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I've played in over 65 "bands" .  We will highlight a few of these bands in this (and future) issues. 

Featured Zzaj band for issue #82 - Detroit Improv Duo (these don't auto-start - CLICK the PLAY button to listen while you read our reviews - or don't, totally up to you!). 

This grouping featured Pontiac, Michigan guitarist extraordinaire Jim Konen, with me on Kurzweill PC 88.  On "The Fasttrack", Jim played horn on his guitar synth - VERY interesting sounds.  The first two tracks also featured drummer Jim Russell, from Olympia, Washington.  ENJOY!

Enrico Granafei - IN SEARCH OF THE THIRD DIMENSION:  As I sit here listening to Enrico's beautiful harmoni-jazz, I'm taken back to times that were (surely) easier & less tension-filled; remember myself sitting next to my grandmother's ancient radio & hearing sounds similar to these come cascading over the airwaves... so long ago that I can't remember who I was listening to (I was probably around 4 years old), & the music certainly wasn't as jazzified as what Mr. Granafei is doing here, but it was, nevertheless a "smooth & easy" ride.  He carries off an amazing feat... one-take only, playing both nylon string guitar and harmonica... even an experienced listener would think this was (at least) two players, but it's ALL him, using an "HFC" (Hands-Free Chromatic Harmonica).  A wonderful CD that will afford you many hours of pure listening pleasure.  I rate it as HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... very, very nice!  Get more information at his MYSPACE PAGE   Rotcod Zzaj

ArtistShare Label - SAMPLER:  We haven't done a lot of reviewing via the nets, but with the introduction (by one of our most reliable promoters) of the ArtistShare Label, I've no doubt that download/review via Internet is the next wave... they send the reviewer a redemption cert, login, & you're able to pull down all the tracks, as well as the cover art... the cover illustrated here is just one of 6 (this one is from Danilo Perez's "The Panama Suite").  I spent a lot of time exploring all aspects of the site & it's genuinely impressive.  Their artists are all high-talent, and the sampler proves that beyond any shadow of a doubt.  "Mr. Smoke", by Patrick Williams, was one funkified tune, totally enjoyable, but it was a strangely titled tune called "Hospital Loop" by a sax player named Joel Miller that really got my juices kickin'; definitely my favorite on the sampler... superbly recorded and high-energy to the maximum!  If you're an artist who won't accept anything less than the BEST for your music, check these folks out... they get a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us, to be sure!   Rotcod Zzaj

Rave Tesar Trio - YOU DECIDE:  All originals on this neatly played CD from Rave, who has been playing (piano) on the NYC scene for well over 20 years now.  The trio is rounded out by Kermit Driscoll on bass and Bill Tesar (Rave's brother) on drums.  This is very straight-ahead jazz, no oddball or "out-there" excursionary treks... on the other hand, Tesar's approach to keyboards is so fluid and inspired that you'll often find yourself amazed at his dexterity and creative talent.  Recording for this 1 June, 2008 release is superb, crisp sounding from the opening to the last bar of music.  The title track opens with an excellent drum intro that will bring to mind visions of deepest, darkest jungle... when the bass melds in, then the piano, you will find yourself completely captivated!  It's "MINAS", the next to last track, with strong Latin leanings, that gets my vote as favorite track, though; the trio shows just how tight they are on this one!  What impresses me more than anything else about this sweet little trio is the talent for composition that is totally accessible, yet (still) full of mystery and anticipation for the listener.  I give this one a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... get your copy reserved now!  More information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Virginia Mayhew Septet - A SIMPLE THANK YOU:  Virginia is no stranger to our pages; we reviewed her works in #63, as well as in #32... on both those occasions, I was simply amazed by her ability to "speak" through her reeds (tenor & soprano saxophone) - and that hasn't changed on this musical adventure, either!  It's more than just her ability to infuse each tune with high energy, too... her all-original compositions will carry you away into jazz dreams... one of the best examples is "Just A Blues", with a deep and full-bodied sound that can't be equaled by many in today's jazz circles.  The title track leads in slow, but impresses your ears with the solid talent displayed... very nice & "easy moving" all the way through.  If you wanna' hear "BIG CITY/BIG BAND", though, listen to the last track, "SANDAN SHUFFLE", my favorite piece on the album... it actually came from an earlier album of the same name, but this rendition added 3 additional horns.  Despite the CD's sentimental-sounding title, this is one scorching display of excellence, & comes (once again) MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from these ol' ears!  Get more information (& listen to some samples) at  Rotcod Zzaj

