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IMPROVIJAZZATION Nation - Issue # 85

INTERVIEW with ah'... no one...


I've played in over 65 "bands" .  We will highlight a few of these bands in this (and future) issues. 

CLICK the PLAY button to listen while you read - or don't, totally up to you!  You can also PURCHASE these tracks, if you'd like to support our efforts; no obligation to do that, but the option is there if you'd like!

Here's another feature Zzaj Band - 2 of 'em in fact, so you can listen while you read the interview.  First is "The Old Neighborhood", with Eric Wallack on guitars, Ernesto Diaz-Infante on guitars and found street sounds, & me on my trusty old Kurzweill.  Both albums, as you'll hear were in the "experimental zone" to the max:

My sincerest apologies to anyone who is looking for an in-depth interview... while I was getting the next INTERVIEW ready, I got orders to move back to Olympia, Washington in mid-October... very, VERY busy getting the family ready for the move... what I can do is tell you some of the folks we're targeting for these INTERVIEWS over the next few issues:

Rapster - a favorite player on MIXPOSURE who will tell you all the secrets and mysteries of the web as it relates to music...

KED - another favorite MIXPOSURE musician who has "signed up" for an INTERVIEW... we're looking forward to telling you his story...

Davey Williams - this one is only a "target", as I haven't even talked with him about it... but Davey is a true "guitar hero" in the improvsor world, and one of the first folks I played wild music with when I first started live performance back in the early '80's.