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This poem was written by a terminally ill young girl in a New York Hospital.

It was sent by a medical doctor - Make sure to read what is in the closing
statement AFTER THE POEM.


Have you ever watched kids

On a merry-go-round?

Or listened to the rain

Slapping on the ground?

Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight?

Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?

You better slow down.

Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't last.

Do you run through each day

On the fly?

When you ask How are you?

Do you hear the reply?

When the day is done

Do you lie in your bed

With the next hundred chores

Running through your head?

You'd better slow down

Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't last.

Ever told your child,

We'll do it tomorrow?

And in your haste,

Not see his sorrow?

Ever lost touch,

Let a good friendship die

Cause you never had time

To call and say,"hi"

You'd better slow down.

Don't dance so fast.

Time is short.

The music won't last.

When you run so fast to get somewhere

You miss half the fun of getting there.

When you worry and hurry through your day,

It is like an unopened gift....

Thrown away.

Life is not a race.

Do take it slower

Hear the music

Before the song is over.



Dear All:

PLEASE pass this mail on to everybody you know.

It is the request of a special little girl who

will soon leave this world as she has cancer.

Please send this to everyone you know or don't know.

This little girl has 6 months left to live, and as her dying wish,

She wanted to send a letter telling everyone to live

their life to the fullest, since she never will.

She'll never make it to prom, graduate from high

school, or get married and have a family of her own.

By you sending this to as many people as possible,

you can give her and her family a little hope,

because with every name that this is sent to,

The American Cancer Society

will donate 3 cents per name to her treatment and recovery plan.

One guy sent this to 500 people! So I know that we can

send it to at least 5 or 6.

Just think it could be you one day. It's not even

your money, just your time!


Dr. Dennis Shields, Professor

Department of Developmental and Molecular Biology

1300 Morris
Park Avenue

Bronx, New York 10461



ZOOGZ RIFT (The Liquid Moamo) & His Amazing Shitheads
former SST recording artist

approx. 200 zipped mp3 files
songs taken from over 40 classic and controversial ZOOGZ RIFT albums
in a new, no frills PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED 2-cdr set

$20.00 (U.S.) plus $5.00 shipping/handling
overseas orders please add $5.00
preferred method of payment: PAYPAL (all major credit cards)
U.S. postal money orders, checks or cash also accepted

a lifetime of work and dedication to weirdness for only twenty bucks
a free SCI SURPRISE GIFT gift (a token of my appreciation)
is included with every order
orders shipped quickly upon receipt of payment
all sales final

November 2002 marks my 30th Anniversary as a professional entertainer
The entire month of November is now INTERNATIONAL CRIMINALLY INSANE MONTH
Everyone is invited to participate and party and swing from chandeliers

I thank you for your time
Dada lives, daddy-o
Right on
Happy New Year
Kill 'em




Hello all,

I won't have new radio shows this weekend but wanted to get these
announcements out for shows (mostly in Columbus, Ohio) that Larry Marotta
is either involved with or just spreading the good word about. Sorry for
bothering those not in our proximity.

Saturday, Nov. 16:
An encore performance of the Avant-Garage up at the Cinematheque in
Cleveland. The movies start at 9. I will be performing the score to
"Revolution in Toyland."

Thursday, Nov. 21:
Tim Olive (prepared guitar) and Jeffrey Allport (drums) return to MadLab
performing a fascinating
collage of surprising sounds (I think they should put that in their press
kit). Also on the bill are
Mummers, Puppynecklace and the 91-Year-Old Porpoise, and the WORLD PREMIERE
of Jazz Hands, a duo featuring Spencer Yeh (voice/electronics) and me
(drums) which will be positively evil. The show starts at 9. Tickets are
$5. MadLab is at 105 N. Grant Ave., Columbus, OH.

Friday, Nov. 22:
Mike Shiflet is producing a show with amazing Boston-based trumpeter Greg
Kelley. Columbus's
hometown heroes Noumena are also on the bill. The performance is at Acme
Art Company, 1129 N. High Street in the Short North. For info, e-mail Mike

Nov. 23:
The annual Captain Beefheart Tribute at MadLab. Things get underway at 9.
I'll be playing solo this year.

Dec. 8:
HEDKIKR from Austrialia, featuring video, dance, and music. Details to come.

Dec. 9:
The next installment of Avantronics Presents at Little Brothers featuring
LoVid, Marotta/Reed/Shiflet,
Roesing Ape, and Rocco Di Pietro.

Larry's duet CD with North Carolina improviser Bret Hart is now for sale
online at
NOTE: Many of Bret's Duets CD's are now available at this link. They're ALL
supposed to be there so if you don't see one you've been waiting for them
be sure and email Homemademusic and ask about it.    Jerry Kranitz, Aural Innovations



November 16th 3 AM GMT - 7 PM GMT

Sound Travels: Global Internet Exchange
on line - on air - on site

Paul Plimley & Mei Han, The Western Front, Vancouver

Mia Zabelka, Vienna
Ellery Eskelin, New York,
QUAN NINH, Toulouse,
Jason Robinson, San Diego,
Anthony Pateras, Westspace, Melbourne,
Akikazu Nakamura, Tokyo.

Kunstradios contribution to Sound Travels
by Mia Zabelka:

on line:

on site:
November 16th - 19:30 CET / 18:30 GMT
Zeiss Planetarium Vienna (Oswald Thomas Platz 1, A - 1020 Wien)

on air:
ORF Kunstradio, November 17th 23.05 CET / 22:05 GMT

Sound Travels

The violinist, artist and curater Mia Zabelka will perform live on site
in the Zeiss Planetarium, Vienna and on line with the pianist Paul
Plimley and zheng virtuoso Mei Han, H.R. MacMillian Planetarium,
Vancouver, Ellery Eskelin, New York and QUAN NINH, Toulouse.
Set against the planetarium's backdrop of stars, the players will
connect through live audio streams that mix music and metaphor.

A Wiencouver project in cooperation with The Western Front, Vancouver;
H.R. MacMillan Planetarium, Vancouver; Zeiss Planetarium, Vienna;
Engine 27, New York; WestSpace, Melbourne; Machida City Museum of
Graphic Arts, Tokyo; Centre for Research in Computing and the Arts
UCSD, San Diego.


ORF Kunstradio
Argentinierstr. 30a
A - 1040 Vienna
phone: ++431 50101 18277

mail-list by







November 16, 2003
Showtime: 8:00 P.M.
Doors Open: 6:00 P.M.





OR CALL 202-543-4419

Saturday, NOV. 16TH

Washington, DC



CONTACT: Moe @ 202-832-7979 or Bliss 301-938-0838 or

(301) 938-0838

see these artist links:





Rasbliutto Presents


welcome to the newest and freshest fun time ever.

your eyes ears nose mouth will all have fun....

plus it will be just warm enough.

a bunch of people are gonna get together

at Itisness and they are gonna perform. The catch?

They have never performed together before.

Can you dig spontaneous composition?

Are you hip to making hay while the sun shines?

Love the one you're with baby!

This blow-out will feature:

Tim DuRoche on drums

Linda Austin Dancing

Doug Theriault Guitar etc

Steve Schnieder Sexyphone

Cameron Stevens electronics

Justin Sundstrom Drumming

Jill Roberts moves

@ Itisness 3016 NE Killingsworth

donation at performance

9pm Fri Nov 22nd



Hope that this message finds you well.
Over here things go very well, never had I received so many letters or e-mails from
folks expressing satisfaction and thanking us for releasing good records. As you all
know I appreciate, so, once again thanx to you all who got in touch. Personal
messages are always welcome.

Same thing applies to demo, so many comes on a daily basis that it is tough to listen
them all and reply in due time. I try my best, always listen and reply so please be
patient as 50 CDs a week is a lot for only 2 ears. A great mention must go to the
following demos by Fonica, Finomehanika, John Nowak, Suspicion Breeds Confidence,
Gume, Ent, Stern/Guerra whose work promises to deserve a proper release sooner or

Fall looks/sounds good as our three new records have just been delivered :

Angel (Ilpo Vaisanen + Schneider TM) : s/t [bleep 16]
Angel is the collaborative project of Dirk Dresselhaus (commonly known as Schneider
TM, releasing on City Slang/Mute)  and Ilpo Väisänen (1/2 of Pan Sonic, signed to
Blast First/Mute). Freeform-soul music, made with Ilpo's selfmade analog-sythesizer
(typewriter), cd-player and the most fucked up electric guitar Schneider could find.
They improvise live and create a real poundin' mixture  of old industrial, minimal,
or noisy wall of sound.

Tonne : soundtoys < 2 x 12 [v.1] >  [bleep 17]
Music by Scanner, Hakan Lidbo, Si-cut.db, Tonne
Paul Farrington had developped The original Soundtoys software as a research work at
the Royal College of Art in London. He wanted to make his own software with
applications in a design environment. The project is designed to allow musicians to
diversify their working methods in using the Soundtoy software to generate new work.
The audio side has two tracks by each artist created using the software, each very
different in manner and explication.
The CD contains the original Soundtoys software and sounds that were used in the
creation of the tracks, so you have access to all original sounds that were used by
the artists.

Scanner + Tonne : sound polaroids [bleep 18]
Images and sound were recorded in London and this data was then processed using
software that converts the pixels of an image into sound, giving the user the ability
to paint with sound and compose with light. Such a graphical approach suggested the
use of digital images taken across the city as photographic sounds, or 'sound
polaroids.' Using a database of the original source material Scanner & Tonne then
actively took the show on the road and created live performances following a similar
system. Experience their view of London, Milano, Tokyo, Montreal and New-York.

On October 18th and 19th we celebrated 2 years of BiP_Hop live events.
Friday 18, at Recyclart in Brussels, a venue that has a lot of character. From 10 pm
to 5 am, we had Twine + Si-cut.db + Tennis + Wang Inc playing and
Djing. Went well and the least I can do is to recommend Recyclart.
On the 19th our 32nd night took place in a chapel of the medieval castle of Tarascon,
close to Avignon. Incredible to play such a beautiful historical monument, our most
classy night so far. Live played Twine + Wang Inc. And and Bertrand
from the local music store "Stupeur et Trompettes" Djed. Videoprojections were
provided by the talented VJ from Obtik and Phase 4/Twine. Celebration was decent and
music on until 7 am. In case you'd like to see pix :

In December we'll celebrate the anniversary of the label itself, 2 years of issuing
music. We'll deliver BiP_Hop Generation v.6 and the new Tennis. Symbolically it means
a lot, as the label started with the BiP_Hop Generation series, so two years will
mark the end of the first cycle of it. In 2003 the series will start again in a new
design.Back to symbolic, Tennis "europe on horseback" was the first album to see the
light of day on the label, so it feels good to deliver a follow-up two years later.
Friendship and story goes on.

Paul Farrington, whose music work is under the moniker Tonne, has a book published.
Looks very very interesting.

Be prepaired to celebrate next month, and may the force be with you.

This message is not sent robotically. Sender: "Per Section 6, Paragraph (a)(6)(C) of
Enterprise. 2002, further transmissions to you by sender of this email may be
stopped, at no cost to you, by sending a reply to this email address with the word
"disconnect" in the subject line."

mail-list by









Booking, Press, Club?s & Radio promotionÊTHIS IS NOT spam or automatic mail!Radio, Press & Club Promotion Your MusicWelcome to Russia!ÊI am NOT audio pirate!I am working with a lot labels and artists for many years.ÊGreetings from Moscow!Please, allow me to introduce myself.My name is Sergey Tutov. I am 41 years old.From 1976 I devotes various kinds of MUSIC activities, including professional music scene inMoscow.From April 1990 on regular basis I run radioshow BACK TO THE UNIVERSE also I have many clubs? actions. There are broadcasting, promotion and popularization of various types of MUSIC, including:ÊElectronic Music, Acid & Nu Jazz, Downtempo, Techno, Ambient, Trip-Hop,Dub, Breakbeat, Tech House, Deep House, Jazzy House, Lounge, Latino, etc.AT THE PRESENT I have run and produce:?Live¡ö and really unique in Moscow radio show ?BACK TO THE UNIVERSE¡ö at Monday 00:00 -08:00a.m. and radio show ?BIG BEN ROCK¡ö at Thursday 22:00 Ã 23:00 onÊ ?OPEN Radio!
¡ö 102.5 FM.In the magazine MUSIC BOX I have run regular article-zone ELECTRONIC LANDSCAPE, as musical writer and CD?s-reviewer.Also 5 times a week I play LOUNGE, ACID JAZZ, HOUSE music in Moscow?s cafe. More detailedinformation about is on my web site.I am VERY interested to organize lounge and house parties in Moscow cafes and clubs. So, I would be really interested in booking conditions from you. Thanks in advance.ÊAnd please understand me right. I don?t want to look like a man who just trying to receive your music free for charge. I am receiving new promo monthly from all parts of the world for many years. I have more over 2000 albums in my private collection and a lot titles I can buy just in Moscow?s music shops (BUT NOT ALL and NOT EVERYTHING!!!). I am very pleasure to open The New Sound?s Sculptures and Soundscapes; to open for many millions audience New Names from Musical Universe. My activities don?t means just ?promotion¡ö. First of all this is unique pos!
sibilities to present Music and Artists from Well-Known and Unknown Territories from the World to Russian audience.This is not automatic mail! I am really interested in your music. I would be deeply appreciating for any yours LPs/CDs from the past, from the present, from the future, welcome!ÊI have hard work on my web site and hope I could finish it at someday, hope very soon. Till now not all playlists are completed yet.Current schedule:TuesdayÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ 00:00 - 08:00ÊÊ radio show BACK TO THE UNIVERSETuesdayÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ 22:00 - 02:00Ê Dj-set cafe Moscow-BerlinWednesdayÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ 21:00 - 01:00Ê Dj-set cafeÊ CourvoisierThursdayÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ 19:00 - 01:00Ê Dj-set cafeÊ Moscow-RomaThursdayÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ 22:00 - 23:00Ê radio showÊ BIG BEN ROCKSaturdayÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ 01:00 - 06:00Ê Dj-set cafe Moscow-RomaSundayÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊÊ 19:00 - 01:00ÊÊ Dj-set cafe Moscow-RomaThanks for your time and attention. Hope to hear from you in the future.With my all respect and gratitudeSincerel!
y & musically yoursSergey TutovSnail (physical) Mail Address:Sergey TutovP.O. Box 38,MOSCOW 115184RUSSIA.Phone: (095) 377 Ã 1434Independent Radio Journalist & ProducerWeekly radio show ?Back to the Universe¡ö and ?Big Ben Rock¡öWeekly live DJ-set in cafe: ?Moscow-Berlin¡ö, ?Moscow-Roma¡ö, ?Courvoisier¡öArticle/CD review Zone in magazine MUSIC BOX and [in Russian only]

mail-list by






Peace In.


While the bowels of our earth are trembling worldwide (Italy to Alaska), my Roman friend Massimo lives in Ostia, on the Mediterranean west of Rome.  He wrote to me that a new volcano is forming under the sea this week, in the Aeolian islands, north of Sicily (SW of Rome), and that the water is literally boiling ("just like making pasta!" he said), and of course all the fish are getting cooked.  Yikes!  Hope you're having fun during Armageddon Season!  Like my Sarajevan buddy Gino says, live the next 5 minutes like they might be your last, because you never know when you're gonna go.

At this time, musicians can weave the web to hold this crazy world together...



I Concerti

Saturday 9 November: The Nancys @ Mars Bar, Seattle 9PM

Amy Denio & Jane Hall (named after my lovely mother, Nancy Hall Denio)

opening for the fabulous Machete (

609 Eastlake Ave. East  206.624.4516

Mars Bar/Cafe Venus:


Wednesday 13 November: Dork Night @ The Rendezvous, Seattle 9PM

Queen Schmooquan's Dork Show! By Dorks. For Dorks. In The Jewelbox Theater.

Queen Schmooquan (Jeppa Hall) and her nasty band, "The Bo-Daggits," guide the audience through a fantastically cosmic variety show featuring local dork legends Richard Lefebvre, Amy Denio, glassbones, and other big time dork guests.

Door prizes, $7 non-dorks, only $5 bucks if you come dressed like dork.

2320 2nd Avenue, Belltown. 

Tel. (206) 441-5823


Friday 15 November: The Nancys @ Sit & Spin, Seattle 9PM

with Baby Gramps & Zazou

4th & Blanchard

A definitive night of folk art at its best.  Gramps is one of the finest NW treasures.

Baby Gramps:


Sit & Spin:


Tuesday 19 November: AD @ Upstage, Port Townsend, WA  9PM

opening for Faun Fables (my favorite languorous passionate acoustic gothic band, ever!)

923 Washington Street, Port Townsend

(360) 385-2216

Faun Fables: (


Friday 22 November: The Nancys @ Mars Bar, Seattle  9PM

with Faun Fables & MsLed

609 Eastlake Ave. East

Seattle, Earth  98109


It's gonna be a great night of girls girls girls and at least one boy.

Mars Bar/Cafe Venus:


Saturday, November 23, Linda Lehovec & Dancers @ the Vittum Theater, Chicago 8:00 PM.

Choreographer Aiko Kinoshita will premiere her new duet "The Other One", with recorded soundscore by Denio.

