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     As we approach the beginning of the real 21st century, many of us are wondering where the MUSIC will go (particularly those of us who make our OWN).  Since George W. probably can't hit a lick (that's th' ONE thang Slick Wilie had goin' for him, in my estimation - he knew (to some degree, anyway, how ta' BLOW)!

     Will the next 4 years be the onset of some kind of repression of the arts?  There are prob'ly (more than) a few 'publicans who would LOVE that to happen.  Rigidly ENFORCE their brand of "civilized" music on us, with rigid controls on what could air on the Internet... total eradication of shows like Jerry Springer (not that I think THAT would be a bad idea... I just think it should come as a demand from the PEOPLE)... what kind of art have YOU seen inspired by "family values" of late?  I mean, there's nothin' wrong with a taste of nostalgia for Norman Rockwell (I've occasionally been afflicted with such such), but for Colin or Barbara to be TELLIN' me I can only look at that - & nothin' else?  I think NOT!  & no matter WHAT you think of politicians - their JOB is to lie well enough to make the masses swallow the spew of the FEW (i.e., the rich, powerful and (often) religous freaks who OWN the corporate structures)

     Will the music of W-A-R be back on thee airwaves (once) again?  I've no doubt... that's nothin' against Mr. Powell... he's (in my eyes) a GOOD General... carried out the orders of the corporate machine quite effectively, & took care of his soldiers MUCH better than many others I worked for while in the military.  Unfortunately, good Generals & soldiers only march to the beat(s) of dawg-breath civilians (just kidding, folks) like George W.  All politicians (demo, republican, Ventura party, makes no difference) are "out of synch" with the music of the spheres, having allowed themselves to be sucked into a lifestyle that (somehow) makes them believe that people need their opinions!  Nothing could be further from the truth... what people (like me) need more than anything else (I think) is about 100 years of improvisational politics.  Send Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Davey Williams or LaDonna Smith to the White House (with Zzaj as the reporter)... let them use the national resources at hand (broadcast stations, military satellite systems, the White House lawn, etc.) to run nitely improv workshops... fill the halls of Congress with totally random (& beautiful) sonic sculpture that would automatically make ANY elected representative sign up for the Betty Ford center!  Since we must (at least once in a while) view the world through the rims of reality, though, I'm afraid we will (rather) see a world (over the next 4 years) that uses BOMBS for it's percussion & RULES as it's (totally dissonant) "instruments" for "harmony".  Gourd be with us all!

     I've said before (& will for many years to come) that the only way we can rid ourselves of the scourge of those without rhythm/harmony/melody in their beings (i.e., any person who DESIRES to be in office) is to IGNORE them... NOT ignore with attitudes full of apathy, or lazy-minded ranting about "them boyz' up in Washington".   Use EVERY opportunity you have as you play (a CD, a live performance, a radio broadcast) to SAY to the people that the beautiful music they've just heard is NOT the product of a politically diseased mind... tell them that beauty is not possible without art and the freedom of expression it demands.  Write your liner notes to express your opinions about attitudes of repression... explain at your performances that if the people join together with you and WRITE to those (same) politicians each and every time they lie to them (rather than letting themselves become immune to it) - & TELL them that liars are the lowest form of life on the planet... the politician (male or female) will slink away & HIDE in a corner (where they belong, with all the other dunces).  You must remember, however, that this would need to be a PERSISTENT effort, & it would need to apply to EVERY elected official.  The thing that people with this political mindset (it's really a form of personality disorder, something that should be classified right along with alcholism, only worse) desire more than ANYTHING - is to be loved!  If we remind them EACH & EVERY time they lie that liars are lower than silverfish, & that the only way we CAN "love" them is if they step DOWN (certainly would be the HONORABLE thing for them to do).  There aren't too many politicians around who could stand that kind of pressure... you don't have to swear at them... no need to take out massive ads... just send them a note (maybe even an email) that clearly (but politely) tells them that (in your mind), their opinion DOES NOT COUNT!  Write songs & produce vids (maybe with subliminals in them)  that encourage those in office to check themselves in (somewhere, anywhere) for TREATMENT of their sickness!  Tell them that if they learn how to play a flute, the piano, maybe (even) a harmonica - they'll be TALKING your language.  What a wonderful thing it would be... mental institutions filled to overflowing with near suicidal politicians, asking to be taught how to live again through the simplicity and enchantment of music therapy.

     Is 'da Zzaj phreakin' out again?  Well, prob'ly, but the ridiculous (and criminal) amounts of capital spent on this most recent "election" (which could actually make a novel about a CIA/Bush/Cheney plot to steal the country from the voters & put it back in the hands of W.A.S.P. country club members - but, of course, that's another story, to be told at a later time - by an author much more skilled than this writer) could (in my imagination) be much better spent feeding folks who have no home, or curing those with political afflictions of the cancers in their minds!   What do YOU think?



Till next issue....



Rotcod Zzaj


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