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Be AFRAID of no one!  Politicians (and salesmen) LIVE on your fear - literally.  They have some twisted belief that their lies can/will change people.  NOT so... all they do is HURT people!  It is (truly) up to YOU to let them know that (despite their efforts to the contrary) there are STILL folk around who will STAND UP to them.  Who will ALWAYS tell things the way they are.

Will that have any impact on their deceitful ways?  Doubtful... they are (particularly the salesmen) living in a delusional world that makes them bend & twist the truth to their own desires - as a matter of course.  They have their own puppets, who always do their bidding (or have strange masturbatory fancies about them... of course, a trip to "confession" will absolve them of all responsibility for their acts, don'cha' know?)

What one must realize when dealing with these deranged representatives of "the Amurrikan Dream" is that they fear YOU more than anything else... your ability to speak gently causes them endless sleepless nights.  They have NIGHTMARES about what might happen if you speak the truth to a client... and that is a GREAT thing!  Truth will ALWAYS overcome deceit.  

These troubled times have been heralded as a motivator for "bringing us together"... but be sure that they don't want us to get "too much" together!  The politicians and salesmen of the world would not know how to DEAL with people who don't sell their souls!  So, it is a different KIND of "coming together" we need to have... come together to share intelligent views of how idiotic it is to have your whole life based on fear and greed... come together in a united way to show/tell those who would sell you down the river at the drop of a pin that they HAVE no control over your thoughts and opinions!  And SURELY continue to tell them when you see things that are just plain WRONG.  TELL them that you don't CARE that they don't want to hear it... TELL them that they WILL continue to hear it; that others in their spheres of influence will hear the truth as well!  TELL them that you are NOT afraid of their evil and hateful ways... and lastly, make them go look up the following passages:

Psalms 35:17-26

...I'm not a "bible thumper" (far from it) - but verse 20 in that passage SAYS IT ALL:

"20 For they do not speak peace, But they devise deceitful matters Against the quiet ones in the land"

READ that passage & realize that (no matter your "brand" of faith), you were not PUT here on this earth to be afraid... to wilt when the wind stirs.  While I don't believe in little old white-bearded guys coming down & thumping bad guys on the head, I surely DO believe in one old adage:

"What goes around comes around"!

Think it over... it's gonna' be a FUN couple of years!

Till next time....


Rotcod Zzaj


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