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Public Eyesore Update
- January 2002 -

Many, many new things coming up, getting things arranged for the
summer. Moving again.. Email me to get the newest address. There is a
new gallery on the website and I'm getting closer to getting pictures
from all of the artists on the label. I'm also getting near the point
of focusing primarily on CD releases, but there's nothing wrong with
CD-Rs, so I plan on continuing with those, although less frequently,
indefinitely. Keep your eyes peeled, there are some big updates and
high profile projects coming up in the next few months.

Upcoming Sistrum/Bryan Day shows are planned on:
2/1 - Nobles Center - Saint Paul, MN - Strange Attractors VIII
2/16 - Omaha, NE

January / February / March Public Eyesore releases:

(pit 53)Hall of Fame "Superstring Theory/The Cannibal" 7"
Sculptural improvised atmospherics and ritual lofi ethnofolk
experimentation from NYC.

(pit 52)2/5BZ & Tim Hodgkinson CD-R
Turkish free improvisation ensemble led by Serhat Koksal and British
reedsman and Henry Cow founder Tim Hodgkinson collaborate on
clarinet, anatolian saz, and electronics.

(pit 51)Yoko Sato "Searching for my Recording Engineer" CD-R
Four studio tracks of wailing, squealing guitar and voice
improvisation from northern Japanese composer & improviser.

(pit 50)Musique Concrete Ensemble "Dissonancias y Repeticiones
Ambiguas" CD-R
Melancholic drone compositions and concrete works from Orlando.

(pit 49)Ernesto Diaz-Infante & Bob Marsh "Rags & Stones" CD-R
Conceptual improvised guitar, cello, and violin works from San
Francisco. Texturally warm yet nihilistic acoustic recordings in nine

(pit 48)Inu Yaroh "The Next Door will be Opened" CD-R
Live recordings from the recent European tour of this Osaka grind
jazz collective.

(pit 47)Luv Rokambo "Maze" CD-R
Blues flavored recordings from Morioka/Tokyo nihilist experimental

(pit 46)Falafel Avantgarde "He-Pea" 7"
Psychedelic progressive rock and spacy experimentation from Tel Aviv.

Public Eyesore Catalog

- Winter 2001 -
(pit 45)Rob DeNunzio "Window Music" CD-R
Beautiful San Francisco avant-blues guitar improvisation, soundtracks
for rainy days in heavy traffic.

(pit 44)Naturaliste "A Clamor Half Heard" CD-R
Nihilist free improvisation quartet/quintet from Omaha, creating vast
textural oceans of acoustic and electroacoustic whine and
subterranean pulse. Featuring singer/songwriter Simon Joyner on

(pit 43)Ultra Fuckers CD-R
The kings of Osaka scum, led by Kawai Kazuki. This post-Boredoms
performance group has evolved into a hyperactive form of psych-
hardcore, manic yelling through clouds of fuzz and distortion. On a
few songs the band even delves into a laid back psychedelic trance.

(pit 42)XV Parowek CD-R
Veteran polish artist's dada inspired noise and experimental works.

(pit 41)Yu Nishibori & Landon Thorpe "Muno Radiation" CD-R
Tokyo organic/electronic minimalist duo, utilizing acoustic guitar,
bass, percussion, and modulated sounds. Minimal guitar, twitching
percussion, and rattling. 7 live tracks of chattering insomnia.

(pit 40)Onnyk "Private Idioms" CD-R
Veteran Morioka improviser's guitar improvisation works. Two
expansive tracks of highly refined atonal electric guitar in the vein
of Bailey or Rowe. Hot on the heels of his recent Fifth Column
release on Alchemy.

(pit 39) EKV "Avant Garde Revolts" CD-R
Illinois computer glitchwork and electroacoustic minimalism.

(pit 38)Autodidact "The Blooming of One Hundred Shotguns" CD-R
Rhythmic shoegazer drone works mixed with highly processed feedback.
Five long tracks of eerie churning guitar distortion.

(pit 37)Jorge Castro "Sin Titulo #2" CD-R
Ambient guitar works from Cornucopia member, his 3rd and most
realized work on P.E. soothing/sweeping soundscapes. This time a much
warmer sense of ambiance, captivating and trance inducing.

(pit 36)Matt Silcock CD-R
Nihilistic guitar and sax works from High Knee head honcho.

(pit 35)Shigehiko Matsui "D-Less-Car,D-En (in between +&-)" CD-R
Iwate avant pop/electronic composer presents his hybrid works of
2000. Veering from folk to techno this is schizophrenic music for
fans of Osaka scum and US free rock.

