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The idea of the low powered community stations has for all practical
purposes been destroyed by the powers that be and it looks like internet
radio is about to suffer the same fate.

There’s pending legislation concerning on-line radio that would make it so
expensive and so restrictive that very few could afford to take part.  The
legislation that is coming up requires very complicated reporting, high
fees, and restrictions on what is played. For example, multiple plays by
the same artist or from even the same album would not be allowed. A Bob
Marley special from the Rev. just would not be allowed.  If one of the
remaining Beatles died  a tribute could not be legally done if the station
also broadcasts online. It looks like it could take place by May 21st.

The major labels are demanding that webcasters (including college radio
stations across the country, live365, Shoutcast, etc.) pay a very high new
royalty rate retroactive back to every song they've played since 1998.

All musicians and fans should be VERY concerned. Because right now there
are THOUSANDS of cool stations that could be playing YOUR music. But in a
few short days, there might be NONE LEFT except a few Big Giant
Corporate-Owned Stations, which won't play anything except music by other
Big Giant Companies paying them lots of money.

By using the link below you can Fax or Email your congressman/ woman in
your state automatically and it only takes a few seconds of you time!!

The Future Of Internet Radio Depends on it!!!!!
At this point it looks that online radio might be wiped out before it even
gets really launched!!

Please go to:

P.O.Box 303 WBB
Dayton, Ohio 45409

A video documenting various Rosemary Malign / Eugenics Council performances is now available .This video is not an official menschenfeind release, rather it is meant more for those that are interested in E.C. live events, and for those that are fans of E.C.'s material. Some fliers from E.C. shows will accompany the video, along with a tracklist. The video is compiled primarily of footage that was filmed by random audience members, with cameras of varying quality. The video is approximately 2hrs 40 min. recorded in sp mode.  A song/city/gear listed below. A few copies will be made available for review.

some cities on the video--

st.louis Mo - private raver/punk party (booked as a digital hardcore band, performed in a locked base using a full size
jackhammer, grinders, mig welder, drills, korg ms 10, signal gen, scrap metal, contact mics, tear gas and the rest of the usual E.C. gear.

 Virginia - Due to violence inflicted on Sharon from other band members, during the show it was decided that she would no longer be involved with E.C. The ceiling is blown out, along with the windows, due to the pressure caused by the explosives.

Denver Co - Electronics only set

Cin. OH (Rosemary fires a pistol into the audience loaded with tear gas blanks, minimal pa. focus on power tools, and vocals)

Washington D.C. - Mig welder grounded to an analogue synth.....
Washington D.C. Collab with Praying for Oblivion
Columbia Mo
Chicago iL
Kent Oh
Akron Oh
Nashville Tn
Kent Oh

Some Songs performed include Marching On, Dirty Girl, Idiot, Virus, Camel Toe, Dont Blame Hitler, People, Factory Dance, Genocide Now, Letter To Daddy, Go Away, Mass Annihilation, I am The Hate, plus others.

the video can be  purchased for $12 by sending check
or money order to
po 30051
columbia mo

make payable to D.N.

you can also pay via paypal using email address




Dear friends,

We got a new section on the official Nekropolis Site:

It's called 'Drawings and Paintings'
There You can see another samples of my artwork.
This should be the starting of my art gallery, which
will be continued... .

A lot of new items in the 'Articles and Reviews' section
and in the 'Links' section too.

My best regards
& till soon


         21st of July 2002
Philharmony of St.Petersburg
  Grand Concert Hall


P.F.: 5-str.bass, fretless bass
Michael Schobert: piano, keyboard
Holger Röder: drums, gongs

Richard Aicher: electronics





We're Back;
We have just re-launched, and would like to invite you to sell your CDs or Cassettes through us. We offer 100% royalty free fulfillment. This means you list your music, you set the price and get paid 100% of it...


We are also looking to build relationships with people involved with the independent music scene. For those that would like to help us offer this service to other independent artists, we have a great program for online and off-line marketing. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  We are here to try and make the music world less taxing on the musician and would love to work with others that have the same passion for local talent.



Kind regards;
Todd Wilson
Artist Relations / Indie Division



This is Tomas from Pax Recordings. I'm just emailing to let you know about our latest Pax release by Rudis/Custodio/Diaz-Infante: Crashing The Russian Renaissance.If you're interested in a promo copy for review or airplay consideration, please email me and we'll send you a copy. Thanks.

