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ALL artists!  I am very, VERY happy to announce that IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION is ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS again.  I have been granted a (possibly long-term) stay of execution for my trip to Iraq.  I will still  be traveling all over the U.S., so new issues may be a little less timely, but (as always), we will review your materials as soon as possible after we receive them.  Look at the guidelines for submission below, please:


MUSIC:  All formats accepted.  Snail mail to:  Zzaj Productions, c/o Dick Metcalf, 5308 65th Avenue, Lacey, WA 98513  The only criteria for music you submit is that it MUST HAVE high performance energy... if you submit lacklustre material, it will be reviewed accordingly

POETRY:  Poems are accepted for publication ONLY via e-mail.  Poems submitted in any other fashion will NOT be published.  Poetry that includes some reference to music is granted first priority for publication.

BOOKS:  We will review some books; books about music are PREFERRED.  We will NOT return any books submitted for review.  Snail them to the address listed above for MUSIC.


DIY Announcements:  We will post your (e-mailed) ad about DIY projects, regardless of genre or medium... HOWEVER, this is ONLY for INDEPENDENTS... if you are a corporation, don't even BOTHER sending stuff... it will be marked and reported as SPAM!


We WANT your announcements/links about your NEW RELEASES & .mp3's,  for D.I.Y.'er's... SEND us your links... e-mail to 









CD Baby pays $10 million to musicians for CDs sold

Independent online music retailer CD Baby has now paid over $10 million directly to musicians for CDs sold worldwide through their online store at

CD Baby's easy consignment system has given every musician access to worldwide sales and distribution, without having to sign away their music to a record label.

While record labels are blaming piracy for a lack of sales, music sold through CD Baby has almost doubled every year for the past six years.

"It's easier than ever for music fans to find great non-mainstream music," says CD Baby founder Derek Sivers. "So what's reported as a sales decline for a huge pop star is actually a sales boost for the less-famous but more-talented musicians of the world. We sell thousands of CDs a day by artists you've never heard, but will love when you do."

Now, as one of the primary suppliers of music to digital download services such as Apple iTunes, MSN Music, Napster, Rhapsody, Sony Connect, MusicMatch, and more, CD Baby is helping artists everywhere get their music out into even wider distribution.

CD Baby has been a launching pad for later-famous acts such as O.A.R., Jack Johnson and Gary Jules. Other already-famous artists such as Thomas Dolby, George Clinton, Grant-Lee Phillips, and Beach Boy Al Jardine have chosen to use CD Baby's unique distribution service to release smaller projects directly to their fans.

CD Baby now represents over 75,000 artists and labels, making them the largest seller of independent music on the web.

For more information, interview requests, etc., please contact Alex Steininger at CD Baby  or 503-595-3000.

















Link far below...
-----  = Music research, etc...
Courvoisier; Eneidi; Ibarra; Maneri; Morris; Shipp

Samuel Beckett Eulogy; Baseball & the 10,000 Things;
LUCILLE-- a Reverential Journal of the Care of the Beloved Hag

CT Sessionography:

THE QUARTET I'm currently going off in :::
<  >








Please check out the debut release by halovox.  All the information is available on
Thank you very much.
Frank J. Freda
P.S. - Here is the press release for the CD:
The long awaited self-titled debut release from halovox is finally available!
The CD contains over 70 minutes of innovative and passionate synthpop/electronica.
Includes "Deception," "Make Me Yours," "Save Yourself," "Foolish Slave," "Retrospect" and a breathtaking cover of the Depeche Mode classic "Fly On The Windscreen".
Songs from this critically acclaimed release are already packing out the dance floors around the world.
Previous reviews of the 4 song halovox promo CD that included "Deception", "Retrospect", "Disintegration" and Fresh Out":
"New Jersey new wave group halovox combines modern electronic textures with a blackish blend of industrial and dark wave that goes back to the roots of the '80s U.S./U.K. sound. Depeche Mode-like electronic rhythms are mixed over melancholic vibes of solitude." -   Music Editors
"The sound quality is excellent, and Frank's vocals are just as perfect as always. All four songs are really excellent, but 'Retrospect' is my favorite so far.. but that changes every time I listen to the disc.. This is a very promising set of songs, and I think the synthpop world is in for a very special treat when halovox's debut album is released in June! (4.5 Stars out of 5)" - Jason Baker|Synthpop.NET
"halovox layers catchy beats and electro-spectacular patterns which seem to meld right into Frank's smooth voice. 'Retrospect' & 'Deception' have become instant dance floor favorites while 'Disintegration' and 'Fresh Out' seductively grab hold of your heart and tug you into the magical world of synthpop ballads. (5 Top Hats - highest rating)" - Rev. Jayme|Culture Asylum Magazine










