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     I don't know about what you remember from our first war with Iraq, but I know what I have etched in my mind... clouds of dark smoke risin' above th' desert, with the (not unimaginable) possibility of throwin' th' whole earth back into an ICE AGE! 

     There is no justification for action(s) so reckless that they put the whole world in danger of near-term extinction; & there certainly is no way that one measly college dropout should be leading a nation to the brink of contemplating (yet) another disaster in the making!  Not without (some level of) proof!  Politicians are adept at bitin' off more than we can pay for... & why shouldn't they be?  It's no skin off their nose if the nation fumbles the ball, or if some damnable dictator sets the whole world on fire... oh, sure, they might not get elected th' next time 'round, but if their adventures come (even) close to "winning", they WILL get re-elected... & (for them), that is the only game in town.  Yah, I know, many Americans are enthralled with Shrubbie's "honesty" & "moral character"... but, who (among the followers in today's world) wouldn't be, after watching the public spectacle that Billary imposed on us each & every day for 8 years?   Don't ever forget that the reason a politician is hired in the first place is because they are successful at convincing (i.e., lying to) more of the people about their ability to fix or eliminate (insert your favorite political issue) than their opponent was!

     It's really not much different from th' (dirty) businessmen we see operating in today's sound-byte cacophony... though I haven't been on Wall Street, I've heard it from the mouths of some of the prime-slimes in today's business world... "it doesn't really matter if it works - the only thing that matters is if we can sell it to them"!  Today's business world is full of liars and scoundrels (& I know this for a fact, because I have worked with more than a few of them) - pitching their shoddy (soft)wares in rooms full of (other) fat business(wo)men whose salaries put them at such a distance from real folks (like you & me) that taking a gamble with our livelihoods isn't a factor anymore... because (for them), it's only that phroggin' brass ring that counts; if it all falls apart (for the business), so what... their bank accounts are well padded already.

     The thing that really scares me (& hopefully, it will scare you as well), is that business-folks and politicians (the few that I've been associated with, anyway, all seeming to have come from the same pool of common pond scum) have convinced themselves, & a horrifying amount of the world's populace, that their greedy goals are the norm; that we should aspire to be like them!  I begin to think that they honestly believe that people should want to be like they are.

     Kick back for just a moment... turn that damned TV off (so as not to be influenced by it's subtle messages), lower the lights & just reflect on what your life is about... it really doesn't matter what your favorite color is; or how you like your eggs... what does matter is whether you can think your own thoughts... and form your own opinions... and be who you really are.   As much of a curmudgeon as I (sometimes) tend to be, I still have faith that if a few hundred thousand of us would take a TV-less 3 minute break once/twice (or more) a week, & then turn our opinions/thoughts into a "letter to the editor", or a "rant on a website"... we would (in a matter of only a few months) turn the tide against these wretched weasels in wool suits.  Most people that I know are not greedy businessmen/politicos... they are not "managers", who only deal with spreadsheets or opinion polls... they are folks who work hard every day & want to put food on the table!  They didn't rise from a tainted gene pool... folks only get that way when they forget who they are!  People who can remember where they came from, & who they are, have the potential to be something that "managers" live in absolute dread of - Leaders!

     What is the point of my rant?  Speak out, people!  Take that "byte break" mentioned above, get in touch with your thoughts & feelings... then assemble them & tell these kings of krap that you do not want their riches... that you do not want to be like them... & that what you really want is to live in a world that looks upon politicians and their closely related (incestual) cousins, businessmen, for what they really are... snake oil salesmen... worth a guffaw or two, but certainly not worth following. 

     In fact, if you take those few moments of thought I'm recommending, then concentrate and focus on speaking/writing/performing your vision, we would/could have a world that didn't respond to the evil (and weak) urge to follow... & that is the world I want to live in - a world of individuals... a world of survivors!!!



Till next time....



Rotcod Zzaj


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