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ALL artists!  I am very, VERY happy to announce that IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION is ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS again.  I have been granted a (possibly long-term) stay of execution for my trip to Iraq.  I will still  be traveling all over the U.S., so new issues may be a little less timely, but (as always), we will review your materials as soon as possible after we receive them.  Look at the guidelines for submission below, please:


MUSIC:  All formats accepted.  Snail mail to:  Zzaj Productions, c/o Dick Metcalf, 5308 65th Avenue, Lacey, WA 98513  The only criteria for music you submit is that it MUST HAVE high performance energy... if you submit lacklustre material, it will be reviewed accordingly

POETRY:  Poems are accepted for publication ONLY via e-mail.  Poems submitted in any other fashion will NOT be published.  Poetry that includes some reference to music is granted first priority for publication.

BOOKS:  We will review some books; books about music are PREFERRED.  We will NOT return any books submitted for review.  Snail them to the address listed above for MUSIC.


DIY Announcements:  We will post your (e-mailed) ad about DIY projects, regardless of genre or medium... HOWEVER, this is ONLY for INDEPENDENTS... if you are a corporation, don't even BOTHER sending stuff... it will be marked and reported as SPAM!


We WANT your announcements/links about great places for D.I.Y.'er's... SEND us your links... e-mail to 








New release available in october / Disponible en octobre
Malcolm Goldstein (violon, voix)
'Hardscrabble Songs' (in situ - Orkhêstra)
"My feet is tired but my soul is rested" 
"Hardscrabble Songs"
"Where are we going when we’re standing still, looking backwards ?!"
''A New Song of many faces for In These Times" 
Malcolm Goldstein, composer and violinist, has been active in the presentation of new music and dance since the early 1960’s in New York City, as co-founder and co-director of the Tone Roads Ensemble (with Philip Corner and James Tenney), and as participant in the Judson Dance Theater, the New York Festival of the Avant-Garde and the Experimental Intermedia Foundation. Since then he has toured extensively throughout North America and Europe, presenting solo violin concerts and performing with numerous new music and dance ensembles. His music has been presented at various festivals such as : New Music America, Inventionen (Berlin), Prix Ars Acustica (Westdeutscher Rundfunk), Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, Pro Musica Nova (Bremen), TonArt (Bern) and Sound Culture (Tokyo) ; in collaboration with the Hessischer Rundfunk Ensemble fûr Neue Musik, L’art pour l’art, Essential Music, the New Performance Group (Cornish Institute) and others. He has worked with John Cage on several occasions, with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, as director of the HR Festival für Neue Musik, and he participated in the ‘’John Cage Anarchic Harmony Festival’’ (Frankfurt, 1992).
Malcolm Goldstein travaille depuis le début des années 60 à New York City dans le domaine de la musique nouvelle et de la danse, en tant que compositeur et violoniste, co-fondateur et l’un des directeurs du Tone Roads Ensemble (avec Philip Corner et James Tenney), ainsi qu’en tant que participant au Judson Dance Theater, au Festival de l’Avant-Garde de New York et à la Experimental Intermedia Foundation. Depuis cette époque, il a fait de nombreuses tournées à travers l’Amérique du Nord et l’Europe, donnant des concerts de violon soloet se produisant avec de nombreux ensembles de musique nouvelle et de danse. Sa musique fut jouée entre autres aux festivals : New Music America, Inventionen (Berlin), Prix Ars Acustica de la radio Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, Pro Musica Nova (Brême), TonArt (Berne) et Sound Culture (Tokyo). En outre, il travaille entre autres avec l’Ensemble für Neue Musik de la radio Hessischer Rundfunk, L’art pour l’art, Essential Music, le New Performance Group (Cornish Institute). Goldstein a travaillé à plusieurs reprises avec John Cage et la Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Il dirigea le Festival de Musique Nouvelle de la radio Hessischer Rundfunk et participa en 1992 au festival de Francfort : ‘’John Cage Anarchic Harmony’’.

en concert en France / on tour in France :
- played for 'Le CRIME' the october 20 at "La Malterie" (42 rue Kuhlman 59800 Lille).
- played at the festival ''Densités'' (pôle culturel de Fresnes en Woëvre)  the october 22-24 .
- created a piece "Sounding the fragility of live" for the exhibition intitled "Listening'' at the Center Pompidou during december in Paris.










spa.RK newsletter # 25
news and events related to spa.RK, Fibla, friends & acquaitances...

1. spa.RK artists live

Esglèsia Nova - 21:30h - free entrance
Sant Carles de la Ràpita (Tarragona)

from sept 10th to 12nd - SONARSOUND SAO PAULO
Instituto Tomie Ohtake
Sao Paulo, Brazil

sept 26th - BAM
La Bàscula (C/ Foc 21) - 18:00h - free entrance
w/ 12Twelve, B-Violet, Standstill, Tremendo and more

from oct 1st to 3rd - EKKOFEST
w/ Acustic, Dub Tractor, Andreas Tilliander, Ola Bergman and Jeans Team among others
Bergen, Norway

2. mmm... visiting Barcelona?

from sept 9th to oct 17th
with Mira Calix, People Like Us, Francisco López, Alejandra & Aeron, Paulo Raposo, David Shea, Coeval and many more

+ BAM (Barcelona Acció Musical)
from sept 23rd to 26th
with Balago, Top Models, Dorian, Fernando Lagreca, Federico Aubele, Sesam-O etc

















A LOS INVISIBLES una reflexión sobre esta realidad que nos toca...

Os esperamos este martes 7 de Septiembre* a partir de las  20h en la galería h2o, Verdi 152
Podreiss ver las fotos y escuchar la intervención sonora de GAT .

Hasta pronto,

*Abierta hasta el 30 de Septiembre de Martes a Viernes 16 a 20h y los Sabados de 11 a 13h












IBA col.lectiu d'improvisació 


Versió en català

¡ No Spaghetti Edition Festival !


Centre Civic Can Felipa a Barcelona, (Carrer Pallars, 277)

Del 6 al 9 de Setembre 2004

20'30 hores

Metro - Poblenou L4, Bus - 36, 42, 71, 92, 141, N6

4 € per dia


Solos, duos, trios, grups grans, etc compostos per:

Derek Bailey (ING) - solo de guitarra (el 9 de Setembre)

Axel Dörner (ALEM) - trompeta

Michel Doneda (FRA) - saxos sopranino / soprà

Xavier Charles (FRA) - clarinet / harmònica

Rhodri Davies (ING) - harpa

Giuseppe Ielasi (ITA) - guitarra / electrònica

Alessandra Rombolá (ITA) - flautes

Wade Matthews (USA)- clarinet baix / flauta alta

Ruth Barberán (ESP) - trompeta

Alfredo Costa Monteiro (PORT) - acordió

Ferran Fages (ESP) - giradisc acústic / electrònica

Ivar Grydeland (NOR) - guitarra / banjo

Tonny Kluften (NOR) - contrabaix

Ingar Zach (NOR) - percussió

Oriol Blanch - llums

Dorothee Schmitz - premsa

Per a més informació:  o


Amb el suport i la cooperació de:

Norsk kulturråd - Arts Council Norway, Norsk Jazzforum,

IBA col.lectiu d'improvisació, Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Agraïments a Centre Civic Can Felipa , Centre d'Estudis Musicals PASSATGE i Bartolomé Román




English version

¡ No Spaghetti Edition Festival !


where: Centre Civic Can Felipa in Barcelona, Spain (Carrer Pallars, 277)

dates: 6th - 9th September 2004

concert time: 8.30 p.m

how to get there: Metro - Poblenou L4, Bus - 36, 42, 71, 92, 141, N6

price: 4 EUR each day

Solos, duos, trios, large groups etc performed by these musicians:

Derek Bailey (ENG) - guitar (solo 9th September)

Axel Dörner (GER) - trumpet

Michel Doneda (FRA) - sopranino / soprano saxophones

Xavier Charles (FRA) - clarinet / harmonica

Rhodri Davies (ENG) - harp

Giuseppe Ielasi (ITA) - guitar / electronics

Alessandra Rombolá (ITA) - flutes

Wade Matthews (USA)- alto flute / bass clarinet

Ruth Barberán (ESP) - trumpet

Alfredo Costa Monteiro (POR) - accordion

Ferran Fages (ESP) - acoustic turntable / electronics

Ivar Grydeland (NOR) - guitar / banjo

Tonny Kluften (NOR) - double bass

Ingar Zach (NOR) - percussion

Oriol Blanch - lights

Dorothee Schmitz - press

for more information: o

made possible with fundings from, and in cooperation with

Norsk kulturråd - Arts Council Norway, Norsk Jazzforum,

IBA col.lectiu d'improvisació, Centre Cívic Can Felipa, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thanks : Centre Civic Can Felipa , Centre d'Estudis Musicals PASSATGE and Bartolomé Román









Dear Friends of LAMN:

Greetings! Join us for our monthly brunch this Saturday, September 4th at the Paradise Café. Also, please note that the early bird registration discount for the USC Entertainment Law Symposium ends Friday, September 3rd.

Lastly, please note our new address (below).

Be well.



Tess Taylor, President

Los Angeles Music Network

Post Office Box 2446 *** PLEASE NOTE NEW ADDRESS***

Toluca Lake, CA 91610-2446

Tel: (818) 769-6095

Fax: (818) 769-6191 






Hey folks,

Here's more news from Past and Present Webzine. We've made a few changes

since we last update, which was in the beginning of August. First of all

we've moved our website to another location and just left our archives at

the old address.

Secondly, from now on, we're going to turn Past and Present Webzine into a

weekly webzine and see how it goes. The first issue features 20 reviews:

·Release of the Week:

Burton L

·Album Reviews

Amorphis / Corporate MF / Devilinside / Grave / Fission / Lacrimas

Profundere / Morgenstern / Napalm Death / NYIA / Peachfuzz / Silo The Huskie

/ Tiger Saw / Time Machine / The Heavils / Thistle / Various Artists: Rock

Against Bush Vol 2

·Single/EP reviews

Infinite August / Marshall Star / Sicboy

and the interview section features four new interviews: Nebelhexe, Brandon

Wiard, Turisas and Beyond The Embrace.

Read it all here: 


Please feel free to send us promotional material to the address below.

Hans J. Eidisgard

PO Box 29

FO-470 Eidi

Faroe Islands

Via Denmark









Second Annual Spare Room Sound Poetry Festival
(and CD release party)

Saturday, August 28th
8:00 PM - midnight

Performance Works Northwest
4625 SE 67th Ave. (at Foster Rd), Portland OR
$6 suggested donation

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Dozens of performers from near and far:

Chicago: Charles Bernstien;  San Francisco: David Braden; Ron Heglin; Moscow,
ID: Crag Hill;  Seattle: Ezra Mark & Bryant Mason; Portland: Ashley Edwards &
Zach Reno; David Abel; Kathleen Keogh; Bryan Eubanks & ensemble; ChuNiMu (the
ensemble formerly known as JJMAD); Lisa Radon & Tim DuRoche; Michael Stirling;
mARK oWEns


recordings from Italy
a video opera by Bethany Wright & Seth Nehil
special call-in guests


the CD release of the live Phoneticathon from last year's festival, courtesy of
Sad Penguin Records (

You don't want to miss it!