I saw a thing on a newsgroup about your new policy. On Silber with our new site design, you can always see the latest on our main page Brian John Mitchell







I read your broadcast on the Coltrane List. Jungs & Maedels is a small,

non-commercial, no-budget label based in Germany. Because most of our old

stuff is out of print and there are not many new releases underway, we

recently turned our website into an online music archive. The link is . I hope this is useful for you, of course we appreciate

any links.


Best, Henrik

Jungs & Maedels 




for the new Tom Johnson on Pogus

thanks dick










The new cd by bassist Jair-Rohm Parker Wells,

"Exquisite Noise" is now up and available on cdBaby.

"Exquisite Noise" consists entirely of improvisations

performed on the Fichter electric upright bass For those

of you who are interested in drones, noise and textual

(rather than harmonic) organisation, check it out here:


For those of you not familiar with Jair-Rohm Parker

Wells or his work, he has been a presence on the

international bass scene since the 1970s. His activities

range from hit recording sessions to recording and

touring extensively with the improvising bands Machine

Gun (with Thomas Chapin) and Doom Dogs (featuring

Reeves Gabrels). You can read more about him here: 




Here is my link to my stuff: 

Hope you are well!

doug  theriault 



Can you post this?





Rastascan Records BRD 051

John Butcher: soprano and tenor saxophones, amplified/feedback or


Gino Robair: ebow snare, cymbals, faux dax, motor, toy reed, styrofoam

Butcher and Robair first performed in Oakland, CA in 1997 and have

collaborated ever since, releasing two trio CDs

- 12 Milagritos with the late bass player Matthew Sperry

- Guerilla Mosaics with Japanese koto player Miya Masaoka.

New Oakland Burr follows their first duo CD, Liverpool (Bluecoat)

Concert (Limited Sedition)


“Butcher, who is increasingly being recognized as one of the

saxophone's pioneers in terms of extended technique (somewhat

frustratingly so, as his extraordinary virtuosity is always put at the

service of the music and should not be associated with any particular

trendy fad in contemporary improvisation), is in outstanding form and

percussionist Gino Robair, whose arsenal of instruments includes a

"faux dax" (a homemade version of Hans Reichel's famous

daxophone) and various bowed and motorized contraptions, reveals

himself once more as one of the most original performers on the


—All Music Guide - Guerilla Mosaics review


San Francisco based Gino Robair has recorded with artists as diverse

as Tom Waits, Anthony Braxton, Terry Riley, Lou Harrison, Eugene

Chadbourne, Peter Kowald, LaDonna Smith, and Otomo Yoshihide. In

addition, he has performed with John Zorn, Nina Hagen, Myra Melford,

the ROVA Saxophone Quartet, the Club Foot Orchestra, and he is a

founding member of the Splatter Trio. Gino is one of the "25 innovative

percussionists" included in the book Percussion Profiles, and he

served as Music Director for the animated television series The

Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat for CBS.

London-based John Butcher became known as a saxophonist after

finishing a doctorate on charmed quarks. Initial groups were with Chris

Burn, John Russell, Phil Durrant, Paul Lovens and Radu Malfatti. He

joined the final version of John Stevens’ Spontaneous Music

Ensemble; has played in a number of Derek Bailey’s Company Weeks,

and has worked in many contexts with singer Phil Minton. Electronic

music was an early influence on his saxophone playing - becoming

explicit in the Austrian group Polwechsel - which also collaborates with

Christian Fennez - and Thermal with EX guitarist Andy Moor & synth

player Thomas Lehn. As an improviser he continues to play in many

occasional, often one-off encounters ranging from large groups - Butch

Morris’ London Skyscraper and the EX Orkestra - to duo concerts - Fred

Frith, Jin Hi Kim, Toshimaru Nakamura and Derek Bailey.