1012 Noble Street, Chicago. 

Reservations/Information: (217) 344-7145

Tickets are $10


Wednesday 27 November: Kultur Shock @ Berbati's Pan, Portland 9PM

with Black Angel

231 SW Ankeny, PDX
Tel: (503) 248-4579

Celebrate the Night before Thanksgiving with a dynamite evening of music!

Kultur Shock:

Black Angel:



Friday 13 December: Les Voix Vugaires @ Polestar, Seattle, 8PM

Detonator Beth, King Leah & Amy Denio celebrate the Voix Vulgaires CD Release party!

1412 18th Avenue at East Union, Seattle · (206) 329-4224

Polestar Gallery:


Saturday 14 December: Kultur Shock @ Crocodile, Seattle, 10PM

2nd Avenue at Blanchard, Belltown

The Cocodile Cafe:


Tuesday 17 December: Kultur Shock flies to Barcelona for Spanish tour & holidays!  We'll be back 7 January.




October was stupendous.  I had the honour of playing with Henry Butler (blind piano player from New Orleans), and with Miya Masaoka (Japanese American koto/laptop player) down in the Bay Area, did a voice/electronics trio with Ivory Smith & Eryn Young at Meetspace (ConWorks), and thanks to Pat Graney's Keeping The Faith Program, played at a women's penitentiary (WCCW recording forthcoming).  Also, I re-convened with some of the sax players from BTMSQ, to form The Billies for a coupla shows, and recorded with my dear associate Jason Glover, the night before he left for the Tripod European tour.  November started with a spacious trio with Eveline Mueller Graf & the amazing Kazhakhstani/Turkish singer Saadet Turkoz at Polestar Gallery.  Now I'm finishing up music for choreographer Aiko Kinoshita for her piece premiering in Chicago in a few weeks.


Tuesday night at the Earshot Jazz festival, I found myself singing some kind of soundtrack to the Basement of the Penatgon.  Made a little growling marching porcine grunt & howl loop, and sang a little solo on top...  It was one of the few days emphasizing democracy in the US, with low voter turnout, as usual.  Let's see how well the Republicans can ru(i)n this country.  Call me naive, but people who support war should be the ones actually doing the fighting, methinks.  Maybe we could put aside a few square kilometers of Death Valley for the chickenhawks' first taste of blood & battle (and starvation, dehydration, etc...)


Meanwhile, the Internet is a great democratic tool - put it to good use!



La Futura

Send free faxes (from the US, anyway), to members of the UN Security Council asking them to consider full diplomatic measures before President Bush goes through with his plans to invade Iraq. When you go to this link, you'll have the option to customize the message you'd like to send.

(Mighty Shiny sent me this link from True Majority, founded by none other than Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry.)


You can also contact the UN Security Council US Represenative, John Negroponte

(Iran Contra, anyone?  Check out this link to the Council on Hemispheric Affairs:  COHA was founded in 1975; an independent, non-partisan and tax-exempt research and information organization, it has been described on the floor of the Senate as being “one of the nation’s most respected bodies of scholars and policy makers.”)


Faxes and e-mails are  much better than your phone calls.

John Negroponte
Press and Public Affairs Section
United States Mission to the United Nations
799 UN Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10017-3505

Phone: 212-415-4050
Fax: 212-415-4053
Web: <



La Stampa / The Media

FCC Chairman Michael Powell (US Secretary of State Colin Powell's son) is currently the driving force behind the continuing trend of media concentration. Nor does he seem very concerned about the creation of media monopolies. According to Powell, "Monopoly is not illegal by itself in the United States. People tend to forget this. There is something healthy about letting innovators try to capture markets." And what about diversity? Well, Powell believes that "[d]iversity and all that stuff is very important, but it's hard to get a consensus on what it is, other than that the goals are worthy." has created a comprehensive chart of exactly who owns what.

A graph of media ownership shows the number of corporations in control of US media plunging from 50 in 1983 to only six now. It is followed by a really useful list of links, which includes the major media reform advocacy groups.

Such as it is, the press has become the greatest power within the Western World, more powerful than the legislature, the executive and judiciary. One would like to ask; by whom has it been elected and to whom is it responsible?

— Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

(thanks to MoveOn:


Una Petizione Sperabile


Peace Initiative By International Youth


We're three international students, from the United World College of the Pacific (Pearson College) in Canada. We're here in Seattle and working with Indy Media Centre (Seattle) for the week of November 3 to November 8 2002.


We hope to bring to you a Youth Peace Initiative we call the UWC Middle East Peace Initiative where we aim to collect signatures supporting non-violent conflict resolution.

On December 10 (4-6PM) we will present our non-partisan Peace Initative at Seattle's Indy Media Centre at 1415 Third Avenue.   This date marks one year of our petition, Human Rights Day and Nobel Peace Prize Presentation, we will be sending all the signatures collected to the UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan.


We hope to reach to as many people as possible and add signatures to our growing list of 11,000 so far from a 113 different countries. Alternatively, we can be contacted by email and all relevant information can be obtained from our website:





Check out the new Tentacle Website.  This project has been in the
works for several months, involving hundreds of hours of late night
work and rework.  We hope that this new site will be easier to
navigate, as well as provide more of a community service to the
creative music community.

There are two new features that you will notice in the new site. 
First, we have set up a message board, referred to for now as the
T-Board.  This will serve as an open forum for calls for musicians,
show reviews, and more. Second, the calendar can be browsed weekly in
addition to the monthly listings.  The weekly calendar goes from
Thursday to Wednesday- much like the local weeklies.  It is our hope
that this will make it easier for people to quickly see "what's
happening tonight."

Other than the new look, the rest of the changes are more internal,
but should help The Squids here aboard the Tentacle serve you better
with more frequently posted News items and articles.

***** LAST WEEK *****

Submariner Bids Fond Farewell

Though it may come as a surprise to many of you, I have decided to
debark from the good ship Tentacle after co-launching this great
experiment 5 and a half years ago. This has been the longest
relationship I've been a part of (excluding my 14 years with my cat
Phineas) since I fell in love with my banjo in 1987 and it has been a
wonderful journey fraught with twists and turn-abouts I would never
have imagined when the  Navigator and I pirated the Other Sounds
e-mail list in 1997 and instituted the Tmail calendar and web site.

The conceptual model for the Tentacle was hatched long before its
inception at various Seattle establishments by a group of adventurous
music stalwarts, but Badge and Swordfish  were the indefatigable and
perhaps naive mavericks who wanted to manifest a reliable calendar for
Seattle's continuing and burgeoning creative music scene. During the
next few years a multiple volunteer driven craft helped to reach
musicians and listeners throughout the Northwest and, actually, the
nation and world as we began to receive communications  from around
the planet.

I am extremely proud of everyone who has supported and / or sweated
for the Tentacle in all its myriad shapes, sizes, and formats. I wish
could all fill the Albert Hall in a huge creative music orgy that
never ended. For now, I've set sail in pursuit of making music,
writing, and supporting my family. I'll be around gently harpooning
and fishing for new musical treats as the remaining crew adjusts and
brings on new talent (hint hint). It will be nice to join shipmates
who have already walked the plank into other dimensions, good to be a
Sucker Emeritus.

Finally, thanks to Lucy, a giant Pacific octopus and our fearless
leader. I'll miss ya, Lu! But yer seaworthy wisdom and nonconformist
vision will remain forever in my salty heart and mind.

Mike Marlin, Tentacle Submariner
aka MC Swordfish

We who are still on board with the Tentacle will miss Mike, and wish
him the best!



"Swamp Meat" is a part of the tmail where we post your musicians
wanted ads for music projects falling within the spectrum of our
purview. Please send us your musicians wanted ads to for us to post!

New Music Series Portland Seeks Performer

Starting in November, Tom McNalley will curate a new music series at
Mississippi Pizza in north Portland. "The series is bi-weekly, on
Tuesdays. Music is from roughly 8-10 pm. For groups in town, two
groups will play each night, the first from 8-9, the second from 9-10
(again, roughly). Groups from out of town get the whole night to do
with as they please. There will be a door charge, the amount has not
yet been firmly settled but it looks like $5-8 for local groups and
$10 for out of town groups. The venue takes a certain percentage off
the top and the rest is distributed between the artists. This series
presents New Music ensembles, so I need to have some idea of what the
group is doing
before I will book it."

For further details contact Tom McNalley

Legendary Peevish music and performancelive music noise explosion
troupe improv structures behavior holding auditions for
multi-instrumentalists to fill our hearts and play free. 


Call 503 287 3207






see attachment for dates,venue and contact
or visit the web site





CRATER swallows California
 (Well, some of it anyway)
Todd Sickafoose: electric  bass
Scott Amendola: drums/electronics
Nels Cline: guitars
special guest:
Jeff Parker (Tortoise, Isotope217): guitar
w/ Carole Kim Live Feed Video Mix

December, 2002
4th- the Temple bar, Santa Monica, CA (
5th- Zebulon's Lounge, Petaluma, CA (
6th-Tongue and Groove,San Francisco, CA (
7th- Rio Theater, Santa Cruz, CA (

CRATER was born out of my love of groove, sonic soundscapes, and improvising.
JHNO is an electronic musician with whom I've worked with a bit in the past
in more composed situations. I thought that it would be great to play with
him in a completely improvised situation, especially since he is a great
improviser. JHNO comes from a jazz piano background, and practically gets
inside his computer to manipulate and rebuild its brain day-in and night-out.
CRATER is about entering the unknown abyss of improv without the headlights
on. The music hits on groove and noise, beauty, tension, love, anger, rage,
kindness kind, chaos, motion, stop motion... no one knows what's going to
happen... no one knows what lies beneath... beneath might be above... light
might be dark... wet might be dry... fall in..
- Scott Amendola

Special guest: Jeff Parker-Guitar (Tortoise, New Horizons Ensemble, Chicago
Underground Orchestra, duo).  Jeff is a fresh sound on the guitar.  Living in
Chicago for the past 10 years he has paved his way to the forefront of
improvised music with bands like Tortoise and Isotope217.  Composer and
improviser, Jeff is constantly breaking new ground melodically, harmonically,
and rhythmically.  check out for more on Jeff and his

Carole Kim-visual artist: the majority of the work by interdisciplinary
artist Carole Kim is collaborative and addresses her interest in
improvisation and experiential exchange.  With video and performance she
enjoys working with all that is LIVE-‹discovered and unfolding before your
eyes. She's engaged in the challenge of making video a more plastic,
responsive-in-the-moment medium‹-a visual instrument, countering assumptions
that what we are seeing projected is scanned.  She is interested in
developing modular visual apparati using both live mix programs and hands-on
jerry-rigged live-feed methods (that some say resemble a bizarre a/v cooking
show).  The rich dialogue between sound and image has been an ongoing
passionate pursuit.

"Spooky stuff... all getting into each other's heads until it's one big head,
pulsing, morphing, flaring...they strive for union in simplicity, for gradual
growth, ebb and flow. CRATER's feel approximates certain moments from Miles
Davis' 70's, adding elements of modern dread and substituting wonder for
pain. It feels like now... There are no styles any more, only music. "
- Greg Burk, LA Weekly

Crater at Rocco.
The keenest players of the California scene make up the dense rock of Crater
— a sort of plugged-in guerrilla-jazz ensemble that concentrates more on
ambient yawns and stretches than on actual melodic songs. First there’s Nels
Cline and what he does to a guitar (equivalent to what Eno did for keys), and
then there’s Todd Sickafoose (bass) and Scott Amendola (drums), who are
lionized fixtures of the scene, if less known. JHNO (a.k.a. John Eichenseer)
is a Bay Area musical-software engineer who, when he gets to generating his
own sounds, harnesses a place between calculus and deep space — then makes it
dance for the audience. Eichenseer can even pull off breathy woodwind-isms
with his laptop and accompanying wire-strewn hub. With Amendola punching in
at all the right places, Cline and Sickafoose fashion ultrafine layers of
glistening, atonal riffs in a tit-for-tat game against JHNO’s bleep und
Drang, eventually coalescing form and mess into homogenized slabs of aural
butter.  Wendy Gilmartin, LA Weekly

"The Crater, she is deep and wide. She beckons. All-encompassing is her
darkness, her mystery, her icy allure. Naturally, I fall into her abyss and
am unreachable on my mobile telephone....
- Nels Cline

CRATER sound clips available at:
only crater photo downloadable at:     
low-res. sorry

Publicity: Carl Hanni at Mod Media, 520-432-7433,





New Issue of NewCreativeMusic

Featuring an interview with William Roper
Don't forget to check our archives for past interviews with
Vinny Golia, Eugene Chadbourne, Han Bennink and others

Also: Many, Many CDs reviewed by David Cotner (Actions!)
and E. Wordsworth


Upcoming EVENT:

William Roper AND Vinny Golia's Music For Like Instruments

This Friday in Ventura!
Friday, November 8, Ventura City Hall Atrium
Ventura City Hall, 501 Poli St. Ventura, CA
8 p.m.
Admission: $10

WILLIAM ROPER, tuba/spoken word.

VINNY GOLIA Music For Like Instruments
Vinny Golia, Jason Mears, Nate Herrera, Beth Schenck


Check out the new reviews of our latest CDs:

17 Themes for Ockodektet

Gove County Phil: Time Stops to Visit

Dutz/Kaiser: The Order of Her Bones


Jeff and Keith







Prague Festival Dance Prize 2003


Dance Grand Prix "Italia" 2003

International Event Competition for Ballet-Contemporary-Modern-Hip Hop-Latin-Swing
-Folk-Tap Schools/ Companies and Dance-Theatrical Educational Institutes.

Headquarters Address.  Via Ugo La Malfa n.2 /  47020 Montiano FC Italy
East Europe Office . Za Hanspaulkou 856/5 16000 Prague 6. Czech Republic

e-mail  <>


Please visit our new Web Sites with all the details

If you require any kind of information about our organization I can provide you with the e-mail and  post address of many  previous participants from all over the world

Dear Dance friends,

    everythings will be ready for your Dance Group in Prague and in Italy for the next great Dance Festival Competition 2003 Season and we have the new brochures and posters for you !

please, if you are interested, don't hesitate to ask us the advertising materials and we will send to you the info pachage with the new brochures, posters and the beautiful video "Dance Gala"  of the Dance Grand Prix  in your V.H.S.  version,
of course total free on charges for your DANCE GROUP !

bye for now and good dance
giorgio mordenti and tiberio meneghelli



Prague Festival Dance Prize 2003   with all the info about the Prague Festival  2003 Event

which will be held in Prague from 19th April to 21st April 2003

Dance Grand Prix "ITALIA" 2003   with all the info about the Grand Prix "Italy" Event

which will be heldeld in Italy from 20th to 25th June 2003

Further transmissions to you by the sender of this email may be stopped at no cost to you by sending a reply to this email address with the word "remove" in the subject line we apologize if this message has reached you in error. Save the Planet, Save the Trees! (free and immediately service)

The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing !






After 20 over years dormant, Captain Beefheart's legendary group, the Magic

Band is slated to reunite this year. The news comes after the member's
decision to accept a request to perform at the upcoming All Tomorrow's
Parties festival in the UK, which will be curated by notable
experimental/electronic group Autechre April 6th, at Londons Shepherds Bush

Empire on April 7th and yet another All Tomorrow's Parties festival, this
time in Los Angeles. The L.A. show, which will be curated this year by
visionary animator/producer Matt Groening and was curated last year by
Youth, will take place on the campus of UCLA but also at other selected
venues in downtown Los Angeles. For Beefheart/Magic Band fans these are
momentous occasions. For those unexposed to their genius, the shows will be

a rare chance to experience the wildly influential and seminal group first

Tickets for ATP LA are likely to go on sale in before the end of the year.
Go to for the details.  The first order of
will see the Magic Band (sans much-celebrated leader Captain Beefheart, aka

Don Van Vliet who retired from music altogether over twenty years ago)
re-enter the recording studio. The unexpected "next" record will
be a recorded rehearsal with the band playing numbers live-to-tape from
heralded records like Trout Mask Replica, Safe As Milk and Lick My Decals
Off, Baby at a secret studio location. The new record will be available for

purchase, among other points, at the UK  All Tomorrow's Parties festival in

the Spring and will be widely available in early summer.

The formative lineup is expected to be in place and will include  Mark
"Rockette Morton" Boston on bass, John "Drumbo" French on drums,   Gary
"Mantis" Lucas and Denny "Feelers Reebo" Walley on Guitars.





Here is the WORLD OF TOMORROW tour schedule for November 2002.

WORLD OF TOMORROW is an improvising psychedelic horn based band from New

York City.
The European tour line-up will feature Bonnie Kane (from
W.O.O.REVELATOR) - saxophone, flute,
electronics; Scott Prato - bass, electronics, vocals; Cliff Ferdon -
trumpet, electronics, vocals; and special guest from Rotterdam, Pierre
Verbeek - cello, electronics.
Approaching improvisation from a psychedelic/prog rock direction, their
music has strong
rhythmic structures mixed with spacey vocals and brass intricacies.

MP3s, bios, are online at

Short notice bookings and interviews are still possible.
Email will be checked while on tour.