All the best,
Tomas and Pax crew.
for more info check-out

P.O. Box 591138
San Francisco, CA  94159-1138   
Contact:  Tomas Hassan   

May 16, 2002

New CD Release Crashing The Russian Renaissance  (PR90253)
adventurous compositions for electronics and guitar

artist: Rudis/Custodio/Diaz-Infante 
release: Crashing the Russian Renaissance 
date of release: May 2002
UPC #: 64628902532 
selection #: PR90253 
suggested retail price: $10.98/£9.99
file under: experimental/new music 
distribution: VERGE -, tel/fax: 905-852-9745;

Lx Rudis is an interdisciplinary media artist based in San Francisco, California.  He has been active in both commercial and underground sectors in the San Francisco Bay Area since the early 1980s.  Early contact with groups such as Tuxedomoon, The Units and SRL led to media work ranging from radio shows on NPR with members of negativland to commercial work for ABC affiliate KGO-TV and various corporate entities. Since 1988, his work has been concentrated in the field of interactive computer entertainment. He was a charter member of SF's Virtual Reality Group and has lectured at Cyberarts and performed at the first Digital Be-In.  He has lectured at the Computer Game Developer's Conference and several universities in California. He has worked in all areas of video game production, most recently for Konami Computer Entertainment of America, and is named in the credits of over 40 video games. He signed with Pax Recordings in January 2002 to release 3 CDs under their banner.

André Custodio is a San Francisco Bay Area native multi-instrumentalist/sound designer who studied with Brian Fergus, Bob Danielson and Carl Perazzo. He has collaborated with The Splatter Trio, David Slusser, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Rent Romus, India Cook, Lx Rudis, Tom Nunn, Eddie Gale and Dan Plonsey. 'Nihil Communication' is his current solo project, combining reconfigured samples, digital processing, unique instruments and analog synthesis. San Francisco based multi-instrumentalist

Ernesto Diaz-Infante is an active performer, improviser, and composer of instrumental chamber music; he has had performances and radio broadcasts all over the world. His music is recorded on Bottomfeeder, Evolving Ear, InstrumenTales, oTo, Pax, pfMENTUM, Public Eyesore, Staalplaat, Seagull, Sweet Stuff Media, and Zzaj. Diaz-Infante has collaborated with numerous musicians including Jeff Arnal, Dan DeChellis, Chris Forsyth, Philip Gayle, Bret Hart, Bob Marsh, Dick Metcalf, Rev.99, Blaise Siwula, W.O.O Revelator and Jack Wright. He is the curator of the Luggage Store Gallery (Creative Music Thursdays) series and co-founder of the San Francisco Alternative Music Festival (SFALT) in San Francisco, California.




New release very soon: "Feed" by MJB
One of the great lofi-veterans in New York is Mike Bowman, alias MJB. A year ago he released his record "Feed" on his own label Semperlofi. The record is so great that it deserves more attention in Europe. That's why I decided to re-release it on Glasvocht.
"Feed" is a kind of weird retro-pop with alot of inventive electronica, samples and a big dosis of fine humour.

Guitarimpro/noise compilation
A few months ago I asked a few great artists doing things on guitar to join a Glasvocht compilation. In the mean time I received work of the most of them, so I can start soon making a selection for which tracks wil appear on the compilation. The record will be co-released by Carbon Records (USA) and will be available after the summer.
These following artists will join the compilation:
Random reflections (Belgium)
Noxagt (Norway, band of guitar anti-hero Kjetil D Brandsdal)
Loren Connors (USA, legendary artist known from projects with Jim O' Rourke, Alan Licht, John Fahey and much more)
Flies Inside The Sun (New Zealand, including Peter Stapleton of the label Metonymic)
Lovely Midget (New Zealand, releases on Corpus Hermeticum en Ecstatic Peace of Thurston Moore)

Glasvocht event at Kunstencentrum Belgie
A few weeks ago I was asked by Belgie, an artcenter from Hasselt to give a new glasvocht event. I thought it was great to work with one of the best artcenters in Belgium, so I started to look around and I've found a few artist playing that night like Annelies Monseré (Zent One), Lobke Dhespeel (Mote, Breezr) and my own soundscape-project Picturesque. Glasvocht event will be present on june 29. 


Includes new reviews of:
horrendous/martian/starfish    "hms"
benjamin horrendous    "arse inferno"
turkey makes me sleepy    "the fluff of a feather pillow"
greg segal    "in search of the fantastic"
greg segal    "experimental guitar music"
jugalbandi    "the cram and stuff method"
jugalbandi    "the view is better from the top of the food chain"
atomfoam    "3 phases of atomfoam"
kevin brennan's revival tent
verde     "modern electronic circuits"
verde     "asill"
verde     "karhun epaillaan paskantaneen golfkentalle"
verde     "traffic light"
verde     "osta oma tampere"
verde     "acib"
verde     "lokki"
miya masaoka/tom nunn/gino robair    "crepuscular music"
bonehouse    "click"
amere 3        "trees"
sucking strange divine   "will to provoke"
linda smith    "emily's house"
garrett sawyer    "anthem"
don campau    "whatever sticks"
richard cholakian/phillip gayle    "hud pes"
phillip gayle    "solo live '98"
mahlon hoard/ian davis    "15 conversations regarding the possibility of finding intelligent life on cable television"
robin o'brien/david mitrous    "home flag"
wayne wesley johnson/ruben romero    "hypnotic safari"

Sorry it took so long to get this edition out, folks.
I took a sick day to get all of these thoughts down.
If you have links on your site, do link T.U.M.
If you spread the word to others, please stress that we don't have many thoughts regarding pop music; and that the thrust here is with improvisation, acoustic, and experimental music.
Have a safe summer and watch out for the beach-bound and swillin',



   This is the fourth annual Old Santa Ynez Day Lawn Party.  I set up my PA and various folks play. 