(pit 34)Khoury*Shearer*Hall "Insignia" CD-R
Enigmatic Detroit free jazz trio featuring violin improviser Mike
Khoury, percussionist Ben Hall, and saxophonist Jason Shearer.
Alternates between dense improvisation and Khoury's solo violin.
Featuring Maury Coles on a track.

(pit 33)Carlos Giffoni "lo que solo se puede expresar a traves del
silencio y una mirada de ayer" CD-R
Carlos Giffoni presents his unique brand of guitar improvisation,
turntable manipulation and audio collage. Included as a special
feature, a multimedia art gallery/slideshow featuring Carlos' digital
collage works.

(pit 32)Toru Yoneyama & Osamu Kato "Luv Rokambo" CD-R
Nihilistic blues experimentation from Morioka and Tokyo, Japan.
Described as "Voice Crack meets Eugene Chadbourne" Robert Wyatt
influenced vocals over minimal slide guitar and electronic/mechanical
toy sounds. A truly unique release in special packaging.

(pit 31) Inu Yaroh "Takade from Nostradums Live" CD-R
Back from their spring European Tour, this Osaka noise jazz
collective presents 5 tracks of frenetic improvisation. A collection
of their 2000 live recordings showcasing them at their rawest.

(pit 30)Brian Noring/Bryan Day CD-R
Three long tracks of fractured guitar, sculpture, piano and
percussion improvisation from an April acoustic recording session at
FDR. Drifts from low key to tense with manic instrumental dialog.
Comes in special packaging.

(pit 29)360 Sound "A Scratch on the Surface" CD-R
A definitive collection of lofi improvisation and psychedelic
experimentation by Brian Noring(EHI/FDR Rec.), Shawn Kerby and
company. Collected from their 17 cassette releases over the last 7

(pit 28)Hair and Nails "III" CD-R
36 more tracks of eclectic improvisation, ambiance and indefinable
dementia by Dino and Walenska.

(pit 27) Shlomo Artzi Orchestra "Pizza Little Party" CD-R
Tel Aviv organ improviser, Moog Behemoth/Falafel member Joseph
Copolovich presents 5 tracks of droning soundscapes, organ and
eastern flavored ambiance. Follow-up to the ancient G.R.O.S.S.

(pit 26) Kangaroo Note "Soundness" CD-R
Sapporo based experimental free-jazz trio. Soothing yet entrancing
mix of saxophone, contrabass and electronics.

(pit 25) Fukktron/Hair and Nails CD-R
Eccentric noise, ambiance, and proto-rock experimentation by two
related Atlanta bands headed by percussionist Dino Felipe. Includes
Pop Classics.

(pit 24) Jorge Castro & Carlos Giffoni "Guitarras del Olvido y
Pensamientos Dimensionales" CD-R
Experimental noise artist/ambient guitarist Jorge Castro and
Monotract guitarist Carlos Giffoni collaborate on a single beautiful
30 minute ambient track.

(pit 23) Naoaki Miyamoto "Live at 20000V" 7"
Squealing guitar improvisation from this Tokyo artist's fav
performance of 2000. His first official release. Comes with full
color artwork and deluxe packaging.

(pit 22) V/A "Analogous Indirect" 12"
Experimental music compilation with Ando Kunihiro, Monotract, New
Port, Solmania, Flying Luttenbachers, Fukktron, Thurston Moore, Jonas
Lindgren, Billy?, Laced Blue, Kazumoto Endo/Yoko Sato, Cornucopia,
John Wiese, Sickness, Automobile.

(pit 19) William IX "Dawn Variations" CD-R
Sculptural noise and guitar experimentation, collaboration between
Jorge Castro and Bryan Day.

(pit 17) Jorge Castro "The Joys and Rewards of Repetition" CD-R
Cold, minimal drone in the vein of Alan Lamb, yet in a lofi setting.
4 tracks of deep meditative ambiance.

Older releases are still available on Public Eyesore website.

Distributed by MSBR, Animal World, Eclipse, Monotremata, Artware,
North Country, Father Yod, Verge, Ecodiscos, Improjazz, HMW, Betley
Welcomes Careful Drivers & High Knee. Sound excerpts are accessible
on the Public Eyesore website.