A RASTASCAN release -  -  - 




FYI, I am a programmer on WKCR FM NYC (, and always looking

for interesting & worthwhile musics in a variety of genres, which stretch

boundaries into creative experimentation away from the normal commercial

stuff heard most places by most people.

Please pass on my info to artists/ labels/ distributors etc who want to

spread their art to NYC metropolitan area.

I saw your posts on the Avant Garde Yahoo list.



Charles Blass


1650 Broadway

Suite 900

NYC 10019





Debut Album from Indie Alternative Rock Giants Perish Ruby! Go Listen!
Debut Album from alternative rock band Perish Ruby. Raw, Edgy, Powerful and Melodic PR are making waves in the indie alternative rock scene!Currently sitting on the number 5 spot on Broadjam\'s regional top 10 list for Ontario and the number 10 spot for eastern Canada!!Go have a listen and prepare to be BLOWN AWAY!!!!


Email Address: 
Image URL:
Website URL: 





I've just posted 7 free, full length, high quality (128kbps/44khz) MP3 downloads up at my site on the soundclips page: These are all newer pieces, from "phase 2" (from "In Search Of The Fantastic" on). Enjoy them! Tell your friends!




Lo my Band is Perish Ruby home site is : 

you can buy the cd at 





Here's some links:  (main page, news, release info)   (mp3 page, updated once a month or so with fresh tracks)

Look for your copies of "forMes" as well as the remix disc "german tics" in the

mail in the next week. Thanks again for all your hard work, it is much



Jeff T. Mueller (xaxis wye)





FEATURED Zzaj Productions album samples -

HURTLE BLUE - Some exciting ventures between Broca's Area & Zzaj

DETROIT IMPROV DUO - While Zzaj was out in Michigan, he hooked up with guitarist Jim Konen - the rest is (improv) history!

EMOTIONAL CIRCUS- This CD features some rare vocals by Zzaj, & instrumental wizardry by Kramtones!




The new cd by bassist Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, "Exquisite Noise" is now up and available on cdBaby. For those of you who are interested in drones, noise and textual (rather than harmonic) organisation, check it out here:


Jair-Rohm Parker Wells
Drone masterpieces and Loopadelica at: 







We have a wonderful new CD out by poet

Dottie Grossman and trombonist Michael Vlatkovich

titled "Call and Response."

This is an intimate meeting in the studio (recorded

direct to disk with no overdubs or cuts) of poet

Dottie Grossman reading her poems and

Michael Vlatkovich responding with an improvisation.

Read about it...

listen to excerpts...

...and even buy it... 

best regards,

Jeff Kaiser




Press Release
Portland, Oregon
Sept. 20, 2004
Contact: Linda Austin 503.777.1907

What:    Holy Goats! Sunday Afternoon Improvisations
Where:   Performance Works NorthWest
        4625 SE 67th Ave. (@ Foster Rd.)
When:    Sunday, October 10 @ 2pm
Cost:    $7 at the door
        Admission includes coffee and bagels
Holy Goats! Sunday Afternoon Improvisations is
an almost-monthly series devoted to experiments in dance and music improvisation.
Joseph Foster + Linda Austin
Leif Erik Sundstrom
Doug Theriault + Kestrel Gates
Noggin + Gabe Lukas (from Seattle/Bellingham)

Although his upbringing in music happened in Portland, Oregon and eleventy decades of constant playing with Jean-Paul Jenkins and Bryan Eubanks, JOE FOSTER lives in Seoul, South Korea. He has performed in New Zealand and Japan as well as Seoul and much of the U.S. Recent collaborators have included Alfred 23 Harth and the members of Astronoise.