For more info contact us at:


SUN - November 17 - Gdansk, Poland

Plama Club
ul. Pilotów 11


WED - November 20 - Koprivnica, Croatia

club: KUGLANA 2


THURS - November 21 - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Metelkova autonomous cultural centre


FRI - November 22 - Koper-Capodistria, Slovenia

Drustvo prijateljev zmernega napredka (DPZN-M&KC)
Mladinski in kulturni center Koper
Gregorciceva 4


SAT - November 23 - SEZANA, Slovenia

kosovelova 4b


WED - November 27 - Rotterdam, Holland

NYC/Rotterdam Thanksgiving Tour Party
Starry Night Studios


FRI - November 29 - Nijmegen, Netherlands

De Onderbroek





adam diller <> wrote:

Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 14:52:51 -0700
From: "adam diller"
Subject: november 17th

Billy Mintz and Adam Diller will perform two sets of duo and solo improvising.

Sunday, November 17th
Mississippi Pizza
3552 N Mississippi (x fremont)








Well that didn't take long. The new website address is:





This issue can be seen with full interactive html at
In This Issue

Set List Test Drive
Spotight Artist: The Godsend Sessions
Questions From the Group
Line6 Variax Change Guitars without Changing Guitars
On the Ineternet (Record Labels)
Announcements From the Group

Current Issue 10/21/02
Next Issue    11/04/02
Currently 390+ Members

Welcome! Well first, for those who live in the Akron/Cleveland Ohio
area, I am now putting this out in PRINT (qhuts, music shops, etc).
To help pay for this expense, you can place an advertisement in the
printed version for the low fee of $5 (Where the local rag charges
$25 for one week). As always you can post to the web version of the
classfieds as always.
The other thing I have created is the ability for those who do not
have a web site to become a "Spotlgiht artist" (Again for the fee of
$5 - not trying to get rich, just break even). This now not only
includes a paragrapgh, but a more detailed "interview" page, and a
link to your sound file.

As always this is written with a huge amount of passion, and a small
amount of sleep. Please forgive me for any typos.
-Dave Jackson Moderator

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Set List Test Drive
Not sure what song to learn next (and you play covers)? If you are
playing a club where there is no jukebox or DJ, bring a CD player,
and plug it into your sound system. Bring a CD with songs you are
thinking of learning, and play them during breaks. Pay attention to
what makes the crowd react (be it dancing, banging heads, line
dancing, etc). Even if you're not testing new songs, playing songs on
break will keep the crowd around, which will stop your form playing
any almost empty club the third set. Be careful with this action. If
your CD player discourages people from USING the jukebox, you are
inadvertently taking money from the club owner's pocket. This is why
its best to use this at clubs without jukeboxes (which I realize are
hard to come by).

Another action you might take is to put a "Poll" about the next songs
you will be learning, and let your fans vote on your web site. It
makes them feel part of the process, and by adding small changes to
your web site, it gives them a reason to return to your web site. You
can use a free service such as bravenet to create the poll.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Spotlight Artist: The Godsend Sessions (listen)

For those of you who haven't heard their music or seen them live, the
godsend sessions are a rock n' roll band out of new york city, led by
genre-defying artist, singer/songwriter/guitarist, joe gande and
bassist neal a. Ostberg. They have recently completed their self-
produced album, "but first...this song". The two have managed to
create a classic. The album has a somewhat '70's vibe , with a mix of
hard rock, jazz, soul and blues.beautiful melodies combined with raw
guts. The record captures an undeniable chemistry of musical
intensity, dynamics and heartfelt emotion. All of which seem to be
missing from today's music scene! READ FULL ARTICLE at

If you would like to be a spotlight artist/site, all you need to do
is put a link to this site on your web site. Go to the spotlight
artist page for more info (you can trade links, or pay a small fee).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Questions the Group
Flyers in NYC
Can anyone offer suggestions for stores, businesses, shops, etc. in
Manhattan that welcome having flyers for upcoming shows posted
(either in the doorway, on a bulletin board, or some other noticeable
place)? Please also let me know of good flyering areas (lightposts,
etc.) where the flyers won't get torn down right away.
I spent tonight walking around the 8th Ave./Chelsea section of
Manhattan and managed to find quite a lot of places (e-mail me
directly at info@d... if you would like that list), but
I'm wondering if anyone knows of either a published listing of other
areas in Manhattan or could volunteer their suggestions for places to
Please respond to me DIRECTLY at info@d..., but please
feel free to also cc: the group as an FYI for everyone.

- - - - -

Jumping on a few compilations has helped my band earn a lot of fans,
shows and notice over the passed year. So, I am offering to Produce
them according to genre...and have them passed out and put into
record stores across the US and other places interested.
I am offering two songs from 8 bands (unless songs are too long, in
which case I will have less bands on it) on each cd. The bands
involved will receive 50 cds to do with them as they will, and I will
distribute and promote the rest. Making at least 1000 to start and if
more are requested by stores, fans, or (for a fee) bands, I will have
more made. Web addresses and such will be on the cd...this will be a
great way to network to other bands too.
I am looking to make many different compilations for all types of
music, goth, dance, country, metal, punk, rap, djs, you name it and I
will put one together. Please contact me by email for more info if
you are interested.
Tonya ~ manager

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Line6 Variax Switching Guitars,
without switcing guitars.

When I first heard about this guitar, I though it sounded too strange
to be true. One minute you have an acoustic guitar, flip a switch and
you have a hollow body guitar, another switch and you have a banjo
(yes, a b a n j o). This new piece of technology was recently
showcased at the NAMM show. If you have the time, check out the
video. This is the type of technology that has you asking, "What will
they think up next." It's really amazing (it's also expensive). To
check out the video go to
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

BURN your own CDs. Click here Musicmatch is now only $14.99!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mailing List Promotion Tip
Courtesy of
We have a promotion, where a person who brings four other friends
with them(new faces please!) to any upcoming Danny Katz concert and
gets them to sign the mailing list, indicating that you brought them,
will receive (at the following concert), two free drinks! We get
people on the mailing list, and notice they get the drinks at the
NEXT show.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On the Internet- Record Labels (rock) (easy listening) (hard Rock) (blues) (country - rockabilly) (experimental-electronic) (Hip Hop)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Group Announcements
Audio ID Musicus home of the kidz
Has a new CD ready

Elevation Station
Hello, Check out the latest update of Elevation Station featuring new
music from Scotland such as Playtone, My Cousin Kate, Rise, and
Racingreen. Also checkout our International section featuring
artists/bands such as Sciflyer, Damien and Whale Blue Eye. Visit today. If your band has not featured
in this edition, do not worry. The mp3 section will be updated on a
regular basis in order to accommodate the large volume of artist/band
material received.
Cheers, Pat

Force that Binds
Hey everyone I'm kinda new to these groups. Well, I've been reading
for a long
time, just haven't posted a lot. Anyway, my band, Force That Binds
has recently got a new singer. We took the time to sharpen up our
songs, and we posted a couple of them at I would really appreciate it if
you checked them out if you have a chance. Also, if you want to find
out more about the band, our website is at
Jason Hannah, Force That Binds

Sunburn In Cyprus - Remix/Production project
Hi all,
W we're very glad to announce that our latest song "Rush hour" is now
available on a Maxi-CD. "Rush hour" is a jazzy house track about the
never ending rush hour in Jakarta (Indonesia) featuring Kerstin
"Kirsche" Hagemann (voc), Gerardo "Gonzo" Cotto (git) and Gerd
Endmann (sax). This CD contains the original version as well as
the "Horny night
mix" and the "Crush hour remix" by Dr. Peanut. Please check for more information about this CD,
MP3 streams and downloads, lyrics and user comments. German radio
station SWF has nominated this song in their show Nezzparade. We'd
like to ask you kindly to vote for this song on their page at,
simply click on the red rectangle behind song and artist name.

Tramping Ground
If any of you are assembling shows and are looking for talent from
outside of your area, please drop me a note at
dave@t... Ground has been playing out all over
NC on a regular basis, and is looking to play beyond our home state a
bit... We'd like to play on the east coast or as far west as central
USA. Looking forward to hearing from someone! I also uploaded an MP3
on our site of a KILLER radio advertisement for our upcoming Album
release party, be sure to check it out. I think our producer did a
heck of a job on the production of everything. We've also got some
new MP3 files as well. LAst but not least, I'm trying to reach James
Lane with East Coast Bookings. His email address doesn't seem to be
working direct. James,
are you out there somewhere?
Sincerely, Dave Hockaday booking@T...
Phone: (919)554-2154 FAX: (775)854-1523

Danny Katz "LANDSCAPE" CD Release Party
Friday, November 8 @ The Lion's Den
214 Sullivan St. (between Bleecker and West 3rd Street), Manhattan,
New York
7:30pm-8:30pm $10.00
F/V/A/C/E to West 4th
212-477-2782 Age 18 to enter, 21 to drink- Bring ID

Sin Promos
Help me & I will help you!!! If you do this, email me back at
sinpromos@a... and let me know where I can vote to help your
band, or send me an email address (or 5!) to request your songs on
the radio! We can trade off to help each other out, these are what
these groups are for!! We need these links clicked as much as
possible. Trauma Concept gets 1 point for each story you click every
day, only one point per story per day though. You can also bookmark
these separately and hit them once a day, we're trying to get to be
Band of The Month on this site, and we're #2 right now!! Let me know
if you help out so I can help you back! These are the links we need
clicked on, just hit your "back" button on your browser or close the
window if it pops up in a new one and hit the next link! Thanks to those of you who
even read this far without deleting it, I know we all get way to much
email from these newsgroups. I hope you choose to help out, and know
that I would do the same for you!! Keep in touch! -Megan

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This newsletter is only as good as its readers. Don't forget we are
looking for funny Halloween stories, and equipment suggestions.

Dave Jackson
Band Aid Cyber Group (Check out Dave's New Hard Rock CD)

Is Your Band Releasing a CD Soon? Let this guide show you where you
can make the most profit..
CD Consignment Guide - Rating the Top Internet Sites to Sell Your CD
Buy the guide and receive "Get Your Band Out of the Basement" FREE!!

New FREE Ebook From Dave Jackson
Look Before Leaping into Cyberspace. Learn how to plan your web site
before you build it. (You need adobe acrobat
reader to view this document) You can download adobe acrobat reader

As always this is produced with great passion, but a general lack of
sleep. Please forgive any typos.


Wednesday October 23rd     7pm








The "early winter edition" is now up and throbbin'.
Read on,
-B. Hart


Do visit the brand-new, FAST LOADING (image-free) InstrumenTales Catalogue.

Chances are, you're on one of our releases.

If you wish NOT to receive future InstrumenTales updates, reply with
'remove' in the subject line and we'll do the do 4 you.

The best way to ensure that you DO get updates is to click on the 'inform
me of updates' line on the catalogue page itself.





The Overlooked Creations site is finally fixed up - it looks close to
how it will from now on. This includes the "Products" section which
is our catalog - everything from Blue Ruin to MDC to Jake's books
(all now available) ... and the "Services" section for anyone who may
have needs for technical copywriting or design. There's a lot more on
there, too.

Also, the daily underground entertainment newsletter is going well
(some days I have slacked by accident and I apologize) - but I'm
thinking of making it an on-site thing instead of a
newsletter. It looks better when its either via mail or on the
Overlooked site, Topica kills my HTML for some reason. I'll post
again about that.

And the sampler is coming! I've had many people ask me about it, I'm
finishing up some final things and I should have it done soon, luck

Anyway, look around, feel free to shoot me an email and give any
thoughts you may have. I'm always around. Great and amazing things
upcoming, releases and more from several artists will be available
soon, and we are reaching more people every day.

Spread the word,
Jake - "New Intelligent Underground
Artistic Media"






*ARCTICS* (a 2 day festival of some of the West coast's most extreme music)

Saturday, November 23 and Sunday, November 24

In Portland At Disjecta (116 NE Russell) located one block beneath NE MLK ave.

Each night begins at 7pm sharp and costs 6 dollars.

This is an all ages event!


Schedule of performances:


Saturday, Nov 23


Xiu Xiu

Damned Yellow Swans

Nice Nice

Super Unity

Ghost to Falco



Boom De La Boom


Sunday, Nov 24


The Lowdown

Shadow glove

Jonny X and the Groadies

Point Line Plane


Reeks & the Wrecks

The Formless



Some Performer 'Information':




Xiu Xiu- This Oakland based group blends bleeding heart vocals and electro/acoustic arrangements into a sound that's both beautiful and unsettling.


Darned Yellow Swans- Harsh Electronix, high frequency screamo blowout.


Nice Nice- maximalist avant funk/dope smokin' mindfuck.


Super Unity- These boys eat free jazz for breakfast, lunch and dinner until they get sick. Then they eat some more.


Ghost to Falco:  If Leonard Cohen saw Ghost to Falco, he would punch Eric in the face upon realizing his own obsolescence.  The narrative takes center stage and the music follows through a series of plot twists until the end where you are left wondering where the whole thing started and where it went wrong.


Panther- Charlie from The Planet The's one man epilelectro freak show. be prepared for stuttering and breakdancing.


Panama- Nothing but total punishment.  Multiple drum machines run through multiple effects.  Psychotic vocals.  Electronic music that makes all you rockers look like Eunuchs.


Boom De La Boom-willl you be my dance floor enemy??  Please??





The Lowdown- Casio damaged dadaist hardcore from the bay area. The vocalists scream like totured lab animals. Really a lot more fun than i'm describing it, though. 


Shadow Glove:  The twins from Crack:WAR decided to pursue the spirit of their conception in "The Shining." Be prepared for creep outs.  Wear black.


Jonny X and The Groadies- These long time Portland punks somehow compress an hour's set worth of tech-driven multi sensory black metal into the best 10 minutes you'll ever spend. Way better than a "quickie".


Point Line Plane- Portland's premiere (and only?) synthesizer and drums prog punk duo. PLP makes dance music for the dead or dying.


Sleetmute/Nitemute- Primordial guitar skronk catharsis.


The Reeks and the Wrecks- These recent Bellingham transplants have been a Northwest cult band for years, carving out their own niche of melting garage rock , free jazz, and primitive homeade electronic noise.


The Formless- Bare bones  proto-punk. Sexy, Sexy


Moustache- Local Indie rock staples bring "Portland's most dangerous band" back from the grave.


For more Information or band press, write...

Joshua Blanchard or

Peter Swanson





Meridian Music: Composers in Performance presents one of the worlds
greatest bass players in a solo performance, Joelle Leandre

Friday, December 6, 2002
8 pm
Meridian Gallery
545 Sutter (between Mason and Powell)
415 398 7229
$ 5 students, impoverished artists.

Joelle Leandre (
Joëlle Léandre started playing recorder but quickly moved to piano
and from the age of 9 to 14 studied both piano and double bass in her
home town of Aix-en-Provence. Her double bass teacher, Pierre
Delescluse, encouraged her to apply to the Conservatoire National
Superieur de Musique de Paris where she won first prize for double
bass. In 1976 she received a scholarship to the Center for Creative
and Performing Arts in Buffalo, a time that was to prove particularly
influential due to encounters with Morton Feldman, and the music of
Earl Brown, John Cage and Giacinto Scelsi. At the same time, she was
able to experience the downtown New York music scene and continue her
involvement in improvised music.

Joëlle Léandre has continued to be involved with contemporary
'straight' music, not only as a member of contemporary music
ensembles such as 2E2M, Itinéraire and l'Ensemble Intercontemporain
but particularly through the works of Cage and Scelsi, several of
which have been recorded by her. Of Cage, she told Machart (1994):

"He will always be my spiritual father. I had already read For the
birds before meeting him. It is an important book. John made me
listen to the world around me: 'Let sound be what it is'. He opened
up a field of possibilities; he gave me confidence; he cooked for me
(he was a very good cook), with his friend Cunningham; he was good. A
friend. He was the first to smile when I played my piece Taxi in the
hall at Columbia University - I can still remember it!"

And, to the same interviewer on Scelsi:

"Another meeting; as important as meeting Cage; he respected the
freedom of my actions; there was almost a feminine intimacy between
us. His music overwhelmed me; it is one of the truest, because it
speaks to us of our conscience, of our human condition. When I listen
to this music it affects me most deeply. There isn't a 'geography' to
it; there are waves which we make vibrate. I love to play his several
pieces for double bass because they provide me with a complete
soundworld. This music is paradoxical because it is at once complex
and simple. I have known Scelsi since 1978, in Rome, after a stay at
Buffalo University where I discovered Okanagon, one of his most
extraordinary pieces. We rapidly became friends. Ten years later, I
was there, on the 8 August 1988, at his death. It was as if he just
faded away."

After listening to jazz (Mingus, Cecil Taylor, Monk, Dolphy), "I
quickly got into the free, improvised realm where, for me, Derek
Bailey is extremely important, also George Lewis and Irène Schweizer,
and for sure, Anthony Braxton. Meeting Derek in New York several
years ago had nearly the same impact on me as meeting Cage" (Kanach,
1991). Léandre recorded with Bailey on Les douze sons and on the
Company disc Trios, and has worked with a wide range of improvisors,
for example: Maggie Nicols, Lindsay Cooper, Irène Schweizer, Fred
Frith, Evan Parker, Eric Watson, Lol Coxhill, Peter Kowald, William
Parker (described by Morris (1991)), and Barre Philips. She is a
member of the European Women's Improvising Group (recorded on Intakt
002). She has recorded one of the weirdest records (even by free
improvising standards) in Les domestiques with Jon Rose - a
collection of domestic noises set to musical effect - and more
recently has formed The Canvas Trio with long-term associates Rüdiger
Carl and Carlos Zingaro.

