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We WANT your announcements/links about great places for D.I.Y.'er's... SEND us your links... e-mail to   Another thing that's REALLY important for (all of ) you to remember is - WE review ALL your works!  Snail for submissions is:  Zzaj Productions, c/o Dick Metcalf, 642 Dorchester Road., # RR, Rochester Hills, MI 48307  So TELL every artist you know - SEND that Zzaj yo' STUPH!!!!!!!



  Hi  everyone,
Please listen, we played jamsession's MP3 free music files.

  New file up.  2001/05/24  Fryday's  at OLINS@Mabasi.

There is last one, blues,  song in English.

Please advice for us.




We are HAPPY to announce the VERY FIRST issue of:

GuitArt Webzine


Our (long-time) improvising friend BRET HART is responsible for this NEW 'ZINE... we appreciate his support for "Improvijazzation Nation" over these many years, & welcome his writings here!  Please tell ALL your guit-artist friends to READ this 'zine!  It's WAY COOL!




There's a magnificent movement afoot: a musical dance towards adult literacy.  It unites authors, songwriters, musicians, readers and non-readers together in an unprecedented effort to connect the magic of music and words to the cause of adult literacy.  The SIBL Project is launching a songwriting competition beginning tomorrow, May 1st 2001.  This is just the beginning....

If you've  written a song inspired by a book, poem or play,  submit it to The SIBL Project Songwriting Competition. Through the promotion of this national contest (soliciting Songs Inspired By Literature - SIBL) and a resulting compilation CD, the SIBL Project will raise funds for adult literacy programs.  An estimated 20% of adult Americans - one out of every five - cannot read to their children, fill out a job application, or pass a written driver's test.  They also cannot read our album liner notes or the books that inspire our songs.

Original song submissions will be accepted from May 1st 2001 to September 8th 2001, World Literacy Day.  10 winning songs will be featured along with 5 famous SIBLs on "Chapter One", the first CD in the SIBL series. $2500 will also be awarded to one of the winners.  For more information on The SIBL Project, adult literacy, SIBL examples (like "Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush) and the songwriting competition official entry rules and forms, please visit our web site at  You can also call us at 415.553.3330 with any questions.
Annie Glotzbach
Production Associate
The SIBL Project
SIBL - Songs Inspired By Literature
-a musical dance towards literacy -



We send you this mail to let you know that Simple Delight has 
released six new dance songs. One of them is an updated version of the very popular
"Visions". Of course all songs are freely available. A CD will be 
released within the next few weeks, so say tuned. The songs are available at 
And if you want to here some incredible pop & rock music with the 
voice of an angel, I advise you to check out the site of Jasmine Dion at  .
Any feedback is always welcome (yes, even negative feedback !). We 
hope you enjoy the music and see you soon !
Jeeke has a message board with an area to post mp3 urls and
get feedback and provide feedback on other people's stuff. Could be a good
way to exchange plays and hear some of your music.

Here's the link:

I'm still sorta divided on right now, with the new $20 Premium
Artist Service. I've been playing around with different ways of spreading
word about my own music there, checking out Payola and mp3reaper and trading
station plays and seeing what artists who are getting some results are
doing. Some people seem to be doing fairly well, but I can't help feeling
it's a lot of trading plays with people who are mostly musicians and maybe
not necessarily your music's real audience. I have found really
useful for developing contact and collaborating with other musicians. And
that's really cool.

But anyway, I love hearing new stuff and is still great for that so
I invite you to post your url to the message board above and if anyone feels
like checking out and providing feedback on this kind of stuff (home studio
music), go there and participate, let us hear your music and give some
feedback to the other artists there. That much I do know would be helpful.

bryan baker

Visit Homemade Music online at
for activities involving home recording artists.



Shot in the dark, but here goes.

I am a jazz/improvasitory drummer who recently moved to the Chicago area. I have been trying to get hooked up with some sort of forward-thinking group, duet, whatever, for some time now, but to no avail. I am putting out a desperate plea to those inv olved in the chi-improv group to extend a little love to a musician that can really contribute positively to the scene. If you are aware of any group formed or forming, looking for drums, vibraphone, tablas, found sound, etc., please pass this email to them. I would like to put on a solo show, and am interested to know if there are any places conducive for that sort of thing.