LINDA AUSTIN has been making & performing improvised and choreographed dance for more than two decades, in New York, Mexico and the Pacific Northwest. She is the co-founder and the artistic director of Performance Works NorthWest.

After extensive study of all things extensive in Texas, LEIF ERIK SUNDSTROM transplanted to Portland, OR in 2002.  Since that time Leif has explored percussion continually and recorded with such groups as Hundred Flowers Ensemble, Free Your Drumbs percussion duo with Mark Kaylor, regular duo with saxophonist Bryan Eubanks, Super Unity Group, and God.  In addition to getting intimate with those beautiful tonal acoustic contact mics commonly referred to as drums Leif has recently begun exploring the limits and sound capabilities of an old Gerard record player, sculpting space with ubiquitous feedback and amplified tactility.  In addition to organizing and performing within the Improvisational community of Portland Leif has made a habit of touring the West Coast regularly, completing two West Coast tours during 2003 and attending the 19th annual Seattle Improvised Music Festival in 2004.

DOUG THERIAULT, a musician/sound artist based in Portland, Oregon, works in improvisational live peformance. He has presented his work all over the United States with a wide variety of musicians, dancers and visual artists from around the world.  All of his projects concern the use and development of Music Improvisation, in its many forms and contexts.  Doug has been investigating the reciprocal contamination of creative means and sensibilities. He has been using varied organic and electronic sound instrumentation, concrete sounds, voice, light gradients [sensors], space and performative movement in connection to architecture and notation systems. Doug has built an instrument for controlling sound through light according to MIDI programming and real-time light changes.

KESTREL GATES is a dancer and performing artist currently living in Portland, Oregon. Kestrel was trained in performance at Prescott College in Arizona.


NOGGIN has been performing freely improvised noise since 1993.  The Duo consists of Michael Griffen (violin) and Eric Ostrowski (violin, guitar).  While Noggin began exploring the explosive and volatile nature of electric "free screech," they have evolved over the years to embrace a wide dynamic range.  Over the last several years, they have made a move towards an iincreasing number of sets featuring two unamplified violins, where the vocal properties of the instrument are explored.  The sounds are just as difficult and intense as the electric noise material; but at a lower volume level, the audience is invited to come in closer and get intimate with sounds and the performers. Noggin frequently collaborates with dancer GABE LUKAS, of Bellingham, WA., who gives a unique and thoroughly appropriate embodiment to the energy and and music of Noggin. "What was the name of the duo that wrestled with the violin at the last show--that was a nice set, like playing a violin conceto on a turntable that you kick down a flight of stairs--"

Linda Austin                    
Performance Works NorthWest   
4625 SE 67th Ave.
Portland, OR  97206





What: 36 Invisibles presents

When: SATURDAY OCTOBER 2nd , 9:30 pm

Where: The Jasmine Tree, SW 4th and Harrison


How much: $5


Press Contact: Noah Mickens 

(503) 944-5044 x.231

(503) 282-5143

36 Invisibles: 



Nathan Hubbard, of San Diego's way-out Trummerflora Collective, takes this

opportunity away from the various ensembles to which his talents are

integral (see Cosmologic, The Skeleton Key Orchestra, Wormhole, etc.),

presenting instead a set of his solo percussion. Nathan's solos aren't a

whole lot like the drum solos you know and love from your rock and roll

period, though - he uses a combination of found objects, standard

trapset-style drums, a rack of contact-miked micro-sound objects, and

homemade versions of Cloud Chamber Bowls and other avant-garde percussive

instruments; and combines them with live effects processing to create

roiling avalanches of crunchy noise assembled with breakneck jazz precision.

A travelling virtuoso, to open the noise-heads minds and bolster the

jazz-bos courage.



Kathrine Heilesen hails from the frozen paradise of Denmark, which is way up

there near the top of Europe, where everyone is so healthy and prosperous

that they actually meet to solve other countries’ problems. But they were

not always as you see them today. Just a few short centuries ago, the

Norsemen were the most feared civilization in Europe, known to their

Southern neigbours chiefly for the ability to kill and plunder with

impugnity. “Vikings”, as they have been erroneously dubbed. Then one day,

in a council of Nordic kings and chieftains, it was decided that they would

lay down their swords and adopt a life of pacifism and a position of

neutrality in the struggles of other nations.