In 1994 Joëlle Léandre was the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer
Austauschdienst) artist in residence in the city of Berlin; from
November 1997 to June 1998 she took up a residence in Metz,
north-east France teaching and giving master classes at academic
institutions in the region and playing concerts with a range of
improvisors that included Eric Watson, Lauren Newton, Carlos Zingaro
and Paul Lovens. From September to December 2002 she has been invited
as visiting professor for improvisation and composition at Mills
College, Oakland, California.

Meridian Music: Composers in Performance presents concerts the first
Friday of each month in the intimate setting of Meridian Gallery. The
series has been underway since fall, 1998 and is curated by Philip

Upcoming concerts at Meridian Gallery
(all supported from grants by Meet the Composer!)
Friday, January 3, 2003 Philip Gelb - solo shakuhachi
Friday, February 14, 2003 Sara Schoenbek - basson/Ellen Burr - flute
Friday, March 7, 2003 Tom Dimuzio solo electronics

For parking we recomend the Stockton garage on sutter and stockton,
only 2 blocks away and costs only 5 dollars for the night after 6 pm.

For more information please see or contact

Philip Gelb





liebe medienpartner und freunde,am 6. & 7.12. 2002 findet ein wohl bisher einzigartiges festival im bereichder elektronischen musik in mYnster diesen tagen treten acht international bekannte kYnstler aus en bereichengerSuschmusik, electronica und klangkunst auf, um die genres zu sprengen undden dialog zwischen den verschiedenen formen anzuregen.die abende werden den bogen von komplexen elektroakustischen kompositionenYber freie gerSusche bis hin zu clubsounds spannen. videoprojektionen werdenebenfalls dargeboten.anbei die nakten infos. nShere informationen zu den auftretenden kYnstlernund bildmaterial folgen in den nSchsten tagen.wir wYrden uns freuen, wenn ihr auf dieses schsne ereignis ausfYhrlichhinweisen ksnntet.bei fragen: 0177-8298307mit besten grYssen,till kniolaaufabwegen--------------------------... mit der bitte um ankYndigung!aufabwegen prSsentiert:geraeuschwelten IV: festival for sound manipulation1.TagAKI ONDA (Japan)A!

SMUS TIETCHENS (D)VACUUM BOYS (NL)PHILL NIBLOCK (USA)2. TagRADBOUD MENS (NL)THILGES3 (AT)ANNE WELLMER (NL)& special guest6. & 7.12. 2002, jeweils ab 20.00hTagespreis: 10 euro, Zwei-Tages-Ticket: 16 euroReservierung empfohlen!cuba, achtermannstr.12, 48143 mYnsterunterstYtzt vom kulturamt mYnster & LAG Soziokultur aus Mitteln des LandesNRWfoyer:diasdrinksweitere infos:www.aufabwegen.deinfo@aufabwegen.defotos   & weitere infos zu den kYnstlern ksnnen per email bei aufabwegenangefordert werden.




This week's creative music events, November 28th - December, 4th 2002
sonic experimentation * free improvisation * out jazz *
electro-acoustic * new composition * noise * avant rock

I.    Trawling
II.   This Week's Creative Music Events
III.  New Releases
IV.   About The Tentacle

Visit the Tentacle Web site at for regularly
updated concert listings, archived articles from our Ink edition, and
comprehensive directories of Northwest music sources, radio programs,
and links to Northwest musicians' home pages.



***** This Week's News *****

Although he's gone, he's not forgotten.  The Submariner has a new
article posted on the tentacles website.  Just go to and click "articles"  To see what he has to

***** Last Week's News *****


Lurking in the murky depths of the Tentacle website resides the
tboard.  This is a great place for fans of experimental music in the
pacific northwest to sound off, recruit others for your projects, and
get answers to technical questions.  Just go to and click .tboard. for more information.

Call for scores: Toy Pianos

Jack Straw Productions and Washington Composers Forum announce a call
for scores for KlavierNonette, an installation of works written or
arranged for toy pianos. Open to composers of allages, Klavier Nonette
will provide an exciting and creative challenge. Klavier
Nonette'screator, Trimpin is widely known for his acoustic music
performed through automated means. Hisworks are featured in museums
and galleries throughout Europe and the United States.

Opening mid-January 2003, Jack Straw Productions' New Media Gallery
will host Klavier Nonette,featuring compositions selected from this
call. The installation will consist of 9 toy pianosfrom the 1950's and
1960's arranged in a circular configuration. Each piano is
electrofittedwith an electromechanical device that can be
automatically played like a player piano, but canalso be played
manually. When the pianos are played simultaneously or sequentially,
acousticalpatterns, fragments, and other phenomena are perceived
depending on where one is standing in thegallery.

A console similar to a jukebox will be at the entrance to the gallery,
inviting visitors toselect a composition for the price of a quarter.
Composers will be rewarded from the proceedsaccording to the frequency
of their works' performance. In addition to compositions selectedfrom
this call, other works created for Klavier Nonette will be included in
the collectionincluding compositions by John Cage, George Lewis, David
Mahler, Liberace, and Janice Giteck andMarcus Macauley among others. 
A series of workshops and events will accompany this call for scores
and installation.Submission deadline is January 2, 2003 (not a
postmark date).

To receive the guidelines and application, please email or write:
Toy Pianos
Jack Straw Productions
4261 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105



***** Friday, November 29th *****

Paul Rutherford & Torsten Mueller
Seattle,, 1412 18th Avenue (at East
Union), 8 pm, $8 donation, All Ages.
"A special evening featuring two great European free improvisors.
Towering trombonist Rutherford was there in the 1960s at the beginning
of the U.K. free improvising revolution, extending trombone technique
and changing forever what we expect from the instrument. German
bassist Mueller, now living in Vancouver, B.C., has long been one of
the finest improvising bassists in the world. Their duo promises to be
one of the highlights of Polestar's fall season."

Language of Con$umeri$m
Portland, Disjecta Gallery 116 NE Russell, 8 pm, free, all ages.
"Uncommercials video provided by Adbusters, sound tracked live by
Stimulus Not Hypnosis and The Consumption Junction (members of Sleight
of Hand, To-ka-ge, Passiflora, and more). Toy Workshop with the
Cacophony Society: Visual art by Dina Noto, Edie Tsong, and anonymous
propaganda, along with Disjecta's exhibit of local Poster art. Plus TV
footage of Santa's Cacophonous protest against con$umeri$m (from
earlier that day, and previous events) and the Santa Con 96 video You
better watch out!"

***** Saturday, November 30th *****

Recorded Works in Concert: "Who Guards the Guardians?" & The Speakeasy
Fire, May 2001: A Chance Field Recording
Seattle,, 1412 18th Avenue (at East
Union), 9:30 pm, $6 donation, All Ages.
"At 11 PM, Polestar will air Sonarchy Radio's live broadcast of the
premiere of "Who Guards the Guardians?", Chris DeLaurenti's unusual
sequel to his acclaimed "N30: Live at the WTO Protest", issued in
2000. "Who Guards the Guardians?" mixes and melds radio and cell phone
transmissions from November 30, 1999. The title comes from the Roman
satirist Juvenal, who questioned Plato's call for elite Guardians to
rule his ideal state in that classic of Greek philosophy, The
Republic. Addressing the erosion of individual rights in the early
Roman Empire, Juvenal asked, "Who guards the Guardians?" Earlier in
the evening, Seattle musician, instrument inventor, and electronics
saboteur Troy Swanson treats us to his stunning chance half-hour field
recording of the fire that burned the Speakeasy CafZ? in May 2001.
Recorded inside the first floor 'back room' performance space as the
second floor burned, this sonic document captures the fire from the
call to evacuate and arrival of the fire department, to the persistent
popping of planes of glass and the eerily soothing sounds of water
dripping-then-pouring down from the fire hoses above. Both DeLaurenti
and Swanson will introduce their work and then make themselves
available for questions and answers."

N30: Who Guards The Guardians?
Seattle area, Sonarchy live radio hour, KEXP 90.3 FM, 11 pm-midnight.
"Chris DeLaurenti presents N30: Who Guards The Guardians?. This sequel
of sorts to N30: Live at the WTO Protest fuses law enforcement radio
and cell phone transmissions made during November 30, 1999. A gripping
oral history made in the moment. Created with assistance from CoCA,
the King County Arts Commission, and The Three Shadows." "Sonarchy is
heard live from the studios at Jack Straw Productions on KEXP (90.3)
every saturday night from 11pm to midnight. These live music and sound
broadcasts are produced and mixed by Doug Haire for Jack Straw
Productions. Jack Straw is now in it's 40th year of supporting the
sonic arts in the pacific NW."

***** Sunday, December  1st *****

Aurora Rising, Jacob Lindsay & Damon Smith
Seattle, Polestar Music Gallery, 1412 18th Avenue (at East Union), 8
pm, $7 donation, All Ages.
"Free improvised chamber music for the unusual instrumention of voice,
double bass, and B-flat and bass clarinets. Polestar is very pleased
to welcome back to Seattle excellent Bay Area bassist Damon Smith -
this time with new-music vocalist-composer Aurora Rising and
clarinetist Jacob Lindsay. Smith played Polestar to great acclaim
during our May 2002 opening week in a trio featuring German reed
virtuoso Wolfgang Fuchs and Chicago percussionist Jerome Bryerton, and
this performance promises to deliver the same kind of freely
improvised intensity."

***** Monday, December 2nd *****

Sound of the Brush
Seattle, Chamber Theater at Oddfellows Hall 4th floor, 915 E Pine, 9
pm, free will donation
A weekly meeting of improvisers opening up the world with new sounds
curated by gust burns(piano) and adam diller(tenor,clarinet)
"This week the Seattle Brushstroke Players are joined by 3 of
Oakland's finest. Aurora, Jacob, and Damon play a personal and intense
trio music.  this quintet should be exciting, relentless, and subtly
interogative. Plus Adam Diller and Gust Burns."Damon Smith (bass),
Jacob Lindsay (bass and B-flat clarinets) and Aurora Rising (voice)
all from Oakland.

Diane Thome
Seattle, Meany Theater UW Campus, 7:30 pm, $8/$5.
"A retrospective concert of electroacoustic and acoustic works of
Diane Thome. On the program: Pianismus, Bright Air/Brilliant Fire,
Masks of Eternity, The Yew Tree, Estuaries of Enchantment, and

***** Tuesday, December 3rd *****

Seattle, Meany Theater UW Campus, 7:30 pm, $8/$5.
The UW Wind Ensemble and Concert Band perform music devoted to flight
including Eric Whiacre's Ghost Train, Michael Daugherty's UFO, and
Frank Ticheli's Vesuvius, and Ken Hazo's In Heaven's Air.

Cornish College presents
Scores of Sound
Seattle, Kerry Hall at Cornish College, 710 E Roy, 8 pm, free.
 While this marathon of performances by Cornish students and faculty
covers a variety of musics, those seeking Tentacle music might find
the 8 pm slot in which the Seattle Chamber Players play new works by
student composers of interest. (Ed. description.)



Thanks to Anomalous and Ventricle labels for sending in these great
new releases!

***** NEW THIS WEEK *****

Christopher DeLaurenti: N30: Who Guards the Guardians? (self release,
"N30: Who Guards the Guardians? fuses official and unofficial
recordings of police transmissions made on November 30, 1999 into
simmering polyglot of radio traffic, polyphonic speech, cassette tape
artifacts, enigmatic numbers glossolalia, and other broadcast
anomalies. During the week of November 21-December 3, 2002, the CD of
N30: Who Guards the Guardians? will be available for free in copies of
the Seattle-based progressive newspaper Eat the State! which you can
find at better coffee shops, bookstores, etc. in the Greater Seattle
Puget Sound area. The CD is not available in stores."

For more information see

animist orchesra: wuwei (Anomalous Records, CD)
"Former Seattle resident Jeph Jerman on a return visit to Seattle in
2001 went into Jack Straw with local sound makers Dave Knott, Mike
Shannon, Jeffery Taylor, Robert Millis, and Marina Granger to record
an hour of delicate sounds coaxed from natural objects. The resulting
recording, engineered by Doug Haire, is beautiful."
More details at:
Available at Wall of Sound or via mail order from Anomalous Records.

Climax Golden Twins: Lovely (Anomalous Records, CD)
"A very lovely drone which was original created for a sound
installation, and later used by Scott Colburn to accompany buckwheat
hull pillows. This has been a household favorite for a long time, and
now available on CD for everyone." More details at:
Available at Wall of Sound or via mail order from Anomalous Records.

Dream Radiation (Ventricle, CD)
"Dark ambient with prog & classical influences and ethereal soprano
voice from Melissa Webb. Some passages have lyrics with multilayered
melodic lines weaving in & out,other parts have more abstract
electronic transformations,with voice turning into feedback and back
to voice."
Available from

Mike Shannon: Laguz (Anomalous Records, LP)
"The first solo LP by Mike who has lived in Seattle from 1994 to 2002. 
This album features a variety of his talents, from acoustic to
electronic, in a well balanced work that succeeds a whole listening
experience.  In addition to playing with animist orchestra as
mentioned above, Mike was a member of Aono Jikken, and participated in
many other local recordings projects, such as those by Dean Moore.
Just this month he has relocated to Florida to help take care of his
mother, so this has ended up being a going away release."
More details at:
Available at Wall of Sound or via mail order from Anomalous Records.

Stainless (Ventricle, CD)
"Compilation of spectral ambient artists all featuring obscure but 
timeless choirgirl vocals drenched in reverb (a genre that may someday
be known as 'sheverb')."
Available form




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"N30: Who Guards the Guardians?" fuses official and unofficial recordings of police transmissions made on November 30, 1999 into simmering polyglot of radio traffic, polyphonic speech, cassette tape artifacts, enigmatic numbers glossolalia, and other broadcast anomalies.

An oral history made in the moment, this radio broadcast depicts how law enforcement acted and reacted on that unforgettable day in Seattle history when thousands gathered in Seattle to protest the World Trade Organization.

Listeners in the Greater Seattle area can hear "N30: Who Guards the Guardians?" on Saturday November 30, 2002 at 11 pm PST on KEXP 90.3 FM.

Worldwide, the piece will stream simultaneously on-line at in a Windoze Media, mp3, RealAudio, and high-bandwidth CD quality sound. The piece may be copied in its entirety and distributed freely.

"N30: Who Guards the Guardians?" is also a free CD available only in the Seattle area as an insert inside Eat the State! newspaper. The CD will remain free, local, and not for sale in stores or distributed much if at all outside of Seattle.

For information contact: or

ps "N30: Who Guards the Guardians?" is a sequel of sorts to Christopher's acclaimed "N30: Live at the WTO Protest, November 30, 1999" which used his high-fidelity field recordings made on the front lines of the protest.






The Recreative Music Gang presents an evening with two of Europes finest free improvising musicians.  Not to be missed! a rare treat at a beautiful space!



Wednesday December 4th,   8pm ,,,     $5-10 donation,  Disjecta 116 NE Russel


Trombonist Paul Rutherford (born Greenwich, London, 29 February 1940) is a stalwart of the early UK free scene who has played in, and contributed positively to, just about every available possibility, in more structured musics as well as obvious free situations: Globe Unity Orchestra, London Jazz Composer's Orchestra, Mike Westbrook Orchestra, and a myriad of small groups, e.g.: Iskra 1903 (with Derek Bailey and Tony Oxley), duo with Paul Lovens, Quintet Moderne, and in trio with Anthony Braxton and Evan Parker. He is perhaps most famous for solo trombone improvisations. While many would dispute the fact that The Gentle harm of the bourgeoisie is the best solo trombone recording, it can't be far from the truth. Great title, too. Rutherford also plays euphonium and piano. On the topic of trombone multiphonics (contentious area this - Derek Bailey, Improvisation, p. 109), Paul Rutherford implied to Cadence's Bob Rusch  in 1993 that he was the first to use the technique.

For Rutherford's extensive discography, please visit his entry on Peter Stubley's European Free Improvisation web site:

Vancouver B.C.-based improvising bassist Torsten Mueller was born in Hamburg, Germany, and grew up in Canada and Ireland. He returned to Germany for many years, where played in duo with great trombonist/cellist Günter Christman starting in the late 70s. This duo has toured Europe, Canada, and the USA extensively, performing at many international festivals, and releasing recordings on FMP Records and Moers Music. With Wolfgang Fuchs, Torsten co-founded the large improvising "KING ÜBÜ ORCHESTRA" and was a member for over 10 years. He has performed concerts all over the world with a diverse array of improvisors, including Davey Williams, Ladonna Smith, Evan Parker, John Russell, Jon Rose, Joelle Léandre, John Zorn, Arto Lindsay, Lol Coxhill, Alexander Schlippenbach, Sven-Ake Johansson, Paul Lovens, Phil Minton, Charles Gayle, Melvin Poore, and Peter van Bergen. He currently works in duo with the phenomenal bass clarinetist Rudi Mahall, and in a new trio with Ken Vandermark and Michael Zerang.





Qi Energy MusicTM is Jack Lim's unique creation.  This is beautiful self help music composed and played by this leading international Qi Energy healer and teacher.  The harmonious vibrations in his music and his positive thought for healing, inner peace and harmony and change have empowered thousands.

 "Inner Peace" brings waves of love and harmony to the heart. Used widely for meditation, taichi, massage & clinics.