Sorry about the nature of this e mail, I know this group is information-based, but it seems there are so many people plugged-in...I thought I would take my chances of sounding like an ass.

frankie rosaly






New piece of improvised music featuring drums, bass, guitar...instrumental
track titled "Among the Ruins" Any  feedback on this piece would be greatly



After years of independent touring and producing Rent Romus joins the ranks of musicians taking control over their destiny with the opening of Edgetone Records.  Joining forces with Jazzheads Records, Romus will present some of the most creative musicia

ns that the SF Bay Area, West Coast, and beyond has to offer.  Each custom packaged CD release embodies the pure sound of the artist without compromise to a preconceived market.

To celebrate this exciting opening, Rent Romus and the Lords of Outland will perform music from Avatar In the Field (a tribute to Albert Ayler) recorded last June 2000, live at the now defunct 848 Community Space in San Francisco.  This sure to be intri

guing event will take place at the new location for the Static Illusion/Methodical Madness Music Series! 

April 29th Musicians' Union Hall 116 Ninth St., in San Francisco at 7:30 p.m. $10 general $8 student/senior
Opening for the Lords of Outland will be San Francisco's premier Shakuhachi player Phil Gelb with Hugh Livingston, cello and Shoko Hikage, koto.

April 2001 Releases

EDT 3001
Avatar in The Field
(a tribute to Albert Ayler)
Lords of Outland
Rent Romus ~ alto/sop sax, piccolo
Toyoji Tomita ~ trombone
Bill Noertker ~ bass
Dave Mihaly ~ drums
EDT 3002
PKD Vortex Project
(music inspired by Phil K. Dick)
Doug Carroll ~ electric cello
Joel Harrison ~ electric guitar
Dave Mihaly ~ drums & perc.
Tom Nunn ~ electro acoustic inventions
Rent Romus ~ alto/sop saxes
EDT 3003
Guinea Pig/Out of Town
(live at the hotel utah)
Doug Carroll ~ electric cello
Drew Gardner ~ drums
Tony Passarell ~ sop/tenor/bari sax,
 pocket trpt
Rent Romus ~ alto/sop sax, voice




Sorry to be just another in the sea of self promoting internet artists
relentlessly mass mailing evry contact they have bu this is exciting!
She's done it again.
On Sunday April 22 Sally Cooper has a song in the number one position on the
Australian charts at (the worlds biggest online mp3 site)
Check it out if you havent yet!

Here is the Australian charts (Sally Cooper "He Takes His Time" number one
on April 22);
Here is Sallys' site;

Creative Time in the Anchorage

Massless Medium: Explorations in Sensory Immersion

May 30 - July 29, 2001
Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage

For eighteen years Creative Time has used the vaulted stone chambers of the
Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage as a forum for the exploration of new artistic
pursuits by artists working in many disciplines including music, fashion,
film, design and video.  On May 30th, we will proudly launch Massless
Medium featuring seven ambitious, site-specific installations by a group of
international artists who create media environments that shift our
experience of space and time, blurring the boundaries between body and
environment, solid and immaterial, immersion and isolation, disorientation
and the sublime. Using both technology's basic building blocks and new
hybrid configurations, the artists reference and expand upon the minimalist
and ambient work of 1960's and 70's artists like John Cage, Dan Flavin, and
James Turrell. The work in Massless Medium sensitizes and disarms, forcing
us to re-examine our relationship with our environment in an increasingly
technological world.
Andreas Angelidakis is an architect who has designed future homes based on
Bioplex, transformed a storefront into an "office for future information"
and designed many other spaces, virtual and land-bound. The artist uses
technology to explore how structures can reflect or deflect both their
environment and usage.  Angelidakis' installation, My Anchorage, features a
component by nanogod and gives a projected tour of a virtual "non-place",
expanding the viewer's imagination and relationship to the Anchorage.

Masamichi Udagawa and Sigi Moeslinger, Antenna Design, introduce Firefly, a
project consisting of skeletal, self-illuminated objects staggered
throughout the Anchorage.  By holding a wireless device (Palm OS) over each
piece, the viewer (through infrared "beaming") will see effects associated
with the particular object such as rippling water from a skeletal faucet.
In addition, the duo provides a grassy slope intended for viewer relaxation
and contemplation.