Greg Chako - EVERYBODY'S GOT A NAME:  We first reviewed Greg's music a couple of issues back (#77) on his "PAINT A PICTURE, TELL A STORY" CD (which we made a "PICK" for that issue).  We like this album very much as well, though it has a much more "uptown" kind of flavor, at least to my ears.  It still features Greg's fantastic guitar works, & though he's joined by Mark DeRose (percussion, drums), Yasuhiro Hasekawa's bass & piano by Hiroshi Tanaka, there seems to be more emphasis on Chako's guitar this time.  Now, don't get me wrong, you can still hear the other players, it (somehow) just seems like Greg's playing is more "in front" on these tracks than on the earlier CD.  Some of that may be attributable to the fact that the players are those that Greg played with (most often) while he lived in Japan... & it's clear that he GOT the concept for this CD "right on"... doesn't matter if the player has "big name" recognition... 'coz, as the album title implies - "everyone has a NAME"!  He added some funny touches to the CD jacket (but you'll have to purchase it to see what they are, eh?).  Ah, NOW I hear some more piano (title track), & Mr. Tanaka can SMOKE, volkz!  The more I listen through the compz on this album, the more it "sticks" to my ribs... there are some very strong tunes here, most notably (& my favorite on the CD) being "Yamanashi Snow"... a very haunting piece... starts off slow, with nice jazz orientation & a genuine "hook" for the listener to carry away with them (for years, I might add).  This one rates our MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and (once again) the "PICK" of this issue for "most creative flow in a jazz recording".  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Ahn Trio - LULLABY FOR MY FAVORITE INSOMNIAC:  This amazing musical experience is more in the classical realm than jazz (though not strictly classical... there are elements of jazz, popular and (even) avant-garde forms to be heard here, too), but as we have always said, we aren't concerned nearly as much with genre as we are with the passion for the playing of the music, and this trio from Korea clearly has it, in spades!  During my 15 years there, we watched many players trying to "imitate" songs from other countries... some were good, some quite credible, others weren't even worth mentioning... none were as exciting and original in their approach to covers as these 3 young sisters (Angelia on violin, Lucia doing piano and Maria on cello).  That may have to do, at least partially, with the fact that they were trained at Julliard & now live in NYC, but it is their perception and talent for putting the 21st Century listener's desires into their music that shines through.  For me, that was best heard on "OBLIVION", my favorite track on the album (you can hear it and other samples at  ).  They keep an extensive tour schedule, so be sure to check this page to see when they may be close enough for you to listen to them.  I'm highly impressed, enough so to rate this as MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for adventurous listeners of all persuasions.  Some great music with great energy; you'll be hearing much more from these young ladies in the future.  Rotcod Zzaj

Kenny Carr - CHANGING TIDE:  We reviewed Kenny in issue #74; as indicated then, this fella' has that soul jazz guitar down flat!  On this CD (released in May 2008), he demonstrates total talent yet again, especially with tunes like "Blues For Ray" & "Eastside Groove"... I fell in love with "Eastside" right away, probably because of how tightly coordinated the players are (Kenny's guitars, Donny McCaslin's sax, Tom Baldwin's acoustic bass & Frank Russo's drums) all the way through, but especially notable on this track!  From the standpoint of different jazz "flavors", this third CD release has just about everything your ears could want... wonderful tinges of Latin, for instance, on "Bossa Luna", as well as the aforementioned blues & groove wonders!  "Soaring" will (as you might imagine) take you up there where winged creatures go with ease, & another favorite of mine, "Cooper House", will probably bring nostalgic mem'ries of days gone by.  This CD gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who can't let a day go by without listening to highly talented jazz guitar, as well as the "PICK" of this issue for "best jazz guitar CD".  Get more info on Kenny at   Rotcod Zzaj

