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H-E-Y!!!  Please REMEMBER that you can order
fantastic Zzaj Productions CD's from our HOMEMADEMUSIC site, at: 

We are in URGENT need of your
support, too, as we were caught in a "lay-off" situation (that was a direct
result of the WTC affair).

Wouldn't hurt (I suppose) if you remind them that the C-mas season is
getting near, & a ZP CD makes a very nice gift for friends who love
adventure in their music(s)



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We WANT your announcements/links about great places for D.I.Y.'er's... SEND us your links... e-mail to 


Those who remember the way early tape trading underground days will want to touch bases with Chris Phinney, who has recently started selling (some) reissues of those earlier tapes, as well as new ones; this is an EXTENSIVE catalog.  Check him out at HARSH REALITY MUSIC YEAR 2000 MAIL ORDER CATALOG t P O BOX 241661 t MEMPHIS TN 38124-1661 t USA  Email   You can also check his catalog out online at 

          "MUSICIANS CO-OP" IS NOW ON LINE!!!!!!! is an indie online zine for indie thinkers! The
corporate hand has not gotten to us, and never will. Here you will
read show reviews and see pics of the show just 24 hours after the it
happens! And every month we feature bands and articles that you
really care about. Plus we offer an exclusive huge photo archive of
bands you want to see and all are taken by our professional staff and
is updated weekly with new pictures! Wanna find out when the new
NSYNC cd is coming out? Well go elsewhere you sissy! This zine
features REAL MUSIC FOR REAL PEOPLE ONLY! So sit your fat ass down at
the nearest computer and log on to!


This is just a quick email to let everyone know that Gezoleen MP3s are now available for your listening (dis)pleasure online at:

As of right now, there are 2 songs up from the Oxidado CD--and more to
follow. I'm contemplating putting out an MP3 DAM CD for some new Gezoleen material, but I'm waiting to see how the new Stull DAM CD (Live At Eyedrum) does. For more Stull MP3 info, please visit:


ELEMENTS OF SUSPENSE (Zzaj Productions)- This (limited edition) CD features all-original compositions (prepared guitars) by legendary underground
home-taper Mark Kissinger, in collaboaration with Ernesto Diaz-Infante and Rotcod Zzaj. It features Zzaj's very "out" keyboards against the spoken-word
and guitar stylings of composer and improvisor Ernesto Diaz-Infante.  This will be a CLASSIC for those who thrive on music that's "out there".

Details on how to purchase this wonderfully original CD can be found at the Zzaj Productions CD page,

Rotcod Zzaj < )
Ernesto Diaz-Infante <>

Mark Kissinger has collaborated with NUMEROUS underground artists over the last 15 years... he plays beautiful guitar music that will enchant even the
most jaded listeners!

ROTCOD ZZAJ (that's me, aka Dick Metcalf) has been makin' tapes for over 10 years now (& making music for nearly 25, both in-studio and on-stage)! He's been a coordinator for the annual Olympia Experimental
Music Festival since it started in 1995. When he first started producing tapes, material was sent to all th' 'zines Zzaj could find... GAJOOB was a strong supporter of ZzajMusique, as well as (the original) FF5. Thanks
also go out to Don Campau, who has played EVERY tape (or CD) Zzaj ever sent him (& many other 'zines & radio stations).

ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE received an MFA in music composition from California Institute of the Arts, where he studied with Stephen L. Mosko and Wadada Leo Smith.  He has worked in residence at the Centre
International de Recherche Musicale (CIRM), the Villa Arson (both in Nice, France), The Millay Colony for the Arts, Centrum, Villa Montalvo, The New York Mills Arts Retreat, The Ucross Foundation and Dorland Mountain Arts Colony.  An active performer, improviser, and composer of both electronic and instrumental chamber music, he has had performances and radio broadcasts in Australia, Canada, Europe, South America and the United States. He has two recordings available on compact disc: Itz'at and Tepeu, both featuring works for solo piano, on the Pax Recordings

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