Click here to download your free sample of this beautiful music.


Experience over twenty other of Jack Lim's titles at the web site

May you Enjoy the Music and gain Inner Peace, Happiness, Health and Longevity.

- Jack Lim





Below is a listing of upcoming concerts for the end of the year and early January as well as news about my annual holiday CD sale and information about several new CDs  i will be releasing next year. For more information, please see my website, http://www.philipgelb.com2002 has been an incredible year!  Started off with concerts in Japan with Trio Natto and will end with A Space Between tour to New York City, Montreal and upstate, NY. Other highlights of the year was the establishment of my own music school, The Bay area shakuhachi school!Upcoming concertsThe Space Between, a trio with Pauline Oliveros on accordion and Dana Reason on piano will make our NYC debut and return to Montreal and also perform in Troy, NY. The Space Between has been together for 5 years!Thursday, December 5 Troy, NY RPISaturday, December 7 New York City 228 West Broadway Roulette please see for more informationMonday, December 9 Montreal, Canada Ca!
sa Del Popolo  4873 Boul.St-Laurent 514 284 3804 info@casadelpoplo.complease see for more informationWill begin the new year with a solo concert in San Francisco and some southern california concerts and a huge Japanese music celebration back in San Francisco-Friday, January 3 San Francisco 8 pm Meridian Gallery; 545 Sutter Street, 2nd floor 415 98-7229 http://www.meridiangallery.orgsolo   $10-Saturday, January 4 2003, 7:30 PM Claremont, CA Folk Music Center, 220 Yale Avenue, 909 624 2928 http://www.folkmusiccenter.orgsolo lecture and performance; $10-Sunday, January 5 Eagle Rock, California (near Los Angelos) Eagle Rock Community Center solo and duet with Alex Cline (percussion); double bill with Ben Goldberg quartet for the Open Gate Theatre concert series; more information:, January 6 Los Angeles Line Space Line / Salvation Theater / 1519 Griffith Park Blvd. trio with Vinny Golia (winds) and Sara Sch!
oenbek (bassoon); email for more informationFriday, January 10, 2003 8 pmOld First Church On Van Ness in San Francisco.A huge Summit of Japanese music produced by myself, Shirley Muramoto and Philip Flavin featuring many of the bay areas finsest performers of shakuhachi, shamisen and koto including Shoko Hikage, Shirley Muramoto, Philip Flavin, Philip Gelb and many more.-January 31, 2002 8 pmOakland, California Piedmont Yoga Studio$15Shakuhachi grandmaster Kurahashi Yoshio solo and in duet with Philip Gelb and Shoko Hikage.Annual Holiday CD saleFrom Thanksgiving till New years, all of my full length CDs will be only 10 dollars plus shipping. I accept checks or money orders and you can now purchase CDs directly via my website!Please see my website for reviews of all these recordings.Currently available Cds include:"Rain Sketch (for Eri) solo 3 inch CD (Plays on regular Cd players!) (only 8 dollars)-The Space Between w/ Barre Phillips-Between/ Waves w/ Chris B!
rown, Pauline Oliveros and Dana Reason and Jon Raskin-Purple Wind (with Miya Masaoka, Gino Robair and others) only 12 copies left and then it will be permanently out of print and unavailable!)-Indistancing (w/ Shoko Hikage and Brett Larner)-Mystic Journey (w/ Abbey Rader)-Primal Identity (w/ Dana Reason)Upcoming CD releasesMany new Cds will be released in 2003 including:-The Space Between w/ Joelle Leandre.  the third release by the Space Between and a followup to the critically aclaimed Space Between w/ Barre Phillips CD.-Quartet Natto with Shoko Hikage, Tim Perkis and Chris Brown. Audiophile recording by Phillip Perkins of a concert at the Marin Headlands this summer.-The Wind Trio of Alphaville "Breathless". The first release by this 2 year old trio with Jon Raskin on saxophones and Phillip Greenlief on winds.- the Wind Trio of Alphaville w/ Joelle Leandre The Second release of this 2 year old trio of a wonderful concert and collaboration we did this fall with!
 the amazing Madame Contrabasse, Joelle Leandre!- Solo. new pieces for shakuhachi composed by Yuji Takahashi, Pauline Oliveros and others.To be removed from my mailing list, please send a message with the subject: remove-- Philip Gelbphil@philipgelb.com









  Our Nashville Artist Relations Department is currently seeking talent in all genres.  We will be taking a select group of artists/songwriters/musicians and helping them.  Please visit , Take the Tour and find out what we will do for you.  Our offer could represent a quantum leap in your career.

Chris Willis
Director of Artist Relations Nashville

P.S.  Please be sure to TAKE THE TOUR.  It will answer all your questions. 








le jardin d'hélys
hiver 2002/2003

programme élaboré par Laurent Quénéhen pour jeune création / acm / arts visuels
Carine Doerflinger - Charlie Jeffery - Claude Ferland - Eric Valette
Estelle Artus - Eunok Hwang - Frédéric Pompeani - Jaumé Fargas I Coll
Karine Bonneval - Mireia Sallares - Misato Naoi - Sandra vanbremeersch
Sophie Lecomte - Sylvain Ciavaldini - Yeonhee Park

Antonio Gagliardi
Denis Bulot
Dimitri Lamouret
Jocelyne Denicourt
Laurent Le Forban
Marijo Foerlhé
moniqa ray-bool
Pierre Petit & Tania Mouraud
Sabine Barthélémy
Sylvain Ciavaldini
Thomas Zographos
Vassili Michaïl



The recent television show "American Idol" is a prime example how the major record labels overlook talent. Thus aspiring recording artists of today have two options. One is to grow older and become disinterested in making it. The other is to release an independent CD. Many of today's major recording artists surprisingly chose the latter and were discovered after their own successful independent CD release!
We are pleased to announce the release of our new book:
This is the all new 3rd edition of " IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION - A
Beginner's Guide To Starting A Record Label", only $24.99. The web's
best seller for newbies is now a perfect bound paperback book!!! We now
accept secure credit card orders on-line 24-hours daily!
Also makes a great book for new record labels!!!!
© 2002 Future Mix Publications
For more  information and ordering options visit :

Coming Soon To BORDERS BOOKS !!!!!!!!!!!!





TAMIZDAT DISPATCHthe pulse of new music in eastern europehttp://www.tamizdat.orgIt's been a while since Dispatch graced your inbox, but it was worth the wait! Tamizdat has a new website (one that actually works!), so please check it out for the full versions of these new articles, as well as the most comprehensive coverage of everything worth listening to from the Ex Bloc.NEWS STORIESSCENE REPORT: Czech Hip-HopÊ"When you see an American hip-hop video, itÕs all these rich guys driving expensive cars," says Affro, "and you canÕt relate to it if youÕre driving a Skoda." Slovak Composer, Marek PiacekMarek Piacek reflects on the sounds of old and new Bratislava, the influence of anti-globalization theory on the work of new music composer, Egon Bondy, the emergence of new Slovak operas, the risks of crossing genres, and of course, Pozon Sentimental. REPORT: Russian!
 Industrial NoiseThe specter of reactionary politics have long troubled the Russian underground. In this article, Nikkila looks into the myth and history surrounding this complex topic. (reprinted and expanded by permission from The Wire) NEWS: Czech Majors Take on Piracy with Mixed ResultsAs the Ukraine was struck with US economic sanctions to the value of $75 million at the start of this year for their failure to pass an anti CD-piracy bill, the Czech Republic was placed on the International Intellectual Property AllianceÕs Ôwatch listÕ. Czech major labels are fighting back, though not always with the greatest success. RELEASESall this great music can be heard and purchased at http://www.tamizdat.orgEcstasy of St. Theresa: SlowthinkingPristine production buoys perfect pop songs and haunting melodies on a sea of deceptively anarchistic found sounds and synthesized racket. !
Winterova's voice takes center-stage, and she proves to be a disarmingly versatile singer. Belgrade Coffee Shop 2B92 and its sub-label Stereo Freeze continue their presentation of the burgeoning Belgrade electronic music scene. This album features eleven tracks cool downtempo, lounge and nu jazz music by Speed Limit, Jazzva, Darkwood Dub, Linear Draft and much more. Bittova: Iva Bittova j.h.This is a compilation of tracks culled from rare recordings from the Czech Republic's most remarkable musical export: composer, singer, violinist, Iva Bittova. The release foregrounds her non-solo work in cooperation with Pavel Fajt, the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Ida Kelerova, Geert Waegeman, Êthe Eben Brothers, Richard Muller, and many more. It's a fascinating and provocative introduction to a world-class talent.!
eb_store.cgi?keywords=BittovaV.A.: ÊGolden Years of the Soviet New Jazz, Volume IIIThe third volume of Leo Record's monumental history is hot off the presses. The lucky owners of the volume will be able to listen to the 5 hours of music - two discs out of four are 79 minute long (try to beat that!). All the material (apart from one piece) is previously unreleased. Recordings include: Disc 1 - Homo Liber, Disc 2 - Vladimir Chekasin Big Bands, Disc 3 - Sainkho & Trio, and Disc 4 - Andrew Solovyev/Igor Grigoryev/ Vladislav Makarov. is a New York and Prague-based non-profit organization, committed to encouraging new music in Central and Eastern Europe.Removal: To be cheerfully removed from the Dispatch list, please reply with "REMOVE" in the subject field. Sorry to have bothered you!Information: For more information, please contact, or visit http://www.tamizdat.orgTamizdat CZP/F: 42!
0 (2) 227 21167U Rajske zahrady 4130 00 Prague 3, Czech RepublicTamizdat USP: 212 780 0287F: 413 513 1157P.O. Box 20618New York, NY 10009, USA




This UK group did up a little special with some of the stuff from the new
Taped Rugs CD "Machinations".   Go here:








This newsletter can be seen with full interactivity at
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Ego Check - Don't Believe Your Press
Spotlight Artist: Spyce
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Cool Site: Garage Radio
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Current Issue 11/18/02
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This issue has some discussion about handling your ego. We have a
question about "sound guys". We take a look at another music portal
called "Garage Radio." We get introduced to "Spyce", and last but not
least, due a price increase from my host, I will be raising the price
of my book, "Get Your Band Out of the Basement" in December to $9.99.
Get it while it's cheap.

As always this is written with a huge amount of passion, and a small
amount of sleep. Please forgive me for any typos.
-Dave Jackson Moderator
Ego Check - Don't Believe Your Press

By Dave Jackson
Last night I had a fan show up at a club. He had spotted my band at a
club the previous week, and was really impressed with the way I
played "Texas Flood" (a Stevie Ray Vaughan cover we do). He had
checked our schedule on our web site and followed me to a different
club. It was nice talking with him, and he was very generous with his
compliments about my playing and style. He explained how he was going
to get a group of friends to come see us again. All of this because
he likes the way I play the guitar. I could feel the size of my head
getting bigger and bigger with each word out of his mouth. An ego is
a dangerous thing when not held in check. Just ask David Lee Roth, or
Eddie Van Halen.

Earlier in the week I had received a note that someone had reviewed a
tune I put on Excited I went to see this stranger's
opinion. The person's comments consisted of "song is VERY cliché'
probably one of the more annoying songs I've heard in a while.... did
I mention it was cliché'? While another reviewer stated, "The band
can really whip a pony's ass. Dude; lay off the "I am a total metal
man" voice. This is 2002 for God's sake. Both reviewers were in the
mid twenties (and my music has a definite 80's groove to it). Being
human, I felt a sinking in my chest, and the sting of having someone
trash something you had put your heart and soul into.

The key is to not believe your press. You are never as good as that
glowing review (after all what about that time it took you eight
measures to discover you were soloing in the wrong key?), and you're
not as bad as that scathing review (but a little self-evaluation is
never a bad idea. There is always room for improvement).

Without sounding like a Tony Robins clone, while you're never able to
control other people, you can control how you REACT to other people
Have you ever been in a very heated argument, and have the phone
ring? "You stupid son of a (ring)- "Hello, oh "Hey Hi Uncle Harry can
I call you back? Thanks -(hangs up) - ..... ignorant, swine of
a ...... It takes practice but it can be done. After all, most
egomaniacs are generally people that you can't stand to be around
(and who wants to be THAT person?). Be true to your passion, your
music, your vision, and don't believe your press.

"How to get Your Band Out of the Basement (and Keep them Out of the
Spotlight Artist: Spyce

Before Electronic music became a popular genre, the Spyce CD was
created in 1995. It's a full hour of high energy non-stop music that
was initially designed for having sex. It's also great for working
out or to simply relax. In addition to the CD, check out the "Spyce
Package" that includes candles, oils, and more. For more details on
the Barb McFadden (Spyce) story, go to

If you would like to be a spotlight artist/site, all you need to do
is put a link to this site on your web site. Go to   page for more info (you
can trade links, or pay a fee).

Sound Advice (Question From and For the group)

My band is looking into getting our own sound guy and we were
wondering how that worked because most clubs around us have their own
house sound techs so does our sound tech just work with the house
sound tech and tell him what we want or should our sound tech just
get behind the board or would we have to get our own PA? Any insight
would be greatly appreciated. We were also looking into getting in-
ear monitors if anybody knows anything about using them please e-mail
me or send a note to Dave so we all can get your feedback

(Dave's Reply)
I'll give you my insight into a situation where the club provides the
sound system and sound guy, and anybody else feel free to chime in.

The club owner typically has a sound guy to make sure the bands sound
good, and probably more important to the club owner, control the
volume level (so you don't blow up his stuff, and they have to buy
more equipment). By having a sound guy, if it is too loud the club
owner goes and tells the sound guy (and avoids arguing with the

Our sound guy knows when to turn people during solo's, knows who is
singing what harmonies, and in general knows how to mix us.

If he let's your sound guy run sound, he may be worried that if it
works out too good, the club owner may see he is not needed. Also,
some sound guys have notorious egos (hey man I ran sound for
Autograph back in 84 during the "turn up the radio tour").

Your Mission: To Sell the sound guy on allowing your guy to "Consult"
him during your performance. When you explain this remember to show
how this is going to benefit him, and calm any reservation he might
have. You might have your sound guy start with something like this:
* * * *
"Hi (sound guy) I'm (states his name). I'm the sound guy for the
band. It looks like you got a nice system here (stroke his ego on his
equipment). I realize that the club owner (use his name if you got
it) may not be open to letting other people run the system, so I'd
like to see if there is a way we could work together to make sure the
band sounds awesome tonight (this is the goal for both parties). This
band is not the kind of band that you can put on auto pilot and leave
the sound board (which is why he needs you), and obviously you know
sound system better than I do. I thought I could cue you on any solos
during songs, and you could make sure the volume level is acceptable.
This way you don't have to pay so much attention (benefit for sound
guy) to what's happening on stage, and you can concentrate on the
overall sound…
* * * *

If anybody has any insight into in-ear monitors please let Andrew

The band I am in does not have its own sound guy so we drafted
a "Dear Sound Guy" letter that details what he can expect from the
band. While this one is a "general" kind of note, I could see where
making notes on a set list for a sound guy could be a good route to

Cool Internet Site: Garage Radio
Garage Radio's official launch date was August 14, 2002. Since then
the statistics are impressive. The site has experienced near 737,827
visits from 52 countries. There are 220+ registered members with an
average of 5 new members per day. The play list features over 100
artists with 355 songs of all genres from folk to jazz to heavy

There are lots of things to look into at There is a
list of topics (such as topics listed by genre, as well as general,
community, news, and of course Q&A with Kenny Love). I've read some
Kenny's articles and he makes a lot of sense, and is very
knowledgeable. It appears that all of the articles also had a printer
friendly page.

There are lots of activities to play in as well These include web
chats, discussion boards, surveys, software downloads. The thing that
struck me about this site is the amount of stats going on behind the
scenes. It tracks every time a story is ready, a link is clicked,
etc. This way if you don't have time to dig through every area, you
can skim the top rated articles/links. This fun stuff is provided by
the PHP-NUKE backend.

Most of all, the garage radio is a place where you can submit your
songs to be streamed over their Internet radio. Members can then
review your music, or vote for you as a Headliner of the month.

Garage Radio currently has several new projects in the works, which
include a premier commercial radio stream and automatic file upload
capabilities. The site is currently financed by contributions from
visitors and is expected to start selling ad space in the near
future. Garage Radio also hopes to gain more attention by providing
fee-based advanced services and allowing artists to sell their CDs
from the site.
With less than year under their belt, grageradio has some interesting
articles, and some fun activities as well. Just this week they added
ad space (in case you want to advertise) and GO LIVE where you can
stream a live gig (how cool is that?) It's worth adding to your

Online Chat Poll (did you vote yet?)
We are thinking of having an online chat where we all chat together
at the same time. Where you can participate at once (I know you can
do this using ICQ, and I am researching other). Let me know what you
think about this. TAKE THE POLL.. (see the poll at )



We first brought Tonos to your attention a little while back. I
received an e-mail about some of the updates to their site..They have
announced 12 guaranteed label deals would be given to Tonos Members
from labels such as Atlantic, Columbia & Jive Records. Since that
time they've seen an amazing response among our community but also an
outcry from the songwriters and non-performing artists. Now Tonos has
partnered with 5 top publishers to bring 10 guaranteed publishing
deals to our members over the next year! Each of the following
publishers will be signing 2 tonosPRO members:
Warner/Chappell Music
DreamWorks Publishing
Chrysalis Music
Famous Music
EMI Music

The labels they are referring to are:
Atlantic Records
Jive Records
J Records
Columbia Records
DreamWorks Records
Interscope Geffen A&M
Go to to submit your music
to top labels and artists seeking new songs!