Duke Ellington Legacy Band - THANK YOU, UNCLE EDWARD:  "Thank You, Uncle Edward" was just released in March of this year, & features Ellington alumnae Joe Temperley's bass clarinet & baritone sax, along with trombone by Wycliffe Gordon, a 3-horn front line with a player well familiar to our readers, saxophonist/arranger Virginia Mayhew and vocalist Nancy Reed... a host of other players, too, far too many to itemize here.  Duke's grandson Edward, who demonstrates some interesting guitar talent on tracks like "Pretty Woman" and "Moon Mist", wanted (along with Mayhew) to ensure that young musicians be exposed to Duke's music. The absolute hoppin' beat of "Toe Tickler" is an original composition (a tribute to Lester Young) by Virginia Mayhew, whose playing we just love, will have YOU hoppin' as well!  In fact, this track is our favorite on the album (you can listen to short samples of all the tunes at ).  Another really vibrant piece is "Cottontail", which I really liked because everyone was playing in total "alive" mode in support of Ms. Reed's excellent vocal!  This is one of the finest jazz tributes I've ever heard & rates an immediate MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from my ears!  Visit the site above to learn more about the "Duke Ellington Legacy".   Rotcod Zzaj

The Stein Brothers Quintet - QUIXOTIC:  These brothers (Alex on tenor & Asher on alto) got a pretty early start (13 & 10), but they can be-bop with the best of 'em, I'll tell you!  This is their debut CD (released on 6 May, 2008), & it's a cooker all the way through!  Mferghu plays piano, Doug Largent bass & Joe Blaxx does drums; there are also guest shots from trumpeter Duane Eubanks & trombonist Jonathan Voltzok to round it all out.  Their composition and playing skills are clearly evident on all the tracks, but they also breathe new life into be-bop all the way through the album, especially so on original comps like "Trailblazer" (you can hear samples of all the tracks by clicking HERE, though they're not downloadable, except by payment, & so couldn't be linked in); this is my favorite cut on the album.  On the next release, it would also be nice to have the titles burned right onto the CD, so anyone purchasing them can burn them right to their hard drive... in these digital days, that's almost a must!  There is no doubt you will be hearing more from these fine young fellows... they are excellent players & composers & clearly speak the language that be-boppers the world over will understand.  I give them a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED on this album & will be looking for more from them!  Get more info, bios, news, etc., at   Rotcod Zzaj

David Thorne Scott - DYAD, with Mark Shilansky:  What an experience this DYAD production is... Scott's vocals mesh perfectly with Shilansky's piano... they bill it in the liners as "...a sublime meeting of two minds"; & that just about sums it up.  It's not strictly jazz, though it certainly leans in that direction, with some great scat work, but cuts like "Boulder To Birmingham" bring clear visions of Marlboro men & other heroes trudging across the majestic plains in search of lost loves.  David's version of John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" will stay in your mind for years to come... he's got a haunting vocal style, with clear and definitive talent that many will fall in love with right away.  Shilansky's keyboards, though quite melancholy at times, also convey a playful spirit.  Whatever that "magic" is that players glom onto at times, these two have "got it".  A very interesting album that adventurous listeners everywhere will enjoy!  I give it a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra (MSJO) - HARRIET TUBMAN:  Harriet Tubman, who I hadn't read much about before listening to this musical tribute, was called the "Moses of Her People", in relation to her efforts as a "conductor" on the Underground Railroad... unbeknownst to most, she used & incorporated many musical elements into her various endeavors.  MSJO uses it's 15-piece jazz orchestra to create what you might best think of as a jazz "opera", filled with vibrant energy and high talent on 2 full CD's to musically interpret Kate Clifford Larsen's book "Harriet Tubman:  Bound For The Promised Land" into an experience you'll not soon forget.  If you love to "hear" heroes, as well as read about them, I would suggest sitting down with Ms. Larsen's book while you listen to this epic performance.  Very often, I find tribute albums (especially ones based on written material) come across very pretentiously, but Shelby simply uses the music to tell the story, and turns this into a vivid memory, whose music will stick to your ribs for years & years to come.  It's some of the finest jazz I've heard this year, & gets our MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, as well as the "PICK" of this issue for "best jazz tribute album of 2008"!  Get more information at  Rotcod Zzaj

