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We WANT your announcements/links about great places for D.I.Y.'er's... SEND us your links... e-mail to   Another thing that's REALLY important for (all of ) you to remember is - WE review ALL your works!  Snail for submissions is:  Zzaj Productions, c/o Dick Metcalf, 642 Dorchester Road., # RR, Rochester Hills, MI 48307  So TELL every artist you know - SEND that Zzaj yo' STUPH!!!!!!!


Try  - a growing list of venues and event listings 
around the country.  If you would like to submit your venue -- please do not 

I would like to give you a free info spot at 

Take a look at the site and write back if you are interested.

Jens Christensen 
Dear Friends and Fomentors of adventurous music,
Finally, after 2 years on the air and over 100 broadcasts, the Sonar Map
radio show has a new website! Surf  for the complete
archived playlists of the program along with my writings on music, strange
items, and, as they used to say on TV in the 1970s, much, much more.

Also, I have released my first solo compact disc in 4 years!

N30: Live at the WTO Protest November 30, 1999 is a 78-minute compact disc
featuring three pieces: cocaine, Harbinger, and N30. cocaine is the first
in a series of aural safaris into the streets of Seattle. Armed with stereo
microphones and a small card inscribed "cocaine," folks read from the card
while I recorded the results. Harbinger overlays fast, shifting pulsations
irregular phrases. Imagine Philip Glass and Conlon Nancarrow as club DJs. 

N30 is my second aural safari. An orthophonic "you are there" recording,
N30 uses my front-line field recordings made at the WTO protest in Seattle
on November 30, 1999, and will immerse you in a vivid sonic maelstrom of
chants, drumming, and violence. The cd was funded in part by the King
County Arts Commission. 

N30 was pressed in a limited edition of 500. Regrettably, I am too busy
with composing music to pursue traditional avenues of distribution. The cd
is also available by mail order or on-line at .
Best wishes,

Christopher DeLaurenti is a composer and freelance music writer (the
Tentacle, Seattle Weekly, Earshot Jazz, etc.), as well as radio host of the
Sonar Map and Attacca: Uncut Classical. Sonar Map News is an infrequent
(twice per year, tops!) email. If you have no idea why you got this
message, or wish to be removed from this list, please reply to this
message. Thank you! 
     I am representing Bloodtreaty Records, a label
based out of Michigan that focuses mainly on the
electronic and industrial genres of music.  We are
currently compiling a list of high quality sources
such as yours to send press releases for publication
and to submit materials for review.  If interested
please respond naming the particular parties at your
establishment we would seek to be in regular contact
with along with their email and/or mailing addresses. 
Thank you very much for your time, and we look forward
to hearing back from you.  Take care.



Bloodtreaty Records 
All music industry personnel should submit their information for the 2nd 
edition of the MMD (Midwest Music Directory) which will hit the streets 
June 1st 2001 
The MMD is a music reference guide containing bands, clubs, managers, 
promoters, recording studios, booking agents, radio stations, producers, 
record labels, entertainment attorneys, and more from the following 

Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, 
Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, 
Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, & Wyoming. 

20,000 - 50,000 copies will be distributed to every music industry 
contact we can find in the Midwest. 

Help us to help the indie scene - pass this message along to anyone and 
everyone you know who works in the indie music scene.  If this is a 
record label, artist management company, publicist, booking agent or 
anyone who works with a number of music related individuals & / or 
businesses, PLEASE pass this message along to those you represent, and 


Just go to our web site and submit your information.  The address is  
Would you add a link to us on your site? Perhaps a banner? 
We have awesome banners at: 
B L A C K L I G H T   R E C O R D S
New Industrial & Gothic Music 
Distributed by Metropolis Records. 
Also at: 
~Fatal Blast Whip & Temple Of The Times Debut EPs Now Available
+Remixes from Luxt, Pulse Legion, Imperative Reaction, Battery,& Scar Tissue..
*In heavy rotation now. FBW- Constelltion, and TOT - R.F.T.L.C.
-Home to artists like BLACKHOUSE, TORN SKIN & MORE
^Owner has toured with NIN, Manson, and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
-A lot of the cds have remixes from Battery, 16 Volt, Sanctum, Pulse Legion & More.
!Real Audio, MP3's, Biographys, Interviews, & More At The Website. 
%Sign the guestbook, join the Blacklight Mailing List for free stuff.
Blacklight Records 
fax# (765)868-0916
All submissions are reviewed for listing in the Genome Project. If listed,
we ask that you reciprocate a link to us. You can get either text and/or
graphic links @ 