Future Releases

Spring/Summer 2002:
(pit 54)New Port CD-R (live performances from 1999 and 2000)
(pit 55)Mason Jones CD-R (ghostly guitar improvisation from
subarachnoid space guitarist)
(pit 56)Wolf Eyes CD-R (ann arbor textural beat laden noise works
from member built instruments)
(pit 57)Monotract "Pagu" LP (second full length release from
miami/new york experimental rock/noise trio)
(pit 58)Renato Rinaldi CD-R (italian experimenter, featuring
conceptual works involving guitar)
(pit 59)Emergency String Quintet CD-R (dense and flowing string
improvisation from bob marsh and company)
(pit 60)Hall of Fame "Cosmic Fantasy #8-12" CD (long tracks of
spacious progressive improvisation)
(pit 61)Jad Fair & Jason Willet "Superfine" CD (experimental rock
from half-japanese founder and megaphone headman)

Nels Cline Acoustic Guitar Trio CD (microtonal acoustic guitar with
rod poole and jim mcauley)
Yoko Sato CD (beautiful piano and voice improvisation and
Sotto Voce CD-R & 7" (free improvisation quintet from morioka, japan
featuring onnyk, noizu, & yoko sato)
V... CD-R (experimental piano, hurdy gurdy, guitar improvisation duo
from baltimore)
Bob Collier CD-R (improvosation and experimental arrangements from
oregon instrument builder)
Jean Marc Montera CD (tabletop guitar and tape works from veteran
french improviser)
Naoaki Miyamoto CD (squealing guitar improvisation from tokyo)

-12" Records and Compact Discs:
$9 ($5 wholesale)North American Shipping - $2, Overseas Shipping - $4
-7" Records and CD-Rs:
$6 ($3.50 wholesale)North American Shipping - $1, Overseas Shipping -

Public Eyesore
Bryan Day/Yoko Sato


sono cairo is a weekly broadcast on the aalst independent radio katanga (103.3 fm). every saterdaynight, from 2100 to 2300 we present new electronic and experimental music from a wide array of international soundworkers, both known and obscure.
This is the SC playlists by e-mail which you will get the week after we use
your releases in a show. In case this is the first time you hear about this radioshow and you want to know more; feel free to contact me.
Thanks for your support, any kind of reaction is highly welcomed.
if you don't want to receive these playlists, reply and put 'strike me thru' as the subject.


Kristof Debris
25a blvd d'ypres\1000 brussels\blgm
(0)2-219 21 89
>sono cairo
>saterdays 21.00-23.00
>radio katanga, aalst 103,3fm


1 : paul bowles : here i am : black star at the point of darkness : sub rosa
2 : antonio carlos jobim : arquitectura de morar : urubu : warner bros.
3 : guem : universo : o universo ritmico de guem : follow me
4 : 23 skidoo : kongo do : just like everybody : bleeding chin
5 : attention industries meets patricia elaine oakley : inhale exhale outro : pattern of i ... : heimelectro ulm
6 : sandor caron : agenda 12" : music for speakers
7 : herbie hancock : black gravity : future 2 future : columbia
8 : sykes : lore & disorder : i witness : iris light
9 : attention industries meets patricia elaine oakley : ridin' in your room : pattern of i ... : heimelectro ulm
10 : sonar lodge : love 12" : music for speakers
11 : coinbra : <2> : optical ladder : viola
12 : m.o.w.e. : von lebens ins tod : v/a 90% wasser : 90% wasser
13 : merzbow with jazzkammer : <1> : live at molde international jazz festival : smalltown supersound
14 : mark pauline + g.x. jupitter-larsen : may 28, 1994 : survival research laboratories : sub rosa
15 : rev 99 :  your title here : turn a deaf ear : pax
16 : peter brandlmayer : experiment e1916/802 : apparatur zu den grundlagen der physik I : durian
17 : janek schaefer : on/off : audioh!
18 : liima : version 2 : version 1/2 10" : raster
19 : opiate : open : opiate/dub tractor split lp : city centre offices
20 : monolake : ionised : cinemascope : imbalance
21 : bill laswell + jah wobble : alsema dub : radioaxiom : axiom


1 : dion workman + rohan thomas : <1> : k : sigma editions
2 : polwechsel : <1> : 3 : durian
3 : merzbow + jazzkammer : <3> : live at molde international jazz festival : smalltown supersound
4 : jürgen eckloff : die sonnenleider : v/a 90% wasser : 90% wasser
5 : this heat : metal : repeat : these
6 : various fragments from the soundtrack of the incredible thierry zeno documentary film 'des morts' issued on LP by Zeno Films in 1979
7 : cheb mami : oucha etsalini : v/a myths 4: sinople twillight in catal hüyük :  sub rosa
8 : bul bul : roadflyer 18 speed : velo : trost
9 : ostinato : die liebe (lawrence mix) : die liebe remixes EP : disko bruit
10 : jurgen paape : so weit wie noch nie : v/a total 3 : kompakt
11 : blätter (leaves) : submurge : lux nigra
13 : pub : summer (delay mix) : summer pt. 1 : vertical form
14 : monolake : indigo : cinemascope : imbalance