Sponsored by the Spare Room reading series:

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

For the second consecutive year, the Spare Room reading series brings together
widely dispersed practitioners of the literary-musical-theatrical art of sound

Though less familiar to audiences in the United States, sound poetry has a long
and distinguished history in Europe, where numerous international festivals,
recordings, broadcasts, and publications have been devoted to its
manifestations. Beginning nearly a century ago with the Russian and Italian
Futurists, and the Dadaists in Switzerland and Germany, and taking
retrospective roots in archaic and ritual utterances, sound poetry has been
elaborated in countless directions by post-disciplinary artists on every

(The extensive collection of text documents and sound files at is
perhaps the most accessible and comprehensive resource for an overview of sound
poetry, past and present.)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

What is Sound Poetry? Well, to begin with, it is not new. And since it began it
has not made sense. It takes language's constraints seriously. It is about
sound, and I have nothing more to say about it.
    -- mARK oWEns

The first phase, perhaps better-termed, the first area of sound poetry, is the
vast, intractable area of archaic and primitive poetries, the many instances of
chant structures and incantation, of nonsense syllabic mouthings and deliberate
lexical distortions still alive among North American, African, Asian and
Oceanic peoples. We should also bear in mind the strong and persistent
folkloric and ludic strata
that manifests in the world's many language games, in the nonsense syllabary of
nursery rhymes, mnemonic counting aids, whisper games and skipping chants,
mouth music and folk-song refrain,
which foregrounds as an important compositional element in work as
chronologically separate as the Russian Futurist Kruchenykh's zaum poems (ca.
1910) and Bengt af Klintberg's use of cusha-calls and incantations (ca. 1965).
    -- Steve McCaffery, "Sound Poetry: A Survey"

Leonardo da Vinci asked the poet to give him something he might see and touch
and not just something he could hear. Sound poetry seems to me to be achieving
this aim. PARTLY it is a recapturing of a more primitive form of language,
before communication by expressive sounds became stereotyped into words, when
the voice was richer in vibrations, more mightily physical.
    -- Bob Cobbing, "Some Statements on Sound Poetry"

I, personally, would prefer the chaos and disorder which each of us would strive
to master, in terms of his own ingenuousness, to the order imposed by the Word
which everybody uses indiscriminately, always for the benefit of a capital, of
a church, of a socialism, etc....
    -- Henri Chopin, "Why I Am the Author of Sound Poetry . . ." (1967)

The art is text-sound, as distinct from text-print and text-seen, which is to
say that texts must be sounded and thus heard to be "read," in contrast to
those that must be printed and thus be seen. The art is text-sound, rather than
sound-text, to acknowledge the initial presence of a text, which is subject to
aural enhancements more typical of music. To be precise, it is by non-melodic
auditory structures that language or verbal sounds are poetically charged with
meanings or resonances they would not otherwise have. The most appropriate
generic term for the initial materials would be "vocables," which my dictionary
defines as "a word regarded as a unit of sounds or letters rather than as a
unit of meaning."
    -- Richard Kostelanetz, "Text Sound Art: A Survey"









27. 08. 04
BiP_HOp Generation  night # 66
GRATUIT / de 23h. à 06h.
RecyclArt. - Gare Bruxelles-Chapelle // Rue des Ursulines 25 // 1000 Brussel

23:00 à 00:00 Philippe Petit présente la musique du label Raster:Noton
VJing : PHASE 04
Fondateur des labels BiP_Hop et Pandemonium Rdz, résident sur Radio Grenouille, co-fondateur et résident DJ des soirées Playschool, Dj/ip est devenu une
référence et une personnalité respecté dans le milieu electronica international.
Dj/ip se spécialise dans les sons  electronica, avant-hip-hop, ambient, dubby ou minimal-techno. Sur scène, il utilise 2 platines CD + un laptop qui lui permet
de rajouter des couches sonores. Ces amalgames sont constitués de sonorités qui empruntent à la science-fiction, de guitares préparées, de divers clicks,
électro-acousticismes ou field recordings qui forment un tapis sonore et donnent une profondeur de champs vertigineuse à l'ensemble. Il improvise souvent au
gré des fréquences de sa radio dont la molette tourne à toute vitesse mêlant et entremêlant les ondes. Philippe Petit aime ainsi varier les plaisirs. Tout comme
les disques qui sortent chez BiP_HOp, ses sets se suivent mais ne se ressemblent pas.. Ce soir, en guise d'introduction, préparation au set de Komet, Philippe
ne jouera que des extraits du catalogue du label allemand dirigé par Bretschneider, Carsten Nicolai et Olaf Bender (Byetone).

00:00 à 00:50 FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER aka KOMET (live - Allemagne) (Mille Plateaux/Raster:Noton/BiP_HOp)
Live image / son
L'allemand Frank Bretschneider  est bien connu pour ses albums de techno minimale chez Mille Plateaux dans le genre click n' cut et demeure un producteur
décisif dans la sphère électronique. Il est également le co-fondateur (avec Carsten Nicolai en 96) du prestigieux label Art Digital Contemporain, Raster:Noton,
dont l'ambition est. de faire passer une musique répetitive minimale dans le format pop. Komet joue une musique physique dont les sub-bass font vrombir
nos estomacs, mais reste minimale ou comme préfère la qualifier son créateur : "économique".

00:50 à 01:40 SI-CUT.DB (live - UK) (BiP_HOp / Background / Sprawl / Fällt)
VJing : PHASE 04
Si-cut.db signe pour BiP_Hop ou Background/Touch Of Class un dub digital enivrant et posé. Le londonien Douglas Benford fait de la musique électronique
depuis le début des années 90, il est aussi la moitié du double Tennis et le fondateur du label et des soirées Sprawl (connu pour ses fêtes virtuelles ou ses
performances de platines sérieusement malmenées...). Un récent album vient de paraître chez Highpointlowlife ainsi que deux titres sur les compilations
Background (aux côtés de Sutekh, Akufen, Andy Vaz...). Si-cut.db est également apparu sur le très couru Warpmart sampler, a travaillé avec Scanner, Anderw
Weatherall ou Add N' to X. Il vient d'achever la réalisation d'un nouvel album pour BiP_HOp : "from tears : beach archive" [bleep 28]
Une personnalité influente à plus d'un titre.

01:40 à 03:40 dj/ (BiP_HOp) ElectroFlash mix
VJing : PHASE 04
Philippe Petit anime BiP_HOp.
Lorsqu'il mixe, il cherche à faire danser les gens, à développer la culture de ses auditeurs, c'est à dire les divertir, les surprendre, les emmener hors du
quotidien. Le contenu d'un mix est donc primordial et la technique doit venir en appui créatif et ajouter une note live à l'enchaînement des enregistrements, de
sorte que la prestation du Dj soit un vrai spectacle vivant. Pour l'occasion il mixera un set rassemblant uniquement des titres joués, chantés ou composés par
des "droles de dames", très electro rythmé, ludique. Un ElectroFlash !!!

03:40 à 04:40 PAN/TONE (live - Canada) (BiP_HOp / Ladomat / Onitor / Background / Sub-Static)
VJing : Obtic
Pan/Tone est l'une des révélations de la scène techno minimale canadienne, promu "Best Techno Act, 2003" par le magazine NOW, ses prestations ont été
très remarquées lors des festivals MUTEK (Montréal, Canada), et AVANT MUTEK (Toronto, Canada) ou North by Northwest.
Pan/Tone joue régulièrement en Europe et au Japon. Sa discographie est riche de 28 enregistrements parus sur des labels tels que Sub Static, Revolver,
Background Records... Cette année sera celle de sa consécration puisqu'il sort un Maxi sur B-Pitch Control, un album sur Onitor, et un autre chez Ladomat,
un Maxi chez SubStatic... Et le double CD chez BiP_HOp : "newfound urban calm" (+ CD bonus de remixes) [bleep 26/27].

04:40 à 05:30 Gilles Obtic (live)
Gilles Berne présentera un mix de sa musique avec ses images.
Obtic explore le montage vidéo en temps réel, utilisant tables et logiciels de mix.Par ce truchement, Obtic quitte le monde audiovisuel pour une dimension
audiographique, créant une ligne de rencontre entre l'image et ce qu'elle suggère, le son et ce qu'il pénètre. La mise en scène d'un inédit visuel explore l'espace
live des musiques électroniques et permet l'élaboration d'une écriture sans cesse en renouvellement d'histoires et de sens. Obtic cherche ainsi des trames
oniriques et séquentielles, à 25 images seconde, des corps en suspension sur des rythmes et sur des fréquences synthétiques. Leur conscience d'un visuel
alerte est dirigée non vers une application effective de ce que nous voyons mais de ce que nous pouvons projeter à distance.
Le monde et son image, la résultante et le sensible libéré des circuits classiques de projection pour que l'image devienne sonore sans discours.
Les images d'Obtic accompagneront aussi la musique de Pan/Tone.

Vidéos :

-- PHASE 04 (Cleveland / Ohio - USA)  Images / mix vidéo
Ric Hudgins est le vidéaste du groupe Twine, aussi animateur sur Pirate TV, télépirate anglaise montée par Coldcut. Ses vidéos accompagnent les sets de
Philippe Petit (BiP_HOp) partout ou il joue. Issus des arts-plastiques, il retravaille et s'approprie les images, usant de techniques et démarches (collage,
sampling, mixage) particulièrement proches de celles du DJ qu'il accompagne. Un raz de marée pixelesque où se succédent ondes et vagues statiques...  Phase
04 déconstruit la vidéo qui retrouve sa nature originelle puis il la retravaille, la remonte, miroir accompli d'un combat visuel entre le monde des êtres de chair et
celui inanimé des hommes et de leurs machines







Highlights on Resonance104.4FM broadcasting live in
central London and across the Web on

1 September

Late Lunch With Out To Lunch
Presenter Ben Watson presents a case for Robert Wyatt.
Too often assigned to the "awkward leftie" bracket of
British pop, Watson maintains he's actually a great
soul voice to set beside Marvin Gaye and Curtis
Mayfield, as much due to his multilayered jazz-tinged
arrangements as to his extraordinary falsetto (judging
from the recent documentary on BBC4, going from
strength to strength). In typical Resonance fashion,
Watson argues his case by making segues few other
radio stations would allow: straight from I Want You,
Gaye's swooningly-sweet sex-and-more-sex suite, into
Wyatt's Rock Bottom.

Clear Spot
Vinita Rocketgirl has The Dears live in session. They
have just signed to Bella Union and have be a two page
new-band Radar feature to boot.

2 September
Alternative Radio Bulletin
War Crimes and Imperial Fantasies (part one) - a talk
by Noam Chomsky "When official enemies commit crimes,
they must be punished. That is an unquestioned staple
of public discourse. Occasionally, as in the torture
and killing of prisoners in Cuba, Iraq and
Afghanistan, a few bad apples tarnish the reputation
of the United States but the doctrine of our basic
goodness prevails. In an underreported revelation,
recently released documents from the Nixon White
House, unambiguously make clear that an order for
genocide came directly from the Oval Office. Unhappy
with the air force, Nixon tells Kissinger, "I want
them to hit everything" in Cambodia. The faithful
servant immediately conveyed the message to the
Pentagon: "A massive bombing campaign in Cambodia.
Anything that flies on anything that moves." Rarely in
history has a direct order for mass murder been
discovered and published. The reaction from the
political elites, the punditry and the media?
Undetectable. These interviews by David
Barsamian were recorded at MIT."

3 September
Mining For Gold
Jonny Brown is joined by novelist Luke Sutherland for
this weekly ascent into radio art.

What on Earth?
Dave Evans is joined by Stuart Durant who talks about
Indian classical music and plays some examples of it.

Clear Spot
Live from the long night of radio art (see,
with the Resonance crew performing live: laptop
whizzkid Chris Weaver, writer Julia Lee Barclay,
surrealist broadcaster Harmon E. Phriasyar, boy genius
Dan Wilson, and feedback musicians Sarah Washington
and Knut Aufermann - plus guests.

4 September
Hello Goodbye
Today's special guest is the legendary film maker/DJ,
Don Letts.  He plays a selection of tunes taken from
his latest compilation CD 'Dread meets B-Boy', a
collection of tracks personally chosen by Mr. Letts
with an eye (or should that be ear) on exploring the
influence of Dub Reggae on the early Hip Hop scene.

5 September
Justin Spears, writer and celebrty DJ is coming in to
explore the world of Piero Umiliani. Who he We hear
you ask - he's the man who wrote the infamous
"Ma-Na-Ma-Nah" and a whole lt more besides, from
brilliant vocal jazz film music to bonkers electronic

6 September
From Here to Now
Alfredo Genovesi asks people where they were and what
they  were doing when they heard news of what became
known as The 9/11  disaster. He also asks whether it
changed  their world & if  any good has come of it.

Clear Spot
Orlando Harrison is live in session.

7 September
London Ear
Ben Ayers from Cornershop is Ben Thompson's guest for
this ongoing audio cityscape.

Clear Spot
The Dutch Art Institute are live in the studio.

8 September
Clear Spot
Diana Mavroleon is in conversation with Adrian Palka.

Resonance Review
James de Caretet is joined by critic Paul Morley for a
look at the month's underground cultural events and

Resonance 104.4 FM - The Art of Listening

London's experimental radio art station: broadcasting live across central London and webstreamed around the world via














Just a quick reminder that Zen Tornado will be performing at Panamonica's in Tacoma this Saturday night (that's tomorrow, August 28th). So after you hang out and hear 1000 guitars play "Louie Louie" at Louie Fest or shake hands with John Kerry at the Tacoma Dome, head on over to Panamonica's (1117 Tacoma Ave S.) to unwind with a beer and your favorite modern jazz band.

Show starts at 9 and THERE IS NO COVER!