Submit your music news to Mi2N at no cost. Simply submit your press
releases or announcements at 

Sounni de Fontenay, Editor in Chief 
i spoke with you on the phone years ago when i was looking for my old friend bret hart. i was in korea with him in the navy.
anyways here is a link to music i am doing under the name frank o pollizzi band. take care 
Above is the link to my web page where I've recently added a new song 
called DAYDREAM.  Not only is it quite possibly my best one, but it's 
a song that I think all of you will love!  

So download it, turn your speakers way up, and enjoy!

              -Dave, from The Silence Thief
CEAIT Electronic Music Festival 2001
Friday, January 12th through Sunday, January 14th
California Institute of the Arts
Roy O. Disney Music Hall

The 4th annual CEAIT Electronic Music Festival will take place in January of
2001 at the California Institute of the Arts. This year's festival will
focus on improvisation using computer instruments. A discussion forum
featuring a panel of invited improvisers and computer musicians will convene
on the afternoon of Saturday, January 13th. The audience and panel will
discuss current issues in improvised music with an emphasis on the computer
as an instrument for improvisation. The concert on Saturday night will
feature improvised music and will include performances by a number of the
discussion panel members. The Friday and Sunday night concerts will feature
selected works from the submissions pool. Throughout the festival, audio and
video installations will be featured in the area surrounding the concert
hall. The CEAIT Festival web page will include an online mp3 jukebox of tape
pieces and easy access to live broadcasts via Real Video of the discussion
forum and all of the concerts.

As they become available, details about the festival will be posted on the
CEAIT Festival web page.


We are accepting pieces that are no more than fifteen minutes in length.
Pieces can be composed or improvised for the following:  tape alone, video
tape, instrumental performers with tape or computer, live
electronics, or computer alone.
Audio and video installations  will also be considered providing that the
artist or group is responsible for setting up and running any such piece.
For pieces involving performers, the composer should either be in
attendance or should make necessary arrangements for the performance.
For pieces with video, we can provide VHS, 3/4", Video CD, DV, or Laserdisc
playback .

Please include with each submission:
  -  any bios  
  -  any program notes
  -  the composers or group's contact information
  -  a list of technical requirements

We can accept submissions on DAT, CD, VHS, Video CD, DV tape, CD-Rom, or

An individual composer or group may submit a maximum of two works for


All submissions should be postmarked by Saturday, December 9th, 2000 and
sent to the following address:

Clay Chaplin
California Institute of the Arts
School of Music
24700 McBean Parkway
Valencia, CA 91355

Email --> 
Web Site --> 


Clay Chaplin
Menschenfeind News 
Facialmess/Eugenics Council "An Exercise in Self Worship" 7" now available. limited to 200 copies 

    Facialmess is the Japan based harsh electronic project of Kenny Sanderson, a British national living in indefinite exile. facialmess has has been releasing noiseworks on vinyl, tape and cd since 1995, included in the discography are collaborative efforts with Suppression, Sore Throat andBastard Noise.More recent works have also featured fractured beats, along with the more usual harsh cut up collages. 

On this recording E.C. consists of Rosemary Malign & D.N. 
E.C. is known for its violent live performances, and harsh electronic sounds. The last release was a split cd with Dr.Randall Phillip creator of Fuck magazine. 
This release along with Randalls books and magazines can be purchased at the menschenfeind website. 

Info on E.C. / Randall Phillip cd 
After being turned away from more then one pressing plant due to the harsh content, and graphic artwork The Cd  will finally be made available. It contains material from the Eugenics Council's limited edition cdr "Genocide Now" along with all new material. Rosemary has recently been featured on the Susan Lawly Release "Extreme Music From Women" her Track Produced by William Bennet of Whitehouse. She has also been published in  "Apocalypse Culture" released through Feral House.Any one who is familiar with Dr. Randall Phillip's magazine "F*ck",  his Book "Extermination Zone", or His movie "Tape Terror" will enjoy his 
audio work. For those not familiar with Dr. Phillip, prepare yourself for one of the most brutal writer/artist of the century. 
Dr. Phillips  writing can also be found in "Answer Me 4". 