Ms. Heilesen’s music is the very spirit of this momentous decision. With

roots in nordic folk and other medieval European musics; she fuses harp,

traditional percussion, guitar, songs and spoken word; joining the stream of

post-modern Euro folk typified by In Gowan Ring and Sol Invictus. She was a

major contributor to the legendary world music collective The Otherworld in

Denmark, playing in jams alongside master musicians from all corners of the

world, and continues her work today alone and with a revolving cast of

collaborators. A distinctive feminine voice carrying messages between the

distant past and the living present. 


Local recluse and visionary Brian E.H. Crowl works between the lines and on

the fringes of various free music scenes. His multi-instrumentalist range

stretches from sitar to analog synth, from sarod to saxadoo, from upright

base to pennywhistle. His collaborators have included freak mobs Peevish,

Super Unity Group, and the denizens of the 411 Collective, amongst many

others. The music is free improvisation built around the raga concept, yet

open to rhythms and insrumentation from all walks of music. Yes, including

country-western. Yes, including polka. Yes, including Cookie Monster death

metal. Versed in the immortal teachings of fallen master Ustad Harut Sic,

weaned from the tit of Western classical composition, Sub-Sic are commencing

to unleash their latent genius at last upon Portland’s live stage. 










Another new one...

Steuart Liebig / Minim



Ellen Burr

Flute, Piccolo and Alto Flute

Jeff Gauthier

Electric 4- and 5-String Violins

Jeanette Kangas

Drumset, Percussion and Vibraphone

Steuart Liebig

C, Eb and Prepared Contrabassguitars

More info at: 


best regards,

Jeff Kaiser  









Trinity Records Hong Kong

"Expanding the spectrum of the extreme and avant-garde music genres

we proudly present to you these fine Dark

wave/Ambient/Industrial/experimental Acts"

The following dark wave/ambient/industrial/experimental albums will be

available Oct 4, 2004

for worldwide releases. Please feel free to e-mail to ask for wholesale prices.

Contact : Soni Yasaratne 





Arcane Art "Nightly Terrors"

DWTRHK 001 - Digipack CD

Music by Karsten Hamre & Ciprian Pastragus

Soundwise this album goes in the direction of industrial noise rock

vs. dark ambient.

A combination of improvised and structured sounds with avant-garde


Sound clips at 

Official Website: 



Penitent "A Shapeless Beauty"

DWTRHK 002 - Digipack CD

Music by Karsten Hamre & Lucian Olteanu

Grand, orchestral dark industrial in the vein of early Cold Meat

Industry releases.

Stark and majestic soundscapes collide with ethereal washes and

martial rhythms.

Sound clips at 

Official Website: 



Defraktor "Themes for The Lunatic"

DWTRHK 003 - Digipack CD

Music by Karsten Hamre

Experimental electro. Mixing styles from experimental electro

wave and industrial, to dark ambient and field recordings.

Sound clips at 

Official Website: 



The Flux Komplex "Lost Illusions"

DWTRHK 004 - Digipack CD

Music by Karsten Hamre & Ioan Barladeanu

Electro-Dub & Industrial-Electronic, with elements from ambient

and experimental to noise and darkwave.

Sound clips at 

Official Website: 



Veiled Allusions "Visions of The World"

DWTRHK 005 - Digipack CD

Music by Karsten Hamre

70 minutes of minimal dark ambient with noise and industrial touches.

The re-release of the debut album containing 4 bonus tracks (20

minutes of extra music)

Sound clips at 

Official Website: 



Museum of Transient Lights "Dream A Little Dream"

DWTRHK 006 - Digipack CD

Music by Lucian Olteanu

Sound Manipulations and mixing by Karsten Hamre

Experimental darkwave. With elements of industrial,

ambient and atmospheric soundscapes.