"Pitted against a jazz world that has long wallowed in old standards, old models of style and composition, and indulgent soloing, Rik Wright and his band are trying to do something new-- something distinctly jazz in nature, but fresh in compositional approach." - Tone and Groove, August 2004

We hope to see you there









Haven't been to AAJ this month? Check out our

4-part series on digital downloads, view hundreds

of new CD reviews, create a local jazz club listing,

read a dozen interviews, and more.


All the best!

Mike, Chris, Nils and the entire All About Jazz Staff 














PLETHORA will be performing live for the very first time on Saturday
August 28th in Seattle @ The Lo_Fi Performance Gallery. It will be a
split set with the mighty komafuzz so it is sure to be a hoot and a
holler! Also performing will be darph/nadeR & XISIX. Time is 9pm and
the cost is 5$ Hope to see you there.

Also...members of The Broken Penis Orchestra and PLETHORA have joined
forces with some other strange kinds from komafuzz, WaZu, The
Dropouts, The Saddlesores to form The Broken Human Machine. The BHM
will be doing a small NW tour the first week of September and will
be playing:

Fri Aug 27th - Portland, OR
@ The Dunes
w/ Nequaquam Vacuum & darph/nadeR
9pm FREE

Wed Sep 1st - Seattle WA
@ The Sunset Tavern
w/ Blackhumour & Bill Horist
9pm 5$

Thur Sep 2nd - Portland OR
@ The Jasmine Tree
w/ Smegma & Nequaquam Vacuum
9pm 5$

Sat Sep 4th - Oakland, CA
@ 21 Grand
w/ Bellona & Forms of Things Unknown
9pm 5$

And finally...CyberCantautores De Mierda from Spain will be releasing
a new one on PsychoChrist Productions. If you dug the insanity that
CCDM presented you with on the Bone Tickling Nightmare are
going to thrill at this one! The new release is called `Riete' and
will be released sometime towards the end of this year. We will keep
you posted.

Available Now

(PSYCHO 07) PLETHORA - Inner Workings of The Mechanism lim ed 50
(PSYCHO 08) Broken Penis Orchestra - 3" Dick lim ed 100 3"
(PSYCHO 09) Broken Penis Orchestra - Testicle Difficulties lim ed 100
(PCP01CD) V.A. The Bone Tickling Nightmare Pig 












As you probably noticed, i have not been performing locally much, the

past 2 months. Various concerts around the country have occurred

including an appearance as one of the invited guests at the recent

International Shakuhachi Festival (i performed a solo compostion of

my own and an improv duet with flute player, Jane Rigler) and once

again i was a teacher at teh renowned, Lark Music Camp

( in Mendocino county. Things are changing

in September with several fairly big bay area concerts including the

first local performance of my oldest ensemble, The Space Between, in

2 years! Also another Natto concert and the most recent collaboration

with dancer, Eri Majima. Below are the details. As always if you want

to be removed from my email list, please send an email response

asking so..

Sunday, September 12

8 pm

Berkeley, CA

CNMAT (Center for new music and audio technologies)

1750 arch street


The Space Between w/ Mark Dresser

continuing our long tradition of Space Between collaborating with

world renowned bass players in the intimate setting of CNMAT. Past

collaborations on this "series" have been generously documented on

CDs by the 482 music label and include bass players, Barre Phillips

(1999), Matthew Sperry (2000) and Joelle Leandre (2002). This year we

are back with Mark Dresser!

The Space Between

Pauline Oliveros -accordion

Dana Reason - piano

Philip Gelb - shakuhachi

Mark Dresser - bass

Saturday, September 18

Saturday, September 18th - 8 p.m.

Natto Quartet

Philip Gelb, shakuhachi, Shoko Hikage, koto, Tim Perkis, electronics,

and Chris Brown, piano

Trinity Chapel

2320 Dana Street between Bancroft Way & Durant Avenue in Berkeley,

California-one block from the U.C. Berkeley Campus. Trinity Chapel is

wheelchair accessible

Philip Gelb, Shoko Hikage, Tim Perkis and Chris Brown have performed

together in various configurations for years and finally solidified

as the Natto Quartet in 2002 to perform both composed works and

freely improvised music.

"...each sound has the self-contained integrity of a stroke of

masterful calligraphy... each musician seems to have a perfect bead

on the other's next steps... the resulting anticipation is as

rewarding as the music's frequently surreal hues." - The Wire

Sunday, September 19

Natto Quartet is performing in Portland, Oregon!

Monday, September 20 and Tuesday September 21

"Uncertain Future"

a new dance choreographed and performed by Eri Majima with live music

by Philip Gelb - shakuhachi, Joelle Leandre - bass and Tim Perkis -


Noh Space at Theater Yugen 

Noh Space

2840 Mariposa Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

Office - 415. 621.0507

Fax - 415.621.0223

Box Office - 415.621.7978

for more information on the various artists: 



Philip Gelb

Bay Area Shakuhachi School 














News flash from Rick:
For those who don't know already, Audience is back together rehearsing and have gigs booked in the UK. Their website is:

Check out Election 2004 for up-to-date election news, plus voter tools and more!













Broken Human Machine 2004 tour dates:

PsychForm Records proudly presents a brief flurry
of BHM shows, as they hit the road and tour the

fri.8-27 @ Club Dunes  1925 NE MLK  Portland, Or.
with: Nequaquam Vacuum, darph/nadeR
FREE   9pm

wed.9-1 @  Sunset Tavern  5433 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, Wa. with: Blackhumour, Bill Horist
$5   9pm

thu.9-2 @ Jasmine Tree  401 SW Harrison Portland, Or.
with: Smegma, Nequaquam Vacuum
$5   9pm

fri.9-3  -  ?

sat.9-4 @ 21 Grand  449B  23rd St.  Oakland, Ca.
with: Bellona, Forms of Things Unknown
$5   9pm

Broken Human Machine is comprised of members from
WaZu, komafuzz, Broken Penis Orchestra, PLETHORA,
The Dropouts, The SaddleSores and a few others odd
projects from the
An avant/experimental/anti-rock band whose influences
from Nurse With Wound to Rudimentari Peni to Bjork to
Steve Earl and
The live experience is an eclectic soundscape set with
aspects ranging from drone to power electronics to,
get this...actual
Freakish in nature and powerful by sheer will, the BHM
with the
likes of John Wiese and G.X. Jupitter-Larsen of
infamous Haters.
The BHM have released a 3" cdr on the PsychForm label
that will be
on the tour
called 'my cat pissed here...'.
We hope to see you there and remember to bring you goggles.

PsychForm Records







Welcome to a wonderful Northwest summer! As you may have noticed - Seattle now has the climate of San Francisco ! To celebrate the summer Zen Tornado held a magnificent release party for our new CD at the Lofi Performance Gallery in Seattle . Thanks to all of you who packed the venue wall to wall on such a hot July evening. There were so many of you there we spilled out into the street and made the neighboring venue owners jealous!

We'd like to give a special thanks to Pedro Alexander who arranged all the video special effects we experienced throughout the evening and to our band manager Vikki Anselmo who kept the whole thing from coming of the rails! also thanks to all the friends and family who catered the event and provided the free beer! For photos of the festivities check out the party photo gallery on our website (  ).


A review of the new Cd has already come out:

"Pitted against a jazz world that has long wallowed in old standards, old models of style and composition, and indulgent soloing, Rik Wright and his band are trying to do something new-- something distinctly jazz in nature, but fresh in compositional approach." - Tone and Groove, August 2004

The Cd is now available for purchase via the new HipSync Records web site  ( ), or in retail outlets like  ( ) and in your local record store (in the Seattle area).

Next up Zen Tornado hits the road again for shows in Tacoma , Portland and Chehalis:

1) Saturday Aug 28, 2004 @ Panamonica's in Tacoma

2) Friday Sep 17, 2004 @ The Blue Monk in Portland

3) Saturday Sep 18, 2004 @ The Matrix Coffeehouse in Chehalis

If you don't live in one of these areas but have friends there you think would enjoy the band - please let know we'll be in town.

It was wonderful to see many of you at the CD release party, and we hope to see you again at one of our upcoming performances.















When: Thursday, September 2nd, 9:30 pm

Where: The Jasmine Tree, SW 4th and Harrison

How much: $5


Press Contact: Noah Mickens 

(503) 445-8031

36 Invisibles: 


A confusingly similar show to the quasi-secret one we’re about to play at

Dunes, only held in a bar that we’re allowed to list in the paper (The

Jasmine Tree). What sets this public display apart is the presence of Grand

Dammes of the Portland Underground – SMEGMAAAAA!

So indeed – three mobs of cross-generational noise prospectors flopping at

the Tree to compare the day’s loot. Panning the moment for nuggets of the

real shit. There’s gold in them thar hills


The dawn of the West Coast instrumental noise scene is unusually easy to

identify – it all happened when the Los Angeles Free Music Society first

convened in the early 1970s, bringing the prog-psychedelic invention of

Beefheart and The Mothers together with the improvisational fireworks of

Ornette Coleman and the vulgar strangeness of Throbbing Gristle. There at

these very earliest gatherings was a rag-tag group of post-hippie burnouts

from Pasadena who went by the stomach-twisting monikker “Smegma”.

As the Golden Age of LAFMS began to wane, Smegma pioneered another trend in

california’s cutting edge – moving to Portland. They showed up here in

1979, when you were like four years old, and established a recording studio

and regular jam sessions at their legendary Pink House. Their illustrious

career has since included collabs with Merzbow, Wolf Eyes, Butthole Surfers,

and Robert Pollard. Their membership has included out giants like Dream

Syndicate drummer Dennis Duck and poet/journalist Richard Melzer. They’ve

spun off side projects from cable access show Brainfollies to local champs

The Gone Orchestra. They have, in short, built the most lasting and

significant body of work in the Freakverse; standing alongside The

Residents, Negativland and perhaps Bastard Noise as the titanic elder

statesmen of the West Coast Avant Nation. It’s incredible that they’re

still hanging around Portland, favoring us with cool little shows in tiki

rooms; while nutcases across the globe yearn for a single chance to see them


BROKEN HUMAN MACHINE: The quaint concept of the "all-star band" gains

horrific power when applied to the signees of Psychform Records.

That is, Kolorform Records and Psycho Christ Records, who are rapidly

abandoning their distinction from one another. The corporal product

of this consolidation is Broken Human Machine, a collective of

members from The Broken Penis Orchestra, PLETHORA, WaZu, komafuzz,

The Dropouts and others. There's no telling what might happen. 

NEQUAQUAM VACUUM: Portland's own post-asiatic scrapyard stravinskis

have recently suffered a major blow, as founding member Tyler

Armstrong walked away from America forever and took root in the rocky

explosion-farm known as Turkey. He is a terrorist sympathizer.

Nonetheless, the remaining members (Travis McAlister and Noah

Mickens - howdy folks) continue to explore the improvisational

possibilities of found and home-crafted musical instruments as a duo,

and with a rotating cast of collaborators. Recently returned from an

engagement at the Autonomous Mutant Festival, Nequaquam Vacuum is

prepared to dust off their beer kegs and get to work on the wild


Join us or what?

5000. - N.







Hey all,

Due to a limited Composition 3 participation situation, I am extending the

deadline for submissions until September 15th, 2004. Those who have

already submitted recordings of Comp 3 have demonstrated some creative

techniques and produced a wide variety of sonic atmospheres (thanks

much!). They also all indicated that the process of doing the project was

enjoyable. Why not join in the fun? For those who I've already

communicated with regards your inability to submit a recording, perhaps

this new deadline will help? If not, thanks for the interest.

To refresh your Composition 3 information click below: 


Best of the summer,










Hi everyone,

My wife and I have separated and I now have a new email address

which is: 

Postal is: 2401 Calibre Creek Parkway, Roswell, GA 30076.

Getting settled into my new apartment now, all is well, the

separation is friendly and everyone's okay.













   I have been making recordings of my own experimental and electronic music since 1981. For information on my 120+ releases, please visit my web site:
   I like to do trades.
Write soon,
Your friend in Florida,














    Former Java Flow Fans:

    There must be some way to let you know about the baby shower...

    Aug 22nd    at

    Wilderness West

    Yelm Highway,   Olympia


    WOW!   A girl................" Emma"  ....due  Sept 9th !!!


   Frank and Pam         360-412-3416         360-280-3419




















SoulVersive New Site Up and Running

Aug 11 2004 (001)



I am glad to inform that our new 'revamped' site is now up and running for you to come and check out. 

