i am atom foam.
i organize sounds.
lately i compose with MIDI...
i am looking to turn those fake instruments, into real instruments.
so i am attempting to organize this, and get my music played.
i have played in a few groups such as ...
toothwinner, oh, oh, mints, and atom foam and the skeletones.
you can hear em if you wish.
get in and download the sounds.
tell me what you think:

if you don't trust me enough to go to the site.
im going to throw in a few summaries from past projects:

Atom Foam Computer Tape
A 10 minute tape that was worked on on and off for 3 years.
it was made on a WAV editing program called WINDAT.
if you have ever used it you may wonder how anybody made an album with it.
i don't know. just listen to it.
one person said of the tape: "this is what i hear when i cry"

Atom Foam MIDI compositions
I have about 3 (4-6 minute) compositions i am proud of. plus some short piano/guitar/bass junk.
they are in MIDI until i can afford a string quartet or a percussion
that will most likely be never.
compositions were made on NoteWorthy Composer.

Atom Foam Quick Movie Music
5 songs strictly made with my moog and sampler.
most of them are just sort of loops to a certain scene.
kind of B-Horror Movie music, except for the one that takes place in a submarine.

Atom Foam and the Skeletones
4 songs made on a digital 12 track with the skeletones.
all very different. these are the songs that everybody tends to like.
some of them are impressive. they are very listenable.
i usually suggest these to anybody first listening to anything i've done.

Atom Foam and the Wellingtone
Collection of 4-track music made with the Wellingtone.
Harder to listen to, most people don't like it very much. but i do.
it's got a junky, unplanned, 4-track feel.

Oh, Oh, Mints!
A band in traditional rock band format plus a saxophone, moog, and clarinet.
A lot of people tend to like this as well.
i get people that i've never met before tell me they enjoyed the oh oh mints.
i say thank you.
songs are fun, and somewhat weird. maybe you will like them.

A performance art band with a banjo and acoustic guitar.
I really can't explain this madness. I have videos, the one album made, and 5 shows on audio.
possibly the best thing i have ever been involved with. in my life.

Magic Moments Tape
a tape of improvised street music with instruments and some acapella.
plus a lot of weird things that happened. possibly hard to listen to if you weren't there.
i don't know. i was there.

also available is a compilation of the different projects.
plus downloads on the web site i made for the group of musicians i tend to play with, and music by the skeletones (matt kenely) and the wellingtone (dan lewis).

maybe now you will want to go?
uh. i play a few instruments. guitar and bass mostly.
but also a bit of .. flute, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, percussion, and keys.
whatever i can get my hands on, i'll play.
coke cans...water jugs...elastic bands...telephone cords...my legs... plates.

thank you,
    atom foam