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Zzaj LIVE SHOW review!!!

  Liquid Soul, 1/29/2010, "Eclipse"

     I hit th' joint early early so I could take my time scarfin' down a sandwich & a cup of Martin's freshly roasted espresso; got in the cafe about 7:00, passed off some musical gems & traded a bit of chat about my impending move back to Korea with Martin.  I always enjoy Martin's place for that laid-back atmosphere, as well as the quality music that always follows.

     While I'm munching, lead guitarist Todd Lemkuhl rolls in & begins setting up for the gig, followed shortly by the drummer (Michael Harrison) & then my bass-playing friend Steve Bartlett pulls up in his one-headlight Ford van while I'm outside smoking my after-munch cigarette & rappin' with the Jeff (the greeter & cover collector).  Steve's wife Jan didn't come tonight, but sent her greetings along.

     After another 20 minutes or so, the setup is done & they start right at about 8:00, slidin' smoothly into a laid-back (but punchy) little number that went very well with the double-espresso I'm still chuggin' on.  I'd watched these guys before, but in a much smaller venue than Martin's room.  They're kinda' jazzy tonight, second song in is "Girl From Ipanema", with a NICE vocal by the Todd... the thing I really like about this trio is that there's no "glory hawggin'"... they are just there to have fun playin', which they communicate very clearly to the listener (without saying a word about it, which is of course the ultimate in cool)!

     They juke it up a bit on the next tune, more like I'd expect from McKenna, but with a smooth edge that projects high energy & clear love of performing.  Lemkuhl's leads are sweet on this one, with punch that just doesn't quit.  Steve take a short bass solo that would be envied by the best bass players in the land.  All three players do extended solos that just ROCK!

     About mid-way through that third tune, Michelle Jones (from the Blue Bottle in Yelm) slides in... as she pops through the door, the trio kicks in to a splendid rendition of "Kansas City Women", with Steve doin' a down/dirty vocal... excellent stuff.  That's the other thing about this band that I really like... they pull some genuine stylistic switchbacks, right from that HOT "KC Women" thing into a bluegrass soundin' thing that reminds me (somewhat) of old Roger Miller tunes... QUALITY players, to be sure, 'coz that's the only way those kind of changes can be pulled off without sounding quite amateur.  All in all a most impressive set that would be a treat for any & all.  Thanks for some great music, Eclipse, it was most enjoyable!


WHAT'S it REALLY all about?


     Obviously at a magazine like mine, it MUST be all about the MUSIC!  It doesn't matter what "flavor" that takes... as you've often heard me say (if you've read this 'zine at all), we don't CARE what genre you perform... it is your ENERGY for the music that gets you reviewed here! 

     Over the next few months, though, I'll be going through one of those "major life changes"... our impending move (back) to Korea, after 15 years absence, will be both exciting and challenging.  I lived (off & on) for about 15 years of my life in that country, & love many things about it... they have built many new roads, changed the way they do things (in many ways), but it will still be Korea, I've no doubt.  My real point here, I reckon, is that I'm not sure what we're moving in to... & THAT is what makes it all exciting - NOT knowing what will happen.  Anyone my age (63, & by the end of the summer, 64) is fortunate to have such a chance, and I know they have many new forms of performance over there, so I've a lot to look forward to, a lot to study & plenty of new folks to meet.  Also, though, once a person gets past 60, they kind of want to be in some kind of "rut"... routine, I guess one could say. 

    It will be a couple of months before I can bring the 'zine back up on the net... I've already asked all the promoters to put submissions "on hold", and hope the indies out there will read this, too, so they know I'm not "ignoring" your review submissions... just BUSY getting into the flow of my new day job over there. 

    In the end-run, though, I can promise you that (barring any acts of Gourd) this 'zine WILL BE BACK.  I'll publish notification of that on FB, MYSPACE & everywhere else I have a web presence, so - KEEP watching us! 






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