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We WANT your announcements/links about great places for D.I.Y.'er's... SEND us your links... e-mail to 

Now in its sixth year, NEMO Music Showcase & Conference hosts two days and three nights of events, including panels, clinics, workshops, mentor
sessions, a Trade Show exhibition area, and more than 200 artist showcases.
NEMO also includes the prestigious Boston Music Awards show at the Orpheum Theatre on the first night of festivities.

In addition to the SHOWCASE APPLICATION IN THIS EMAIL, you may also call our office at 781-306-0441 or email to request a showcase application. For more information go to:

Presented by WAAF-FM (and also sponsored by Disc Makers, Guitar Center, and Metavera) NEMO showcases more than 200 of the hottest major label, indie label, and unsigned new bands and solo artists from all over the world in a wide variety of genres. Creating a unique platform for new talent to
perform in front of some of the most influential decision-makers in the
music industry (as well as almost 15,000 music-loving fans), NEMO is a
celebration of today's best new music and continues to be THE place for
people to discover new and emerging talent.Previous NEMO showcasing artists  include: Linkin Park, Aerosmith, De La Soul, Staind,  Godsmack, The Union Underground, Goody Mob, Fishbone, Face To Face, Kristin Hersh, Big Wreck, Duncan Sheik, Ellis Paul, Guster,  Push Stars, The Waifs, Splender, Tommy Castro, 5440, Catie Curtis, Martin Sexton, The Sheila Divine, and many more.

Don't miss your opportunity to showcase at NEMO. The deadline for
submission is January 12, 2002 - but don't delay, and get your submission
in early!

Showcase Application

To submit your music for consideration for a NEMO showcase, please print
out this application form and include the following materials:

   ? Completed Showcase Application;
   ? Two copies of your music on CD or cassette tape;
   ? Two copies of your bio, photo, and press kit;
   ? A description of your band or artist to be used in NEMO's program
directory (maximum   of 30 words; NEMO reserves the right to edit)
   ? A non-refundable application processing fee of $30 for submissions
postmarked by  January 12 (made payable to NEMO).  Please note: the processing fee for a late  submission (postmarked after January 12) is $50. If you are sending in a late  submission, you must first call our office to receive approval of late acceptance entry.

Entries must be postmarked by January 12, 2002.

Sorry, we cannot return any materials submitted to NEMO. Submission does
not guarantee acceptance. Notification to all artists will begin on
February 16, 2002 and continue until complete. To help expedite the
process, please do not call our office to inquire about your application

All showcasing artists receive complimentary registration to NEMO.


Name of Band/Artist: __________________________________________________

# of Members: ______________________________________________________

Hometown (for Directory Listing):_________________________________________

Type of Music: ______________________________________________________

Primary Contact Person: ________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________


Phone: (           )______________________________________________________

Fax: (           )________________________________________________________

Email Address:  _____________________________________________________

Website: __________________________________________________________

Performing Rights Affiliation (circle one):
ASCAP       BMI SESAC    SOCAN     Other     None

Management Co: ____________________________________________________

Manager:   _________________________________________________________

Phone: (           )______________________________________________________

Fax: (           )________________________________________________________

Record Company: ___________________________________________________

Contact at Label: ____________________________________________________

Circle one:          Major            Indie                 None

I am interested in having a track on the NEMO Compilation CD:
Yes      No

I am willing to share my gear with other bands/artists on the same bill:
Yes No

Where did you hear about NEMO?

PAYMENT METHOD:      Total amount enclosed: $___________    
Sorry, no refunds!

Circle one:   Cash       Check/Money Order     AMEX Visa        

Cardholder's Name (as it appears on card):

Credit Card #:  _____________________________________________________

Expiration Date: ____________________________________________________

Cardholder's Address:________________________________________________

Cardholder's Signature (required):



For office use only:         Date of receipt:              
Processed by:


My name is DJ SUBWOOFER !
Can you help me 2 get known better ?
You can find me at
ther you can find my music!
I get your adress from dj catonic!
thx and sorry 4  my english !!!
see u on screen


hi there! i have a new release below (oTo T45) on oTo, a u.k. label.
please forward the press release below to anyone you think might be
interested. hope all is well. best holiday wishes, ciao-thanks ernesto


Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 14:37:01 -0000
From: "seankeeble" <>

new oTo product:

oTo news:

oTo is now finished! Who woulda thought it but I've managed to release a
whole fifty tape series in about ten months. I'm so bloody proud of
myself and so grateful to all those enthusiastic artists who contributed
such a crazy range of noises that I'm going to list the whole damn lot.
If you are a punter reading this, go fetch the chequbook/credit card, if
you are a contributor to the series reading this then bug your mates who
are responsible enough to have chequebooks and credit cards and drag 'em
over to this machine! They won't regret it.

