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 The 1st International Festival of African Contemporary Music
 13 July 2002, Alexandra Palace, London, UK
 10 hours of live African Music, 105 musicians

 -Miriam Makeba (South Africa)
 -Papa Wemba (Congo ex-Zaire)
 -Salif Keita (Mali)
 -Lagbaja (Nigeria)
 -Orchestra Baobab (Senegal)
 -Magic System (Ivory Coast)
 -Zao (Congo Brazzaville)
 -Bonga (Angola)

 More info:
 Bruno de Florence
 Communications Director



The SFalt Committee is pleased to announce the

May 8 through May 13, 2002 in the San Francisco Bay
Twenty groups, three workshops, one film maker, and
3 Venues
Performers from Germany, Japan, New York, Boulder, Los
Angeles, Wisconsin and the Bay Area.
Workshops in large group improvisation led by
Wolfgang Fuchs.
NY film maker Veronique N. Doumbe presents
her film "Dennis A. Charles: An Interrupted

21 Grand in Oakland,
The Luggage Store Gallery and
SF Musicians Union Hall.

For all the glorious details check out the web site:

Existential Boredom issue #1

a micro anthology of underground comics and mail art.mostly stuff from people who record music,run labels,make zines,etc...first issue features works by:

Marc Van Elburg (De Hondekoekjesfabriek,Monobrain,FKN'BSTRDS,etc..)
Marcel Herms (Anima Mal Nata,Het Moet Onverstaanbaar,Noisebitch,Loki,etc..)
Mark Price (Crippled Ninja Zine,Rainbow Of Goodness,Glass of Juice,etc...)
Justin Duerr (Eulogy,Liberation Through Hearing,Dextromethorphanage,etc...)
Gary Stevens (AEN,A Sonic Deterrent,Noise Conglomerate,The No-Fi,etc..)
Yves Albrechts (Kaprelles,S.U.I.C.I.D.E. Propaganda,etc...)
Laura Jane Cooney (Existential Cowgirl Zine)
Major Dust (Giant Sucking Sound)
Justin Waters (Autio-Ethik,Microcassettor,Found Sound,Zero Points Bulliten,etc...)
Maya Devi (The No-Fi)

limited to 200 copies
28 pages,color covers
$3 ppd usa $4 world
or just send stamps,IRCs,SASE...
zine trades welcome

22 S Mallory St #1 Hampton VA 23663 usa

Existential Boredom issue #2
now in the works,this time with more reading:interviews with artists that have nothing to do with thier art,bad reviews section (thats right,only reviews of the worst stuff sent our way),and more worded well as the usual mail art,comics,etc...

submissions accepted:
interviewers wanted.contributors get free copies and ad ad rates available to others.get in touch for more info.
send all to the AEN address above.




My name is John from fun-loving jack.

Just in case there wasn't enough music on the earth, here is some more.  This is a mostly on-line project (unless I meet you on the street and give you a disc).  Anonymous electronic music out of Chicago with no preset limitations.  The url is   Please check it out and thanks for your time.



 hurlyburly live online radio returns

Dear Friends,

After a few months break due to some overwhelming circumstances we recover the activity featuring a new server placed within the domain of Thus, we have reactivated the weekly broadcast of hurly burly radio which features in its first program the following CD releases.

 Jon Rose The Violin Factory
Matthew Ostrowski Vertebra 
Ross Bolleter Crow Country

Also in the online magazine section of the environment we publish the first part of an article by Roger SutherlandThe Aesthetics of Cataclism: A Study of Chaos in Music.

Besides, we are presently striving to update the information on discogrpahic releases received for reviewing, thus presenting the three last updates of October, November and December 2001