We are excited about the New Look site, and hope that you will all enjoy it.  We have now added some new additional features for you to enjoy.  As with any new site, we expect there to be a few glitches and bugs along the way, so we will welcome any comments you would like to put forward. 


Ok enough said --- so what's new @ SoulVersive Productions in terms of music?  


I want to inform you firstly, that our song catalog is NOW available for auditioning for Licensing to TV/Film and artists.  Our catalog encompasses broad styles such as R&B, Urban, Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop and Rock right through to the Alternative...selections from our extensive catalog can be heard online. will not be disappointed.......and not forgetting, a little background on who we are!!


SoulVersive would also like to announce that we are interested in licensing our EP entitled 'Alphabet of Life' for any projects you may be involved in and also into different territories.  If you or anyone else you know of, would be interested in licensing this project (which has received great reviews) or any of our other available tracks then please contact us.


Finally, and most importantly, I would like to add, that I hope this is email does not serve as a source of frustration to yourself, but more of a window into what SoulVersive Productions has to offer in terms of Music, Songwriting & Production.  In any case there is a removal 'link' at the end of this email, and my Team and I sincerely apologize in advance, if this email arrives in such a way as to offend.    Thank you for your time....


Well, here is just a snap-shot of what is currently going on.....


"It's All About Creativity, Styles & Music" at SoulVersive.  So enjoy the new site...



All the best - I look forward to hearing from you.


Cheryl Dublin

SoulVersive Productions

Music, Songwriting & Production
















For immediate release
August 14, 2004
Contact: Linda Austin  503.777.1907

What:    Holy Goats! Sunday Afternoon Improvisations
Where:   Performance Works NorthWest
        4625 SE 67th Ave. (@ Foster Rd.)
When:    Sunday, September 5 @ 2pm
Cost:    $7 at the door
        Admission includes coffee and bagels
Holy Goats! Sunday Afternoon Improvisations
an almost-monthly series devoted to experiments in dance and music
improvisation kicks off the 2004 - 2005 Season at 2pm on Sunday, September 5
with local and visiting talent.

Tim DuRoche, drummer from Portland, OR
Elizabeth Ward and Molly Whedbee, dancers from Portland, OR
Alison Gross and John Krausbauer, dancer and guitarist fom Portland, OR
Chris Cogburn, drummer and movement artist from Austin, TX
Scott Smith, movement artist from Portland, OR

Tim DuRoche is a jazz drummer, conceptual artist, curator, and freelance
writer living in Portland, Oregon. Over the last decade he's played all
forms of jazz from dixieland and grindhouse to swing, bop and beyond. As
comfortable with a pair of brushes and a snare playing jazz standards, as
with wind-up toys, gongs, sawblades, water, sand, and other sonic extended
techniques-DuRoche has created performances with Beijing Opera musicians,
Russian circus clowns, silent film, dance, spoken word, and with
installation-performance artists.
Elizabeth Ward first danced with Molly in an earlier Holy Goats when Molly
jumped out of the audience for the final jam. Since then Elizabeth convinced
Molly that staging a dance performance during the middle of a punk show was
a good idea. She's happy to be collaborating with Molly in what will be her
last Holy Goats before leaving for NYC.
Molly Whedbee finished her embriology thesis and took to manifesting organic
contortions in her own body rather than those of innocent tadpoles. She must
be a real dancer cuz that's what she mostly dreams about. Dancing with
Elizabeth is like a dream.
Alison Gross stands 5' and 5.5" tall.  John Krausbauer is 6' tall.
Chris Cogburn is an active performer, teacher and organizer within Austin's
creative music community . With a drive to see the Creative Arts grow
wherever he finds himself, Chris started The Creative Music Workshop in San
Francisco in the Fall of 2001 . Through the Creative Music Workshop, Chris'
focus has been to provided a bridge, a fuel, to provide and inspire
collaboration and connections within the greater Creative Arts community .
Cogburn has hosted performances and workshops with artists from every corner
of the country and Europe, most often in direct collaboration with local
artists, including: Frode Gjerstad (Norway), Tatsuya Nakatani (NYC), Tucker
Dulin (San Diego), Mike Bullock (Boston), Dave Dove (Houston - whom Chris
works with regularly teaching workshops in Houston area schools and
community centers), Alvin Fielder (Mississippi), Michael Griener (Berlin),
Jack Wright (Philadelphia), Paal Nielson-Love (Norway), Matt Ingalls (S.F.),
Sabine Vogel (Berlin), Bryan Eubanks (Portland) and many others . Beginning
in the Summer of 2003, The Creative Music Workshop has hosted an annual
creative improvised music festival - the No Idea Festival - featuring
improvising musicians from around the U.S. and Europe.

The last few years has seen Chris performing with national and international
improvisers including : Joe McPhee, John Butcher, Alvin Fielder, Marc
Whitecage, Matt Ingalls, Mike Bullock and Tatsuya Nakatani . He has, along
with Joe McPhee and Dave Dove, a cd slated for release on Pauline Oliveros'
Deep Listening label . He is also a member of the improvising trio
'Perruque' with
Kurt Newman (amplified guitar) and Aaron Tucker (clown) .

Scott Smith
dancer and performer from Boston, living in Portland for the last 5 years. He
has worked/studied with the Scott Kelman group extensively while living in
Portland, developing his unique approach to improvisation and performance. His
last solo performance made most people feel like they were on acid sans any
chemical input or props/set/etc. for that matter.

Linda Austin                    
Performance Works NorthWest   
4625 SE 67th Ave.
Portland, OR  97206












The New SounDoctrine

Alternative Christian Funkzine  


Full Newsletter Available Here





New Photo Album & Highlights from HBFF Trip to Hollywood




August Performance & Studio Schedule

Soul Patrol



Nu Soul

Album of the Year!



Jim Couchenour’s



Available Now

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Birthday Club






Meet our New Friends


SD Interactive

Listen to and Read Interviews from Archives


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Street Team



In My Mirror

Jazz Video



Download Road to Perseverance DVD Trailer







Hi everyone,

I just wanted to inform you we will no longer be receiving mail at this address. Our new email address is: 













Hello, all. The 4rd Annual Skronkathon BBQ is only days away, and

everything appears to be on track. Mega THANKS to Tom Duff

<> & Crew for putting this together again this year.

The Jazz House is at 3192 Adeline in Berkeley, just south of the Ashby

BART station at the point where Adeline and Martin Luther King Blvd merge.

Here's the final schedule:

Transbay Skronkathon BBQ

Sunday August 8, 2004

12:00 cypod rhythmic electronica

12:20 Thea Farhadian/Nina Egert samples+extended vocals+percussion

12:50 BREAK

1:00 Lx Rudis videogame synthpunk detritus

1:30 Phillip Greenlief solo saxophone

1:50 BREAK

2:00 Ernesto Diaz-Infante solo acoustic guitar

2:30 RYAN AND WILSHUSEN'S TAKLIMBA electronified kalimba+tabla

2:50 BREAK

3:00 Moe! Staiano/Vicky Grossi percussion+guitar/bass+viola

3:25 thollem piano

3:50 BREAK

4:00 Out of the blue Quartet Chicago quartet relocates to Bay Area

4:25 Devil Lovers Cremaschi/Shiurba/Rosenberg

4:50 BREAK

5:00 Josh Allen/Damon Smith sax/bass free jazz

5:25 Davignon/Djll trumpet/drum machine, uc/lc noise

5:50 BREAK

6:00 Joe Zitt/Katherine Setar folk songs w. improvised accompaniment

6:25 Grey Otter / Will Grant art songs, sort of

6:50 BREAK

7:00 People Middle-eastern "jazz"

7:25 Scot Gresham-Lancaster electronics/guitar

7:50 BREAK

8:00 Ghost In The House Oboe/Percussion/Lap Steel/Gongs

8:25 Amar Chaudhary laptop/acoustic+toy instruments

8:50 BREAK

9:00 Alexander Kort & Olivier Hamant electric cello/bass clarinet

9:30 Skronktet West Electric with Live Dancers

here's more information about the artists:



Fourth annual summer barbecue featuring Berkeley’s "adventurous,

improvised, non-standard music" practitioners. You bring the food, they

provide the grill. This year’s skronkers include Josh Allen & Damon

Smith, Ad-hoc Microtonal String Quartet, Beau Casey, Amar Chaudhary,

Alexander Cort & Olivier Hamant, Matt Davignon, Ernesto Diaz-Infante,

Thea Farhadian & Nina Egert, Ghost In The House, Phillip Greenlief, Scot

Gresham-Lancaster, Grey Otter & Will Grant, Jim Ryan & Andrew

Wilshusen’s Taklimba, Skronktet West, Moe Staiano & Vicky Grossi and


Berkeley The Jazz House, 8 August 

ACME Observatory

a s e r i e s o f c o n t e m p o r a r y m u s i c

@ The Jazz House

3192 Adeline in Berkeley, CA USA 








The Los Angeles Music Network promotes career advancement, education and good will among music industry professionals.

LAMN: Connect. Advance.


Table of Contents:

1. Tess Notes – Art of Artist Management Wrap-Up

2. LAMN Events and LAMN-supported Events

a. Aug 1 – Lecture: MUSIC, the MEDIA and YOU (LA)

b. Aug 2 – Panel: The Incredible Shrinking Profit Margin (LA)

c. Aug 4–6 – Billboard Hip Hop Conference. LAMN $399, reg $650 (FL)

d. Aug 5 – LAMN / Circle of Songs Showcase featuring LAMN members

e. Aug 7 – Dim Sum Brunch (LA)

f. Sept 13 – Career Lecture (LA)

g. Sept 18 – USC/BHBA. 2004 Entertainment Law & Business Institute (LA)

h. Sept 24–26 – Artist Mgmt. Summit, limited FREE tix for LAMN members (TN)

i. Nov 13 – Independent Distribution Solution -w- Clay Pasternack (LA)

Scroll down for full details or go to To be unsubscribed from LAMN’s email list, please reply with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line or click on the link at the end of this email. Thank you.


Dear LAMN Members & Friends:

Join us next Monday, August 2nd for “The Incredible Shrinking Profit Margin” panel and mock negotiation with DARRYL FRANKLIN, ESQ., (Interscope, Geffen, A&M Records), DINA LaPOLT, ESQ. (LaPolt Law), and CAROL PETERS (Peters Management Syndicate). Full details below (please scroll down).

Thank you to ARTHUR SPIVAK, ANDY GOULD and RICK SALES for a splendid program last week. Read Scott G's report below. Thank you to all who attended.

Get connected, stay connected and improve your value in the marketplace. From our events and workshops to ongoing networking opportunities, we invite your participation!



Tess Taylor, President

Los Angeles Music Network

Post Office Box 8934

Universal City, CA 91618-8934

Tel: (818) 769-6095

Fax: (818) 769-6191 












Friday, September 10th, 2004

The worlds most sought after live trance act:

(Twisted, UK)
Simon Posford is not only the world's most respected Trance Producer (Simon is also half of SHPONGLE, half of YOUNGER BROTHER), he is also the most watched, followed and copied Trance artistt. Ask any of the international trance artists who they most want to work with, who they most respect and by whom they are mostly inffluenced, they will all say Simon Posford and his live-act HALLUCINOGEN. This is Simons first visit to the US since 2001!.

Just back from his tour to Ibiza and major European Festivals, with his brand-new, signature contageous full-on music.

Darkrad & Mantis are generatin gmore and more International interst and enthousiastic responses.

(Resident DJ of Konvocation, DC / Soular Records)
Jay, from Baltimore, has been part of the US trance movement for many
years and by far one of the e most visible and respected Psy Trance Artists on the East Coast.