For those who don't know the background: oTo was conceived as a document
of what is happening in the incredibly diverse no-audience underground.
All tapes are numbered, limited to 50 copies and packaged almost
anonymously in sections of map. No titles or information are included,
just the  artist's name and a catalogue number: the music has to stand
up on its own. This move dodges the diverting but meaningless packaging
and theory that props up many boring releases. The oTo catalogue runs to
50 titles - there will be no further releases. Tapes are one-sided and
run for 15 to 45 minutes depending on the wishes of the artist.

oTo T01 is geological loops by Julian Bradley (of Vibracathedral)
oTo T02 is space-folk from Formula Ghost Is Here Pregnant Off Toilet
Seats Each And Every Year On Spell Books, Voodoo Dolls and Dried Toads
(an alias for someone who likes long titles)
oTo T03 is tape hiss to growl by Azimuth Error (of Klunk)
oTo T04 is 'Duel' filtered by Weaver (of tungsten grasshopper)
oTo T05 is a dance mix by DJ Gormless Kid
oTo T06 is rock and roll by Ceramic Hobs
oTo T07 is dark, quiet ambience by Killy Dog Box
oTo T08 is thought distortion from Wagstaff
oTo T09 is summer atmospheres of Wave 7, Wave 8, Wave 9, Under
oTo T10 is the lectro-menagerie collage Freshwater Angling in Britain
oTo T11 is 'The Third Man' scrambled into Der Dritte Mann
oTo T12 is skull scraping from the US by Robert Warner
oTo T13 is glitch industry satire by Cuckie & Randy (random number)
oTo T14 is enveloping shifting noise by Manherringbone
oTo T15 is noise blow out and hidden textures from Don Bosco
oTo T16 is steel-press beats and paranoia by Harrison/Hayler (expose
your eyes/midwich)
oTo T17 is world-ending drone beauty by Culver
oTo T18 is buttholian gubbins by Leo Slayer
oTo T19 is minimal four/floor techno from bla
oTo T20 is ghost chains rattling from Thurston Moore's Dapper
oTo T21 is a noise/collage/improv invite to BackDrumMower's world
oTo T22 is gorgeous swarms from Michael Gillham
oTo T23 is guitar meditation from Joe+N of Carbon Records
oTo T24 is bizarre incantation from Basquadeck Shelf, a Neil Campbell
project from 1985
oTo T25 is very lo-fi hissing emanating from The Dead Body
oTo T26 is end-of-pier gorgonzola filtered by James Lost
oTo T27 is electro-acoustic (un)music from Posset
oTo T28 is unimaginable covers by Howl in the Typewriter (Stan Ceramic Hobs)
oTo T29 is overclocked organic electriks from no energy
oTo T32 is rock/noise collage from far away stars by Paradise Camp 23
oTo T33 is 'The Birds' chlorinated and mangled by Hedren
oTo T34 is brutal/fantastic jazz-noise aggro from The Prestidigitators
oTo T35 is free-rock improv from La Mer Du Nord (feat. Phil Todd)
oTo T36 is techno presets damaged by Candi Nook
oTo T37 is Return of the Living Dead reanimated by the embalmer O'Dea
oTo T38 is US kraut/space/jams from Viaticum
oTo T39 is music for parcel tape, marker pen, glitch from [box]
oTo T40 is fuzz-beauty from far away orchestrated by Brian Lavelle
oTo T41 is jack-hammer dub from TK94
oTo T42 is a brooding electronic landscape from Anomali vs Fornax
oTo T43 is cut and paste beauty from post-rock improv crew Aste
oTo T44 is mancunian noise-beauty-troniks by Disco Operating System
oTo T45 window-installers in San Francisco captured by Ernesto Diaz-Infante
oTo T46 deliberately unnerving cut-off/volume wrenching by TapeNoise
oTo T47 is a live set from the first oTo gig by Formula Ghost 2001
(feat. Simon Morris of Ceramic Hobs)
oTo T48 is billowing psychedelic noise by The Zen Nuns (Phil Todd/Lasse Marhaug)
oTo T49 voodoo-caveman rock live in leeds grunted out by Bongoleero
oTo T50 is suitably minimal/glacial/climactic by Midwich

Cool, eh? ;-)

Payment details:

cdrs are 4 / $7 each
7" single is 3 / $6
oTo tapes cost 2 / $4
(or: bulk orders: 18 / $36 per ten releases, or: a set of all 50 can be
had for 75 / $150)

Prices include postage anywhere by whatever means I can afford (usually
first class inland, small packet rate airmail abroad unless it is
*really* heavy).

