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     My long-time friend Bret Hart has discussed the phenomenon so prevalent in A-murri-ka today at some length these years - GREED!

     My recent move to the mid-West has made this EVER more noticeable - even to my jaded eye(s).  My wife & I are looking for a house... on the West Coast, where we moved from, a home in the $220k range is rather on the high end, except (of course) for the filthy rich (Gates, Allen & others).  The average house clocks in at around 2500-3000 square feet.  That seems to be an acceptable norm out there (at least for the moment - I'm sure when/if we move back OUT there, they'll be running in that mode as well)... but HERE in Michigan (the whitest suburbs, of course), they are building some of the houses at 7000 square feet... even up to 10,000.  Can you BELIEVE that?  Who in HELL needs 10,000 square feet?  Or 7k, for that matter!

     It's not just the houses, either... EVERYbody here (including the dawgs, I think) has their own CAR!  We're CHOKIN' up here, people...... & prob'ly where YOU live as well!  

     How did we GET to this?  I know, th' preacherz would have a spiel, the doomsayers would have a (slightly) different version of it... the point (for me, anyway) is that you have to arrive at your OWN conclusions.  Is it RIGHT for folks to be able to choose what THEY want?  Should we have a system where the state/guvv-i-mint controls your ability to buy something?  

     ABSOLUTELY not... but those who are making the choice to IGNORE those around them... to ABANDON their brothers & sisters for the BUCKZ... to BUY crap they'll never need (like that extra 8500 square feet) had BETTER bet that if they DON'T start takin' care of those around them - there'll BE some individual (or group of 'em, otherwise called a "political" party) who want to start LEGISLATING choices.  

     The only way to avoid the idiocy of politics is to LIVE your own LIFE; to MAKE the right choices; to IGNORE the call (so prevalent in this area) to JOIN the "madness club"... you know, in order to BE somebody, you MUST "belong to a group".  That doesn't (necessarily) mean belonging to a church (the poor man's "group").  ANY group'll do... the golf group... the boating group... the skeet shooting group... the group group!   Perhaps a group for individualists (now, wouldn't THAT be an idiotic group)?   The (almost criminal) excesses we see 'round us today come (I believe) from GROUP mentalities.  

     How can WE stop this?  "WE" can't... YOU can... I can... choose to ignore the mania(s) generated by groups (whether they be politicians, preachers or other perverts) - be more AWARE of the individuals around you.  & STOP (like, TODAY, man) watching that damned TV - IT is responsible (no matter how much you're unaware of it) for makin' you think you have to be like THEM!  You do  NOT... you CAN be yourself.  

Have a happy 21st century!


Rotcod Zzaj


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