Sumi Tonooka Trio (with Rufus Reid & Bob Braye) - LONG AGO TODAY:  Though this is our first listen to Sumi's jazz piano, we are mightily impressed... the opener, "Be The Dance", brings vibrant and rich life to your ears.  Her right hand demonstrates lightning speed, while the left comps (in some ways) like one of our favorites, Horace Silver.  She moves right into a moving ballad piece, "All Of You", on which Braye's brush work moves the tune, in conjunction with very impressive (yet subtle) bass lines from Rufus Reid.  On "Quantum Question", her affinity and admiration for Thelonius' mysterious phrasings comes through, though her playing is more accessible than some of Monk's works.  The title track conveys her intent fully, stirring memories both pleasant and sad; recording on this particular cut is among the best I've heard this year.  The tune that really captured the spirit of Sumi's style (and my favorite on the album) was "Renewal"... the trio's talent for playing straight-ahead jazz that doesn't "smell funny" (i.e., isn't just the same old thing) just shines on this one!  "Long Ago Today" is one of the best albums I've reviewed in 2008, & rates an immediate & exuberant MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who love jazz in all corners of the world.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Thom Rotella 4-tet - OUT OF THE BLUES:  You'll pardon me if I beg to differ - Thom & his partners (Roy Mccurdy on drums, Luther Hughes on bass & Llew Matthews/Rich Eames on piano) are more "in" to the blues than "out"!  Thom's brand of jazz kinda' "struck home" with me, & I couldn't figure out why until I read the liners on the CD BABY site... he's from Niagara Falls, NY, just up the road from where I grew up.  This, his 8th CD, is released on his new label, "Four Bar Music", which he says holds as it's charter "the discovery and release of music that finds it's way to the ears, heart and souls of music lovers"... no doubt in my mind that with superb music like this, that will be a relatively e-z ticket to punch.  Ten great tracks, but my favorite was "The Dr. Is In", which honors his hero (Wes Montgomery), to be sure, but with new energy & life for the blues that displays abundant talent & love for the music he plays!  Another tune that really caught my ear was the slinky & heartfelt "Shimmer"... total blues feel, & a recording that lets you hear every little nuance.  I'm highly impressed, and if you love guitar-based blues/jazz, you will be too... this one gets our MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating!  The CD will be released on 1 June, 2008, so get your order in now.  More information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Faruq Z. Bey w/Northwoods Improvisers, f/Mike Carey and Skeeter Shelton - JOURNEY INTO THE VALLEY:  Listening to the sound-only version on this Entropy Stereo release will take you on a sonic trek that's both pleasant and intriguing.  One of the main attractors for me, though, was the fact that these all-original compositions feature spoken-word as well - "In Memoriam" is of particular note; precise punctuality, followed by a blues-laden solo with solid bass/rhythm underpinnings, brings the message all the way home.  Bey's reed work & poetry are svelte and professional, especially when you watch the performances on the accompanying DVD... the commitment to absolute jazz spirit and communion with the muse is well conveyed, and will give you hours of visual and auditory pleasure.  Those readers who also play music will be able to see (right away) that the show is rooted in the spheres, free-flowing and natural - there is no sense of haughtiness passed on by the players... their simple love of playing comes through clearly and without any attempts to hook the listener/viewer into any "cosmic mystic" pseudo-religious dogma.  One cautionary note... this isn't a "car album"... you need to reserve an hour or so with nothing else on your mind, so you can focus completely on what these folks are giving you.  A superb musical/wordweave excursion that comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by us.  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet - FOR THE CHILDREN:  Stevens piano on this little CD is absolutely smokin'... it's "retro" in a sense, as it comes from the Cadence Jazz label's historical series.  Recorded in the mid-'90's, it's lost nothing to the years, still coming across with full live and energy for the music being played.  Michael is joined by David Scnitter's sax, Dominic Duval's bass & Jay Rosen's drums on a recording that is (certainly) on a par with the best recordings of today.  This isn't jazz that can be easily dismissed, either... the compositions hearken back to the best jazz of the 20th century, and will get you in the groove almost as soon as the album starts.  All the players have a comfort level with free/modern jazz, & the skills & talents to pull it off as though this were the most accessible jazz on the dial.  Every instrument is "in synch", especially from the standpoint of timing... it's almost like you're overhearing a lively & spirited conversation between the players; consider yourself fortunate to get an insight into just how intricate musicians like these think.  This is some of the most innovative jazz I've heard (yet) this year & rates our MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating!  Get more information at  Rotcod Zzaj