Payment accepted via cheques drawn on a UK bank in sterling made out to
R Hayler, overseas send cash in US dollars or, preferably, use Tape featuring Thurston Moore (Dapper) only available to
those who buy at least something else from the catalogue - sorry, but
superstar patronage has to be exploited for the greater good! Trade
always considered.  Distributors: ask for wholesale rates.

Out-there demos for ffr invited. ideally: tape or cdr, finished and in
the 30-40 minute range.

orders to:

R Hayler, 9C Oak Road, Leeds, LS7 3JU, UK

Take care y'all and have a great Xmas/New Year season!



Hello indie music fans,

We would like to take this time to wish all of our friends a safe and joyful holiday season and a happy new year. Let's remember our troops fighting in Afghanistan that won't be home for the holidays.

Just a few reminders as you prepare for the holidays:

* We have set up a guest book on our website that can be seen here:      

Please be sure to stop by and sign our guestbook - tell us what you like and even what you don't like about our site - just be sure to sign it and say hi !

* Secondly, we want to remind you that we use Verisign to ensure that our site is secure for shopping and for secure credit card transactions. Verisign is the industry leader in SSL - Secure Socket Layering that guarantees that your credit card purchases are safe through our site. Visit out homepage here and click on the "Secure Site by Verisign" icon to learn more about our Secure Certificate.
For the best in indie music, check out our buzz artists below! The list is growing monthly, so be sure to check out our latest artists. And remember, your credit card purchases with us are secure by Verisign! Just point your browser to: to hear Real Audio files of the latest indie music.

Antoinette - La Dolce Vita - The debut CD from Antoinette,
displays the versatile and smooth sound from this sultry jazz singer from Pittsburgh, Pa.

Coven 13 - Book Of Shadows - Throughout the time we spend in this world, distinct people are joined together to form unexplainable alliances. We are COVEN 13; a Theatrical Rock Band based out of Boston, Massachusetts.

Coven 13 - LIVE - Live release from COVEN 13. Five tracks capture the excitement of COVEN 13 during some live performances.

Dropped On The Head Volume 1 - Compilation CD  - From Blue Ridge, Ga. based Illbilly Records    the compilation known as "Dropped On The Head" Volume 1. 16 songs, 16 bands, 1 CD ! Punkabilly, rockabilly, and more ! A whole lotta shakin' baby ! Get a bucket of chicken, some adult beverage, and slap this puppy on and just wait for the cops to show up cause you got one hell of a party going on !

Greg Nicholson - The High Trapeze -  Greg's 3rd indie release "The High Trapeze" is a breathtaking collection of 12 new songs that pound, pulse, and jump out of your speakers and into your heart.

Melodramatic - (self titled) - This self-composed, self-produced album is described as "fusion from a hip hop perspective". This is displayed in their microscopic detail, synchronizing music and rhymes to a tee. FREE Melodramatic t-shirt and sticker with every purchase of this release - for a limited time only.

ONOFFON - Surrender Now - The progressive jazz rock group, ONOFFON, is comprised of three well respected studio musicians from the Los Angeles area. "Surrender Now" is
their first release.

ONOFFON - Your Mind - "Your Mind" is the 2nd release from this California trio: The masters of eclectic are at it again. To follow up "Surrender Now", their debut album, ONOFFON have come up with another short hour of cosmic grooves.

Anatoly Pritsker - Variety - "Variety" is the debut effort of Anatoly Pritsker, a classically trained Russian born composer that has created his own unique version of fusion jazz. For fans of jazz, this CD is a great listen and definitely one to add to your library.

Rujatti - Drop Dead Gorgeous - "Drop Dead Gorgeous" is the debut effort of Amarillo, Texas based rapper Rujatti. Offering 16 expertly mastered tracks of beats and rhymes as only Rujatti can do it, this debut offering is not to be missed.