530 West 27th Street
(between 10th & 11th Avenues)
10pm till 7am

$30in advance
(plus store commission)
$35 @ the door
Valid Picture ID is Required

---Ticket Outlets---
Vinyl Market
Holiland Market
611 Philadelphia
Satellite NYC
Sonic Groove
Hoomoos Asli

Tickets also available at

While visiting, sign up to our email list, so that you will be informed personally of our upcoming world-wide events and releases. INFO LINE: 212.439.8124











¡ Hola !
Soy Ruth Barberán, de IBA col.lectiu d'Improvisació y os escribo para saber si se os ocurre alguna posibilidad para programar un concierto de cine en directo...
El caso es que nuestro colectivo es el encargado de la programación de la próxima edición de la Setmana de la Música Experimental a Metrònom que se celebrará del 1 al 5 de febrero de 2005 y para inaugurar dicha semana elegimos a la formación francesa Cellule d'Intervention Metamkine que es un trío formado por dos cineastas y un músico que ofrecen, como decía antes, un concierto de cine, adaptándose a cualquier espacio y con el espíritu de los grupos de música que van de gira en coche (porque llevan todo su material a cuestas: proyectores, espejos, ácidos, aparatos de música...)
Son realmente buenos; nosotros los conocimos en un festival en Francia y ya los programamos en diciembre del año pasado, en Barcelona, pero los volvemos a traer porque mucha gente no los pudo ver y valen mucho la pena.
Ahora que ya se ha confirmado la fecha para Metrònom, nos han escrito para ver si podíamos darles algún dato para, aprovechando el viaje a España, poder actuar en algún otro lugar.
Estaríamos encantados de que así pudiera ser porque estaría muy bien que llegaran a otros lugares y porque además de hacer un trabajo excelente a nivel artístico, también vale la pena conocerlos personalmente.
Sé que alguno de vosotros no sois programadores, pero os he incluido por si acaso...
Por favor si se os ocurre alguna idea, decídnoslo:
o bien poneros directamente en contacto con
JÉRÔME NOETINGER electro-acoustic devices
CHRISTOPHE AUGER cinema projectors
XAVIER QUÉREL cinema projectors

So where else could we try to play in Spain ,

all the best

-- ------------------
Jérôme Noetinger
50 passage des Ateliers
38140 Rives
Tél. 04 76 65 27 73

muchas gracias por vuestra atención...
besos y buen verano,













Jazz pianist and composer PennPAT artist David Leonhardt and
The David Leonhardt
Jazz Group

August 7 Scranton Community Concerts Nay Aug Park Grand Opening
Celebration of the new amphitheater
August 8 Hellertown Music In The Park Series

August 10 Westfield Jazz Festival

Coming up This Summer and Fall

Prince Theatre Chestertown, MD, Geneva Concert Association, Elkins WV, Tug Valley Arts Council, Palmyra Jazz Festival, Pennsylvania Academy Of Music


“a powerful presence among pianists” Jazz Society of Oregon Magazine pianist David Leonhardt once again shows why he is so well regarded among his peers” All Music Guide Steven Loewy
“ this CD reaffirms Leonhardt’s talents as a composer” Cadence Magazinecall 610-252-9892 e-mail

Pennsylvania Arts On Tour Roster Artist! 
David Leonhardt
Leonhardt Music
Big Bang Records 
90 Stage coach Drive
Easton, Pa 18042








27. 08. 04 BiP_HOp Generation night # 66

Brussels - RecyclArt. From 23:00 to 06:00. FREE ENTRANCE

Frank Bretschneider (live + visuals) + Si-cut.db (images Phase 4) +

Pan/Tone (VJing Obtic) + dj/ (images Phase 4) + Gilles

Berne (live +


RecyclArt. - Gare Bruxelles-Chapelle // Rue des Ursulines 25 // 1000


T +32 2 502 57 34 //


mail-list by 

max/msp spanish mail-list 

max/msp spanish links 














Dear Friend,
Please forgive the impersonality of this form letter...
I'm writing this letter on the computer at my local library: I'm having computer problems and have temporarily terminated my internet service (I don't know when I'll be able to get the problem fixed and, in the meantime, don't want to be charged for internet service that I can't use).  Until you hear from me again via email, I can only be reached by phone (724-342-9081) or snail-mail (347 W. State St. #4, Sharon, PA 16146).  You can email me here (, but I don't anticipate coming to the library to check my mail very often, so you might not get a response or it will be significantly delayed.  Sorry for the inconvenience, if any...











Update for Summer 2004 for:

Don Campau/ No Pigeonholes/ Lonely Whistle Music

No Pigeonholes

This is a radio show hosted by Don Campau featuring music by home produced and small studio artists from around the world in many styles. It is broadcast on KKUP 91.5 FM to the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas twice a month, the 2nd and the 4th Sundays from 3-5 PM. I want your original , home recorded music.

The backlog for the show is heavy right now so it may take awhile to air your music, thanks for your patience .If you recently sent your music for airplay I will get it on as soon as possible.

Don Campau/ No Pigeonholes/ PO Box 9162/ Santa Rosa CA 95405

European broadcast and additional internet archiving by Radio Marabu, a shortwave collective in Germany. "No Pigeonholes" broadcasts were suspended for some reason during the spring of 2004 but the station assures me that they will continue to carry the show. Write to them and ask for it by name!

Past playlists are available at:

CDs and cassettes of past shows are also available, contact me for details:

Lonely Whistle Music

Micro label featuring the music of Don Campau, Robin O'Brien, Timo, Dino DiMuro, Nicole Campau and many international artists.

New releases:

Don Campau and Ray Carmen "All Of It" First collaboration from these long time home tapers combines the pop sensibilites of Carmen with the guitar and vocals of Campau. 6 song EP $5

Various Artists "The Mars Dark" A crazy 3 CD set edited and assembled by Josh Mars with contributions from Josh, Myke Marss, Dr Calvin Marze and Don Campau.

This project was a reel to reel chain mail collaboration of odd sounds, ancient synths and collage type noises. 3XCDR $10

Charles Rice Goff III/ Don Campau "Reupholstered Vinyl" Mail collaboration of cover versions featuring "Kooks" by Bowie, "Sky Pilot" by Eric Burdon and The Animals, "Epistle To Dippy" by Donovan and others.It's completely wacked. CDR $5

Robin O'Brien "Ilsanjo" The first all new album in 8 years from this incredibly powerful and personal singer/ songwriter.15 songs. Outstanding! $6 CDR

Coming in 2005:

"Pen Pals 3" a double CD mutli artist collaboration featuring, Don Campau, Dino DiMuro, R. Stevie Moore, CR Goff III, Amy Denio, Al Perry, Russ Stedman, J Mundok and many others.

"Pen Pals 4" , the single CD companion volume to #3 will follow shortly thereafter with the talents of Nick Bensen, Simon Felton, Joe Menichetti, Dan Susnara, Michael J Bowman and several others.

More information about the progress of this project at:



Go Ahead, You Review It

Review site where you are invited to participate. Most of the reviews are older now but this is still a good resource for information about artists on "No Pigeonholes". Also, film reviews from Joshua Peck are still available.

Museum of Rare and Live Music:

write for more information if interested, trades only



Julie DiMuro, the wife of Dino DiMuro ( friend,musician, sound editor) passed away in July after being in a coma for over a year from a car accident. Our thoughts, prayers and love go out to Dino, Friday, Elizabeth and their entire family. I do not know if Dino can answer your mail at this time but to send your condolences and regards email him at:


Independent musician Sean Laskey has recently completed his first film documentary entitled "Last Dance" with appearances from several SF Bay Area musicians, Berlin's Lord Litter and yours truly, Don Campau. The film touches on many aspects of being an independent musician with the bottom line emphasis on the passion that drives them. The first airing will be on KCSM in the SF Bay Area on 16 Oct at 11 PM. It will be airing in other parts of the country at a later date., freeform non-commercial radio from davis, CA. high-quality live streams, plus show archives

www.planetofsound.tkWe are a small collective of musicians and music writers who are offering free reviews, interviews and news for the Unsigned and Independent Artist. We are looking for sites that are music related, to link with. In exchange we will place a link on our link page as long as it is music related.

Wanted:Artists,actors, writers, musicians,craftsmen or anyone positive
submit your material (video,film, music or art) for cd and dvd mutli -
media publication and television program.
Preview it at: independent artist resource site review site Latvian review site for noise, electronic and experimental sound. Italian web site for metal oriented music Italian language review site, mainly metal Indie resource center, tons of links

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August 20-23
4th International Festival of Free Improvised Music in Lebanon
Friday august 20
10 p.m
- Scrambled Eggs (lebanon)
Charbel Haber : electric guitar, lyrics
Marc Codsi : electric guitar, electronics
Tony Aliyeh : electric bass
Said Aliyeh : drums
A truly unique band in Lebanon. Probably the only active rock group with a contemporary approach to this highly popular and evolving music. Following the deep heritage of Pink Floyd among others and the ground-breaking works of bands like Sonic Youth, rock has become more of an art form of expression, leaving few boundaries unshaken. Scrambled Eggs has taken on this difficult task of making the Lebanese rock scene more creative.
@St. George Yacht Club (01-365350)
Ayn Mraisse
Saturday august 21
6 p.m
- Workshop Concert
Wade Matthews (usa) will hold a workshop on improvisation from august 17 to 19 open to all instrumentalists of any level. The results of wich will be presented live on that day. (Workshop info & registration : 03 32 33 39)
- "Toupie Tournante"
Video installation by Pierres-Yves Cruaud (france).
A chance to discover the visual art of Pierres-Yves Cruaud through several short-films from his DVD "Un Regard en Mouvement" (edited by Lowave), including a first time installation of his work "Passages" that will be on display throughout the festival.
8:30 p.m
- Rouba3i5 (lebanon/norway)
Mazen Kerbaj : trumpet
Christine Sehnaoui : alto sax
Sharif Sehnaoui : electric guitar
Ingar Zach : percussion
The fifth edition of Rouba3i, an improvisation quartet that combines three of the main voices of Lebanese free music with a guest percussionist (previous line-ups included Ninh Le Quan, Olivier Brisson, Edward Perraud & Sebastien Bouhana). Rouba3i's first concert in Irtijal will be with Norvegian Ingar Zach, a jazz trained drummer who became one of the pioneers of free improvisation in Norway during the nineties, and has since performed throughout Europe and the States, collaborating with musicians such as Derek Bailey, Phil Wachsmann, Barry Guy or Joe McPhee…
@ Espace SD (01-563114)
Dagher Building, Charles Helou avenue (end of Gemayze)
Sunday august 22
6 p.m
- Quentin Dubost & Jassem Hindi (france/lebanon)
Jassem Hindi : clarinet
Quentin Dubost : electric guitar
The second appearance of talented young guitarist Quentin Dubost in Irtijal. Quentin furthers his wide experience of collaborating with Lebanese musicians in duo with Jassem Hindi who is making his debut in Irtijal. The two are part of Parisian group Tato Royo and have started to work as a duo to develop a highly sensitive and minimalist music.
- Anastasis Grivas & Nikos Veliotis (greece)
Anastasis Grivas : custom guitar
Nikos Veliotis : cello
In collaboration with the Greek association Ektopia, Irtijal presents the duo of Anastasis Grivas and Nikos Veliotis. Grivas is a self-made musician who manages the Little Music Theater which is the main venue for free improvisation and experimental music in Greece, he started out on a guitar that he recuperated from trash, then moved on to create his own hand-made instruments.
Veliotis on the other hand is a classically trained cellist with a very contemporary approach to sound as in his solo work "Radial" (on Confront). He can also adapt his cello skills to various contexts, such as the FIN trio with Belgian free jazz legends Fred van Hove & Ivo van der Borght, or recently touring America and Japan with underground artist David Grubbs.
Together they create a delicate and subtle music.
8:30 p.m
- Matthews/Sehnaoui/Zach (usa/lebanon/norway)
Wade Matthews : bass clarinet, flutes, electronics
Sharif Sehnaoui : electric guitar
Ingar Zach : percussion
Wade Matthews came up with the idea of this trio in november 2003 when the three musicians met in Madrid during the Escucha'03 festival. Matthews and Sehnaoui have since collaborated in various combinations (with Australian percussionist Will Guthrie or Argentinian percussionist Diego Chamy and trumpet player Leonel Kaplan), but this will be the first opportunity to listen to the original project of a trio with Ingar Zach.
- Bao invites Stephane Rives (lebanon/france)
Jad Balaban : didgeridoo, electronics, voice…
Charbel Haber : electric guitar
Mazen Kerbaj : trumpet
Stephane Rives : soprano
Bao is simply the only local improvisation trio who have worked and performed regularly in Lebanon (at Rue 24), and enjoyed frequent guest additions (Franz Hautzinger, Sharif Sehnaoui, Jean Pallandre…). The three musicians use their different backgrounds (traditional, rock or jazz) to create a unique form of improvisation, often working with long time-spans, ideally open for an outside guest to dwell upon.
For Irtijal, they will encounter Stephane Rives, who's solo recording "Fibres" (on Potlach) has become a true landmark of soprano sax playing, breaking new grounds for this instrument since the works of Evan Parker or Michel Doneda.
@ Zico House (03-810688)
Spears Street
Monday august 23
8 p.m
- Tisha Mukarji Solo (india)
Tisha Mukarji : piano
"Following my experience working with a piano tuner and repairer, I stopped looking at the piano as a succession of black and white keys. Realising that for a piano to be tuned perfectly it relies on dissonance, I decided to explore the piano as a whole."
After studying piano pratice, theory and tuning in England, Tisha Mukarji is now focusing on contemporary prepared piano pieces and free improvisation.
- Rives/Sehnaoui/Veliotis (france/lebanon/greece)
Stephane Rives : soprano
Christine Sehnaoui : alto sax
Nikos Veliotis : cello
A first time meeting of the Rives/Sehnaoui saxophone duo (who has performed in Lebanon during the 2003 Spring Meetings and in France on various occasions) with Nikos Veliotis. The low acoustic volume of the duo and their work on resonance and harmonics should create an ideal setting for the addition of Veliotis' singular cello work.
11 p.m
- The Electric Guitar Meeting (france/lebanon/greece)
Marc Codsi : electric guitar
Quentin Dubost : electric guitar
Anastasis Grivas : electric guitar
As in 2003, the festival will close with a free zone and a one time electric guitar meeting involving three musicians who have never met before and have very different overall experiences in music. The magic of free improvisation allows us to hear them together.
@ Espace SD (01-563114)
Dagher Building, Charles Helou avenue (end of Gemayze)
On the web:
10 000 L.P = 1 day pass
25 000 L.P = Festival pass
40 000 L.P = Wade Matthews Workshop (including festival pass)