R.P. Collier - DECONSTRUCTION OF TWILIGHT:  If you're in the mood for a little guitar improv, this CD will do the trick for you... in addition to playing some very laid-back & insightful improvised music, Collier also builds instruments, which allows him (I think) to achieve a kind of intimacy with the guitar that few ever get to.  There is no "favorite" this time around, as the composition is one big one, not split up into tracks.  Musically, this comes across to the listener much like the way a dream occurs... leading into something that you can't quite determine with any firmness... the difference in this case is that R.P. is able to back up his claim to "pensive and searching guitar work" with - he definitely brings the dream to life for your ears.  He also has some very interesting VIDS at YOUTUBE; extremely creative work.  If you're looking for guitar works that jump, you'll have to go elsewhere, but if you're a reflective listener who enjoys hearing mystery brought to live, this one is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Get more information at R.P.'s CDBABY pageRotcod Zzaj

Jessica Jones Quartet - WORD:  A true "family affair" on this CD... Jessica does piano (as well as tenor sax), her daughter Candace does some beautiful vocals, & husband Tony does tenor sax as well.  The thing that's most striking about this musical adventure (for me, anyway) is the superb recording... everything "clicks", vocals are right where they should be in the mix, & life just shines through as each tune progresses.  The lead-in, "Everything Is", showcases Candace's wonderfully powerful vocals, but also features rich blended saxophone... all other instruments on the track are crystal-clear, & talent is abundant everywhere.  The deep blues influence on the great 6/8 track titled "What Purpose Is Your Pain" will give you clear indicators of the superb jazz skills these players possess; according to the liners, it serves as a transition to the rest of the album, which is spoken-word all the way.  "Saratoga Avenue" (a poem by Arisa White) is among the very best poetry I've heard in the last 3 years, and the free-wheeling & vibrant improvisations going on down under the reading will blow you away!  "I'm Calling", another White poem, is the best improv/spoken-word tune I've heard this year... great band lead-in to the reading, but it's the complex changes which will hold your attention.  This album can't get enough praise from me, especially if the listener is in love (as I am) with the natural marriage between music/words.  I give this CD our MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, as well as the "PICK" of this issue for "best jazz & spoken-word CD"!  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Sheila Cooper/w/Fritz Pauer - TALES OF LOVE AND LONGING:  Our introduction to Sheila's music was a joyful experience, to be sure... in addition to jazz vocals that are laden with soul, she also plays stunning alto saxophone against the sultry keyboards by Fritz Pauer.  It won't take but a few bars to lure you into the magic she is weaving here.  Though her selections for this album are mostly covers (Ellington, Porter & Hoagy, just to name a few), the energy she pours into the vocals, as well as the rich tones she coaxes from that sax will make you sit up & listen... her reed intro to "I'm A Fool To Want You" will make you hear the cries of a lover on the other side of the universe... POWERFUL!  Her rendition of Irving Berlin's "How Deep Is The Ocean" is exuberant & spirit-filled... will give you pleasant vibes for hours... absolutely joyful.  I'm always excited to be interested to "new" artists (meaning those I haven't heard before), & I've no doubt we'll be hearing much, much more from Ms. Cooper.  I rate her album a (definite) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for lovers of high talent jazz the world 'round!  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Bennett Paster & Gregory Ryan - GRUPO YANQUI RIDES AGAIN:  All but 2 ("Tones for Joan's Bones" by Chick Corea & "Chelsea Bridge" from Billy Strayhorn) of the 9 compositions on this funky latin-based CD are originals, which no doubt is what made our blood kick up it's heels & begin to (mentally, anyway) dance frenetically.  It only took a couple listens through the 9 tracks to figure out that "The Unabonger" was the track for me... absolute favorite, with solid Latin licks & an energy quotient that just won't quit... + which, that title is priceless!  Nearly all the tunes are danceable, so you get more than you bargained for... high-energy jazz, new directions & a great beat for your toes to tap to, or get up & shuffle madly 'round the room to.  The group, led by Bennett's piano, takes you on a passionate percussive journey that you won't soon forget; in fact, some of these compositions will stay with you for years if you listen to the album (even) once.  I'm mightily impressed... we hope to hear much more from these folks (& I'm sure we will).  If you're looking for Latin jazz that isn't (in the least bit) "tired", check them out right away.  I give this our MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, & advise you to learn more about "Grupo Yanqui" at   Rotcod Zzaj