Scarlet Letter - Speaking Volumes - "Speaking Volumes" is the current release from the powerhouse, S. Florida based four member band. Their music has been described as classic rock inspired. Scarlet Letter is a finely tuned and seasoned group of performers with a large fan base in the southern United States.

Tunsi - Behold A King - "Behold A King" is the power packed hip-hop release from Tunsi. Tunsi delivers his raps with a unique style that can be best described as "underground wisdom".

Tunsi - The Omen - Tunsi is back again with "The Omen", a 25 cut collection of the hardest hitting hip-hop we have heard. Be sure to add this one to your hip-hop collection.

Herb Wilks - I'll Treat You Right - "I'll Treat You Right" is the latest release from Herb Wilks - containing groovy, funky, smooth R & B  music with a blendof old school and new

Joyless - Disquiet Peace - Joyless is based in Boston, Mass. Forfans of electronica and
New Age this release is not to be missed.

* is excited to be involved with the promotion of Strainer85's new indie release "Lost In Time" (they make great stocking stuffers !)

buzzemporium will be giving away FREE copies of "Lost In Time" and a Strainer85 sticker to lucky winners. Win the CD before you can buy it ! It's simple to win, just email us your name and the first 10 entries we receive will win a FREE CD and sticker. The winners will be chosen in order received and all CDs and stickers will be mailed out the next day. Winners will be posted in our January buzz newsletter.

Just click to send us an email The first 10 entries will receive the latest release by Strainer85 titled "Lost In Time". Winners will be notified by email. Hurry, the CDs and stickers are going fast. Good Luck !

That's it for now, the buzz newsletter will resume on January 1.

Happy Holidays !

Jeff Lawrence, Founder & CEO - Security by Verisign!
Voice/Fax: 330.792.0668

Home of the BEST indie music to be found anywhere on the Web!

The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook:

The Independent Musician's Contact Bible - The Independent Musician's #1 Resource:



CD Release Announcement
The Artship Recordings

The second set of four CDs in the ARTSHIP Recordings series will be
released on Saturday, December 8.  The recordings are available at
Amoeba Records stores in Berkeley and San Francisco, and will also be
available at the release party, 2-4 on Saturday, held at the 9th Ave
pier in Oakland. Come and hear live music by local musicians in this
highly unusual environment!

Artists on this set are: Tony Bevan (UK), bass saxophone; Henry
Kuntz, Mexican hollowed-out log violin; Philip Gelb, shakuhachi;
Matthew Sperry, contrabass. The discs are 20 minutes of solo
improvisation, recorded live on board the ARTSHIP, and released
unedited. Engineering is by Tom Bickley and mastering by Robert
Kauker. Retail pricing is $8 apiece, and $28 for each set of four.

November's releases are still available in limited quantities. The
first set is: Damon Smith, contrabass; Tom Bickley, recorder; Brett
Larner, gu zheng; Hugh Livingston, cello.

The ARTSHIP Recordings label
( was founded in an
effort to bring the acoustical spaces and sonic environment of the
491-foot ARTSHIP to a large audience. Each musician is invited to
tour the ship and choose the space that intrigues them the most for a
single 20-minute improvisation. The recordings are filled with
background sonic richness, including engine noise, compressors,
electrical transformer drones, motorboats and the sound of waves.
Each player has contributed an incredibly stimulating response to the
environment, and the discs are unique in their approach.

The ARTSHIP is moored at the 9th Ave pier in Oakland, and managed by
the ARTSHIP Foundation, Slobodan Dan Paich, director. The ship was
built in the 1930s as an art deco-style cruiseliner, before being
taken over by the Navy and seeing service at Guadalcanal, Okinawa and
Pearl Harbor. Since being decommissioned, it has been put to
incredible use in Oakland as an incubator for the work of East Bay
artists. Learn all about it at

The ARTSHIP Foundation is sponsoring an event on Saturday, December
8, 2-4pm, dedicating the new handicapped access elevators which have
been recently installed, including sculptural elements supported by
the Creative Work Fund. There will be local officials participating
in the ceremony and it will be held rain or shine. This event will
also serve as the CD release party for our December discs. Musicians
from the ARTSHIP Recordings roster will be on hand, performing live
on the dock, the decks and in the Art Deco salon (and autographing
discs). Limited access to the ship will be available. Please wear
sensible shoes and sign the liability waiver before boarding.

Directions to the ship (enter off Embarcadero at 10th ave, to the
right of the Oyster restaurant) are available at

Press inquiries and sample recordings: email Hugh Livingston at



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