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    Strange month here for me... some food poisoning that happened in late April came back to haunt me during a business trip (250 miles south, in Daegu, Korea) about 4 weeks ago.  I self-medicated with a bunch of Advil & the stomach pain seemed to go away.  About 2 weeks after that incident, the pain returned with a vengeance & I couldn't ignore it any longer.  Quick visit to the local clinic, then an ambulance ride to Seoul (should be 45 minutes, but took over and hour & a half).  Spent 3 or 4 days morphined up for what they initially thought was an appendix problem, but then they diagnosed Diverticulitis.  I read up on it after they released me (with a full compliment of anti-biotics); a horrid little disease that surgeons are reluctant to operate for, fearing that if the bacteria aren't all gone, they may "pop" the little nodes that have the infection & spread it all through the tubes.  Anyway, after 2 weeks more of anti-biotics (very, VERY tiring stuff at my age), first look says it's all clear.  I'll do a couple of tests at the end of the month, then visit the surgeon... I'm sure all's OK, but need to get his final nod.  This truly DID interfere with my review schedule, since those meds made me totally useless... sweaty, tired & totally listless.  Don't think I'll be eating in the joint that I believe infected me back in April!

     On the musical side of things, I've got my studio (Morning Calm North) setup & just about ready to start recording in... just a few more wires to deal with and I'll be laying some sketches down again... it's been a LONG time since I played, & I'm looking forward to getting it all down.  Suspect I'll begin soliciting some collab work after I get a few tracks ready.  Anyone out there interested?  If so, shoot me an email at

     I've gotten a LOT more material digitally over the last 5 months... looks like (even) more "famous" players are realizing that it's cool to get reviews without having to go through the (total) postal hassle... I call these "Digital Download Reviews", or DDR's.  Be sure & visit some of the players pages I note as DDR... join their site as a fan, their mailing list, & listen to (or in many cases) download their tracks for your playlists. 

    That's about it for this issue... no burning political or musical things to write about, since I was "indisposed" for a while... please be sure to spread the word about IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION to all your musical friends (both players & listeners).     

    Till next time....


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