Laszlo Gardony - DIG DEEP:  All 9 cuts (except Gershwin's "Summertime") are highly creative originals from Laszlo... the keyword here is creative... not "wacked" (at all), just the ability to take a line & infuse it with significance that other players miss.  Even gospel is not sacrosanct in his hands... as I sit here listening to the opener, "In Transit", I can't help but be reminded of "Universal Prisoner" on "Second Movement" by Les McCann/Eddie Harris... no, it's not an exact match (or a rip-off), but it's clearly in the same timeless realm... absolutely my favorite tune on the album, though "Heavy" runs a pretty close second.  His treatment of Gershwin's tune would have (I suspect) brought a distinct smile to Ira's mug... great stride left hand that actually (believe it or not) makes the tune quite danceable.  It's clear that the rest of the trio (bassist Joe Lockwood & drummer Yoron Israel) "get it" regarding Gardony's musical humor.  This is, without question, the most "different" version of "Summertime" I've ever heard... nuthin' but FUN!  I do think it would be nice to hear some reeds against tunes like this - maybe next time, eh?  For those inclined towards jazz that features power piano, this comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  Hands down, the "PICK" of the YEAR for "best piano trio".  Get more information at   Rotcod Zzaj

Andy Middleton - THE EUROPEAN QUARTET LIVE:  Mr. Middleton's soprano is a far cry from "smooth", Kenny G, or any other MOR (middle of the road) solution for listeners... this fellow can make his horn cry, shout or sneak around the beat - whatever is called for by the composition (all either originals or traditionals improvised by Andy).  He's joined by Tino Derado's piano, Paul Imm's bass & Alan Jones' drums in a sort of celebration (I guess) of his recent relocation to Vienna... his skills are clearly demonstrated for your ears, and you will find this some of the most inspiring (yet accessible) improv you've ever heard.  There were only 6 tracks, but they all clock in at (nearly) 10 minutes or over, so you've got a solid hour's worth of sonic gourmet to feast upon... that's truly how I would term this excursion... both delicate and tasty, & surely filling.  This is actually our first listen to his work, but it certainly won't be the last... this is someone to keep your ears on if you're looking for a jazz menu that will carry you on into the 22nd century.  As well as Andy's deeply satisfying sax work, I was highly impressed with Tino's keyboards (& since I'm a piano player myself, that's kind of a "natural", eh?); great strong touch & a unique signature, but without treading over any of the other players.  That's what you'll find with all 4 players here... the tunes are arranged to give them each their solo sections, & they don't hesitate to jump right in & take their turn.  All in all, this is one of the most solid jazz releases I've listened to this year - it gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us, to be sure.  Get more information at Andy's MYSPACE SITE.   Rotcod Zzaj


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