For all Americans, Happy Thanksgiving. Count your blessings no matter
how small. Enjoy them.

Dave Jackson
Band Aid Cyber Group (Check out Dave's New Hard Rock CD)

Get Your Band Out of the Basement (And Keep them Out of the Asylum)
Order this book now and beat the December price Increase. It's only
$4.99, and you receive the CD Consignment FREE (Beat the December
Price Increase of $9.99)

New FREE Ebook From Dave Jackson
Look Before Leaping into Cyberspace.
Learn how to plan your web site before you build it. (You need adobe acrobat
reader to view this document) You can download adobe acrobat reader

As always this is produced with great passion, but a general lack of
sleep. Please forgive any typos.



hi to everybody,

we proudly announce that our new cd "Zarathustra, the last animal" is now available: a triple cd, contained in a plexiglass box designed by designer Marco Veneri, Bianco design.

--timet musical information is free on the web, download some of our music at

--support our research buying our physical cds.

for information, contact this address directly,







LONGMEADOW, MA ‹ Playscape Recordings is proud to announce the December 3rd release of its three newest titles: George Schuller¹s Hellbent, Tom Christensen¹s Paths, and Michael Musillami/Mario Pavone¹s Pivot.  Founded by guitarist and executive producer Musillami, Playscape has documented quality music on more than 20 titles featuring musicians like Thomas Chapin, Joe Fonda, Randy Brecker, Marty Ehrlich, Wallace Roney, Marvin "Smitty" Smith, and Branford Marsalis among many others.  More information about the Playscape Recordings catalog is available at

George Schuller and the Schulldogs "Hellbent" (PSR J111300)
A prominent sideman with the likes of Ballin' the Jack, Conference Call and the Ran Blake Trio among others, drummer/composer/arranger George Schuller has led his own innovative bands since founding Orange Then Blue in the early 1980's.  Hellbent is the follow-up to the Schulldogs' 1999 debut, Tenor Tantrums (New World), and captures the group live in November 2000.  Both Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone) and brother Ed Schuller (bass) return from the first record, with Tim Berne (alto saxophone) replacing George Garzone.  

Tom Christensen "Paths" (PSR J111601)
Innovative multi-instrumentalist Tom Christensen's 2000 debut, Gualala (Naxos Jazz), prompted AllAboutJazz reviewer Steve Armour to write, "Christensen has reworked the tools of ensemble writing."  Once again joined by his piano-less ensemble of Charles Pillow (sopranino, alto and tenor saxes, clarinet, bass clarinet and alto flute), Ben Allison (bass), and Satoshi Takeishi (percussion), with special guest Andrew Sterman (bass flute and bass clarinet) on two tracks, Christensen (tenor and soprano saxes, English horn and wood flute) further embraces experimentation with unusual instrumentation and ideas from world and classical musics as well as jazz.

Michael Musillami/Mario Pavone "Pivot" (PSR J121001)
AllAboutJazz has called Michael Musillami "definitely a guitarist to watch," and Mario Pavone has been an active and adventurous bassist with musicians like Thomas Chapin, Paul Bley, and Anthony Braxton since the early 1970's.  Frequent collaborators on multiple recordings, most recently 2001's op ed (Playscape), featuring pianist Peter Madsen and drummer Mike Sarin, their latest release as co-leaders is Pivot, featuring the entirely new ensemble of George Sovak (soprano, alto and tenor saxes, clarinet and flute), Art Baron (trombone) and George Schuller (drums).  

For more information about these releases and to obtain review/promotional copies for press and radio, please contact Scott Menhinick at Improvised Communications.


Add your Website Link and info Free
at it works....

We Need Beach Town and Ski Town Bands to FEATURE
We Also Need someone to Conduct Instant Message Interviews

If you fall into these categories please contact us.

Also Visit




you might be interested in this experimental music discussion board.





Here's a few shows to start off my December events:

First, BENJOMATIC ( ) opens for Snuzz (ex-Bus Stop, etc.
A Pop Music Genius!) at The Garage at 110 W. 7TH Street, Winston Salem, N.C.
at 9:00 p.m. (or so) Saturday, December 7th. Call 336-777-1127 for info...

Clang Quartet ( ) plays at the first Winter
We-fest in Wilmington, N.C. at Bessies ( ) 133 N.Front
Street, Wilmington, N.C. on December 12th (Thursday) Call 910-762-0003.
Advance copies of the new disc 'The Separation of Church and Hate' will be
available! Or you can order for January 2003 shipments from
if you prefer...

The next night (December 13th), Benjomatic will play at Somewhere Else (5713
W. Friendly Ave, Greensboro, N.C. 336-292-5464) at 10:00 p.m.

Hope to see you folks out and about! Love always (HA!HA!HA!), Scotty Irving







A quick note to let you that I finally updated
*expanded writing section with book (Origins of Music, microsound etc.) and cd reviews (Mauricio Kagel, Merzbow, etc.).


Announcements (November 29, 2002): We've just uploaded new shows from Aural
Innovations Space Rock Radio and The Ear-Relevant Music Hoedown. See the
playlists below.

NEWS: STEPHEN PALMER'S new novel MUEZZINLAND is out at last! A musician as
well as a writer, Aural Innovations readers should know Stephen from his
work with Mooch and Blue Lily Commission. I ordered my copy from
but you can order it from any bookshop. The ISBN is 1587154501. I enjoyed
Stephen's first two novels, Memory Seed and Glass, and am looking forward
to this new one. Get more info about Muezzinland at:

Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio show #62

Church Of Hed - "Church Of Hed" (from Church Of Hed)
E.X.P. - "E.X.P.'z And The Masticators Of Frequencies part one" (from
Census Of Hallucinations - "Daydream (In The Slipstream)
Sh'mantra - "Floating" (from sub_floating)
Cyber Zen Sound Engine - "His Presence In The Streets" (from Auslander)
Vocabularinist - "Tree Trunks" (from s/t CDEP)
Schwarz - "Hard Listening" (from Hard Listening)
Novadriver - "Sleep" (from Void) 3:46
Homogenized Terrestrials - "Abandoned Web" (from Sound Pores)
The Dipsomaniacs - "In Syd's Garden" (from The Tremelo Of Her Mind... The
Strings Of Her Soul)

The Ear-Relevant Music Hoedown show #16 (Improv/Experimental/Avant-Garde)

Jeff Gburek - track 3 (from Opposites Infect/Likes Collide) 4:32
Zygoma - "Webs" (from Pankow 2002) 7:31
Jeff Gburek & Raymond Blanchet - track 3 (from Audact) 4:01
Djalma - "Integrasi" (from Rags Of Larium Pali) 9:17
Orphan Sound System - track 2 (from Meet The System) 5:21
TVBC - "Snakefinger" (from TVBC) 1:40
TVBC - "Seven Eight" (from TVBC) 2:24
Bret Hart & John Jasnoch - track 9 (from Duets Vol 1) 5:57
MiWaPa Trio - "Watching Cactus Rushes" (from Cross Country) 4:37
Boundary Issues - "Sleep Dep" (from Sleep Dep) 9:40
Guss - "Surf's Out" (from As Is)

So head on over to and click on the Radio link
to listen.

NEW IN STOCK at the Aural Innovations CD Mail Order catalog. I haven't had
a chance to update it yet so drop me an email if you are interested in
these titles.
Electric Orange - Abgelaufen!
Into The Abyss - Adrenochrome
The Nothing Booth - A Journey

*added 'chatter' with tales from my trip to NYC and "My First Satanic Orgy."
*added sound clips from two new releases.
*added news and links to a netcast of "N30: Who guards the Guardians," a sequel to "N30: Live at the WTO Protest," on Nov. 30 2002 and available on CD in the Seattle area.

happy holidaze!
ps If you want off this list - let me know. Also feel free to forward to anyone who you think might be interested...

Just updated in late Nov 2002:
Music, writing, and more at





Peace In.


Wintry and spootaneous greetings to all!


As the "holiday season" is upon us, try making your gifts - or at least support your local economy...

And as always, talk with strangers (my new year's resolution has brought me some of the most interesting conversations in my life!).  And above all, practice peace, in the spirit of the season.


I Concerti 

·:· Monday 2 December: "The Colour of Love" at  911 Media Arts Center 8PM

Screening of rough cut of a film made by  visiting artist Biljana Tanurovska and Evelyn Jarosz.

Music by Denio.

·:· Friday 6 December: Naughty Nighty Game Nite @ Consolidated Works, Seattle
Celebrity Date Auction Fundraiser for Glass Bones (
Buy a night out with DJ Riz Rollins, Seattle City Council Members Judy Nicastro and Nick Licata, and, um, Amy Denio!
Featuring: DJ Darek Mazzone, DJ Shapeshifter, Katie Kurtz, Karen Lewis,
Treasure Chests.
Tickets $10 in advance $10 in advance (,

$12 at the door in your nightie/PJs, or $15 at the door in regular attire.

·:· Saturday, 7 December: Who Was Henry Darger?
@ Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater, Seattle 6-8 PM
2322 Second Avenue, Belltown
Join Kiyoko Lerner and Pat Graney Dance Company on December 7th and find out more about this American artist.

Admission: $30.00
All proceeds directly benefit The Pat Graney Company
Cash bar and light appetizers provided. Seating is limited.
RSVP Erin Nestor at (206)329-3705 or email

·:· Sunday, 8 December: Pat Graney Dance Company Presents ‘the Vivian Girls’
(A Works in Progress) @ The Century Ballroom, Seattle 2-3PM
915 E. Pine St. 2nd Floor
Admission is "Pay What You Can".
All proceeds directly benefit The Pat Graney Company

·:· Sunday, 8 December: Amy Denio solo at Seattle Circle 5 PM
603 NW 65th Street $10 suggested donation

·:· Friday 13 December: Les Voix Vugaires @ Polestar Gallery, Seattle, 8PM
Detonator Beth, King Leah & Amy Denio celebrate the Voix Vulgaires
CD Release party!
1412 18th Avenue at East Union, Seattle · (206) 329-4224

·:· Saturday 14 Decemberr: Kultur Shock @ Crocodile, Belltown, Seattle
Come and celebrate a big sendoff party for Kultur Shock's tour of Spain! Denio's on alto sax & voice in one of the most energetic Gypsy rumba bands in Amerika, with some of the best surviving Balkan musicians! They sing in Rom, Bosnian, Bulgarian, and the songs are all based on traditional Balkan music.
Check out their new CD, FUCC the I.N.S. (KoolArrow).

·:· Kultur Shock Spanish Tour!

December 19-January 5.

Details forthcoming. 


·:· Amy Denio & Beth Custer in Sofia, Bulgaria!

January 15 - 1 February, 2003

Collaboration with the Legendary Poptones (

Thanks to a grant from ArtsLink/CEC International Partners

·:· Amy Denio & Janet Feder US SW Tour!

mid-March - hope to see you out there!


La Pace (Peace Actions)
·:· Sign Peace Initiative by International Youth. This petition will be submitted to Kofi Annan, General Secretary of the United Nations on International Human Rights Day, (10th December, 2002) when the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded.

·:· Sign Women Against the War Petition

·:· Upcoming events organized by Not In our Name:

·:· Download & display War Resister's International No War Logo:

La Democrazia
·:· Vote on your opinion of those who protest a possible war against Iraq, online at the Missourian, in Rush Linbaugh's home town. Scroll down to the bottom.

·:· Phone in a message for Bush at the White House at ++1.202.456.1111
between 9-5 Eastern Standard Time. It's simple & easy.

·:· The toll free number for the US Capitol switchboard is 1-800-839-5276.

·:· Find & write your representatives online:

Check out the News Page @ for tons of links to Independent Media sites, Spoot Music distribution, other interesting musicians, etc.


Cosa Succede?

(17 November 2002) You might not have heard - this week 22 organisers of Social Forum were arrested at their homes and placed in the maximum security prison at Trani in southern Italy.
Most of those arrested were from Cosenza in southern Italy. They were arrested under 'suspicion of conspiring to subvert the government' - no-one was formally charged.
This came days after 1,000,000 people marched peacefully in Florence to protest against the possible war in Iraq and globalization. The media had spent a week demonising Social Forum saying the march would 'devastate Florence and its culture' To which the head of Benneton commented "What culture? You mean the shoe and leather bag shops?!!"
Today, Saturday 16th, there were spontaneous protest marches in all major cities in Italy. Italy is in complete turmoil at present what with Fiat workers on strike nationally and most of the major ports blocked. Fiat workers have been threatened with major redundancy due to management mistakes and have been on strike for two weeks.
The Social Forum members were arrested under a law which allows the police to arrest people they deem 'guilty by association'. This was widely used during the 70's in Italy against left wing polical supporters. It means you can be arrested for owning the wrong book or having the wrong friends. It is a law left over from the Mussolini fascist era which has never been repealed.
(Thanks MC in Rome - check out links to Cosenza, Italy for developments)



The Infinite Sector Project is an independent network of experimental
musicians/bands/and artists from around the globe.

We are seeking contributors for our series of non-profit compilation
CDs. Anything is accepted without editing or censorship, as long as
it is free of hate and defies traditional musical boundaries.

For more information please go to :


Thank you for your time,
klao DNA





    TUESDAY December 3

>   G a m e s
    (Art Hirahara, Todd Sickafoose & Scott Amendola)

    play a concert at
    446 Valencia (btwn 15/16) in the Mission
    San Francisco
    8:00pm, $12-15 sliding scale, all ages

    Intersection is a very cool theater/gallery long dedicated to
    presenting new and experimental art.
    Please call (415) 626-3311 for tickets, reservations, info
    There is no late seating so come early!

From Cole Porter to Thelonious Monk, Ornette Coleman to Radiohead, this
young collective trio traverses the history of the music to reinterpret jazz
standards and bring fresh, new compositions to the table.  They weave a
tapestry of sound using the threads of straight-ahead jazz, wide-open
ballads, odd meters, and free improvisation.

"With three hard-working innovators, this is truly a force to be reckoned
with on the local scene." - Forrest Bryant, All About Jazz

    FRIDAY December 6

>   C R A T E R

    dissect living beats at the
    2513 Van Ness Ave (at Union)
    San Francisco
    10:00pm, $10, 21+

the regulars - jhno (laptop), todd sickafoose (el. bass), scott amendola
(drums &stuff), nels cline (guitar) -

are joined by very special guests - the wondrously fluid Jeff Parker
(Tortoise) on guitar, and Carole Kim (from Los Angeles) on subversively
hypnotic improvised video projections.  Very exciting night!

"Spooky stuff... all getting into each others heads until  it's one big
head, pulsing, morphing, flaring...they strive for union in simplicity, for
gradual growth, ebb and flow.  CRATER's feel approximates certain moments
from Miles Davis' 70's, adding elements of modern dread and substituting
wonder for pain.  It feels like now... There are no styles any more, only
music."   Greg Burk, LA Weekly

    this is ALSO happening on

Wednesday Dec 4 at the Temple Bar in Los Angeles CA
Thursday Dec 5 at Zebulon's in Petaluma CA
Saturday Dec 7 at the Rio Theater in Santa Cruz CA

tell fellow californians to check it out!






4.12.2002, 20.00h

evolution control committee (usa)
presenting a mixture of video-cut-ups, lecture, and sample-madness
plundering for the first time in germany.
kulturbunker muelheim, berliner str. 20, 51063 koeln,

5.12.2002, 20.00h

dienststelle marienthal
film-screening of "dienststelle marienthal" - gebaeudemonographie von
andreas magdanz
live soundtrack by A S M U S  T I E T C H E N S
plus sound perfromance by Jacob Kirkegaard
kulturbunker muelheim, berliner str. 20, 51063 koeln,

A U F A B W E G E N   F E S T I V A L
geraeuschwelten iv

6. & 7. 12. 2002, jeweils ab 20.00h

A K I  O N D A
A S M U S  T I E T C H E N S
P H I L L  N I B L O C K
T H E  V A C U U M  B O Y S

R A D B O U D  M E N S
T H I L G E S 3
A N N E  W E L L M E R
& special guest

achtermannstr. 12
48143 muenster
tickets & reservation:

on the artists:

Geräuschwelten IV ist ein wohl einzigartiges Festival in Münster.
Zum ersten Mal wird in einer Veranstaltung versucht, sämtliche
elektronischer Musik zu präsentieren und in einen sinnvollen Dialog
miteinander zu bringen. Das Spektrum reicht von elektroakustischen
Kompositionen, über Ambient, über Geräuschmusik bis hin zu Clubsounds

Dabei sind internationale renommierte Künstler vertreten, die
stellvertretend für ihre Genres/Spezialgebiete hier neue Arbeiten
Im Einzelnen sind dies:

Tag 1: 6.12.2002, ab 20 Uhr

PHILL NIBLOCK (USA): Der New Yorker ist einer der Wegbereiter der Drone
Music. Er stammt aus der Tradition der Minimalisten und hat bereits mit
Cage und La Monte Young gearbeitet. Sein legendäre Loft in New York
City ist
inzwischen Heimstätte für europäische Kunststipendiaten jeglicher
von hier aus betreibt er auch sein Label Experimental Intermedia

ASMUS TIETCHENS ist der Altmeister der Soundscapes. Der Hamburger
Atonal-Klangkünstler ist bereits seit den 60er Jahren aktiv und hat in
Anfangszeiten mit Cluster und Brian Eno eine Scheibe aufgenommen. In
jüngster Zeit wendet sich Tietchens den Soundscapes zu und arbeitet mit
Sinustönen und weissem Rauschen, welches er zu Klangwelten arrangiert.
Tietchens unterrrichtet außerdem Soundscape und Musikdesigna n der
Fachhochschule für Gestaltung in Hamburg.

