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     Are we Americans really as mindless, stupid & spineless as the politicians (namely, George W. Shrub & Penis Cheny) think we are?  I have never thought so before, but as I watch the news unfold (not that I watch it that often anymore, but I do listen to it on the way to work at 3:30am), I am beginning to wonder!

     I am the last person on the face of this earth to believe that Sadaam Hussein is wrongly accused of being a murderous scum-sucking dog... but then, he is a politician, too... little different from Georgie or any of the rest of the gorphs who spin th' news these days!   I have no doubt that if Hussein (& prob'ly millions of other religious zealots around th' globe) could use nukes to threaten those who don't agree with him - he WOULD... but I also have no doubt that if Shrubbie (& his big-biz cronies) could get his hands on Iraq (as a portal to many other oil-producing nations) - he WOULD!

     The thing that's disturbing me about this whole thing is how short our collective memory seems to be getting... or, maybe I'm just all wet & it's not really only a year or so since our economy was (or appeared to be) THRIVING?  You tell me, eh?   Am I goin' bananas?  It seems (to me) like it's taken a lot less time for th' politicians to spin it this time 'round!  Almost like they have been doing ev'rything they can to make th' market fall to pieces... keep them "reg'lar folks in line"... get 'em convinced that stocks aren't for them!   Since I'm not much good with numbers, I guess I can't make a judgement based on fancy-dancy spreadsheets... but it's not that difficult to feel that there's somethin' wrong with th' picture(s) we see around us. 

     One thing I don't have any illusions about is how Shrubbie & his poppa STOLE th' election.  Not that this matters a helluva' lot, because one group of politicians is no better than the other... they're all parasites, living off the backs of those of us who actually work for a living.  If they can steal an election right out from under the noses of the American people, though, how much further can it be before the sound bytes have (most all of) us convinced that it's perfectly all right to steal a country or three?   National security, & all that, eh?  Well, I don't want our troops going off to Iraq again!  I don't want slimeballs like Sadaam to be able to say (with some degree of accuracy) that this is purely political. 

     I would be the first person to put my boots & uniform back on in any conflict based on direct (and verifiable) action against us, like the Twin Towers (& whoever actually perpetrated that atrocity).  In fact, if we can prove that Abdullah Akbar so&so was one of the perps, I would be very happy to assist in capturing & decapitating every so&so that DNA testing could prove was part of it...  That will sound harsh to many, but if it was truly verifiable (as in DNA testing), I think the parents & children (all the way up & down the line) bear responsibility and should be removed... but not unless it can be proven physically.  How much "proof" did we have in the case of Afghanistan?  & we certainly have no facts to latch on to (other than the usual political arguments) as regards Iraq!   Ergo, we have no business even contemplating any attacks there. 

     Remember, I've been in the thick of war zones... I know what happens when people pick up rifles & begin targeting each other!  Blood,guts&bomb battles are no picnic... they are the most horrible thing we can do to another human (or group).  That does not (from my perspective) mean we should never fight one another... if someone is stepping on my space (especially if I've warned them about the consequences of such in advance), I (believe I) have every right to protect myself... but only if I know who did it.   Personally, I would (want to) use the law in every way possible to exact justice... but there are circumstances where law (domestic or international) can't win the battle.... where it is actually necessary to go to war with another (person or group.   Vietnam (which is the war I was involved in) was (in retrospect) a perfect example of what happens when the masses let a group of spineless idiots (?leaders?) dictate policy based on their predjudices or greed!  When I think 'Nam, what comes to mind is "Sea-Land" (van corporation).  What corporation(s) can you think of that might have interest(s) in the middle east that Shrubbie might be able to help them out with???

     Let's not let the "one-upsmanship" of the Bush family (George Junior showin' dad-ee that HE can whip Sadamm's buttocks) lead us into war for the wrong reasons!  This does not mean that we may not need to go to war in that region, either... but it does not have (or need) to be now!  Our soldiers do not need to die for the political desire(s) of George W. Bush, Jr.  THINK about it... & then, if you agree... WRITE or CALL your government rep & tell them that the current movement toward war with Iraq is wrong!



Till next time....



Rotcod Zzaj


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