X 2001
Streams Stephan Wittwer
Saporo Duets Joelle Leandre & Ryoji Hojito 
fuzzybunny  fuzzybunny 
The Chord Catalogue  Tom Johnson
Music by Phill Niblock  Phill Niblock
90% Post Consumer Sound  Ellen Band
40 years and One   Phill Corner
Rangirua   Richard Nunns, Evan Parker
Medula   Transient Vs Resident
function generator zbigniew karkowski/xopher davidson
 Asylem   Dominic Duval 
  Double_wash   Marchetti, voicecrack, noettinger
By lakes abandoned   Carolyn Hume, Paul May
Treatise   Formanex
Deboutonne  Rene Lussier
Tango   Martin Meilleur 
Whispering blue   Joachim Gies 
Invisible Gold  David Rosenboom
Live in Milano  The Art Ensemble of Chicago
Vertebra   Matthew Ostrowski
Golden Years of Soviet New Jazz   Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky, Vladimir Volkov, Sergey Kuryokhin, Valentina Ponomareva,  Anatoly  Vapirov
Poems And Preludes   Brian Agro
multiverse   the soegaard ensemble
Ohmix  Christian Calon, David Kristian, Diane Labrosse, John Oswald,   Alezandre St-Onge, Martin Tetreault, Terre Thaemlitz, Ralph Wehowsky. 
El Tractor domUSticks ideotrons
XI 2001
Wires and wooden boxes   Ernesto Diaz Infante & Chris Forsyth
Crow Country Ross Bolleter
Voice lowered  Steven Lantner, Joe Manieri, Joe Morris
The Skull Mailbox   Bob Drake
Ten Thousand Shades of Blue  Richard Lainhart
Warp Out   Konk Pack
10 works for electronic Tape  Kenneth Gaburo
Looking for Aztlan   Gustavo Aguilar
Petit Pale   Ignaz Shick, Andrea Neumann
"UB/ABU"   Hubbub
eis 9   Werner Dafeldecker, Boris d Hegenbart
peripherique   Perlonex
The Great Divide   Paul Dunmall Octet
September Duos  Evan Parker, Peter A. Schmid
Speak Puppet  Janet Feder
The End of August  Koji Asano
Ornithologies   Yves Cerf, Frederic Folmer, Raul Esmerode
The Master and Margarita   Simon Nabatov Quintet
BBC Sessions +   Faust
XII 2001
Violin Factory   Jon Rose
Composition N.169 + (186 + 206 + 214)   Anthony Braxton
Turn a Deaf Ear   Rev.99
Open Secrets   Carlos Bechegas, Peter Kowald
Paradise of Replica/Paradise of Remixes   After Dinner
Talking Drum  Chris Brown
September Winds    Hans Anliker, Evan Parker, Peter A. Schmid, Reto Senn, Jrg Solothurnmann
Invisible Map  Biota
Grain Keith Rowe, Burkhard Beins
homework  School of Velocity
In Streams  Morphogenesis
Dachte Musik  Dito
Pilatus   Albin Brun
Stackpole  Stackpole
Italia   Taku Sugimoto
The African Tapes  Famoudou Don Moye, John Tchicai,  Hartmut Geerken
Vergency   Jim Denley, Martin Ng
Live At Luggage   Aaron Bennett
Four Stars  Global Guaranty Orchestra



for  immediate release

IMPROVISED AND OTHERWISE:  A Festival of Sound and Form
Presented at Williamsburg Art neXus,
Friday – Sunday, April 26, 27 and 28, 2002
Organized and Curated by:  Estelle Woodward, Dan DeChellis, Chris Forsyth
and Jeff Arnal

IMPROVISED AND OTHERWISE:  A Festival of Sound and Form presented at
Williamsburg Art neXus located at 205 North 7th Street, (at Driggs)
Brooklyn, NY; April 26, 27 and 28, 2002 (see complete schedule listed
below).  Admission is $15 for adults, $10 for students and seniors, or $25
for a weekend pass.  Tickets are available for purchase at Williamsburg Art
neXus on the days of the performances, no advance sales.

Improvised and Otherwise:  A Festival of Sound and Form is an annual event
established to encourage and support the momentum of experimental composers
and performers.  In an effort to represent a diverse group of artists,
Improvised and Otherwise strives to cross generational and geographic
boundaries.  The driving force behind this event is to foster a new
opportunity for a broad range of media and performance aesthetics.  The 2002
Festival will feature twenty-three performing groups with a total of over
sixty participants.  Artists will be joining the program from Baltimore,
Boston, Detroit, New York, Northampton, Philadelphia, Rochester, San
Francisco, Berlin and Hamburg, GERMANY.

8:00 Rev.99 - 99 Hooker, Ross Bonadonna, Akio Mokuno, Don O'Finn, Brother
Russell Scholl
8:30 Dan DeChellis Chamber Ensemble - Dan DeChellis - piano, Katt
Hernandez - violin, Gary Fieldman - percussion, James Coleman - theremin,
Anita DeChellis - voice
9:30 The Ensemble Project - Katherine Ferrier with; Lisa Gonzales, Deana
Headley, Corrina Kalisz, Betsey McCall, Tessa Nebrida, Alison Robinson,
Alison Stoll, Pamela Vail and Estelle Woodward
10:00 nmperign - Bhob Rainey, Greg Kelly