Outsound & UIRC Music Present

The 2004 3rd Annual Edgetone

New Music Summit 7/29-8/1


More information for the entire Summit 7/29-8/1: 



Thursday July 29th

Luggage Store Gallery

1007 Market St. SF 8pm $6-10




Matt Davignon – (turntable/drum machine)

Ernesto Diaz-Infante (4-track)

Philip Everett (drums/elec)

Lance Grabmiller (laptop)

Dina Emerson (voice)

C.J. Reaven Borosque (noise)

Marina Lazzara(guitar/voice)

Bob Marsh (cello/voice)

Marjorie Sturm (flute)

Rent Romus (saxophones/elec)

Ray Schaeffer (elec fretless bass)



solo voice guitar out-folk music

more artist info:: 



Friday July 30th

21 Grand Gallery

449 B 23rd St, Oakland

9pm $6-10


rhythmic granular textures harmonic washes dense



½ speed music


The Relief, experimental film



more artist info:: 



Saturday July 31st

21 Grand Gallery

449 B 23rd St,

Oakland 9pm $6-10


- Canto-Core Punk


(San Diego) –exp/noise


extreme laptop (San Diego)

more artist info:: 



New Jazz Review

Sunday August 1st

Music Union Hall

116 9th St. SF 8pm

$10 general, $8 senior/student

C.O.M.A (Stockton Ca)



More artist info: 







c/o Ernesto Diaz-Infante

Pax Recordings

PO Box 591138

San Francisco CA 94159-1138


"The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but rather the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity." --Glenn Gould








2/5 BZ aka Serhat Köksal : ªno turistik, no egzotik´

As live-performance artist, Köksal mixes raw electronica with an

Istanbul street noise backdrop and ghetto-blaster distorted oriental pop:

Turkish foreign and self depictions in the breakbeat shredder!

And the screen flickers, too: analogous to the sound, in addition to his

work on samples and electronics, Köksal also deconstructs Turkish films

from the 1970s: cut-up art for eyes and ears$3973

2/5 BZ aka Serhat Köksal played audiovisual performances in NY /

Eastcost Usa Tour 22 june - 11 july between .

and will be show 2/5 BZ's live audiovisual performance DVD '' Live at

CTM.03 '' in New York Video Film Festival 15 th July . you can download

festival program from this web site ; Belly Dance Electro Folk Punk & Video Cutups

from Istanbul

Wednesday 6/23 @ Wfmu in NJ - session


Saturday 6/26 @ East River Park Amphitheatre in NYC w/ Cat Power,

Double Leopards,

Valley Of Ashes, DJ Brian Turner

the show runs from 2PM until 6PM and will feature performances by Cat Power,

Valley of Ashes, Double Leopards and FMU Turkish fave 2/5 BZ. More

information and directions are available at

Sunday 6/27 @ "Share" at Open Air in NYC 2/5 BZ anounce :

Tuesday 6/29 - Nashville TN

Wednesday 6/30 - Louisville KY at Rudyard Kipling

Thursday 7/1 - Newport KY at Southgate House Parlour w/ Watersports

Friday 7/2 @ Columbus OH at BLD Studios

Saturday 7/3 @ Rochester NY at Buffalo

Sunday 7/4 @ free103.9 in NY

Monday 7/5 @ Hadley MA at The Schoolhouse

Saturday 7/10 @ Le Petit Versailles in NYC

2/5 BZ album review in usa magazine Blastitude ;

2/5 BZ will be in ' Þimdi Now / berlin . istanbul . vice versa ' august

2004 .


2/5 BZ aka Serhat Köksal played audio and video performance in

6 may Roxy / Istanbul

14 may Rathausgalerie / Munich

16 may ZKM / Karlsruhe$3973 English

18 may Cine Colibri / Stuttgart

20-21-22 may Prater / Berlin with Kanak Attack

25 may Brunenstr.183 / Berlin

26 may Skam / Hamburg

11 june Babylon/Istanbul

2/5 BZ tracks ' Ser Ekseni ' played in Radio FSK /Gagarin Hamburg MAy 2004.

and Radio FBi in australia

2/5 BZ

Since 1986, Serhat Köksal aka 2/5 BZ has been performing with tapes,

samplers, saz, electronics ,darbouka and spoken word. The style varies

between traditional music via experimental electronic sounds to

improvisation with elements that stem from Turkish cinema. He also makes

audiotapes, photocopy zines, stickers, CDR, flyers, DVD-R, posters, and

video cut-up works as collages of 70s and 80s Turkish melodrama and action

films, political propaganda and media imageries of social phenomena. 2/5 BZ

performed 'No Turistik No Egzotik Improvise/Electro Folk Cut' in 52 cities

in different geographies such as in Switzerland, France, Holland, Belgium,

Usa , Germany, Austria, Russia, and Poland. With '2/5BZ union in eurOPUA

Tour' he recently participated/performed to some international festivals

like Berlin Transmediale, 03 Festival, Istanbul Phonem Festival, St

Petersburg SKIF 7 Festival, Amsterdam WorldWideVideo/RGB Festival , New York

Video Festival , Rotterdam Music Bienal and have been aired on countless

radio stations around the world (WMFU, BBC, RCV,VPRO ) . 2/5BZ aka Serhat

Köksal composed musics some international experimental films from

Germany,Iran,Switzerland . He make sound art + video installation +

performances in exhibitions like in Graz ( Austria ) , Holon ( Israel ) ,

Zkm/Karlsruhe ( Germany ) , Proje4L/Istanbul (Turkey ) ,Rathaus/Munich (

Germany ) , Maastricht ( Holand ) and living/workin in istanbul .

2/5 BZ ' Peel Session ' 12 inch vinly released november 03 .

about BBC session

*2/5 BZ track 'No Touristik No Egzotik' aired in BBC Radio1 / John

Peel show

15 January 2004 . track ' Etnik Market Etnik Paranoia ' aired in BBC World

Service / John Peel Show in 22 and 24 January 2004 from 'Peel Session'

Gözel Records EP


*Playlist for Janitor From Mars with R. Lim - February 29, 2004 in

2/5 BZ Etnik Market, Etnik Paranoia Peel Session Gozel 12" from a John

Peel BBC Session 2003

* 2/5 BZ ' Peel Session '12 inch EP reviewed ***** in De:Bug magazine in

january 2004 .

* Serhat Köksal started radio program in Berlin Reboot Fm . He produce it

from Istanbul .

* EP in record store-mail order - distribution


brilliant mixture of traditional turkish music and advanced cut-up technics

- TIP!!!

* The Wire magazine write critic about 2/5 BZ in december 2003 .

'' ... Istanbul sound and visual artist 2/5 BZ 's piece ' No Touristik No

Egzotik' is a swirling flow of haunting .... ''


2/5 BZ september 2003 tour

5 th friday mares / maastricht played for soundart '

project-ctrl-alt-del 's openning act . later other participiants played

in istanbul ( merzbow, kim cascone , scanner , matt wand ,..for this project


9 th tuesday astrastube / hamburg

berlinOPUA tour

11th thursday eschschloraque / berlin haus-schwarzenberg

rosanthaller str . 39

12 th friday '' crashcourse '' in rungestr. 20 // berlin-mitte

/ meinebank

13 th saturday / salon bruit berlin

Schliemannstr. 40

14 th ssunday sama cafe 32, squat berlin-friedrichshain

16 th thusday gallery torstrasse 161 ,

10115 berlin

17 th wendesday automatenbar / berlin

2/5 BZ news ;

* DE:BUG.73 07/08.2003 magazine CD reviewed ***** ( ja ) about BerBat

Zöksal 's '' No Touristik No Egzotik '' album .

* 2/5BZ played Video and Audio performance in international World Wide

Video Festival in Amsterdam 23 may 2003 .

This live performance in Radio VPRO 's audio archive '' No Touristic No

Exotic Turkish Sound Terrorist '' ;

* Serhat Köksal ( 2/5 BZ ) composed ' Tehran 1380 ' documentry film's all

musics- film about Tehran city .

* 2/5BZ aka Serhat Koksal in John Peel Session BBC Radio 1 in 6 may 2003


6 may Peel Session playlist

' Peel Session ' tracks 1- No Touristik No Egzotik 2- Etnik Market,Etnik

Paranoia 3- Ampul 4- <THORN>er Ekseni

* BBC Radio3 ' Mixing It '11 may playlist .

* 2/5 BZ aka Serhat Köksal prepared musics for film Faites vox Jeux from

Film Chaos Gruppe .

* 2/5bz played in Austria,Russia in april 2003

* played in international SKIF 7 festival performance live audio and video DOM club moscow in 24 april

performance audio and video 26 april 2003 live

performance audio and video in graz/austria and also solo exhibition for

video art and sound instilation from 2/5BZ aka Serhat Koksal


2/5BZ aka Serhat Köksal

No Turistik No Egzotik Electro Folk Cut 2003 Tour

6 february international Clubtransmediale Festival Berlin

10 february Elektrohaus Hamburg

15 february Orkz Groningen

21 february Extrapool Nijmegen

22 february international Rotterdam Music Bienal/Worm Rotterdam

25 february Eschloraque/Neurotitan Berlin

26 february Salon Bruite/Dienstbar Berlin

27 february Galerie 5300/Bauhaus Univercity Weimar

28 february Voxxx Chemnitz

'2/5bz union in eurOPUA' 7 city/9 show tour finished .

played in international clubtransmediale festival in 6 february .

other some participiants ; recherzentrum ,random inc.,negativland , scanner

, ultra red , otto von schirach , pansonic ,john oswald , people like us


also played improvise with acoutic saz and electronics in international

rotterdam bienal in 22 february worm .other artists in this bienal

participiants ; chris cutler ,george lewis , eddie prevost ,..

* 20 march 2003 2/5BZ played in istanbul/Phonem festival . with other

participiants ; recherzentrum ,mu-ziq , carl craig , pansonic ,thomas


stage in 1 univercity , 2 club 1 venue .


* broadcasted interview with u.k. 's Channel 4 tv about 2/5BZ and turkish

pop cinema in 24/11/2001 .

more detail ;

* one track for Peace News magazine 's Fight War Not Wars CD compilation .

it publishing since 66 year issue august 2002 ' culture and resistance ' .

more detail about CD ;

* ' no touristic no egzotik istanbul cut up ' about 2/5 BZ in international

electronic music media culture magazine De:Bug April 2002

* Time Out Istanbul magazine article about 2/5BZ ; Scissors , paper ,.. on

the cut-and-pasting edge What's up with 2/5 BZ . in february 2003 .

* 2/5 BZplayed three concert with Tim Hodgkinson ( Henry Cow , K-Space ,

Konk Pack , The Work ,..) in Istanbul in 1999 .

