original album I've heard in the last 3 years - can't emphasize that enough... you'll be taken on a voyage most people never get to experience, & it's all fulla' FUN!  It gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me, as well as the "PICK" of this issue for "best surreal music this year".  If you've got even an ounce of adventure left in your mind - GET this one.  More information is available at   Rotcod Zzaj

Keith Marks - FOREIGN FUNK: When I saw Keith on the cover of this CD, I was thinking (right away) that I'd be in a bit of a Lateef groove... once Lou Volpe's guitar kicks in on cut 1, "Axel F", & Pete Levin's Rhodes-sounding keys join in, I knew this wasn't any "imitation" (of anyone else).  With Donald Nicks's bass & fine punchy drums by Wally "Gator" Watson, this honors the album title through & through.  Some pure (& most delicious) funk that drips with soulfulness & raw talent.  There's still plenty for jazz fans to glom on to, & no one will walk away from this listen with anything but good vibe!  One minor complaint - I'd like the track titles to be burned IN to the CD, or at the very least, loaded up in, so I can get my playlist without having to type from the jacket.  Moving back to the music, th' "pop bass" (as well as the heavy rock-lick guitar) on the title track is a splendid affair as well... only drawback is that it was a bit too short at 3:54; it's still my favorite piece on the CD, though!  Marks' flute on Zawinul's "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" is a total winner, & shows his love for the instrument as well as the playing. Volpe's guitar is the perfect compliment to Keith's flute on "Summer Breeze", & they both smoke on it!  This album won't hit the streets until April, 2008, so make your reservations now... this gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from my ears, & I've no doubt that if you're a funk/jazz fan, you'll agree.  I haven't heard this much spirit in a long time!  Get more information (and/or download the tracks) HERE!   Rotcod Zzaj


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