"Well, if you're a sucker for brutal, cynical and controversial projects, look no further: here the duo Eugenics Council teams up with the infamous 
  Randall Phillip, editor of the (euphemistically speaking) extreme fanzine Fuck“. What you get is a long ear-splitting and stomach-revolting bad trip 
                               through the destruction of almost every possible target of anti-PC hysteria" 

                                            --Eugenio Maggi from an Italian music mag 

"F*ck is a Tour de Force of Ugliness that tests the limits of the first amendment. Reading Fuck is like being gang raped. You are guaranteed to be 
offended & you'll probably want to put up money to have Mr. Phillips face bashed in." -- extracted from the philadelphia welcomat 

E.C. has recently finished up a small north east tour. Shows and recordings have frequently involved the use of welders,explosives,bent casio's,tasers,korg poly6,sig. generators, road kill, etc. Some pics can be found at the Menschenfeind webpage. 

Review of E.C./Lockweld colab. performance 
A chainsaw was wielded into the crowd, through wood, through a ladder, through beer cans, etc.... Karen screamed and jumped as if on Hello Kitty narcotics..... Dustin was busy catching things on fire, welding, and throwing motors into barrels.... This was controlled chaos, no, this was pure chaos and close to a riot. Fucking incredible, and the sound of it matched as the rumble of electronics, metal and chainsaw mixed into a cacophony of perverse modern technology that not only embraced the audience but made them a part (or nearly parts heh heh) of the show. This was the perfect finale for Finality and couldn't have been more explosive than this. It ended a little while after the set with explosives in the bathroom courtesy of Eugenics 

 E.C. / Facial Mess 7" $4 postage paid U.S. $7 world 
Menschenfeind Productions 
po box 13207 
st.louis mo 

cash or money orders only! 
Wholesale prices are available. 

Credit card orders accepted 
Check the Menschenfeind website for a large list of cd's, vinyl,video, and cassettes 

Menschenfeind Productions is an independent label and distro that deals with Extreme music and 
culture. About once a month an email is sent out to those who have expressed interest in the 
organization, or affiliated groups. 

Remove Instructions: 
This list is being sent to those that have visited the menschenfeind site or related sites. 
if you do not want to receive info related to extreme/underground music and culture,  reply to 
This email is meant only for those who have expressed an interest in the label, mag.,or other affiliated groups. 
If you feel you name was added by mistake reply to the above address for immediate removal. 

for more info,reviews live pics,etc visit 



I just wanted to let everyone know that my debut recording, Downside Heaven, 
is now available at 

Please take a couple minutes, check out my music, and send me some of your 
positive feedback.

Thank you,

PORTLAND, OR -- EMEDIATEdesigns   ) announces
that (, a new site dedicated to the
music and bands of Seattle, found a large audience during October, the
site's first month online. Seattlite, which features streaming and
downloadable music from local musicians as well as an artist directory, had
over 1600 unique users during the month.

"The numbers for October exceeded our expectations," said Matt Mair Lowery,
PDXBands/Seattlite Site Director. "It affirms our belief that there is a
demand for the great music being created in the northwest. We also added
many new artists to the site throughout the month. The interest of the
artists makes it clear that Seattlite is forging a viable online community
for local musicians."

Other Seattlite Statistics for October:

Homepage Hits 1653
Total Webpage Hits 43416
Average Homepage Hits per day 55
Average Unique Visitors per day 53

The launch of followed EMEDIATEdesigns' success with , which currently features music from
nearly 100 Portland-area artists. has brought the music of
Portland artists to an international audience while also creating a strong
online community for the artists themselves. The site has drawn the
attention of Portland clubs, radio stations, and even VH1.

This month,'s featured artist is The Melody Unit. The Melody
Unit's “Odds Against Tomorrow” is available now through's featured artist for November is Jeroan Van Aichen. Jeroan's
CD “Ancient Chinese Secret” is available now from and are EMEDIATEdesigns sites. EMEDIATEdesigns
specializes in affordable web development, graphic design and network

For more information, contact:

Matt Mair Lowery
PDXBands/Seattlite Site Director
P.O. Box 9307
Portland, OR  97207 
RETURN to Zzaj Productions MAIN page!

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