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Improvijazzation Nation - Issue # 58

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the end of doubt                              by luke buckham


there is
a flash-light stab
in the ribs
in an empty
parking lot


(breathe slowly breathe
 my ears)


and there
in that black
spread of


(breathe slowly breathe
 through these
 poles of bent light)
there is nobody
who i don't suffer with.


He Is Not Heavy Father

How much your own life
are you living belongs
to any reason of which
you are not aware here
Have a bachelor degree
are a master something
they call you a doctor
life you cannot let go
Steps shall be climbed
storms to ride through
until we lead the pack
our place out in front
Big brother on my back
body parts in the sack

Bag Man

This lucid dream tells me I am driven, like so many other Americans, to impress a life I do not know upon the world out there.
If only I knew who I am, what I am supposed to do, then, perhaps, I would be willing to let other people live their lives.

Copyright Frank Anthony   Reprints with attribution


Dream Time Is Not Here

You appear as if in my
dream world they smile
all the forces who see
with intuition or file
Comparable things away
I can be this imbecile
making beautiful boxes
out of trash materials
While we dream holding
as our enemies watched
remaining time folding
they will have botched
my world up being here
I cannot take US there

Letting Go

There are very special people in this world, who just by seeing know each other, they float out here as if waiting for each other.
It is as if we act out a play, or see ourselves as an imbecile creating paper boxes out of nothing, while the other world goes on.
Remaining time here continues, while our dreams are running out, until the world is used up and we can go back to the beginning.

End of the Homosapiens

Ridiculous the sublime
is when these bacteria
creatures of the brine
become ocean carnivore
Bones of fishes we eat
and gobble up my flesh
reported of the street
Salem out to Marrakech
A Herbert Hall century
industrials revolution
chemical monsters of a
secret finite solution
Bones into blood dream
of extinct homosapiens

The Pollution Solution

Sue researches how her grandfather, Doctor Herbert Hall, a century ago, began working therapy to restore wealthy women a lost sanity.
And here, at Salem and Marblehead, a lowly bacteria of the food chain child of pollution, fish bone stick pin infection, eats off a male arm.
Century 21, the electronic wonder of the New Global World Order, may require another Doctor Herbert Hall or the monster pollution may devour US all.

Rockefeller Dimes Care

What should it be like
if you write something
and there is this Dike
Information Everything
Where they can plug in
like the old telephone
and a town switchboard
everyone can listen in
Dreamers do it we know
plug US in with rhymes
funny rhythms who blow
like Rockefeller dimes
As if they really care
have you time to spare

Spare Ideas For Sale

A lucid dream gave me the terrible importance, we all possess, of being able to tune life out or decide to take it all in.
There is always a reality depression, and worthless ideas, that are thrown at US like Rockefeller dimes from a guilty conscience.

Copyright Frank Anthony
Reprints with attribution


High School

I had one of those letters from my brother, at the old homestead, back in Minnesota: Waneta had passed on. Older in school than I, she had a beauty of a body from tennis.
Everyone up in heaven will love that woman.
Dreamed that FaFa Boll threw a big welcoming party for her up there, always out somewhere I was not invited. One of the girls tipped me how to get in, made my dream, nobody wants to be left out of heaven.
Love has something to do with it, mutual attraction, wanting to be with another person exclusively. Heaven is full of couples like that, coupling up there constantly, one might think nights are never boring.
Given the chance to return to earth, only devils regret the circumstance, petition for a different berth.

Copyright Frank Anthony
Reprints with attribution


August of the Dog Days

The dog days of August
are tired of polluting
US with wine and roses
have said it with golf
the tennis tournaments
and stock car smashups
nothing in the markets
no gore in US Coliseum
Playboys of the golden
oil slippery plutocrat
play at the olden game
Communist or Terrorist
of calling them a name
with hands in the till

Copyright Frank Anthony
Reprints with attribution


To Be US Dumb American

How dumb do they think
this public cow can be
Why raise such a stink
What can it mean to me
Billion my tax dollars
have been stolen daily
by the Bush men powers
and I have no recourse
Watched steal election
phony 911 fake anthrax
Halliburton correction
Dummy`Folks out of the
wax in the dead museum
no more than USA Goyum

Goyum Power

So we are holding captive, and killing off dozens of Muslims, what does it mean, to captive Americans?
As Goyum cattle, corralled and kept dumb, in a dead end system, we are no better than dumb and dispossessed.

Copyright Frank Anthony
Reprints with attribution


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