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     Being out of work has some rewards, as well as (the many) "down" spots of depression (mostly on the weekends, when I'm waiting for new jobs to be posted on & in the local newspaper ads).  Certainly I have had opportunity to communicate with many in the underground network that I (may) have "lost touch" with thru these many years.  The time has also allowed for the production & promotion of some new (& some revived) material.  Any readers who are in Europe should tune in to your local "experimental" station soon... Latvia, France, Belgium & Croatia are just a few of the places that are playing our CD's right now.

     That brings me to the "point" of this rant... those of you who have stayed with us since we started this 'zine in 1988 know that I seldom use the 'zine to promote my own works... I'm (unfortunately) at a point where I must ask for some assistance, though!  What follows, then is a list of sites/pages where you can download/preview many of the CD's we have produced... we could (seriously) USE your assistance... of course, I wouldn't advocate that you buy something you don't LIKE... which is why all the preview page listings are below... but if you DO find something you like, it would be wonderful if you could/would invest in us a bit... just one CD order from every 10 readers of this 'zine would generate (let's say) about 30 orders a quarter.  & then, of course, if one assumes some word-of-mouth advertising occurs from that... who knows what the potential might be?

     This IS a "shameless self-promotion" - but since I "run" this 'zine, I figure I can (every once in a great while) ask for some help... & it WOULD be a help!  Without further ado, then, some links are posted below:  DETROIT IMPROV DUO - This album was recorded in 2001, & features Jim Konen (Pontiac, Michigan) on guitars & me on keyboards.  On this site, you can download the Real Audio files for free... the (much) higher quality MP3 files are for sale, or you can purchase the whole album   FREE SPIRIT SUITES - Mark Kissinger (Pennsylvania-based guitarist extraordinaire) & I did this one in year 2000.  Some reviewers have compared his playing to Fripp!  Once again, Real Audio files are free, MP3's are (either) per track or click on ALBUM, where you can purchase the entire CD   PEYOTE BEAT REUNION - Harlan Mark Vale (a LONGTIME musical partner) & I recorded this in my "Armoury Studios" (we're living in an apartment right now, on Armour Street), in 2002... it is very "accessible", but still "on the edge".  Free RA files, MP3's can be purchased & CD's, too.   SPEECHES FOR THE SCHIZOID - Ernesto Diaz-Infante & I did this as a remote recording in 1999.  It has some quiet moments, but some very frenetic ones also.  Free RA files, MP3's can be purchased & CD's, too.   THE MOMENT AS THE MOTIVE - This is another Diaz-Infante/Zzaj improvised go-round... very "mysterious" sounding, with intrigue throughout.  Free RA files, MP3's can be purchased & CD's, too.

If you are a poetry/music fan, you will want to visit the following links... as some of you (may) know, I've been a strong supporter & collaborator with many modern poets, furnishing musical backgrounds for their works:   WHERE SHADOWS SPEAK - I did (most of) the spoken word on this one, with backing music(s) in different flavors by Ernesto Diaz-Infante.  There are no samples on this page, but you can purchase the CD there.   FLAG SLEEPING - John M. Bennett, a well known poet in Columbus, Ohio did all the spoken word, & I provided the musical backup.  This one is a bit "strange", but if you're looking for poetry/music that is "different", this will fill the bill.  Once again, no samples, but you can purchase the entire CD (with your credit card) on this page.   FANTASY IN DISGUISE - Gong fans will have heard of "Thom The World Poet".  He does some beautiful and moving poetry on this album, with me providing the musical foundations for him.  Purchase only on this page, no samples.   SHE MAY ONE DAY... WINNEBAGO - A regular contributor & supporter of this 'zine has been Joan Payne Kincaid (ever since it started, actually).  Joan does some sensitive reading on this CD... I furnished the music for her works.  Purchase, no samples.   NECESSARY ILLUSIONS - Belinda Subraman (who we haven't heard from in a while) is an EXCELLENT poet, which she demonstrates on this fine CD.  John M. Bennett & Forrest Richey (aka Ficus Strangulensis) also made an appearance on the album.  Purchase, no samples here.

We have a half-dozen experimental/improvisation CD's with DRIMALA RECORDS, as well.  I won't itemize each one of those, but you can get to the main catalog page (& there ARE a few samples on the individual album pages, too) by going to  

MANY of the CD's at the links above are also available in our MAIN catalog on, to include some BRAND-NEW works by John Alkins, Harlan Mark Vale & me.  You can purchase them here:  

     If this appeal sounds "cheezy", I do indeed apologize; rest assured that we DO need your support right now.  Any assistance you can give us will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!  With that, I think I'll close out the issue.  Much more coming in the next issue, as we have been receiving TONS of music for review (probably something to do with all those other musicians who are out of work, eh?  :-)

       Till next time....


Rotcod Zzaj


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