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We WANT your announcements/links about great places for D.I.Y.'er's... SEND us your links... e-mail to   Another thing that's REALLY important for (all of ) you to remember is - WE review ALL your works!  Snail for submissions is:  Zzaj Productions, c/o Dick Metcalf, 642 Dorchester Road., # RR, Rochester Hills, MI 48307  So TELL every artist you know - SEND that Zzaj yo' STUPH!!!!!


ORANGE ENTROPY is BACK... new updates to the website (, including tons of new tracks added to WOE ( so head on over and check out some of our sultry sounds....

new MONONSTER coming at the end of the month, packed with our (sorry) backlog
of reviews......(

oh, and of course.... new contact information, so please update your files.....

Orange Entropy Records
c/o Steve Zimmerman
327 Evanston Drive
East WIndsor, NJ 08520
FAX (240)539-4880



Limited Sedition is honored to offer two insanely good new releases.
Jack Wright's Large Ensemble CD is delicate, multilayered, and truly
lovely. Karen Stackpole's solo gong CD is absolutely incredible, THE
definitive statement of the beautiful and complex soundworld of the gong.
Don't pass these up!!

info at

Jack Wright Large Ensemble
recorded by John Shiurba 3/7/00
8 tracks, 74 minutes, limited to 109 numbered copies.
Available May 31, 2001.

Jack Wright-saxophones, Bhob Rainey- soprano saxophone, Ma++
Ingalls-clarinet, Morgan Guberman & Matthew Sperry- contrabass, Tom
Djll- trumpet, Ron Heglin- tuba, John Shiurba- guitar, Karen Stackpole




We at cordially invite you to visit our site. Blizzard Records is designed for those individuals who are interested in purchasing music CDs that are not available in stores. All CDs can be reviewed for free at anytime you

wish. So have fun we trust that we will hear from you.

Thank you.

Blizzard Records



Hey everyone,   The KK Null/Bill Horist split 10" has been officially released on Torture Music Records.  It can be purchased online through Soleilmoon (  For the next couple weeks, I'll be selling them at Zobrist Music, where I work, in
order to make some tour money.  We're located on First Ave between University and Seneca.  If you want one, stop by between Thursday and Sunday from 11am to 6pm.
Also, Null and I will be performing together in August.  See details below.

Tablet, the pulsing bedlam duo of DJ JJustice myself
has been laid to rest.  We played our last gig
unofficially at a private unveiling of the new
location for the crucial Seattle artspace,
Consolidated Works.  ConWorks has been an active
participant and facilitator to a lot of creative
activity in Seattle, and has been host to more Tablet
gigs than anyone!  For more information check out  And I must say it's been a pleasure
and a reward working with my man JJustice. Catch him
spinning a host of delectible platters regularly all
over town.  You can find out more about J's activities
at  Best
of luck my friend!
  Also, I'll be on tour for the month of September.
I'll be updating the information as I get it on my
website.  So far, the itinerary looks like this.
Still awaiting details on some gigs but confirmed
dates are listed below.  Let you out-of-state friends
know so I won't be lonely!  I'll supply addresses,
times and other pertinent information later this

2 Berkley CA, ACME Observatory, w/ Matt Ingalls
6 San Francisco CA, Eagles Tavern w/SubArachnoid
7 Los Angeles CA, Labor Fruit, w/Marc Levinthal and 
  Greg Headley
8 Los Angeles CA, Knitting Factory
14 Chicago IL, Nervous Center
15 Dearborn MI, Stormy Records
16 Pittsburgh PA, Millvale Industrial Theater, w/ 
   SubArachnoid Space
18 Buffalo NY, Big Orbit Gallery
19 East Hampton MA, The Flywheel, w/ SubArachnoid
22 New York NY, loft show, w/ Tono Bungay
23 New York NY, Tonic, w/ SubArachnoid Space & Alger
24 Philadelphia PA, Sedgwick Cultural Center
25 Richmond VA, Hole in the Wall
27 Baltimore MD, Red Room, w/ Jack Wright trio

  In the meantime, I have a couple gigs this month.
They are as follows:

Thursday August 16
The legendary Japanese noise rock outfit featuring KK
Null makes a rare Seattle appearance on their US tour.
 Be sure to arrive early and check out Null and Bill
for their first collaborative performance ever.  This
will be an unofficial record release party for their
new split 10", available now from Torture Music
Records.  Also on the bill are Portland's Heavy
Johnson Trio.
Graceland, 109 Eastlake Ave E, 9pm

Saturday August 18
The Nature Consortium presents
The Nature Consortium presents the annual Arts in
Nature festival which runs on both Saturday and
Sunday.  Bill will be performing solo on the outdoor
stage at 3pm.  Check out the museum of sound, a
network of cabins housing a variety of sonic events.
The Tentacle collective presents a series of exciting
duets (mentioned above) that runs all day in cabin #4.
 There are several performance locations as well as a
host of wandering performers.  For more information,
check out  Be sure not to miss the
Knotty Ensemble on Sunday at 5pm.  This acoustic
quartet is simply awesome. 
Camp Long in West Seattle, all day 



-Bret Hart


Hello friends!
Greetings from Ecuador. My name is Javier and Industria Masoquista is
my harsh noise electronic project. It has several split releases with
artists as: Pain Jerk (Japan), Kadef (Germany), The Haters (U.S.A.),
Karmakumulator (Croatia) and others.
NEW! Industria Masoquista / Karmakumulator split C-60 harsh noise vs
experimental noise released on Bizarre Audio Arts (Ecuador) Only by:
$6,oo USD Post Paid to America and $8,oo USD Post Paid to Rest of
World. For info and more visit my webpage Also, I am the administrator of
the Power Electronics Net Ring submit your site directly from mi
webpage on it is included the link for it. That's all for now, I hope
to hear from you soon.
                  Thanks for your time
Industria Masoquista HomePage




Dear former Riffage member: 

In our last newsletter we informed you that Riffage was now part of
loudENERGY. As we've started merging the two websites, it's become
apparent that loudENERGY and Riffage shared many things in common.
However, while loudENERGY has always given artists a place to showcase
their music on the web, our true focus has been devoted to creating
powerful and innovative artist development programs that can take your
band to the next level.