4:00 Brian Moran - electronics
4:30 Maureen Ellenhorn and Agns Benoit-Nader
5:00 Vattel Cherry's [New York] Virtue- Allison Mondesir-marimba, Kid
Lucky - vocals, Miles Griffith - vocals, David     Pleasant –
percussion/vocals, Vattel Cherry - double bass
6:00 Zack Fuller - dance, Kenta Nagai - guitar, Tatsuya Nakatani –
6:30 Khristian Weeks - video, electronics
7:00 Blaise Siwula - saxophones, Eric Zinmann - piano, Matt Weston –
8:00 Kathy Westwater - dancer/choreographer
8:15 Melinda Ring - dancer / choreographer
8:30 All Time Present - Chris Forsyth, Rich Gross, Ethan Sklar - guitars,
David Gould and Toshi Makihara - percussion.
9:30 Sean Meehan - percussion
10:00 Straight Trio - Dietrich Eichmann - piano, Lars Scherzberg -
saxophone, Astrid Weins - double bass.

4:00 Dave Gross - Saxophonist and clarinetist
4:30 MP3 - Mary Halvorson- guitar, Trevor Dunn-bass, Mike Pride- drums,
percussion, tapes, Bb clarinet.
5:30 Loophole - Choreographers/Improvisers Estelle Woodward and Corrina
6:00 D-I.S.K. - Bonnie Kane - saxophone, flute, and electronics; and Ray
Sage - drums, of W.O.O. , Ernesto Diaz-Infante - piano
7:00 Materiality of Image & Sound - Curated by maria dumlao
7:30 Gordon Beeferman - piano
8:00 De Facto Dance - Kelly Donovan, Meg Fry, Aggie Postman and Lee Shapley.
8:30 Spy Satellite - Jeff Arnal - percussion, John Dierker - reeds, John
Hughes - double bass, Jonathan Vincent - piano.

for more info:



Some opps, cfps, etc. in electronic music that could
be of interest.
European Media Artists in Residence Exchange

EMARE- Grants for European Media Artists for England,
Scotland, Germany and

The eighth European Media Artists in Residence
Exchange will take place in
Autumn 2002 to Spring 2003.

Europe based Media Artists in the fields of digital
media including
internet and computer based art, filmmakers, sound and
video artists are
invited to apply for a two month residence based
stipend at Hull Time Based
Arts, Kingston Uppon Hull in England; at Duncan of
Jordanstone College School
of Television and Imaging, Dundee, Scotland, at V2
Organisation, Rotterdam,
Netherlands or at Werkleitz Gesellschaft's Center for
Media Arts Saxony-
Anhalt, Germany. Students are not permitted, but young
artists encouraged.
EMARE includes a grant of 2.000 Euro, free
accomodation, 250 Euro travel
expenses, access to the technical facilities and media
labs and a professional
presentation. Entries should include a CV,
(audio)visual reference projects
documentation and a proposal sketch for the project
which should be developed
within EMARE. Artists with residence in or identity
card for EU and associated
countries should contact one of the

Contact following institutions for further details and
application form or
visit the homepage:    

Deadline: May, 31, 2002


Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. • EMARE • Peter Zorn •
Strasse des Friedens 26 •
D-39249 Tornitz • Tel: +49 (0)3 92 98 - 675 - 0 • Fax
+49 (0)3 92 98 - 675
- 55

Hull Time Based Arts • Gillian Dyson  • 42 High Street
• GB-HU1 1PS Hull •
UK •
fon +44 1482 216446 • fax +44 1482 589952 •

Duncan of Jordanstone College • School of Television
and Imaging • Mike
Stubbs •
Perth Road  • DD1 4HT Dundee • UK • fon +44 1
382223261 • fax +44 1
382226136 •

V2_Organisation • Institute for the Unstable Media •
Anne Nigten •
Eendrachtsstr.10 • NL-3012 XL  Rotterdam • Netherlands
• fon +31 10 2067273 •
fax +31 10 2067274 • anne@v2.nl

EMARE is supported by the Ministry of cultural affairs
Saxony-Anhalt; Arts
Councils of England & Scotland; Yorkshire  Arts; Dutch
Ministry for Culture,
British Council; Goethe Institute

From: Andrea Blum

Subject: LMJ 11

Leonardo Music Journal 11 includes a double audio CD,
"Not Necessarily 'English Music'" curated by musician,
composer, writer and sound curator David Toop. The CDs
feature pieces from pioneering UK composers and
performers from the late 1960s through the mid-1970s.
From: Artswire

Subject: Electronic X-travaganza
7-9 March
New York, USA

Sonic pioneers of the Kitchen's early days join a new
generation of composers for a fest of current trends
in electronic music. David Behrman and former Kitchen
music curator Ben Neill perform with members of the
multimedia platform UnityGain and composers from
Harvestworks. Each evening includes four 30 minute
solo sets, followed by an open session conducted by a
random-time matrix for composers to play in a variety
of combinations.

