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Here is our first "GUEST RANT" (in a while).  Our friend Jim Konen, aka VisionEar ( ) sent it in right after I requested such in issue # 56... we're hoping others will respond to this call... in this "rant" arena, nothing is better than a "fresh perspective"!


     I don't usually ever consider putting myself (or my thoughts) in a format like this; considering the events of our current political state make it appear we may be living in what may be described in the future as a time of historical significance in this country; therefore, I MUST write...


     We all are aware of what a mess this country has become.

all indications point to a "tip of the iceberg" situation. you

know the details. (how could you not); there's hardly anyone that hasn't been touched in some way by the goings-on in the last year or so. and it's not just about terrorisim that i'm talking about here.  I,  as well as many now living in this country, share in a national anger over the failed promise of the "american dream".

Politicians and big business here apparently now fancy themselves as improvisors of policy and practice; their lack of chops, however, is obvious; this stuff, no matter how it's played (damage control), all sounds bad!


At one time we were a bright shiny star with boundless energy. We were a warm and fuzzy land of opportunity.

Then over the last few years, we began to swell into a huge red giant burning up everything inside us.    Now we're at the beginning of a point where everything seems to be collapsing upon itself.     America is now trapped in the singularity and none of us can escape it.   Is this the end of the world?   Perhaps!   The end of America?    Well...yea, i think so.


I'll never invest in this country again. I don't want an American car (even if most most of it is built in mexico).  I don't want to be marketed to any more, reduced to widgets whose only purpose is something you extract money from.  Guilty or not, we're all  going down with the ship this time.   At the helm, our multitasking leaders -, those who are running and ruining this country at the same time.   Your blatent disrespect has earned my apathy.


If John Wayne was alive he'd probly be sayin somthin' like

"thanks Osama, we'll take it from here!"  13 original colonies (and isn't that an interesting number)


America...there's nothing right and nothing left.


Who knew?


     We want to THANK our pal Jim Konen for responding to our "call for rants"... as you may know, Jim & I played together on several CD's while we were living in Michigan.... you can exchange your thoughts regarding his rant via email to   

Thanks, Jim.... Till next time....



Rotcod Zzaj


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