15 : jan jelinek : moiré (piano and organ) : loop finding jazz records : ~scape


1 : burt bacharach : futures : futures : a&m
2 : cesar mariano : estaçao do morte : v/a soul of science 2 : obsessive
3 : antonio carlos jobim : ligia : urubu : warner
4 : tapes klar : scene: the outside world : muzak : viola
5 : janek schaefer : lithospheric shifts : v/a floating foundations vol 1 : sub rosa
6 : stephen vitiello : light readings : 17:48 at texas gallery : texas gallery
7 : christoph migone : <7> : crackers : locust
8 : frits weiland : studie in lagen impulsen : institute of sonology : sub rosa
9 : monolake : remotable : remotable 12" : imbalance
10 : bul bul : checker pig : velo : trost
11 : e.b.m.a.  : odin mars / mars blues : enjambment : e.b.m.a.
12 : Spontanous Music Ensemble : search & reflect : + = : emanem
13 : clifford thornton : pan african festival : ketchaoua : byg / get back
14 : guem : tempstade : o universo ritmico de guem : follow me
15 : badawi : voices from the sky : soldier of midian : roir
16 : ben hatchelt : everyone is welcome : everything is exactly how you left it EP : spark
17 : bill laswell + style scott : crooklyn dub syndicate : v/a below the radar : roir
18 : 10 ft. ganja plant : hillside airstrip : hillside airstrip : roir
19 : jah wobble + bill laswell : alam dub : radioaxiom : axiom


1 : thelonious monk : everything happens to me : monk alone : columbia
2 : ultra-red : la anti-antifona : la economia neuva (operation gatekeeper) : fat cat
3 : jim denley + marin ng : vergency : vergency : gross
4 : encre : hassan : v/a variable access : active suspension
5 : to rococo rot : 11 : kölner brett : staubgold
6 : kit clayton : purpakana : nek sanalet : ~scape
7 : al haca soundsystem : killa (minimal dub 2) : killa 12" : different drummer
8 : tricky : aftermath : maximquaye : island
9 : spectre : revelations : v/a below the radar : roir
10 : alpha & omega : higher than high : dub philosophy : bsi
11 : phase selector sound : sky cup : docking sequence vol 1 : bsi
12 : rhythm & sound : no partial : the wailers / rhythm & sound 10" : pk
13 : 10 ft. ganja plant : new day : hillside airstrip : roir
14 : international observer : indicator dub : seen : different drummer
15 : bush chemists : blowing for his majesty : dub fire blazing : dubhead
16 : the terrorists : hail the day : forces 1977-1982 : roir
17 : the pioneers : papa was a rolling stone : v/a simply rockers : trojan
18 : gregory isaacs : babylon too rough : joe gibbs revive 45's : rocky 1
19 : sly & the revolutionaries : sensi dub : sensi dub vol 1 : original
20 : lee perry & the upsetters : trafficker dub : sensi dub vol 2 : original
21 : king tubby vs. prince jammy : heavy metal dub : sensi dub vol 3 : original
22 : claude debussy : prélude à l'après midi d'un phaune : images pour orchestre : emi

shout out and thanks to :
bernd @ heimelectro, richard @ music for speakers, ed @ dense, smalltown supersound, pax, durian, michael basinski, lucas @ roir, richard @ different drummer...

sorry for the delay - a year flashed by - so best to you all for this 2002 - generous portions of health and wisdom and plenty of good music on top...

a few releases which merrit your attention this year were
herbert: bodily fluids (studio k7!)
chris lee: plays & sings torch'd songs charivari rhythms and oriki blue-marches (smells like records)
kirlian: a todas partes (disko b)
badawi: soldier of midian (roir)
nam june paik: works 1958-1979 (sub rosa)
v/a lyrical superbrand (different drummer)
thelonious monk: the complete prestige recordings (verve)
ugh... this is off the top of my head, really - and lo! no vynils listed yet... hum, verrry incomplete but that's the way it is: the sono cairo playlists reflect what i'm in to on a week by week basis. don't come more complete than that ...




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