Official Website: 



Telurica "Anthems of Desolation"

DWTRHK 007 - Digipack CD

Music by IngerAlb

Dark ambient describing various human feelings of a visceral nature.

Mixing ambiental keyboards with industrial sounds and noise elements.

Official Website: 


Martin Davidson
3 Bittacy Rise















My new release catalog page is here:

Listeners can grab free mp3s here: 

and here: 


Acoustic Rock ... for real.









funny I should receive this today- after a couple of

years of dragging my feet on this, I've finally posted

a bunch of high quality (128kbps-44khz)MP3 downloads

at my site. Here's the URL: 



Greetings.I'm a member of the improvised workshop in yahoo, and i got your email about the independant cds and mp3s.I'm currently using a free webpage in soundclick, and am currently constructing a free webpage for strictly just mp3s, and the sale of one cd, which is open ended, because i hand make all the cds.Burned of course, hand painted of course, hand packaged of course.
Not really seeking to sell huge amounts of cds, or any, but i want to share with you my pages, in hopes you'll enjoy my music i've posted for free on my webpage.
The page is
hopefully you'll find some enjoyment out of this improvisation/composition page.
Oh also i have an other page with only one mp3, but it's an excerpt of a larger song, it's 24 minutes long, but really intense, worth a look, 





















My home recorded CD: 

Also some of my mp3's available for free download: 

genre: experimental electronic/world













Hope you'll help me in this effort by posting this somewhere!!!!!



One of the strangest THINGS about D.I.Y. on the web is that (in the last four to five years) there are FEW places left for the truly indie musician (or LISTENER, for that matter)... many of th' zines have died, .mp3 sites have (often) gone commercial, & it seems (to me, anyway) to be EVER MORE DIFFICULT to find those artists who are recording THEIR OWN music.

For that reason, the "tone" of the D.I.Y. news page at IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION will change... we will ONLY post announcements about NEW CD's by indie artists - it does NOT matter what genre... SEND US the link to your new release catalog page (e-mail to:  )... ALSO (if you have it), the link(s) for where listeners can download your .mp3's! Do NOT (like EVER, people) send ME your .mp3 files... if you do, you will be BLACKLISTED at Zzaj Productions! We hope you'll spread the word FAR & WIDE... tell EVERY independent musician you KNOW... we WANT TO KNOW where all those "real" indie CD's & .MP3's are! We will post your link(s) in the most current issue's D.I.Y. news page!!! Rotcod Zzaj

Feel free to spread it to OTHER 'ZINES & radio stations you know, too, 'k?













An exciting and beautiful new CD from MANY AXES.

Featuring: Brad Dutz, Susan Rawcliffe, Scott WIlkinson...

From the album:

"The primary focus of Many Axes is exploring the potential of unusual

instruments. Our sonic structures emerge from spontaneous, improvised

musical communication among the members of the group, almost like a

conversation. But unlike a verbal conversation, all the participants

can "speak" simultaneously, weaving a surprisingly coherent musical

web. The diversity of our instrumentation allows us to explore a wide

range of soundscapes and moods with only three performers.

Most of the wind instruments we play were designed and fashioned from

clay by Susan Rawcliffe, who has made a lifelong study of ceramics and

musical traditions from around the world. This love of world music is

shared by Scott Wilkinson, who also plays an extensive variety of

winds, and Brad Dutz, who has collected myriad percussion instruments

from many different cultures. We combine these influences to create a

unique blend of sounds that evokes . . . well, only you can say what

it evokes in you. Whatever that happens to be, we hope you enjoy it."

Read about, hear excerpts, even buy it at:

best regards,

Jeff Kaiser    













Rich Norman's new po box address (discard old one):

PO Box 396

Corbett, OR. 97019

I think you have our home address as well.


