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Improvijazzation Nation - Issue # 57

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 Bag Lady


Women of the United States wake up

What does it take to make you see

yourselves as the lazy thing you are?

Sex symbol, plaything of the world?


As the population ages, beauty shops,

bars and banks are all you will need,

bistros and bags of candy to feed

a craving for your sugarbaby appetite.


You will exonerate the "big girl" look

as your hips and thighs spread out to

support a fat body that is tailor-made

to fit your new car and loose cloting.


Now that you have weaned yourself away

from the boy next door you do not need

to follow in the fatal footsteps of your

mommy and become your daddy's whore.


God knows he had no right to fondle

your private parts when you were so

obvious as a budding body in swim suit

it started years ago when you were "cute"


but honey let daddy give you one clue:

your own clan is not interested in you.


Frank Anthony





Gemini In Balance



Both my physical and mental systems

were saying everything is in balance

as we crossed over at midnight, on the

fourth of July 2K, ready to function.


My heart is pumping blood out the aorta

sixty times a minute, stomach satisfied

is working on the mass of chicken and

three vegetables from seven o'clock supper.


Two hours of exercise, yesterday afternoon,

have called on the muscles of the upper

torso and lower body to build back

the tissues that begin to atrophy.


Broken bones, of the accident two years ago,

have mended and the bad blood, injured

tissues and trauma have been sorted out,

transported and ejected by the body-politic.


The lucid dream registered a new harmoney,

that felt at home in friendly temperature

and humidity next to a similar female

body functioning in similar rhythm to me.


The eighteen years difference between

us, in balance for our individual temperaments,

is two conductors, in tandem, proper answer

to completing the final quarter here.



Frank Anthony



Long Term Care


First, they need to smile and shake your

hand, while they look you in the eye,

then, they, he and his partner, go for

a talbe where he can spread out his gear.


You have invited one of them in for a free

"explanation" of the new Medicare changes,

to your life, what Medicare does not cover

that you might need some future date.


Two come to the door, and like religious

proselytes they are trained to really believe

in what they are doing to your bank account

which puts six hundred of your dollars in their


Pockets, deep enough to hold your cash,

just because it is a  check, and they talk

so fast, with a shiny book of statistics

that scare your wife more than you.


But she was diverted when the faster

talking, younger one got a deposit slip 

for your bank before your wife noticed he had that for withdrawals along with your check.


Not only did he keep your copy of the long

application, you have not read it, wouldn't

understand it anyway, have spent three

thousand hard-earned dollars a year for long term care.



Frank Anthony


Rochelle Hope Mehr

And the water shed...

You wanted the world to go back
to the way it was before Sept 11

When a boiler explosion
was merely that
and not an occasion to unearth
the Geiger counter
"just in case"

You watched the concert tonight on television
and marveled at how attentively
the audience listened

Schumann held them in the palm of his hand
and you, too, as you hummed along
the Kreisleriana theme

what hemmed in Schumann
what kept him from the cares of the world
what was his retreat

what made it so comforting
a cozy escape
in the convolutions of his brain

what refuge
from the insane
from the insane

These thoughts tossed themselves
like giddy signposts
you so desperately wanted to cling to
in the welter

Then the symphony ended
The people applauded
The credits aired on the screen

And the year was 1999
An eternity away in time
Before Sept 11 washed away the magic
And half of your mind


Rochelle Hope Mehr

The Madness

I've never such a vicious adversary
Who knocks me off my guard
Throttles me in mid --

When I come to my feet
When I come to my senses
After the heady reel

I wonder what visceral force
Or ischemia
What grand scheme of the Maker

Swirls me into this Hell
Where sense is nonsense
And nonsense an artesian well.


Rochelle Hope Mehr

Unbending Time

Last night
I saw what the Future was like
If Time bent
And let me slink
Into its folds.

I saw a man
Glowering at me.
This iciness seeped

Into my bones.
This indifference to my pain.
He had taken me
To bandage a wound.
To provide comfort.

