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     SO - here we are again... it's been an exciting month in Olympia!  Being out of work (as I alluded to in the last issue's rant) does have some "advantages".  

     On the 15th of May, we were pleased to see Jack Wright, Bob Marsh & Jeffrey Morgan visit our lil' corner of the Sound; & the details of that sonic adventure are posted as a "Live Review" in this issue, along with a few pictures of the artists involved.  We also had the good fortune to meet one of the world's BEST reed players, Bert Wilson (mainly because he's been hosting Jeffrey during his stay in Oly).   Bert & I had occasion to talk (on more than one occasion) about how many great artists there are right here in our fair city!  What all this is leading up to (as you've probably guessed already) is some (much needed) revitalization, almost rebirth, of the energies needed to spark the FIRES!  No plans that are totally clear at this point, but look for much more news of artistry in this area in the issues to come over the next few months!

     June promises to be an even higher energy month for improv & jazz in our area... many artists are visiting us... groups from San Francisco, NYC, BC & who knows where all else will be here to entertain us & show off their creative genius during this years' Olympia Experimental Music Festival (the EIGHTH year)!  Arrington Di Dionyso is putting this all together, pretty much on his own.  Multiple venues, great groups & high audience support are anticipated.  We hope you'll come from the far corners of the earth to join us!

     It looks like I am returning to work soon... some training during the remainder of May, then full bore in June.  So, for all who have sent words of sympathy & encouragement - thanks!  It looks like I'll (possibly, it's a "temp to perm" thing) be back in th' saddle soon.

     Where is th' RANT, you ask?  Yah, I guess this does seem to be turning into some kind of "newsletter" about my work situation (& how the lack of work gives one an opportunity to be more involved in the things that really matter - like improvised music)... for that I apologize... but I do think it's important to point out that during this entire time frame, I have (for all intent & purpose) turned the NEWS orf!  Th' few news bytes I have seen (on TV, or on my AT&T home page) make the intent of the politicos become evermore clear... if they had their way, the general populace would be WIRED into the propaganda machine!  They WANT you to stay "fired up" about their war games/tests - well, don't GIVE 'em what they want!  Turn that damn TV (or newsradio) station OFF for a change... only listen to it as though it were an improvisation... it will enlighten you very quickly to what their motives really are!  They WANT you/us all to become so focused on how right their immoral bombing is that you'll forget the pain and suffering it causes!  The only way for that to happen is if your mind is glued to the newsreels.  

     Obviously, I don't think it's a good idea to ignore what they're doing in D.C., either... but approach it with the idea that you are inspecting what they do with your $.  When you see things in a different light because you've pulled back away from it a bit - WRITE THEM!  Or, compose a song about it... or a poem... or, if you're a really good writer, send a letter to them & tell them that they will NOT succeed in the campaign to make this 9/11 situation become a march toward (eventual) Armegeddon. 

     The other thing that is terribly important (to me, anyway) is to GET OUT & SUPPORT artists all over the world!  Go see a show... buy a CD, drop a note... be involved in the artistic happenings, & you will (like light speed) see that there ARE other things in life than dirty wars & political whores!  & in the next month or two - Olympia is a GREAT place to do just that!  C'mon UP here & check out the 8th Olympia Experimental Music Festival... tentatively slated for June 28, 29 & 30th.  I will be playing with folks from San Francisco (THE ABSTRACTIONS) & 99 Hooker (from NYC).  We look forward to seeing you (& watching/helping  you "brake away" from the MO-chine)!!!!


Till next time....


Rotcod Zzaj


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