NEW in the InstrumenTales Records "Duets Series"

Steve Blake / Bret Hart:  "DUETS - Volume One"

sb: guitars ['initiator']
bhh: Can-Jo, Dobro, Strum-stick ['finisher']

1.   STRANGE CURVATURE OF THE EARTH    [Apollo V feedback / Can-Jo]
2.   OUT OF SITE (first draft) [happy notey thing / Allah Strum-stick]
3.   A BLACK & WHITE CAMERA [big fuzz FRANK-switch / E-Bow’ed Strum-stick]
4.   BULL IN A...  [softy jazzy strum / Mark Ri-Dobro]
5.   THE WILD ONE [another happy notey thing w/ clams / bow-attack Dobro]
6.   POST-MODERN REVOLUTIONARY MAN [I'm yo chunky octaved TOMMY / Snakey Strum-stick]
7.   THE NEWS [Pleasant Valley Day Tripper / donkey Dobro]
8.   FLYING INFORMATION [Invisible S-OB / Quine-Fripp lovechild Strum-stick]
9.   T-minus S (for Syd) [Interstellar Domine / Strum-stick bowed with Can-Jo]
10.  THE SIMPLE LIFE [Steve "league of genitals" how? / harrassed Dobro]
11.  SPARE PARTS (2) [ill RUSH quad min7ths / prepared-Dobro]
12.  ANOTHER PLEASANT VALLEY QUAALUDE [two slow things, in an above-ground pool]
13.  HEINOUS MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT [two other slow things, doing the Bump at 88MPH]
14.  SPARE PARTS (3) [eleven / Django's Hair Oil]


Dear Friends,

First, we want to thank you for your previous support of our
installation, "The Alchemy of Desire," which we presented at the Old San
Ysidro Church in Corrales, New Mexico in the Fall of 2000. Some of you
participated in the actual production, others contributed your "wishes
for the world" which made up a major part of the content of the piece,
and many more of you attended the exhibition or simply offered us words
of encouragement. A few of you even sent us donations to help offset our
costs in creating it. To all of you, we are extremely grateful.

The project was quite successful. Many people from across the social
spectrum of our community came to see it - over 700 visitors in two
weekends! - and they were deeply moved by the work. We, in turn, were
gratified by the enthusiastic responses we got from our audience. There
was an extensive write-up in the Albuquerque Journal, and we later
received glowing reviews in Art in America and The Magazine, Santa Fe's
arts monthly.

Encouraged by this response, we are now engaged in the next step: taking
the work to a larger audience. Although the show was designed for the
San Ysidro Church, we quickly realized that it could, and should, be
presented in other places beyond Albuquerque and New Mexico. We have
been proposing it to museums around the country, and there is some
interest. Most recently, we have quite suddenly been invited to present
the piece at the Nicolaysen Museum in Casper, Wyoming for four months,
beginning in September of this year.

While we are excited about this as the first of many opportunities for
the work to travel, we are also apprehensive about it from a financial
point of view. It may sound terrific, but the reality is that museums
usually pay only for the shipping and hanging of the completed art; they
do not generally pay artists a fee or front them money to make the work
or prepare it for shipping.

In order for this piece to travel, the sound component of the show needs
to be revised so that it is more museum-friendly. The audio system we
used in Corrales worked, but it was bulky and unruly - 10 CD players
which tended to drift out of synchronization. This was fine since we
were always present and could tend to it, but for museums the system
needs to be more compact and maintenance-free, a single unit we can set
up, start, and leave alone. A technological alternative exists, but it
is pricey. The two 12-channel amplifiers we rented for use in Corrales
would have to be purchased in order to be used elsewhere, along with
eight new speakers. Finally, there will be the expense of having
shipping crates made for the brass bowls and steel plates.

We estimate that it will cost approximately $10,000 to do all of this
properly. Our goal is to raise this amount by August 1. This would allow
us just enough time to purchase everything we need and get it all ready
before going to Wyoming to install the piece in the middle of August.
This is of course a rather ambitious goal, but it is a great opportunity
that we feel we should act upon. However, we must act quickly given the
timeline involved.

We are asking you to help us make this great big wish come true by
making a donation and/or by passing this information along to other arts
patrons who might want to contribute. You could also recommend the
project to curators who would be sympathetic to it. If you require more
information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you in advance for your assistance, and for your faith in the
value of our work.


Christine Wallers & Steve Peters

Send tax-deductible donations to: Nonsequitur, Inc., PO Box 344,
Albuquerque, NM 87103 USA. Please make checks payable to Nonsequitur,
and write "Alchemy" on your check. Nonsequitur is a non-profit,
501(c)(3) foundation presenting recordings, concerts and exhibitions of
experimental music, sound and intermedia art in New Mexico since 1989.
Contact Steve at or call 505-224-9483; Christine may be
reached at

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