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URGENT Notice!!!

Please do NOT send any more submissions to Zzaj Productions!  I will be "suspending" publication until around September of 2004, due to personal obligations

Usin' th' rant section to let you all know that I.N. will be "off the air" for a few months... I've accepted a new job with a military unit (up at Fort Lewis), & will be fully occupied learning some things about their systems.  This also (probably) involves trips to exotic work locations across the globe, so I'll (pretty much) be out of communication until next fall.

Please do NOT "write us off"... "Improvijazzation Nation" will be back... I'm not just "closing up shop" & abandoning my music, reviewing or production... but I am going to take a little hiatus for a while.  I'll be back in touch as soon as I'm ready to begin publication again.

In the meantime, back issues, & the basic site, will still be available for your pleasure.  Our catalog will still be up with samples, though you won't be able to order the CD's until I get back home on a more permanent basis.

Please DO spread the word to others who may be interested... when I'm "back in full swing", I've no doubt I'll have a TON of writing to offer, with impressions from the (far) corners of th' globe... & who BETTER to report the "jaded views" of th' "news" than yer' friendly "Rotcod"?


Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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