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We WANT your announcements/links about great places for D.I.Y.'er's... SEND us your links... e-mail to   Another thing that's REALLY important for (all of ) you to remember is - WE review ALL your works!  Snail for submissions is:  Zzaj Productions, c/o Dick Metcalf, 642 Dorchester Road., # RR, Rochester Hills, MI 48307  So TELL every artist you know - SEND that Zzaj yo' STUPH!!!!!!!


Hi, folks...

Just dropping you a line to let you know that my new web site, Sound and
Chaos, is up and running at:

Drop by and give it a look and a listen.  It's an excerise in minimalism,
but there are links to sound and info on all the racket that I make.  You
can order CDs from the site, too.  In the future, I'll be updating with
more detailed info on the projects and the music. But for now, it's just
the bare necessities.

My latest CD Ye Shall Be Cut Into Many Pieces (a musical journal of a
year's worth of 10 second daily recordings) will be released on March 16,
and I should have online ordering for it up (courtesy of ZeroTec) soon

Thanks.  I'm hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to email me with any
comments or feedback.

Jeff McLeod

Visit Sound and Chaos



Hi. First and foremost, thanks for continuing to support my debut release
"Chemistry" through airplay and NAV reporting. The CD has enjoyed favoroble
rankings on the NAV Top 100 Chart since its release 5 months ago. Since this
was achieved without the help of a promoter, I feel it is quite an
accomplishment. Afterall, its the music that matters.

On another note, I was interviewed on live radio by Margerie Herman of
WDVR-FM on February 21st. WDVR has agreed to allow me to distribute copies
of the interview to other radio professionals for non-broadcast purposes.

The interview discussion focuses on various topics and issues including: how
I got involved in music, my songwriting methodology and process, the
internet and its effects on music and musicians, my stance on the MP3
issue/controversy, and other interesting topics and issues. In addition, the
first cuts of 2 new songs from my next CD entitled "Progressive Elements"
are included during the interview. You may also listen to cuts from
"Progressive Elements" on the website. A follow up
"Chemistry" CD is slated for release later this year.

If you are a music industry professional and interested in receiving a free
promotional copy of the 60 minute interview on CD, please send me your
current mailing address. We'll mail you a copy free of charge.

Additionally, you may listen to the interview over the internet by linking
to the following websites. - just click on the picture of Microphone - click on "Lo Fi" play link

Thanks again for your support. Each of you make it possible for independent
artists to be heard.

Chemistry ranked #13 on Januarry 2001 NAV Top 100 Airwaves Chart

Listen to song samples online at



New Look!

Hitman Records invites all to see our new face to the world! is bursting with content! New Artists releases, audio
downloads, industry resources, video, free email, new Latin Division,
and lets not forget the Hitman Models!

Please give us a visit!  Its Much More Than


Hitman Records / Hitman Entertainment Group




Just an FYI here.
Some of you might like to know that I added a new track to my site, The track, Landscape Test 1 was inspired by
Steve Roach's Quiet Music and Robert Rich's Sunyata, as well as some of
Carty's work. Some of you that are familiar with my gritty Detroit ambiences
might be glad to know that this experiment is an attempt to clean up my
sound, and spend a little more time doing post-production. While I'm no
Roach or Rich, the music is coming along.

Also, for those of you familiar with the fantastic companion CD to Jim
Brenholts upcoming book, Tracks Across the Universe, Landscape Test 1 is
along the same lines as Lucentia my contribution to that collection.

I hope this email finds you well.


m a t t  b o r g h i

brewster-douglass is coming!!!



Here are a couple of places which are by no means complete, but good places to
I just stumbled across site this today.

and Toshi Makihara runs a fantastic resource at:

These are mostly domestic venues, I think, not too much international.



*** NEWS & INFORMATION FROM oodiscs ***

GO BLUE, a new CD by composer/pianist 'Blue' Gene Tyrannyfeatures his
Driver's Son and De-certified Highway as performed by the Digital Music
Ensemble conducted by Stephen Rush.  A sound excerpt can be heard at:

Tyranny has composed for various electronic and acoustic instruments and
during the 60's and 70's, he toured with jazz and rock groups (Carla Bley
Band, Iggy Pop, Bill Dixon, The Prime Movers, etc.)  He has produced,
recorded and performed on many albums of other composers' music including
Laurie Anderson's "Strange Angels", John Cage's "Cheap Imitation" and
Robert Ashley's opera-for-television "Perfect Lives".

Sound samples and information about this release and seventy additional new
music discs can be found at:

Please feel free to forward to other folks who may be interested in this

We apologize if the enclosed information is an intrusion.  We will
immediately drop you from our occasional announcements if you e-mail:

oodiscs, inc.
261 Groovers Ave
Black Rock, CT 06605-3452
web  :
phone: 203-367-7917
fax  : 203-333-0603





My name is Fredrik and I make music under the name Frock. Some people gave me some feedback on my songs here a while ago - Thanks! and I'm glad you liked my stuff!
   I would really like to hear what everyone else here think of my music as well - two of my songs (RealAudio and MP3) are available at
   I got reviewed in Melody Maker in February last year, and they described my song "The Refugee" as: "Exquisite Simon & Garfunkel 'Sounds Of Silence'-style harmonies abound over crescendos worthy of David Crosby at his most blissfully intoxicated."
   I hope you will like my songs! Fell free to write a comment on my homepage - I'd really appreciate that!

Best regards,

Fredrik Kinbom/Frock



Hear "Circles" for free online at:
Chris Burnett - soprano saxophone, composer
Jeff Stewart - piano
Elliot Kuykendall - acoustic bass
Kenny Baldwin - drum set
Bobby Habib - Latin percussion

Best regards always!


Chris Burnett (BMI)



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