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     Lucifer is alive & up to his traditionally unwell bag o' trickz, to be sure.  Those "seven deadlies" run totally rampant in today's world... if you don't believe it, just take a moment to review what they ARE:


PRIDE - Embodied by today's business/(wo)men the world over, pride is "the excessive belief in one's own abilities".  We are told that we should admire those who "believe"... well, I (for one) do not admire slimes who walk over us regular folks to "get where they're going".   If we continue to "follow" these "leaders", their pride will take us on the ultimate RIDE... straight to the hell of foolish dreams.

ENVY - If envy is "the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation", we are probably all guilty of it to some degree... but if you compare it to "Shrubbie's" "desire for oil", you'll soon understand how sickening a sin it is!

GLUTTONY - As the "inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires", there is every visible sign that that "ole' debbil" got hiz HOOKS in all 'round OUR nation!  We could try & blame it on th' exotic ingredients in Mickey D's boogers, but I doubt that will rescue most "Amurricans" from an old age of utter despair when all that grease catches up with 'em!

LUST - I'm reading that this sin is "inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body", but I rather think it's simply tied to ANY form of pleasure... being a bonafide hedonist, I would be hard-pressed to deny having some of this particular "deadliness" in me... but I'd a heckuvva' lot rather be accused of this than some of the others.  OTOH, all you have to do is look on th' news surrounding corporate heads trying to arrange meetings with 7 year olds, & you'll know how deeply this fault runs rampant in our society.

ANGER - A person who "who spurns love and opts instead for fury" is guilty of this anti-life sin... that's not to say that one should never get angry... it's just to say that if there is some love available, you'd be far better off choosing it than living in the middle of the hurricane.  How much of this nonsense about "keeping Sadaam in check" is based on opting out of love for other humans?

GREED - The "desire for material wealth or gain" must have somethin' to do with all these stupid state lotteries, eh?   How many citizens do you know who spend (well over) half their paycheck in hopes of cashing in... only to lose out of life? 

SLOTH - "Avoidance of work" is a sure symptom of being immersed in this sin... having just spent (nearly) a year out of a job, I can tell you that it is a killer of a sin... 'coz even if you are "honestly" looking for work, you still FEEL as though you are somehow "avoiding work".  

     Do I care if th' author of these bad traits "wins the war"?  You BET!  I have no desire (any longer) to be "out of control".  This obsession so many of us have to blame our ills on some external force (politicians, devils, bad karma, whatever it's trendy to point our fingers at these days) is what is REALLY at the root of all the evils running loose in the world today.  It is your mind... your spirit... your conscience... GET in TOUCH with yourself... make your OWN decisions... NO ONE can change you - but YOU!  THINK about it!


Till next time....



Rotcod Zzaj


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