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         Anyone out there in digit-land who is in line to buy a "present" for me - WOAH!  STOP!  I don't want presents, per se... I've been beefing up my page over at INDIEONESTOP ... placing several of the CD's I've played on for sale there... so if you want to spend a few $$$ "on me", do yourself a favor (as well as doing me a favor, too)... GO there, open up the CD's links towards the bottom of the page and click on BUY when you spot one (or more) you like - in addition to contributing to the health of Zzaj Productions, you'll also get a personally produced CD for each one you order.  Heck, since it's coming up close to the C-mas season and you probably have scads of folks you need to buy presents for, buy 3 or 4 for your them as well!  Your choice, of course (as is everything you do), but that would place miles of smiles upon this ol' reprobates' face(s).

        Right now, I don't see a lot of " musical involvement" at the presidential level... surely would be nice to see the White House proclaim that the arts (music in particulate, of course) have the potential for healing many of our ills... so, how'z'about it, Obama (or Michelle)?  Start a national campaign to get the whole nation jazzin' it up... I'd certainly be willing to join and support such.

       I recently got passed over for a promotion (no big deal), because I hadn't completed some nonsensical "courses" about logistics ("nonsensical", because they don't have anything to do with what we do "on the ground" - mostly only budget & contracting stuff)... don't take this as a complaint about not getting picked... what irks me is that the folks who completed all those courses more than likely never got any WORK done... ERGO, the person who gets picked will be someone who knows a lot about nothing to do with the job they are being hired to do... ain't that the way it always goes?  Them that CAN, does... them that CAN'T take courses.

       I'm just about halfway through my first year back in Korea... have been having an abolutely great time, other than my hospital visit... the good news is that when I made my last visit to the sawbones, the tests determined that my plumbing passes muster, and no operations are required.  Cool!

       Not a lot more to say at this point, except that I may be producing reviews (just) a bit more slowly in the next couple of months, as we enter into some more "game cycles" for Unca' Sam over here... don't let that stop you from keeping in touch, though... I'm always only an emai (or I.M.) away!

    Till next time....


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