But my sacrifice
Lacked sincerity
And I heaved up
Words of perdition
As my soul

Slumped into submission.
I woke up
Smeared with the Present.
Drenched with sweat.
And grateful for the lineality

And irreversibility
Of Time.


be my wild wife              by luke buckham

when i come home stained from work
my hands heavy from their overloaded buckets
kiss my body back to life on clean and beaten sheets
when i come home with an unnecessary knife in my vertebrae
kiss my body back to life on clean and beaten sheets
when i come home unloved by so many faces horrified at my passion
kiss my body back to life on clean and beaten sheets
when i come home trying to eat the stars
after the light of flashlights crossing my worried forehead
in a shaft of endless shadows
kiss my body back to life on clean and beaten sheets
when i stab at the sunlight and my shovel is crooked from frantic
tossing of what i thought mistakenly was all the dirt in the world
kiss my body back to life on clean and beaten sheets


George Saddam and Tony

A green light is still
out with the two brats
champing at their kill
Anthony has his poodle
or Georgie his Anthony
old kit and a kaboodle
of you scratch my back
we scratch you whoopee
Kid drugged with power
plays daddies old game
releases golden shower
money bombs on Hussein
Three men of this hour
keep everyone in power

Bushes Old October Surprise

The military industrial complex that holds US, England and New England, a la Texas ballgame, in the palms of their bloody hands, oozes oil.
High on the designer drugs of power, daddy goes to Abilene to play Eisenhower, sonny boy stays drugged up for his shining hour.

Copyright Frank Anthony


A Democracy In Reverse

Name like Thomas Paine
with Benjamin Franklin
our diplomats of peace
built my US reputation
And Jacqueline Kennedy
John Kenneth Galbraith
won their hearts again
our brotherhood of man
Came Reagan Nixon Bush
their age of deception
and stole the resource
of what US country was
My US community of men
now Special Force guns

Brotherhood of Sin

Two hundred years ago the US was founded upon a democracy, built upon the human nature, of people working together to help each other.
Now militant industrial capitalists, have traded love for greed, we have embraced the seventh most deadly of all the sins of man.

Copyright Frank Anthony


For George Bush II

To George Bush or someone who can get the message to him: This is not a request it is a manifesto: if you choose to ignore it, so be it.
I have no intention of giving you some labels so you can unhook yourself, for as you well know, you and yours are caught up in a completely untenable situation.
So far as is known, neither you nor any of your family or friends has ever put yourselves in danger for your country. My father is in a soldier’s grave from WWI.
He may not have been a hero over there but he was there. So was I when I enlisted after Pearl Harbor and served in the Air Force overseas until 1946.
As every military man knows, it is folly if not a disaster, to put the fate of innocent service persons in the hands of leadership without military experience.
Current proof of this is hundreds of Israeli soldiers refusing to serve under their current leader whose record is of little or no civilized world respect.
Apparently you and your father have this thing about oil, an obvious conflict of interest payment, a debt you have chosen in life.
Having no idea what kind of a man you imagine yourself to be, I can only imagine that circumstances you have swirling around you will prevail.
Neither you nor your father or Mr. Clinton has left a favorable picture for most future historians. In both cases, both men missed a great opportunity.
I do need to tell you why it happened. My job is to do for you the same as I did for Shimon Peres ten years ago. I urged him to be responsible.
He rose to the occasion, and after became a Nobel Laureate. His story remains to be played out. If you can manage, get this obsession with war behind you:
Then there is the possibility you will do more for humanity than you can imagine. That you can become a humanitarian is the unexplored hope of the world.

Copyright Frank Anthony


Missiles With Confetti

HRM Anthony USS George
on top of their worlds
Rothschild Rockefeller
our poodles are curled
fat on truffles caviar
US Israel England flag
Imperial powers unfurl
above submissive sheep
A 911 Anthrax Congress
well fed money stabled
Paid Off Supreme Court
Nuclear warheads ready
to protect US interest
and plenty of confetti

Blood Lust & Star Wars

Fat but not too rich, executive Chiefs of the industrial tribe, hang glide greasy hands on temporary bars. The military is vaccinated.
  We are the militants, ready to do the business of the Super Rich, who revel in the blood of a world of genuine comfort, a world with no blame.

GE Show with Tom Brokaw on NBC

The first day of August 2002 and the war drums are beating along NBC and CBS also the super drum on PBS to make sure the intellectual tube watchers get our military industrial complex message. Sell off profit takes market.
Super Rich gulp up their government bonds, raking it in before a war starts and we wreck Iraq or some other oil rich kingdom for the Rothschild Rockefeller Bilderberger Boys of US of Israel and Japan.
The Billion Peons, of the six billion, who are allowed less than one dollar a day, eat their boiled rice and red ants. We wonder if a new paint job would attract the lister or what flowers to plant this fall.

Copyright Frank Anthony



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