Usually we have a loose list of the order folks will be playing just so people can have
some idea of when we expect to hear from them.  We also have folks that jump
in and support the person playing.  Basically a combination open mic/open
jam type musical event.

    While we are doing the music on the Jones front lawn, under a most cool
shade tree, there are concurrent activities happening around us in
celebration of Old Santa Ynez Day.  This includes a parade going by the
house and an Old West themed celebration and street fair.  Since we live
right uptown on the parade route, literally thousands of people walk by our
house.  As musicians, we attempt to entice these perfect strangers and
potential CD buyers into our web and coerce them into being our audience.
Most of the folks in attendance are musicians and their family and friends.

    Some of the players you might know who have played in the past and are
expected to return include David Cowan, Antara  and Delilah, Kate Bennett
and Jeff Bisch, Michele Shipp, Joey Osso and of course my personal favorite,
Earl.  This is but a partial list.  Last year my old pal and guitar teacher
from Bakersfield, Ernie Lewis, drove over and blew the joint away with his
banjo picking and fiddling.  I was so proud to know him. It is a great day
because so many fun and interesting people are in one festive spot

    We start around noon and go until around 4 or 5 PM.  Then the die-hards hang
out and prove whom among us knows the most cover tunes. 


In a nutshell:


Who is invited?  All musicians and nusic lovers

What is it?  The World's Greatest Open Mic and Musician's Convention

Where is it held?  The Jones Front Lawn in Uptown Santa Ynez across from The Historic Red Barn Restaurant

When is it?  Saturday June 8,2002  between 12pm-5pm during THe Old Santa Ynez Day Old West Celebration, Parade and Street Fair

Karen Jones
1120 Edison Street
Right across from the Historic Red Barn, Uptown Santa Ynez





news@ #7
news and events related to spa.RK, Fibla, friends & acquaitances...

1/ Dfuse + Fibla remix Phillip Glass @ ICA, London, saturday 18th
2/ Eedl (live) + spa.RK dj @ NEXT, Viladecans, próximo sábado
3/ Fibla dj @ Gusto Bar, Barcelona


4/ forthcoming VERSUS ELECTRONICS Microfestival @ Apolo, Barcelona, june 2002


1/ Dfuse + Fibla remix Phillip Glass live
One Dot Zero 6 @ ICA, London
Saturday may 18th 2002

"world-beating celebration of digital film. beam yourself into the future!

Visual giants of electronica, Dfuse take on rarely seen seminal, late 80¹s visual feast of a film Koyaanisqatsi. Dfuse known for their remarkable clib visuals, live installations and short films continue to explore sight and sound having worked with musicians such as Scanner and Leftfield. Here they will make their own re-mixed version of this classic in multiple screens..

The Philips Glass score will be updated by cool barcelona-based musician Fibla (Quatermass / spa.RK) and contributions from Moby’s string section Chi2.

2/ Eedl (live) + spa.RK dj @ NEXT, Viladecans
Sábado 18 de mayo de 2002, 21:00 h

Desde Barcelona, EEDL es un nuevo proyecto que se plasmará muy pronto en spa.RK: rítmica entrecortada y un agudo sentido de la tensión que combina un espíritu ligeramente old skool con enigmáticos Rhodes.

Estarán debutando en NEXT (Noves Experiències Tecnològiques), en el Parc de la Torre Roja en Viladecans (al lado de Barcelona). Posteriormente tendremos la ocasión de verlos en VERSUS ELECTRONICS el domingo 16 de junio, justo después del Sónar.

3/ Fibla dj @ Gusto Bar
jueves 30 de mayo de 2002, a partir de las 23:30h


Sala Apolo, Barcelona. June 16th 2002.

more info coming soon...


Karsten Pflum (Worm Interface, Denmark)
Vessel (Expanding,UK)
Eedl (spa.RK, Barcelona)
Ola Bergman (New speak, Sweden)
Fibla (Quatermass/spa.RK, Barcelona)
Marcia Blaine School for Girls (Benbecula, Scotland)
Stendec (Expanding/Static Caravan, UK)

+Shlom (Baked Goods/CCO, Manchester)
Tench DJ (Expanding, London)
Django (Worm Interface, London)

+D-Fuse (London)
Randomhead (Bcn)
Sixis MotionGraphics (Bcn)

co-organized by benbecula / expanding / new speak / spa.RK / worm interface

More info?

if you want to be removed from news@ spa.RK let us know and please appologize.
this is not a spam list if you have the choice to be removed, thanx

vicent FIBLA


ramón y cajal 138 bx. barcelona 08024. spain         

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