THE VACCUM BOYS ist das neue Projekt um Heimir Björgulfsson, ehemals
der kultigen isländischen Avantgarde Noise Band Stiluppsteyppa, die
mit Sonic Youth gemeinsam auf der Bühne standen. Björgulfsson versucht
seinem Laptop Quartett Vacuum Boys auf ironische Weise Bandgesten in den
Improv/Avantgarde-Bereihc zu transferieren. Die Musik der Vacuum Boys
sich and er Schnitstelle von Noise und Improvisierter Musik.

AKI ONDA ist ein japanischer Ausnahme Musiker, der vor allem im Bereich
Soundinstallation und Ambient aktiv ist. Onda hat eine CD bei dem
renommierten Kölner softlmusic-Label veröffentlicht und wird seine
Musik im
Zusammenhang mit selbstgedrehten Videos präsentieren.

TAG 2: 7.12.2002, ab 20 Uhr

THILGES3 ist eine österreichisches trio, welches gerade beim honorigen
Staubgold-Label die CD „Die offene Gesellschaft“ veröffentlicht hat.
Thilges3 arbeiten am Entwurf eines angenehmen und fordernden
Sound-Environments. Ihre rhythmischen elektronisch pulsierenden Klänge
entwickeln sich aus abstrakten Klangmustern hin zu pulsierenden

ANNE WELLMER AUS DEN Niederlanden vertritt die neue Schule der
elektronischen Komposition. Sie bewegt sich im Feld der Elektroakustik
– in
ihre computergestützten Arrangements werden Orchesterparts oder
Zuspielungen (Flöte, Harfe, Stimme) integriert.

RADBOUD MENS ist ein hyperaktiver Aktivist aus Amsterdam. Er hat den
Genre-Begriff des Microsound entscheidend mitgeprägt. Seine Sounds
loten die
Grenze des hörbaren aus: pulsierenden Technorhythmen werden auf einmal
zerstampft und zerfasert, bis von ihnen nur noch ein metallisches
zu vernehmen ist.








/ TARIFS 14-10-6 

le poids de la neige

et la salamandre

par compagnie turak









Dans un univers blanc comme neige, des archéologues campent à mille lieues de toute terre habitée.

Ils sont à la recherche des traces d’un mystérieux peuple nomade, d’objets quotidiens témoins d’une

civilisation disparue.

Objets usés, lavés par le temps, figures du passé animées par plusieurs comédiens danseurs, les

spectateurs voient surgir un univers de cités endormies d’une beauté à couper le souffle. Partis pour

une expédition imaginaire, les explorateurs ouvrent un nouveau champ de fouilles et inventent une

archéologie en mouvement. Archéologie d'un pays imaginaire, d'un monde vertical peuplé d'étranges


Un nouveau chantier archéologique imaginé par Michel Laubu, qui, au sein d'un bivouac, met à jour

un univers tissé de villes en sommeil, à l'aide d'objets usés, de figures abîmées et de marionnettes

mises en mouvement par plusieurs acteurs.

Un univers poétique qui nous transporte des plaines de Mongolie aux froides étendues désertiques de

Sibérie. Manipulation d'objets et bruitages, font de ce spectacle un patchwork étonnant et détonant.


Centre Culturel André Malraux - Scène Nationale de Vandoeuvre -

1 place de l'hôtel de ville BP126 54504 Vandœuvre

tel :03 83 56 15 00 fax : 03 83 53 21 85




ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI (Pologne): ordinateur


[ + invités dernières minutes:

Kasper T Toeplitz (France)

Julien Ottavi (France)]


CAVE12 --- 12, bd de la Tour --- Geneva --- SWITZERLAND


N.B: Zbigniew Karkowski donnera une conférence le vendredi 06 décembre à 12h15 à L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Genève, 2 rue du Général Dufour.



Zbigniew Karkowski est un compositeur et un interprète de musique contemporaine. Il est né à Cracovie en Pologne mais a vécu par la suite entres autres à Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo et Barcelone. Enfant il a étudié la musique classique en Pologne et adulte la composition durant cinq ans avec différents professeurs en Suède, France et aux Pays-Bas. Avec le recul, il considère que le seul professeur lui ayant appris queqlue chose de réel est Iannis Xenakis.


Depuis 15 ans, Karkowski travaille dans les sphères de la musique écrite contemporaine, de la musique industrielle, de la pop et des performances expérimentales. Il n'est pas intéressé par une définition traditionnelle de ce qu'est la musique, dans son opinion toutes théories et systèmes musicaux fonctionnant comme concepts culturels doivent être détruits. Il a présenté son travail dans plus de 30 pays sur pratiquement tous les continents. Il est convaincu qu'il relève de la responsabilité d’un artiste d’aujourd’hui de voyager, bouger et travailler autour du monde en vue d’être confronté, apprendre et comprendre différentes cultures et traditions et par là découvrir une vérité organique de l’humain et de notre planète. Il prône l’exil géographique, politique et social comme condition nécessaire à la vraie création. Et la « vraie création » est le seul acte qui compte vraiment.


Aussi déraciné qu’actif, Zbiginiev Karkowski est un portrait de l’artiste sonore contemporain. Son travail est complexe, spécialement pour les auditeurs qui préfèrent avoir leur cape d’avant-garde posé sur le squelette d’une vraie chanson. La majeure partie de son catalogue d’enregistrements - cinq douzaines de disques jusqu’à présent - est construite à partir de prises de sons sur le terrain. Le tout constitue souvent des champs éthérés de hantises, de textures et de bruits, de statiques et de grâces.


Après avoir passé plusieurs années au Japon où il collaborait étroitement avec la scène underground noise et expérimentale, Karkowski vit actuellement à Barcelone. Membre de Sensorband, il a collaboré avec un nombre considérable d’artistes et de groupe dont Aube, Blixa Bargeld, Merzbow, Stelarc, Z’ev, John Duncan, Francisco Lopez, Kasper T Toeplitz, Granular Synthesis, John Rose, Digital Primate, Cosmic Trigger, PITT, Mental Hackers... Il a remixé des groupes tel que Clock DVA, Blue for Two,  Phauss....


« Je ne pense jamais en termes de beau ou de laid, (…). Les seuls paramètres à considérer sont d’après moi le temps et le son. »


 « Mon travail a toujours tourné autour d’un processus d’apprentissage. Je travaille donc seulement sur des projets qui sont aptes à me donner et à m’apprendre quelque chose. »


«   Quand on fait quelque chose en temps réel (une performance) on a toujours le choix de risquer quelque chose ou de ne pas le faire et ceci indépendamment qu’on travaille avec des sons électroniques ou avec des instruments traditionnels. »


« Pour moi la musique a une fonction définie. Je la perçois comme un outil pour augmenter la conscience, intensifier l’état mental et comme un chemin pour découvrir dieu en nous-même. »  


Zbigniev Karkowski, citations issues d’une interview avec Marc Weidenbaum en octobre 2000 et du texte The Method Is Science, The Aim Is Religion écrit en 1992 à Amsterdam.


plus d'infos:




From: "Gust Burns"
Subject: Gust and Friends playing in Portland this Thursday/Friday

hi everyone, if you get the chance to come out to one of these, i think it will be worth your time. love to see you too.

November 22, 2002
Contact: Tim DuRoche
(503) 274-1896

The Portland Ancient Music Society presents
TRIPOLARITY: Improvisation from Seattle/Portland/San Francisco
Thursday, December 5, 8 pm
Tiki Room at the Jasmine Tree (401 SW Harrison)-$5 suggested donation

*San Francisco:
TRIPLE D-Aurora Josephson, voice/Jacob Lindsay, clarinet/Damon Smith, contrabass
*Seattle/Portland/San Francisco:
Gust Burns/Adam Diller/Tim DuRoche Trio with Damon Smith
At Play in the Fields of the Chord-Large band, tag-team conduction featuring Gust Burns, Adam Diller, Tim DuRoche, Doug Haning, Aurora Josephson, Jacob Lindsay, Tom McNalley, Kelvin Pittman, Damon Smith

Friday, December 6, 6-8 pm
(Nothing says Happy Hour quite like Free Jazz!)
Tugboat Brewing Co. (711 SW Ankeny)-No cover
Seattle/San Francisco/Portland
Gust Burns/Damon Smith/Tim DuRoche Trio
HaDiDu Monk: Doug Haning/Adam Diller/Tim DuRoche


Aurora Josephson (voice) studied with Alvin Curran at Mills College and has performed with contemporary Performance Ensemble under Steed Cowart and William Winant (including performances with James Tenney, Christian Wolff & Pauline Oliveros), George Lewis' Ensemble, Alvin Curran, Xopher Davidson, Elizabeth Gray, Danielle DeGruttola, Matt Ingalls, Henry Kaiser, Miya Masoaka, John Shiurba, Damon Smith, Andrew Voight. And has also collaborated with Alvin Curran and Adrienne Simms adapting Antonin Artaud's "Pour en finir avec le judgement de Dieu" ("To Have Done With the Judgement of God") for the stage. She is the daughter of Portland painter Mary Josephson.

Jacob Lindsay (clarinet/bass clarinet) has been an active member of the Transbay Creative Music scene since 1995 beginning with early collaborations with Bassist Damon Smith. He has studied clarinet with Ben Goldberg, Jim Freeman, and Mark Brandenburg, and has performed in the large ensembles of Ben Goldberg and Marco Eneidi. He received his BA in Music from UC Santa Cruz.

Damon Smith (contrabass) is one of the rising cornerstones of the Bay Area improv scene. He has collaborated with dancers, actors and poets including Poet Jack Brewer, scoring actor William Whaley's adaptation of Henry Miller's "Tropic of Capricorn" for actor and double bass and the west coast premier of the final collaboration of Merce Cunningham and John Cage "Ocean." Damon has performed with Peter Brvtzmann, the Deep Space Posse, Glenn Spearman, Jeb Bishop, John Tchicai, Andrew Voit, Douglas Ewart, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Eugene Chadbourne, Joe Biaza, Biggi Vinkeloe, Elliot Sharp, Wolfgang Fuchs, Peter Van Bergen, Mike Watt, William Hooker, Miya Masaoka, J.D. Parran, Mathew Goodheart, Gino Robair, Carla Kihlstead, Alan Silva, Tim Perkis, Jackson Krall, Eddie Gale, Gianni Gebbia, Fred Frith, Jaap Blonk, Jon Raskin, Phill Gelb, Marco Eneidi, Donald Robinson, J.D. Parran, Oluyemi Thomas, Prince Lasha, Henry Kaiser, John Butcher, and Peter Kowald.

Gust Burns (piano) was born in Tacoma, Washington and began studying jazz with Tacoma/Seattle pianist Craig Hoyer(of Bert Wilson and Rebirth) in high school. Gust attended the University of Washington where he studied jazz piano with Marc Seales, then transferred toWestern Washington University in Bellingham where he spent two years studying improvisation andcomposition with Canadian virtuoso pianist Paul Plimley, in addition to receiving his B.A. in Philosophy, focusing on Heidegger, metaphysics, and Existentialism. Based in Seattle, Gust co-curates a regular series at Velocity MainStage with Adam Diller.

Adam Diller (saxophone/clarinet) moved to Seattle in 2002 from Portland, following on the tails of a hiatus in New York, Poland, and Pennsylvania. Steeped in both the jazz tradition and contemporary classical music, Diller's work ranges from the playfulness of Monk and Conlon Nancarrow to the emotional bluster of a Albert Ayler or Sam Rivers to the austerity of Anthony Braxton, Xenakis, and Morton Feldman. Diller has performed with such folks as Rob Blakeslee, Bill Mintz, George Cartwright of Curlew, Carei Thomas, and so on.

Tim DuRoche (drums) has performed and/or recorded with such folks as Frank Gratkowski, Jon Jang/James Newton and Beijing Opera artists Pan Yong Ling, Li Jin Ping, and Li Hong Mei, Otis "Big Smokey" Smothers, Cap'n Jack McDuff, Douglas Ewart and Carei Thomas of the AACM, Michiel Braam, George Cartwright, Nuyorican poet Tracie Morris, and James Samuel "Cornbread" Harris, Sr. Since moving to Portland in 2000, DuRoche has appeared with Rob Blakeslee, Glen Moore, Rich Halley, John Gross, Michael Bisio, Dave Storrs, those upstarts in Super Unity, The Inquisition Ensemble, choreographer-dancers Linda Austin, Linda K. Johnson, and Elizabeth Ward, and a host of others. Interested in all manifestations of jazz form and disarray-from ragtime to no time-Tim's own projects have included tributes to poet Bob Kaufman and the musical genius of Al Jolson, soundtracks to silent films by Dziga Vertov, Robert Flaherty, F. W. Murnau, and Rudolph Valentino, and a raised-fist manifesto saluting Emmett Kelley.

HaDiDu Monk began in September 2000 in an attempt to explore the music of Thelonious Monk. The trio treats Monk's music as a generating structure for multiple layered improvisation. The group addresses the structure of Monk's entire output, bringing out similar and contrasting aspects of multiple compositions simultaneously. By allowing Monk's compositions to co-exist, deeper structural levels of Monk's music become active. This work is an attempt to maintain the vitality of Monk's music in a way that more literal modes of performance can not achieve.

DOUG HANING, TOM MCNALLEY, and KELVIN PITTMAN are active members of the Portland improvisational and creative music scene. Haning (piano, reeds, printing presses, arc welding) has worked with such folks as Michael Vlatkovich, David Valdez, Chris Lee, Travis McAllister, and others. His longtime group Sprinkler Water has released a number of limited-edition recordings. Haning and bassist Jonas Tauber have a duo recording pending. Tom McNalley (guitar) is a rising young force in Portland. Since moving here from Detroit, he's worked with Dave Storrs, Rob Blakeslee, Mark Burdon, Adam Diller, Tone Sharks, Jonas Tauber and others. Pittman plays alto saxophone in Super Unity and The Owl In Daylight (a Philip K. Dick cover band). He has also played in Control R Workshop and Rocket Science and the Nigger Loving Faggots. He also plays all other instruments and makes vocal sounds sometimes.




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*****DECEMBER 5TH 2002*****

 drum n bass in stock now...
 specially priced breakbeats...
9PM - 2AM. $5. 21+.  FREE BEFORE 10PM. SPONSORED BY C I T I Z E N - 7

For info email  or visit  And check





Friday December the 6th h. 21.00   Libreria Annexia   Stradone Sant'Agostino 8   Genova


In occasion of the presentation of the sampler Frammenti, sonorità in-tagli... Claudio Parodi will play his cheap electronics fed ONLY with the sampler.



Claudio Parodi

Via Trieste 46/23

16043 Chiavari (GE)


tel. +39 0185307740

mobile +39 3290276077




577 Records presents:Matt Glassmeyer - SaxNathan Hanson - SaxSean Moran - GuitarReuben Radding - BassFederico Ughi - Drums, compositions"OPTIONS"This project will play compositions by Federico Ughi, featuring many new works, including some songs with no endings.It is highly melodic music that inspires improvisation.December 4th 20027pm this WednesdayOne setThe Knitting Factory74 Leonard StreetNew York City , NY 10013212-219-30067$ CoverDIRECTIONSYou can take the 1 or 9 train to Franklin Street, walk one block south to Leonard, turn left and walk a block & a half to the club.You can take the A, C or E train to Canal Street, walk 4 blocks south and turn left on Leonard.You could also take the N or R train to Canal Street, walk down Broadway 4 blocks to Leonard, turn right, and see the club at the far end of the block.For more information visit: Ê577 Records CD Releases:577-1 ÊAstonishment - Federico U!
ghi/Daniel Carter577-2 ÊULERS Two - Federico Ughi577-3 ÊI thought it was the end of the world then... - Live at the Knitting Factory 2001- Steve Dalachinsky/Federico Ughi ÊÊÊIf you wish to be removed from this mailing list, please reply with "Remove" in the subject field. Thanks.