The Kitchen

From: Lovebytes

Subject: International Festival of Digital Art
14-16 March
Sheffield, UK

Lovebytes is an international platform for artists
working at the creative edge of new technology and a
unique opportunity to see some of the most innovative
contemporary art from around the world. This three day
festival brings together a wide range of computer art
including music, film, installation, performance,
visual art and design. Lovebytes 2002 includes UK
premieres of outstanding international new work. Other
activities include free open workshops, electronic
music and multimedia performances.

Lovebytes Ltd.
Unit 307
The Workstation
15 Paternoster Row
Sheffield, S1 2BX, UK
Ph. +44 114 221 0393

From: Ricardo Dal Farra

Subject: Electroacoustic Music
17 March
Bremen, Germany

A concert with Electroacoustic Music will take place
at the Olbers-Planetarium. The program consist in
works by Argentine composers and from classics of the
electronic music. This concert is a part of a cycle,
coordinated by Juan Maria Solare, dedicated to the
Electroacoustic Music in several German Planetariums.
"Electroacoustic Music" with an accent in experimental
music (Techno or Dance Music are in principle

Symposium on sound design
20-21 March
Paris, France


From: Ars Electronica 2002

Subject: Competition for Cyberarts
Until March 31
Linz, Austria

Entries for Prix Ars Electronica 2002 are now being
internationally accepted for the categories Computer
Animation/ Visual Effects, Digital Musics, Interactive
Art and Net Vision/ Net Excellence. In addition, there
is a competition category for young people under the
age of 19 in Austria: Cybergeneration- U19 freestyle

ORF Austrian Broadcasting Corporation
Upper Austrian Regional Studio
Europaplatz 3
A-4021 Linz
Ph. +43 732 6900 24267
Fax +43 732 6900 24270

Brisbane Powerhouse Program Guide is now available. In
2002 the program emphasises music and physical theatre
with other artforms represented throughout the year.
Coming up: Topology, Brisbane Queer Film and Video
Festival, Sacred Music Festival and much more.

Brisbane Powerhouse
119 Lamington Street
Brisbane QLD

From: Stanza

Subject: Soundtoys Call

Soundtoys is a website for new digital and net artists
that explores interactive media, the integration of
the audio visual, and using the internet for
creativity. In June 2002, as part of Cybersonica,
Soundtoys is curating an exhibition of sonic art and
soundtoys. They are seeking audio visual interactive
contributions in the mediums of net art, web design,
application software multimedia and essays.
From: Unha Park

Subject:  NEMO New Media Showcase 2002 cfp
12-13 April 2002
Boston, US

The NEMO New Media Showcase 2002 to be hosted at the
Swissttel, Boston on 12-13 April is calling for
participation. Produced by METAVERA, the two-day  NEMO
Conference / Trade Show will consist of new media
screenings, exhibits, demonstrations and panels.
The event will showcase artists who employ digital and
traditional technologies to create innovative films,
music, visual and interactive art.

The New Media Showcase is the latest addition to the
NEMO Music Conference and Showcases, one of North
America's premier music industry events. As this is
the first year for the new media event, there is no
publicized open submission policy for artists. The
organizer is contacting art, film, and new media
groups and organizations worldwide and asking for
their participation. This can include submission of
work for exhibit / display, proposals for performances
on the New Media Showcase main stage, or participation
in a panel session, demonstration or presentation.

Members of the new media industry are invited to share
their knowledge and participate in panel sessions,
demonstrations or presentations. Various topics such
as the merging of music and new media, as well as
technical seminars, and product development clinics
will be offered. Interested parties please contact

Info: Unha Park

Ambient, Algorithmic, Ritual
Meditative, Experimental, Math




Here's our first press release for WE 2002 - if you could forward this on
to the folks on your promo lists and/or folks who should know about our
little shindig, along with a little personalized note at the top about
why they should go, that would rock!