WFMU international radio; wfmu's heavy pleayed recording 2001 lists:

2 may <>

18 may <>


web - info ; 

2/5BZ contact ; P.K.55 Suadiye 81070 Istanbul - Turkey

e - mail ; 












IBA col.lectiu d'improvisació


organitza concert #144



divendres 30 de juliol de 2004 a les 20 h


al centre Cívic Can Felipa

c/ Pallars, 277

metro Poble Nou







1ª part





2ª part


FERRAN FAGES  giradisc acústic




Després de dos anys de treball en grup, aquest trio presentarà el seu primer disc, ATOLÓN, editat pel  segell Italià Rossbin



Entrada: 4 euros













appearing at the
Saturday, July 31 at 2:00pm
Recent notices:
"Pianist Pete Malinverni is a wild cat. You only have to hear the two strikingly different solo takes of "Alone Together" here to recognize a free-roaming and perhaps cantankerous spirit.  Malinverni's playing can be dark, gritty and oddly rapturous...he digs into the piano and emerges with exotic treasure...the album's swerves reward a good listen.  The trio displays a close affinity, especially on the title track, a madcap dance-hall number that conjures the storm of live recording in the studio." Karl Stark, Philadelphia Inquirer


"On vacation in Greenwich Village two weeks ago, I heard pianist Pete Malinverni at a local jazz club. The performance was so powerful, I just had to review this album. Happily, the music [on "the Tempest] is equally explosive.

Malinverni is that rare improviser whose music remains accessible even as he calls on commanding keyboard technique to play lines more complicated than a New York Times crossword puzzle. Consequently, every listening to this CD will reward you with new insights.

Malinverni does more than just breeze through complicated scales in needlessly difficult storms of key changes. He plays lyrically with power. Think of exotic Italian race cars.
...keep playing the album to let your brain sink into the complex layers of sound which, like the layers of meaning in a great novel, never stop coming. No matter how much you think is there, play it again and you'll hear more.

For mainstream lovers of the classical American songbook, there are six familiar titles including "My Heart Stood Still," "Alone Together" and "It Could Happen To You." Those listeners who sit closer to the cutting edge will find much to appreciate in the way this pianist sets chords of brightly contrasting colors in such close proximity.

If jazz is to have a future, it lies in this direction."

Also appearing July 31: The Lewis Nash Trio, Kenny Garrett, Kurt Elling, John Abercrombie and a special birthday performance by Hank Jones along with Frank Wess and festival Artistic Director, Joe Lovano, who will make guest appearances throughout the day!
Thank you for your time.
Pete Malinverni
241 Avenue of the Americas, #1-C
New York City, NY 10014
phone/fax: (212) 206-8634













Airplay 101


by Bryan Farrish



This is a test email. The next email from us will be an Airplay 101

newsletter, which covers the process of getting radio airplay in

the U.S. and Canada. If you would rather not get these monthly

newsletters, just reply back and tell us.

And since you are reading this, we have some jobs available:

1. Part-time commercial record promoter, with at least 5 years

record promotion experience (indie or staff) at a major or

major-indie label, or indie promo firm. Experience with indie promo

budgets a plus. Must work from our Santa Monica office... no

out-of-office work. Super flexible hours. Applications are taken

by phone message ONLY, at 818-905-8038 x27

2. Full-commission part-time sales rep to sell music airplay

promotion campaigns to indie bands; must work from our Santa

Monica office... no out-of-office work. Super flexible hours. To

apply, call 818-905-8038 x55

3. Intern, 10 to 20 hours/wk, at our Santa Monica office to learn

how to work with bands and radio stations. School credit

offered, but not required. Super flexible hours. To apply, call

818-905-8038 x14

4. Part-time sales-trainee in our Santa Monica office, to learn the

process of selling music airplay campaigns to bands; will work

with and learn from a salesperson here, and may eventually

become a regular full-commission salesperson. To apply, call

310-998-8305 x11.



And lastly, Bryan Farrish will be speaking on an airplay panel at

the San Francisco State Univ. campus of Extended Learning, on

Saturday July 31st, from 9:30am to 11am. For info, see  . To register, call

866-462-2838 during the hours of 6am-5pm pacific monfri,  or sat 












I have a gig on September the 29th at YAH festival in Nottingham. I am looking for more gigs in the UK. I play free improvisation on self-modified electronics during the projection of a video loop. AudioCDr, playable CD, pic, bio and press are available. If you feel interested, please contact me outlist. Thank you in advance.
          Claudio Parodi
                              Claudio Parodi
                              Via Trieste 46/23
                              16043 Chiavari (GE)
                              tel. +39 0185307740
                              mobile +39 3290276077





Freunde von Klang und Gesang!

Seid herzlichst eingeladen zum



HOUSE CONCERT in der Moltkestr. 83!


New York Singer and Songwriter


sings & plays live




SA, 31.07.2004

Einlass 19:00

Beginn 20:00

7 Euro


Moltkestr. 83, 50674 Köln

Klingeln bei Kalff oder Lessau

Wie und warum:

Tel 0221.9499836 oder 0221.516903


cu then!


see also: 











Still some room left. Please forward to whoever might be interested.
Thanks, Scott Kelman


Attend a free workshop directed by Scott Kelman... for
those seeking to develop their own performance and

creative skills from a totally original perspective. The
workshops have provided inspiration to hundreds of
artists, performers and all others seeking more creativity
and presence in their work and life.

A recipient of many directorial and performance awards,
Scott¹s workshops contain influences as diverse as The

Marx Brothers to The Living Theater and Eastern culture

to Western jazz. The LA Times once wrote about Scott¹s
work ³...for anyone hungering for artistic integrity, vitality
and a touch of the bizarre.²

SUNDAY, AUG 1, 10:30AM to 1:30PM

The Brooklyn Bay, 1825 S.E. Franklin St, Bay K
Must Reserve/Limited Enrollment - CALL 503-777-5879 or


More info on Scott and The Brooklyn Bay see:   

1. At Powell and SE 21st head South (you¹re almost there)
2. At Lafayette make a right to 20th
3. At 20th make a right to Pershing
4. At Pershing make a left to 19th
5. At 19th make a right and street park anywhere along there.
At the end of 19th (it overlooks Powell), there are a series of white bay warehouses on your left. We are in Bay K (1825 SE Franklin, Bay K)
Please don¹t park in the parking areas of the bay warehouses without special permission.
1. Park anywhere north of Powell around SE 21st
2. Cross Powell to the south side of street
3. At Powell & SE 20th there is a walkway (sidewalk) heading west.
4. Walk along walkway for a little over a block and you¹ll see a series of white bay warehouses on your left.
5. We are in Bay K (1825 SE Franklin, Bay K).

If you¹re biking find the walkway at SE 20th and Powell (see above).
Chain bike to the railing at SE 19th by the walkway








Available Now! For General Consumption and Distribution!

(PSYCHO 07) PLETHORA - The Inner Workings of the Mechanism
     The 2nd Full length release from this sound sculpture project
is a strange and droning trip into your own visual world of audio
enjoyment. An excellent mix of surrealism and atmosphere. LIMITED

(PSYCHO 08) The Broken Penis Orchestra - 3" Dick
        A new EP from Dick Flick and the BPO. This 3 inch CDR is
wildly wacky and in true vein of the idiocracy of humanity. What can
we say, when Dick and the boys spew, who knows what will happen!
Comes with a special gift for your own little friend. LIMITED
EDITION OF 100, 3inch CDR.

(PSYCHO 09) The Broken Penis Orchestra - Testicle Difficulties
       The new full length release from the mighty BPO! God help us
all...will it ever end?!?! Well we hope not, 7 new concoctions to
drive you insane...or pacify your brain...which ever you prefer.
Contains the smash hit, `Fornication Under the Control of the King'.

Also Available Now...

(PCP01) V.A. - The Bone Tickling Nightmare Pig
         A new compilation from the PsychoChrist, an excellent
surreal sound explosion. Contains a previously released Mixed Band
Philanthropist track (long ago and very limited!) and all exclusive
tracks from PLETHORA, The Broken Penis Orchestra, anomali, Gate 33 &
DKD Girl, Forms of Things Unknown, IDX1274, komafuzz, WaZu, Erek
Gita, Anakrid, snma, Nequaquam Vacuum, Observe I, and CCDM. LIMITED

For info on ordering or distribution, please contact us at
psychochristproductions at or
Phone (Mon-Fri 7am-5pm PST) 425 513 1232
1926 W. Casino Rd #H207 Everett Wa 98204 USA 








Time to impress your Abstractions loving


You can catch THE ABSTRACTIONS live on the radio

twice!! on Monday July 26, at 8am on 90.3 KUSF FM in San Francsico ...AND at

4pm on KFJC FM  in Los Altos 

Foothill College.

on KUSF with Prem Lall's [ig] Noble show, 8am 

Abstractions morning lineup...

Matt DAVIGNON (turntable/sampler) 

Ernesto DIAZ-INFANTE (4-track) 

Philip EVERETT (drums/percussion) 

Marina LAZZARA (electric guitar/effects) 

Rent ROMUS (reeds/voice/odd things) 

Marjorie STURM (flute) 

Ezra OCTAVIO (baby noises) 


on KFJC with Mitch Lemay's Apartment Life show,


Abstractions afternoon lineup...

Ernesto DIAZ-INFANTE (4-track) 

Rent ROMUS (reeds/voice/odd things)

Listen in via the internet at 

The Abstractions will perform a set of remixed

versions of their "vision music" songs taken from

their "Ars Vivende" era and more crazed West

Coast psychedelia improv, anti-Bush songs and

sculpted sonic mayhem from their new upcoming

"Novo Navigatio" album. And they'll probably

stick around to talk and answer some "abstract"

questions with some tongue-in-cheek wit. Don't

miss it. Things get super freaky and weird with

The Abstractions!

You can also catch THE ABSTRACTIONS (the full

13-piece musical collective) in a rare concert

appearance, one show only!!! at the 3rd ANNUAL


29th, in San Francisco, atThe Luggage Store

Gallery (1007 Market and 6th) $6-10.

More info: 

Mp3 samples: 


“…cautiously sculpted shapes and frenetic

eruptions on the borders of unruliness.” --Julian

Cowley, The Wire

" of the best, in the direction where it

provokes the boldest and disturbing challenges."

--Eduardo Jorge Chagas, A Puta Da Subjectividade


"…sound-shaping on a really big canvas, sort of

like Pollock with microphones instead of

brushes…extreme freejazz and left-field

eccentricity " --RKF, Dead Angel

"The layers of evocation here, the collisions and

combinations of acoustic and electronic sound,

which approach jazz, electroacoustic improv, and

even post -rock, makes listening to them an

intriguing and imaginative experience." --Adam

Hill, Signal to Noise

The Abstractions, named by musician/poet/author

C.J. Reaven Borosque, was formed by Bay Area

musicians reedist Rent Romus and

guitarist/composer Ernesto Diaz-Infante. Taking

elements from a cross section of genres, The

Abstractions rip apart and redefine sonic surreal

textures and ideas offering a sonic pallet of

disturbance. Drawing from an improvisational body

of knowledge, the unspoken words transformed to

music, history, and social insight make up this

unclassifiable experimental music. Collective

member roster includes Jesse Quattro, vocals; Bob

Marsh, vibes/violin, voice; Scott Looney,

percussion; Phillip Everett, drums/percussion;

Alwyn Quebido, elec. guitar; Dina Emerson,

vocals; Sandor Finta, vocals (Los Angeles); Lance

Grabmiller, laptop/processing; Marina Lazzara,

elec. guitar; C.J. Reaven Borosque, noise

predals; and Marjorie Sturm, flute/lyrics.

More band info: 






c/o Ernesto Diaz-Infante

Pax Recordings

PO Box 591138

San Francisco CA 94159-1138


"The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenaline but rather the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity." --Glenn Gould



Cleveland Progressive Rock Fusion Fest
September 18th, 2004 at 7:00pm
at the Winchester Tavern & Music Hall
12112 Madison Ave., Lakewood, Ohio
Featuring five bands not in any particular order:
Intra, KMOB, The Byron Nemeth Group
The Rick Ray Band & Rare Blend
Admission is a mere $7.00
If any more info is needed please contact:
Rick Ray 440-259-2790



When it came time for Zen Tornado to celebrate their newest release, we decided to treat our fans like we approach our jazz and DO IT UP BIG TIME! I mean, WE'RE HAVING ONE HELL OF A PARTY!

- No cover

- Free beer

- Free appetizers

- 2 sets by Zen Tornado including special guests

- A multimedia show

- Free CD to every ticket holder

- Special after-party performance by Safe Behind Glass


This is our chance to throw a big party for all of you who have been so generous in coming out to all these strange little venues all over the state and supporting our bizarre jazz noodlings (meedley, meedley, meee!).


* We've rented Lofi Performance Gallery for the night.

* The first keg is on us, there's also a cash bar.

* There will be free food (appetizer platters).

* Everyone who hands the doorman a ticket gets a free copy of our new CD.