MARDI 10 DECEMBRE --- 21H30ÊZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI (Pologne): ordinateurÊ[Ê+ invités dernières minutes:Kasper T Toeplitz (France)Julien Ottavi (France)]ÊCAVE12 --- 12, bd de la Tour --- Geneva --- SWITZERLANDÊN.B: Zbigniew Karkowski donnera une conférence le vendredi 06 décembre à 12h15 à L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Genève, 2 rue du Général Dufour.ÊÊÊZbigniew Karkowski est un compositeur et un interprète de musique contemporaine. Il est né à Cracovie en PologneÊmaisÊa vécu par la suite entres autresÊà Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles,ÊTokyo et Barcelone. Enfant il a étudié la musique classique en Pologne et adulte la composition durant cinq ans avec différents professeurs en Suède, France et aux Pays-Bas. Avec le recul, il considère que le seul professeur lui ayant appris queqlue chose de réel est Iannis Xenakis.ÊDepuis 15 ans,ÊKarkowski travaille dans les sphères de la musique écrite contemporaine, deÊla musique indust!
rielle, de la pop et des performances expérimentales. Il n'est pas intéressé par une définitionÊtraditionnelle de ce qu'est la musique, dans son opinionÊtoutes théories et systèmes musicaux fonctionnant comme concepts culturels doivent être détruits.ÊIlÊa présenté son travail dans plus de 30 pays sur pratiquement tous les continents. Il est convaincu qu'il relève de la responsabilitéÊd'un artiste d'aujourd'hui de voyager, bouger et travailler autour du monde en vueÊd'être confronté, apprendre et comprendre différentes cultures et traditionsÊet par là découvrir une vérité organique de l'humain et de notre planète. Il prône l'exil géographique, politique et socialÊcommeÊcondition nécessaireÊà la vraie création. Et la «Êvraie créationÊ» est le seul acte qui compte vraiment.ÊAussi déraciné qu'actif, Zbiginiev Karkowski est un portrait de l'artiste sonore contemporain. Son travail est complexe, spécialement pour les auditeurs qui préfèrent avoir leur cape d'avant-garde posé s!
ur le squelette d'une vraie chanson. La majeure partie de son catalogue d'enregistrements - cinq douzaines de disques jusqu'à présent -Êest construite à partir de prises de sons sur le terrain. Le toutÊconstitue souventÊdes champs éthérésÊde hantises, de textures et de bruits, de statiques et de grâces.ÊAprès avoir passé plusieurs années au Japon où il collaborait étroitement avec la scène underground noise et expérimentale,ÊKarkowski vit actuellement à Barcelone. Membre de Sensorband, ilÊa collaboré avec un nombre considérable d'artistes et de groupe dont Aube, Blixa Bargeld, Merzbow, Stelarc, Z'ev, John Duncan, Francisco Lopez, Kasper T Toeplitz, Granular Synthesis, John Rose, Digital Primate, Cosmic Trigger, PITT, Mental Hackers...ÊIl a remixé des groupes tel que Clock DVA, Blue for Two, ÊPhauss....Ê«ÊJe ne pense jamais en termes de beau ou de laid, (.). Les seuls paramètres à considérer sont d'après moi le temps et le son.Ê»ÊÊ«ÊMon travail a toujours tourné a!
utour d'un processus d'apprentissage. Je travaille donc seulement sur des projets qui sont aptes à me donner et à m'apprendre quelque chose.Ê»Ê«Ê Quand on fait quelque chose en temps réel (une performance) on a toujours le choix de risquer quelque chose ou de ne pas le faire et ceci indépendamment qu'on travaille avec des sons électroniques ou avec des instruments traditionnels.ʻʫÊPour moi la musique a une fonction définie. Je la perçois comme un outil pour augmenter la conscience, intensifier l'état mental et comme un chemin pour découvrir dieu en nous-même.Ê»ÊÊÊZbigniev Karkowski, citations issues d'une interview avec Marc Weidenbaum en octobre 2000 et du texte The Method Is Science, The Aim Is Religion écrit en 1992 à Amsterdam.Êplus d'infos:ÊÊÊÊ










Wonderful Christ mas Greetings to you!


It’s hard to believe that we’ll be in countdown mode once again in a few days. This year was the fastest I ever lived!


I still remember when we were having the Listening Party for PERSEVERANCE after Watch Night Service ended last year! No one really knew what to expect. I was quite nervous as I walked around, anticipating what the reactions might be. I even remember retreating to my studio for a moment, arguing with myself that no one was really going to like this music and for those who said they liked it were only being polite.


I had no idea whatsoever what was to happen and in looking Back to what has taken place and Forward to the schedule for this month and the opportunities that await us in the New Year, I hear Ephesians 3:20 being repeated over and again in my head:


…And now unto HIM who is able to do Exceeding Abundantly Above

All that we could Ask, Hope For or Imagine

According to the Power that is at Work Within Us…


It’s almost surreal when you take The LORD at HIS Word and what HE is able to accomplish through you when you step out in Faith!!

On behalf of The SOUNDOCTRINE FRIENDSHIP*, I really want to thank YOU for all of your Love, Encouragement and Support in 2002.


Here are a few things on the horizon for this month. Pray with us through it!


THE BORDERS BLITZ is still in Full Swing and we will be in ERIE PA on this Friday at 7pm. (See Tour Schedule Below)


We are very excited about the Next Friday, December The 13th as we will be in Cleveland Heights at The Borders Store (3466 Mayfield Rd – 216-291-8605) and are pleased to be able to participate in an act of sharing toward the Cleveland Children’s Aid Society and Applewood Centers ( *will be donating a percentage of their CD sales that evening toward this fine organization hard at working helping the Children and Youth in the Greater Cleveland Area.


Channel 56, the AATV Television Network will be taping the performance live for a re-broadcast throughout the Holiday Season. We are humbled to be a part of such a worthy event. Please come out and celebrate with us. The event is FREE and begins at 8pm.  I especially want to thank Ms. Pam Georgiana, Area Marketing Manager of The Borders Group for hosting us and to Ms. Corrie Sheahan of the Applewood Centers for all of her time and effort!


Beginning TONIGHT, you can here the* Radio Interview right here on your computer!


The Upper Room with Joe Kelley” will be playing music from PERSEVERANCE and conducting an interview with JERE B. Joe will also be giving CDs away during the broadcasts, which run through Friday, Dec 6th.


Mr. Kelley is a Veteran DJ/Promoter celebrating twenty years in radio. He broadcasts from WVOF in Fairfield, CT.

You can hear the program by clicking here: We are truly grateful for the wonderful opportunity he has extended to us. We also give a big shout out to Gi Dussault for all of her hard work!!!


Please PRAY for Campus Crusade for Christ’s Christmas Conference 2002 in San Diego, California. The event takes place from December 28 – January 1 and College Students from all over the world attend annually. You can find out more by clicking here:


We are blessed that CCFC chose to use “YOYO” as their Theme Song in their Official Video to promote this event.

Many thanks to Stephanie Dunnam for the opportunity!


Kudos to Judy Samuel at OASIS CD for including “YOYO” on their Urban 2002 Sampler and to WSVN (Hi Eric) for choosing “YOYO” on their WSVN Hall of Fame I Compilation CD!


Among other appearances and productions we are attending to this month, we are most grateful to Independent Film Director, Mr. Art Byrd who has taken it upon himself to write, direct and present a Documentary, based upon the making of PERSEVERANCE and the myriad of people who help make up *. We appreciate his sacrifice of time and commitment to a meticulous regime of hunting everybody down and shooting at moment’s notices. We also appreciate Pastor K.L. Simon of New Bethel Baptist Church and Pastor Terry Boles of Rising Star Baptist Church for their patience and kindness during the filming process.


Finally, * will be participating in First Night Youngstown on Tuesday, December 31st. This is our first time appearing in this annual event and we are humbled at the City’s invitation to us being a part of this grand affair.

I will need to update you on the exact time and location we will be performing, but do know that we are trying to get that time early enough so that we can start the New Year off CORRECTLY – In The House Of THE LORD!!!









Dear friends & colleagues of Cuneiform;

Cuneiform Records is moving its offices & warehouse.

Our email address, snail mail address (post office box), fax number, and
phone numbers will remain the same.

However, OUR COMPUTERS AND PHONE LINES WILL BE DOWN for sporadic periods
while we are reinstalling systems in their new location between Dec.
30th.  If you contact us sometime during that period and our phones or
are not working, please try again the next day or the day after. They
be working reliably/without interruption by January 1st.

If you have a *promo emergency* during this period (yes, those critical
when you MUST speak with us immediately), please send us an email with
subject heading of *URGENT- FOR JOYCE*. We will contact you
immediately. We
apologize for any inconvenience.

Because of the New Year, we will NOT be releasing new CDs in January

send out more detailed information about those releases after our move.

We greatly look forward to working with you in the New Year, from our

May each and every one of you have a wonderful holiday season.  And
yes, to
all we extend this Season's essential Greeting:
*PEACE on Earth.* *GOOD WILL to ALL men.*

May the dawn of the New Year bring new hope, that peace and reason can
will prevail on our troubled planet.

And now I must return to packing boxes......

very best regards,
Director of Publicity and Promotion
Cuneiform Records




Autour de la Compagnie Hervé Diasnas : le musicien et son instrument

Stage destiné aux musiciens professionnels et amateurs (niveau avancé) - Musiciens dotés d'un instrument "transportable" - Penser à se munir de celui-ci pour la formation.



23 / 24 janvier 2003, 10 / 11 février 2003, 1er/ 2 mars 2003, 15 / 16 mars 2003



"Apprivoiser l'effort, accorder l'instrument avant d'en laisser s'échapper la mélodie, pour que le corps disponible et complice puisse répondre à l'élan dans un espace appréhendé avec lucidité…"     

Hervé Diasnas


Si la relation musicien-musique paraît tout à la fois évidente et mystérieuse, celle qu'il entretient avec son instrument n'est pas moins énigmatique. L'instrumentiste est un acrobate des doigts, un virtuose du souffle, un danseur de bras mais il n'a pas conscience, la plupart du temps, de ce que cela entraîne en terme de maîtrise corporelle. Car les musiciens (hormis les chanteurs qui sont leur propre instrument) sont toujours des duettistes…

La rencontre qui est proposée a pour objectif d'élargir le champ d'expérience corporelle du musicien. Il s'agit de le conforter dans sa relation à son instrument pour que celui-ci devienne un prolongement naturel de sa personne physique. La notion d'espace sera également étudiée avec méticulosité. La formation est d'un accès aisé. Elle peut être interprétée comme un "coaching", un accompagnement corporel dans l'exécution de la musique.






LIEU : Abbaye des Prémontrés – Pont à Mousson (54)


INTERVENANT : Hervé Diasnas


DUREE : 4 périodes de 2 jours (2 week-ends et 2 séries de 2 jours ouvrables) - 48 heures


PUBLIC : encadrants de la musique et musiciens


En coproduction avec le Centre Culturel André Malraux - Scène Nationale de Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy






Hi folks,
there's "music" happening in a smoky drinking place,
called the Jasmine Tree.  It's happening on:

SAT. THE 7TH OF DECEMBER, 2002 starting at 9 PM
and the line-up is:
(Jasmine Tree, 401 SW Harrison - $3)

It's a varied bunch ranging from rock/performance to
free music trio to whatever that thing is that I do.
According to the Mercury, it's very classy, but pay no
attention to them.  I'll be experimenting with brand
new material that blends many layers of mal-treated
instruments and objects, field recordings, live
manipulation, perhaps slides, words, images, etc.

"actually does sound fun." JS - Mercury

Hope you can make it.


seth nehil 3745 se belmont #1 portland, or 97214 usa







My name is Geri Gates and I want everyone to know that I am being featured on Two newsgroup compilation CDs. The first being the Vol. III in which I have three songs on the first disc of a two disc set. Tracks 15 "Skinny Legs" 16 "Love On The Run" 17 "Ragman." This set is available for free by e-mailing and asking for the compilation and mentioning that you are a fan of the newsgroup just e-mail Les at:
I am also being featured on the upcoming
compilation 5 CD set coming out very soon. I am to be the last song on the 4th disc and the song is entitled "Affairs Of The Heart." The R.A.P. CD set should go for somewhere around $15 to $20 as the final price has not been finalized as of this time. If you are interested in getting this professionally produced CD set go to the newsgroup and look for updates on it's release or contact me at Anyway I just wanted to get the word out to everyone who may be interested in good old fashioned pop music as I am so that they may get their hands on these two incredible sets. Thanks for your time.

God Bless
Geri Gates



free performance  |||   saturday,     december     14      |||        7:00 pm

you are invited
to my apartment
in hapjeong, seoul, south korea
for a free short solo performance
of a new structured improvisation
in 6-11 subdivisions entitled:

"old music"

|. theater of operations
||. unfit to stand trial
|||. the scandalously beautiful hypothesis of my secret name
|V. brute luck: "sound slender" is not "slender sound." between them
something passed...
V. composed on the occasion of my daughter's wedding
V|. for nathalie sarraute
V||. he is just as he insists people should be
V|||. reagent
|X. one for djll
X. a misnomer hallowed by tradition
X|. a weird map

"old music" was composed by joe foster in 2002.
joe foster is a cornetist who also plays all other things.
he was (is?) a member of the foster/jenkins/eubanks trio
[ ], super unity [ ],
don brown and dan reynolds, mantonal, the hundred flowers ensemble,
the boris and natasha dancers, the owl in daylight, uneasy, and pointy, and
has been a repeat participant in peevish [ ].
he studied poetry with louise gluck and lawrence raab and addressed music
beginning in 1995.

people with whom he has played include
but are not limited to: jean-paul jenkins, bryan eubanks, wilson zorn,
taylor aglipay, matthew voga, kelvin pittman, marvin gardens, ezra reece,
blair saxon-hill, david gross, jack wright, morgan guberman, tom djll,
george donchev, linda austin, tim duroche, glamorous pat, daron key,
and garth powell. for a longer, more inscrutable list,
some mp3 music samples can be found at

joe foster's compositional strategies are called dan reynolds.
in the past they have involved eccentrically mapped physical and
psychological preparations prior to the performance:
directed reading, writing, and listening, personal emotional excavation,
association and acquisition, childish non-directed play and dietary
alterations. ostensibly, the pre-performance regimen counter-intuitively and
sub/pre-consciously simulates a non-boring version of conventional
'practicing' (and investigates the nature of a 'practice') and the
physical/emotional/[spiritual?] preparations mingle with performance
conditions to inseminate the shape and character of the ensuing 'free'
improvisation at the time of performance, siring a monstrous offspring.


my apartment is located in hapjeong ( near hong-dae ), very close to subway
exit #3. my home phone # is 02-323-6189. i suggest that you find hapjeong
( brown and green lines ) go to exit #3 and follow the balloons.

as this is just my apartment and not a performance venue,
it will be a very casual experience. the performance will be short and will
be followed by a party. i will provide some refreshments,
but please bring your own as well. as with all +i love music+ events,
there will be a $0 / \0 admission fee [ +i love music+: ]

while space is limited, feel free to bring a friend or two who might enjoy
this creative music!

joe foster
#402  394-64   seokyo-dong    mapo-gu      seoul      korea        121-840




WELCOME  WELCOME  *  This is a season   *  WELCOME  WELCOME
4pm  Sunday, Dec 15 * Polestar Music Gallery * 1412 18th Ave (@ E. Union)

Wish for you to join us for a playful sounding (and rendering of the
simple score) of the Paintings with Strings exhibition currently on
disPlay at Polestar Music Gallery.

Many of you may have seen the pieces before or during breaks at recent
performances at Polestar and that Henry and I have needed to replace
strings and retune periodically seems to support that there has been
serious and involved inquisition into the pieces.  But, there hasn't been
a time (since the opening night, and during those nice, soft moments when
for whatever reason no one seems to be speaking) that one gets to
experience the sound of all the instruments being intently discovered and
actively played by a group of people.

We wanted to make a time when we could gather folks together to experience
the collection with that being the primary focus.  Its getting ready to
come down soon - Dec 23rd - so this will be the last public "Sounding" of
the set.

I hope that you can join us for listening, playing and a bit of festivity
(resident birthdays abound this week!!).  Take care of yourselves through
this season.  Sheri & I are off to the East coast for 2.5 weeks starting
soon.  Hope to see you next Sunday.

Happy Holidays however and whatever you celebrate.
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Sunday, December 15, 4 PM, FREE, All Ages

Sounding 'Paintings with Strings'
A Performance and Interactive Exhibit

Join us for an ensemble sounding of Paintings With Strings, the eight
painted stringboards on exhibit at Polestar through December 21. The
Ready Made Ensemble will perform a mixed-use score that will allow
listeners to hear the individual resonant features of each board in a
spare and open soundscape, as well as combinations of techniques and
textures in duets, trios, and all ensemble play. The audience will be
carefully cycled into the evolving "piece" until its conclusion.
Freely improvised explorations will be encouraged in the end.

Paintings with Strings is a collaboration between New York visual
artist Danijel Zezelj and Seattle instrument maker, improvisor, and
music therapist David Knott. Since the summer of 1997, Zezelj and
Knott have worked alternately on the project to create this series of
"instrument paintings." Beautiful to look at and offering a peculiar
resonance when played, the pieces blur the distinction between the
visual and sonic arts. This sonic-visual installation opened on
October 30 and continues on exhibit through December 21, the end of
Polestar's fall performance season. You can interact with the
installation at appropriate times before, during, and after all
Polestar performances - or by appointment.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Polestar Music Gallery
Peggy Sartoris-Belaqua & Henry Hughes
1412 - 18th Avenue (at East Union)
Seattle, Washington  98122  USA
(206) 329-4224



Time to change Email addresses for C. Goff III and Taped Rugs. As you can see it's now:

Aural Innovations/Jerry Kranitz has done a mighty powerful showcase of Taped Rugs on line. Go to:
and check out stuff from over 20 years of Taped Rugs (C. Goff III, -Ing, Disism, Herd of The Ether Space, Turkey Makes Me Sleepy, Magic Potty Babies, Machinations, etc.)



















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