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There are ALWAYS things to bitch about, but this year of ELECTION brings home the fact that a fundamental CHANGE to the way we do business is needed... 

Politicians are once again DELUGING the airwaves with nasty innuendo & (basically) nonsensical chatter!  We are faced with choices that really aren't choices at all.  We NEED to bring the power of the Internet to bear on the process itself!  E-mail your (duly elected?) congressperson or representative & TELL them that you want the system changed so that ANYONE who WANTS to be in office is automatically removed from consideration forEVER! 

What am I TALKING about?  I firmly believe that any office in the land (right down to the district level in your city) should be based on a DRAFT system... a few minimum requirements, like:

     Minimum of High School graduation

     No felony convictions

     NO affiliations with lobbyists, EVER

     NO previous memberships in "wacko" organizations, like the "700 Club", "The NAZI party", or (maybe even) "Oprah's Book Club".  The people who sit in the seats of government should NOT have ANY agenda except to USE the people's money FOR the people!

Once drafted, a person could NOT get out of it until their term of office had been served.  Times in office would, of course, be limited to a reasonable period... if structured right, this would be a service that people would be CLAMORING to get "out of".  The whole idea is to make service to the people the crux of the biscuit... to make the system work for the people... and to make our government truly self-governing - by the people! 

I believe you would find that the folks who tallied in AGAINST such a system would be those (for the most part) who WANT the corruption to remain an inherent part of our system... those whose goal in life is to coast... to use the people's money to advance their own belief systems.  Anyone who protested this new initiative too loudly should be banished forever to work at Mickey D's... shoveling burger after burger through the window of the trough... NEVER to become a part of any system in government.  No (other) "action" would be taken against them... it's just that those in the population who WANT to be in political office (under our current system) should always be considered to be the criminal element in this society & recognized for the worthless idiots they truly are.

Is this just another rant?  Do you violently (or non-violently) oppose these ideas?  E-mail me & tell me WHY... write your OWN "counter rant"... I may use YOUR rant in the next issue!

See you in a month or so!!!


Rotcod Zzaj


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