Erwin Redl heightens visual awareness with MATRIX IV, by creating an
illusory, radiant space with his grid of thousands of red and blue LED
lights.  Over the last three years, in an attempt to liberate the temporal
and visual effects of his computer-generated work from the confines of the
monitor, Redl has used LEDs (a building block of digital imaging) as a
sculptural medium.

Marco Brambilla's Arcadia consists of two, four meter-high monolithic metal
towers containing plasma screens that take the viewer on a visceral ride of
one of the world's largest roller coasters, Millennium Force.  Combined
with a soundtrack of mechanical sounds of the ascent and screams from the
descent, viewers experience speed, time and movement without actually

Anney Bonney and Liz Phillips, video and sound artists respectively,
present Shaded Bandwidths, an interactive video and sound environment that
explores the phenomenon of "ghosting" (the interference of radio
transmissions by architectural and geological formations).  In this
dramatic installation of large screens, viewers trigger ghosting with their
movements, subtly effecting the projected video and sound.

Sonic architect, Francisco López, presents Buildings [New York]; a sound
installation composed of field recordings of white noise in New York City
buildings.  By recording and integrating sounds in our collective
environment - e.g. from boiler rooms, light fixtures, and air filters -
López transforms peripheral noise into an encompassing physiological

Leo Villareal presents Firmament, a ceiling-mounted light sculpture
composed of strobe lights arranged in concentric rings.  The lights are
sequenced into constellation-like, animated patterns.  Viewers recline
beneath the lights and ponder the artist's use of the synthetic matter to
mimic the organic and transcendent.

Other side:

Creative Time's
Music in the Anchorage 2001

Thursdays June 7,14, 21, 28
Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage

Complementing and deepening the themes in Massless Medium, Music in the
Anchorage 2001 focuses on composers who take minimalist and experimental
influences and fuse them with the tools and technology available today.
Whether re-molding cultural and industrial effluvia to build new forms, or
constructing powerful layers of pure electronic timbres and frequencies,
these artists create new sonic experiences that are simultaneously
futuristic and historic, simple and monumental, phenomenological and

June 7
Thomas Brinkmann, Jorg Burger aka the Modernist, and Dimbiman aka Zip - key
figures in the growing minimalist electronic music scene in Germany - will
perform avant-garde dance music in an exclusive New York appearance

June 14
Phill Niblock makes thick, loud drones of music, filled with microtones of
instrumental timbres, generating many other tones in the performance space
with his corresponding computer-generated videos.  His night of music and
images features performances with Thomas Buckner, voice; and Guitar
Army-Alain Licht, Robert Poss, Michael Schumacher, Richard Lainhart, Roger
Kleier, David First, and David Watson.  Also, special performance by Guitar

June 21
A/V Club
A night of multi-media performances and screenings that fuse sound and
video using radically new software. Hexstatic, will perform their "Rewind"
material: playful, high speed sound and video compositions made of stock
footage. Battery Operated will present new pieces that combine found sound
with digitally manipulated images. Electronic musician Unit will
collaborate with Kurt Ralske and Lukas Lysakowsi, who use the cutting edge
NATO +0.55 software to edit and control video on the fly.

June 28
Mille Plateaux and Force Inc., two of the world's most respected platforms
for experimental and electronic music will commemorate their tenth
anniversary with an evening of performances by artists who have released
groundbreaking work on the labels. Performers include techno-dub pioneers,
Porter Ricks and SND-one of the premier groups producing "glitch" music
(made from digital glitches) in their first U.S. performances. Also
appearing will be Kid 606, a rising star in the experimental electronic
scene, as well as jungle producer Panacea and Thomas Heckmann, an
influential techno artist.

Adjunct Events:

June 13
An evening of music and readings with the Paris Review, hosted by George

June 20
A special performance by sonic architect, Francisco López, followed by a
discussion about the Massless Medium exhibition between its artists and
writer, Christoph Cox.  The event is co-hosted by Cabinet Magazine.

For more information:

RETURN to Zzaj Productions MAIN page!





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