And seriously, you should consider a vacation to our little seaside burg
- it'd be great to have ya here!

much fun, kenyata


For Immediate Release

The Indie Engine That Could

7th Annual Wilmington Exchange Festival Kicking And Shining
May 23-29th, 2002

WILMINGTON, NC –- The Wilmington Exchange Festival - or WE Fest, if
you’re down - is a labor of love founded in 1996 by a group of music
lovers with a special place in their hearts for the underground (aww…)!
This down-home, southern good time is devoted to the appreciation of
everything new and exciting in the world of independent arts.  Featured
nationally on MTV’s “Indie Outing”, Men’s Health, Option, the late
lamented POPsmear, and countless ‘zines, this phenomenon has earned a
reputation for showcasing great bands of all genres - before appearing on
anybody else’s radar.

"WE Fest was very much an outgrowth of the international “Mail
Underground” (us wacky folks who trade music and literature by mail),“
co-founder Kenyata Sullivan said. "Rick D'Anjolell and I had been
involved as organizers, performers and/or panelists in a number of music
conferences - SXSW, CMJ, NEMO, Philadelphia Music Conference, etc - and
had become disgusted by all of it. The money had taken over.  The bands,
crowd, and artists were just kind of there. No respect for them - nada.
It was all about the cash, and it rubbed us wrong.  We looked at all of
the events going on, learned what not to do, and… Voila!”

Only unsigned bands are allowed to showcase, and past years have seen The
Dismemberment Plan, Mooney Suzuki, Ex-Models, XBXRX, Mountain Brothers,
Martha Mooke (ASCAP Songwriter Award winner 2001, currently working with
David Bowie), Mike Errico, Lamb Of God, Discount, The Waking Hours, Kid
With Man Head, and other great artists from around the globe. (Seriously!
Musicians have travelled from as far away as Japan, The Netherlands,
Ireland, and England to be a part of WE Fest.)

Although showcasing bands will not be playing before A&R reps flinging
record contracts folded like paper airplanes, they WILL play before a
dedicated, national community of die-hard music fans, underground
publishers, and independent filmmakers.  “The connections made here are
the real deal, with people who support art for it's own sake,” says
Nathan Perry from Chicago, one of literally hundreds of WEFesters across
the country working gratis to spread the word. 

Here is one shining WE Fest moment:  Kenyata overheard a death metal
outfit sincerely yell “You f#&*ing rock!”  to a lounge pop band sharing
their bill.  “That was like victory.  I mean, right at that moment, I
knew it worked.  The same way industrial artists trade soundscape tapes
with folk singers through the mail on the underground - this was all
happening in person, in real time.  The web of artists and home-tapers,
genuinely caring about the underground, was forming into flesh.  We’re
still growing, like our own little culture bunker Frankenstein.” 

It all goes down May 23 – 29th, one show per night with no overlapping
events.  A week-long, all-access pass is only $15.00 and can be purchased
at any venue in downtown Wilmington or at the home of Dawson Leery.  All
major labels or subsidiaries must pay $1500.00. 

“Everyone leaves blown away by the entire experience, and the fact that
for once in their lives, they haven't been conned.”

For more info:
Press Contact:  Carla Parisi,, 973-283-2322
Co-Founder:  Kenyata Sulivan,,  910-256-3791

(page 2)

Confirmed Artists for WE Fest 2002:


Jim Testa (New Jersey), Astronaut Lost (New York), LandSpeedRecord
(Maryland), Invictus (North Carolina), Val Emmich (New Jersey), The
Swimmies (New Jersey), Dysrhythmia (Pennsylvania), All the Dead Pilots
(Maryland), The Flashing Astonishers (New York), Prosolar Mechanics (New
Jersey), The Jackson Hives (North Carolina), The Maggies (Massachusetts),
Jake the Evil Redneck (North Carolina), Colin Gilmore (Texas), Milagro
Saints (North Carolina), Evelyn Forever (New Jersey), Bible Of The Devil
(Illinois), Worm Quartet (New York), The Feebles (North Carolina), Clang
Quartet (North Carolina), Cropduster (New Jersey), Tracy Shedd (Florida),
Summer Set (North Carolina), The Negatones (New York), Audio Explorations
(Florida), Jack McCoys (Massachusetts), The Secession Movement (New
Jersey), Glow in the Dark Scars (North Carolina), Kristen Forbes
(Massachusetts), The Method and Result (Pennsylvania),  Gerty (North
Carolina), Smarty Pants (Oklahoma), Suitcase (North Carolina), Krakatoa
(New York), Ostinato (Virginia), Cropduster (New Jersey), Dewey Defeated
(New Jersey), Derail (North Carolina)

More to come!

We are no longer accepting band submissions for the 2002 festival, but
indie-friendly Media Sponsorships are still available.


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