* We've got the same team that just did the multi-media work on Radiohead's last tour coming in to mix weird pictures and audio-visuals over our faces while we play.

* Zen Tornado will play 2 half-hourish sets (you know how we can ramble on), one promptly at 9PM and one some time around 10PM. We have invited several special guests to join us throughout the evening.

* At around 11:30PM we're gonna chill out and check out an "after-party" performance by Jim DeJoie's fabulous new rock group "Safe Behind Glass" featuring Alicia Allen on vocals.



It's on FRIDAY, JULY 23RD, starting at 9PM.

Lofi Performance Gallery

429B Eastlake Avenue East , Seattle WA . 98109

TO GET IN THE DOOR (and get your free cd) YOU NEED A TICKET.

So how do you get a ticket?

You download one here:

Print it out (there's four per page so your can bring your friends) and hand it to the door man.

That's it!

We're really looking forward to hanging out with you at this special event. If the guys at Lofi would let us, we'd dig a hole in floor and start a big bonfire to have ourselves a huge barbecue ritual right there in the venue; but I'm thinking their insurance company wouldn't dig that so much.






did you check in the crazy record store department and

see how it devleops? please spread the word as well about it!

maybe you can have alittle article then?? 


The Mexican Cultural Institute and Joie de Vivre
would like to invite you to a screening of a
bilingual documentary film by Patricia Cunliffe:
                        A Language of Passion
                                 (Un Lenguage de Pasion)
An inspiring bilingual portrait of
Latino artistry in Los Angeles today.
      Visual Artists                           Musical Artists
        Vibiana Aparicio Chamberlin                        DJ Monkey
        Rudy Calderon                                              Lisa Lynne Franco
        Cecilia Miguez                                               John Freiberg
        Arturo Mallmann                                          Lumbre del Sol
        Eloy Torrez                                                  Luis Perez
               with                                                        Mariachi Voz America
        Sergio Arau
        Imelda Hinojosa
        Audreyann Martinez
        George Robles
        John Valadez
        Sergio Zenteno
"The pan-Latino contribution to North American art continues to grow
in size, scope, influence and complexity. It's not only fascinating to look more closely at this Latino presence, it's necessary. A Language of Passion
thus makes its own valuable contribution."
                                                                -     Peter Frank, art critic
Please join us on
Saturday July 17, 2004
at 5:00 pm
in the Gallery (downstairs) at:
The Mexican Cultural Institute
125 Paseo de la Plaza
Los Angeles, CA   90012
Located downtown Los Angeles, at Olvera Street, directly across from Union Station
There will be a Q&A panel with the filmmaker
and artists Rudy Calderon, Cecilia Miguez
and Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin
following the screening
For additional information:




Dear Friends,

I'll be performing outdoors in the Millennium Park Grand Opening

celebration tomorrow, Friday evening,

July 16, from 6:30 to 7:15 in the Bank One Promenade, North Plaza, near

Randolph and the Pritzker Pavilion.

It's free and there are many other performances that night, and through

the whole weekend.

To download the park map and get more info on Millennium Park, visit

< >

Best regards,



Eric Leonardson 



hello to everyone on my mailing list remotely close to the west coast--

i'm happy to announce that i'm touring this summer with the great
vocalist lizz wright. we just returned from portugal, and are leaving
on friday for a two week european festival tour. we'll also be on
the west coast with a couple of dates in august, and i'll be returning
to the bay area later in the month for a brazilian music workshop.
in the hope that you'll be able to catch us in california, here's the info:

€saturday, 7 august at 8 pm
double bill with hiromi
waterfront at the california plaza
300 s. grand ave.
los angeles
ticket info, directions, and a complete schedule
are available at

€sunday, 8 august at 2 pm
san josé jazz festival main stage
plaza de cesar chavez park
market street
san josé
schedule, directions at

both gigs will feature:
lizz wright, vocals
deanna, piano
carlos henderson, bass
mark colenberg, drums
and from august 22-28, i'll be outside of the
bay area attending a brazilian music workshop.
i'm open after the 28th, so if anyone has suggestions
of venues to check out (i.e., churches, clubs) or needs
a pianist, i'm flexible on extending my trip!

feel free to email me to let me know if you'll be attending
one of the performances-- i'd love to see as many of you
as possible! in other news, i'm recording a new cd in the fall
and will be posting downloads of sheet music, interviews
with my bandmates, lessons, etc, on a soon-to-be-posted
addition to my site supported by

happy summer!
€Recent guest on Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz
€Winner of the 2002 Great American Jazz Piano Competition

Witkowski is not far from jazz stardom with her
keyboard techniques, her mastery of exotic time
signatures, her imaginative composing, and
her wordless vocalizing. Remember her name.



Ladies and Gentlemen of the Fourth Estate, kindly use the following as the

official reference for our 7/25 show at I.C. Mummy. Previous release did

not include local phenom Soriah.

What: 36 Invisibles presents

When: Sunday, July 25th, 9:00 p.m.

Where: International Club Mummy, 332 NE San Rafael off MLK



How much: $6


Press Contact: Noah Mickens

(503) 944-5044 x.231

(503) 282-5143

36 Invisibles:


Start here for sound clips, photos, and links to the artists in question:

Hidden away in Oakland, California, far from the eyes of mortal men, lives a

tribe of inspired freaks who go by many names – Katabatik Soundsystem, The

Plaguewater Collective, SPAM Records – whatever your call them, these young

men and women are the Unseen Hand behind the most engrossing and bizarre

group performances you are ever likely to see – comic, tribalistic, and

envigorating flights into unreality. Are they mad as a hatter? Does it


The Autonomous Mutant Festival, for example, has essentially been the work

of this extended East Bay Dynasty (along with The Spaz and 5lowershop

Collectives, and Portland’s own Pan-Zen Konspiracy Network). Legendary

zombie rock opera Day of the Zombie is them as well, not to mention

audience-crushing orc band Clan of the Bleeding Eye, electro space invader

project Nebulous Nemesis Cosmic, meta-punk outlaws The Fleshies, and of

course the bands who go into this very bill in regards to which I am writing

you. They come in in costume, and speak through masks and puppets. They

carry with them musical instruments, weapons of simulated destruction,

homemade drafts and potions, and dice with many sides. Somewhere in the

unexplored territory between traditional folk music, death metal,

electronic-ambient waves, and an all-night game of AD&D – there you will

find this show. In case you have any trouble finding it, it’s at the corner

of MLK and San Rafael.


International Maggot Theater are all about the accordions. Led by the

unstoppable Dylan McPuke, and assembled as an umbrella project for the many

faces of Plaguewater, the IMT live in a perpetual state of fantasy and

expression. I once watched their guitarist play zombies with an

eight-year-old girl for hours before realizing that he wasn’t going to stop.

I personally witnessed one of their singers do battle with scores of punk

rock kids in full Orc costume before having his left molar knocked out by a

girl in a faerie suit armed with a log, then chase the crowd away beneath a

spray of his own blood. Yet they are a whimsical bunch, as any group of

adults who dress up as monsters and play in a rock band must be. For this

particular performance, the IMT have added puppets to the mix, serving as

the hosts and the main attraction of their latest concoction – THE SAGA OF



Nommo Ogo is a collective of multi-sensory artists and musicians, with an

emphasis on live performance of electronic and electro-acoustic music from

the depths. The group developed from a series of bizarre experiments

conducted in the basement of a Trophy Shop in Anchorage Alaska, during the

long dark winter of 1996. Since then, they have released a CD and a 12" on

Isolate Records, played shows throughout the US, Canada, and recently,

Northern Europe. Nommo Ogo creates music for large scale natural phenomena:

massive plates of throbbing waveforms and organically evolving textures.

Live performances incorporate various kinetic and visual presentations to

create an otherworldly environment.


From the official S.T. website:

“Sacrificial Totem is the sound of atavistic journeying to the depths of the

Worldsoul. Fires burn, drums are beaten, barbarous names of evokation are

intoned. Layer upon layer of psychedelic blackness rise from their burial

mounds. Shadows of ancient rituals are perceived through the haze; blood

flows, the last owl calls before the dawn. The cycle is begun anew.”

All’s I can say is, anyone who thinks they’re down with this modern

primitive ritual theater thing should hold their tongue until they’ve had a

chance to witness this man (“Exile” by name) transform himself from a humble

electronic musician into a bleating bull-god using nothing but music and

dirt. A genuinely unsettling, revelatory performance artist; who would

probably tell you that “performance” has nothing to do with it.

666GANGSTAZ (aka Todd Cook)

Todd uses a combination neuro-cognitive disrupter/ booty oscillation inducer

to create cut-ups, warped melodies and just plain bangin' tunes. Triple six

g pulls hard, dirty beats from piles of glitch and the howling world behind

the curtains. Mutant spaz core.


" Were it the sound of one hand clapping, the Aural tapestries conjured

forth by this megalith of sonic expression would be scarcely more difficult

to condense into words. Soriah's very existence is living proof that the

conceivable pathways to the soul through music are still, even in the 21st

century, comprised of a vast uncharted territory.

Through the use of a vocal technique known , most commonly as throat

singing, Soriah is able to wordlessly articulate the contours of vast virgin

planets; stunning galaxies; and mighty rivers of passion, loss and longing.

And he does so in a most comprehensible fashion, availing himself equally to

the furthest extremes of novice and jaded aficionados of music.

And with this same force or musical gesture and command of the moment,

Soriah binds together and guides the seemingly endless parade of musicians

who appear in his ever revolving backup group. For every Soriah performance

is unique: a ritualistic event replete with elaborate costumes, compelling

stagery and unconventional instrumentation. And no matter whether he chooses

to confront his audience with ethnic drummers at his back, a psychedelic

guitarist at his side, a full troupe of middle eastern stings surrounding

him, or little more than a conch and pipe organ below his fingers, Soriah

never fails to enrapture, enlighten and astound."


It’s a full-scale assault on your mind, your ears, your body, and your cool.

The Monsters Are Coming! For heaven’s sake, don’t let them pass you by.

Kill The Humans – N.



Hello all,
Please tune in this Thursday, July 15 at 7 pm, when
PETE MALINVERNI appears with producer JIM LUCE on:
to discuss Pete's new CD THE TEMPEST and his July 31 appearance on the
"'The Tempest' finds the pianist more aggressive and exquisite than ever before.  Optimism about the value of the mainstream vernacular brims throughout, making Malinverni seem audacious and exquisite." Jim Macnie, The Village Voice 
"...the legitimacy of his approach deliver[s] a depth to his playing that brings out the harmonic sophistication and rhythmic richness of all the music he explores..." Russ Musto All About Jazz, NY
"Pianist Pete Malinverni makes a giant leap forward on his new 'The Tempest'..." K. Leander Williams, Time Out New York
Thank you for your time.
Pete Malinverni
241 Avenue of the Americas, #1-C
New York City, NY 10014
phone/fax: (212) 206-8634
Pete Malinverni
241 Avenue of the Americas, #1-C
New York City, NY 10014
phone/fax: (212) 206-8634




Haven't been to AAJ this month? Check out our new

blog by Bret Primack, view hundreds of new reviews,

read the ten most popular articles, and post your

favorite jazz albums of all time. Visit... 

All the best!

Mike, Chris, Nils and the entire All About Jazz Staff 






Folk the Police

is a new monday night series wherin Tom and I DJ folk music from everywhere with or without other bands. It is every monday night at fabulous Dunes!! where? 1905 NE MLK at San Raphael next to the boxing club.  Its chill its cool and its hot hot hot!!

come hear the fruit of music nerds obsessions...

come dance the night away to music from the 20s and 30s ..... in Ethiopia

come hear what your great grandfather was listening to in the Appalachians...

come hear the latest in todays acoustic troubadors

for an evening of something other than hip hop or house try

FOLK THE POLICE!!! it will rock your top hat off 

this week:

featuring landing (conn) strategy, whysp and dragon with rez dj's tom greenwood and djp unity

love JP

Crazy with a K





8th International Experimental Music Festival LEM

9th september  to 16th october 2004

17 days, 17 venues, 62 events...








Chers abonnés,

Les nouveaux reportages sont arrivés sur "Formule Vacances".

Retrouvez dans le "Mag Vidéo" :

* Le clip de Section Tubes - Zouk Bordel 2004".

* L'interview exclusive de Krys, la star montante du Ragga Dance Hall parisien.

Retrouvez votre nouvelle rubrique Photos :

* Les photos de la soirée Section Zouk au Cap Sud.

Big Up,

Emile, Marie-Line & Jean-François



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