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Improvijazzation Nation - Issue # 44

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           The Human Race


Marita touched my 'Very Merry'

That led to the poppin' of a cherry.

Which was good.


Now, if God is love and Satan sin,

Who's idea was it that a gottle of gin

Should get me happy first, later sad,

We get together, change some water to wine,

Chitchat 'bout women fine.


Life can be good, like the Marita I had,

But, sometimes, live can drive you mad.

Is there an answer?  Are we garbage in space?

No need to worry, it's just the human race.


Daniel S. Irwin





Money goes-

If I can't be material I'll

     Settle for celebrity


Fame corrupts-

If there is no fanfare I'l

     Collect broken hearts


Sex is ephemeral-

If they fear me in love they'll

     Love me in hate


Opression leads to chaos-

If liberty is not maintained I'll

     Renew myself in servitude


Slavery is abominable-

If I emancipate myself

     Will I be loved




Warm and cool

Summer and fall

Scorch the air

Tricle to the ground

Odd a little   original


Everyone loves to stare

Sister red brother yellow

Born out of fire

Grandchild of the sun

Some say hazardous

Others say fun

Normal a little   strange




On Monday

   My aunt's boyfriend gave her a slap


On Tuesday

   A drug dealer offered me crack


On Wednesday

   A hooker gave me the clap


On Thursday

   My best friend's brother got jacked


On Friday

   My girlfriend said she's not coming back


On Saturday

   I got drunk and took a nap


Sunday I'm going to church with Mama.


Jarret Neal





What comes to your mind when you think of a politician

But that of a big fat cat

Useless, lazy, with nothing to do

But only to lay on their back and relax


They nip and pick at their fur

Biting the fleas of the people

hard working Americans fill their bowls

Overladen with the wealth of a nation.


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