Mrs. Rich









Zajel Launches its Media Site
Dear All
Greetings from Palestine
Subject: Zajel Launches its Media Site

We are very pleased to invite you to visit our new website
Zajel Youth Exchange Program launched its Information Unit based at the Public Relations Department of An-Najah National University, Nablus-Palestine.
The Palestine Information Unit seeks to promote Palestinian culture, heritage, history and news. It seeks to give a voice to those usually overlooked by a media obsessed with conflict. This is the Palestine behind the news stories. The mission is to open the door to Palestine to all those who are interested in her past, present and future. Zajel seeks to be a resource for those with a first-hand perspective on Palestine.
By launching this site, Zajel tries to clear the image of the Palestinian people and pass the message about the current situation in the occupied territories to the international community, besides removing the stereotypes about Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom and independence.
We do encourage you to publish your articles in our site; you can also volunteer to edit or to promote it, we do highly appreciate the efforts of the associations that enabled us to launch this promising project.
Do not hesitate to send your comments in order to empower our site; your recommendations are more than welcome.
Yours truly,
 The Team Work of Zajel
Palestine Media Unit
Zajel Youth Exchange Program
Public Relations Department
An-Najah National University
Nablus, Palestine
Phone: ++ 970 9 2381113/7
Fax: ++ 970 9 2387982











Le Café concert le sax'aphone est en danger, et risque de fermer...

Signer la petition en apportant votre soutien au plus vieux café-concert de Montpellier, haut lieu culturel consacré au Jazz, au Blues,au Rock,et à la Composition française.



La saison "Continuum invite..." reprend cette année toujours mensuellement au sax'aphone, de septembre jusqu'à juin 2005.

Quelques invités prevus pour cette saison: Frederic Favarel (guitare); Guillaume Dechassy (fender rhodes); Serge Adam (trompette); Eric Seva (sax); Elise caron (voix) et Thomas de Pourquery (sax);Olivier KerOurio (harmonica) et d'autres encore...

- Le Vendredi 10 septembre:

Frédéric FAVAREL ouvre la saison 2004, à l’occasion de l’enregistrement de son nouvel album. Avec Frédéric MONINO ( bass ); Patrice HERAL ( bat)

Frédéric Favarel a eu l’occasion en vivant et etudiant à New York de se produire auprès de Lee Konitz, Joe Lovano,Richard Bona, Ron McClure, Drew Gress,Ed et George Schuller, Franck Amsallem, Tim Ries,...Une rencontre décisive avec le pianiste Richie Beirach en 1996 donne naissance à un premier album en leader :

“The Search” ,avec Richie Beirach (p) , Peter Herbert (b) et Tony Moreno.(batt.)Il intègre la meme année L’Orchestre National de Jazz sous la direction de Laurent Cugny.Tournée en duo avec Richie Beirach et enregistrement du deuxième album : “Dialogues”.

Aujourd’hui,il joue avec le trio de Phil Abraham (tb), le Big Band Lumière ,Frédéric Favarel Quintet et trio.

Au SAX’APHONE à 21 H 45 ; 24 rue Ernest Michel 34000 Montpellier

BILLETTERIE FNAC ET CARREFOUR, PASS CULTURE tarif exceptionnel première de saison 10 / 6 euros


- Le jeudi 9 septembre en show case: Duo Frederic Favarel/Frederic Monino, au Magasin de Musique à 18h, Zi Frejorgues ouest 34 130ée libre.

- Le mardi 28 septembre: Soirée mensuelle ouverte aux improvisateurs,pour une rencontre musicale autour du jazz et de l'improvisation.Avec Guylain Domas(basse)/Eric Bretheau (batterie)/Jeff Martin (claviers)/Jerome Dufour (sax)

Prochain Concert le vendredi 8 octobre "Hommage à Monk" avec Guillaume de Chassy (fender rhodes); Pierre Dayraud (batterie, percussions); Frederic Monino (basse)

Relevés: (à venir)

- "Alone Together- Conrad Herwig (trombone); Hot house-René Thomas;Rockin'in rythm-Joe Pass;Carol's Interlude-Hank Mobley;Stella by starlight-George Benson": Merci à Frederic Favarel pour sa precieuse contribution au site...

"Whims of chambers-Paul Chambers":Merci à Pierre Gros pour sa participation spontanée.

Participez aussi à ce site gratuit basé sur l'echange,en envoyant vos relevés à

Partenaires:(voir offres adherents)


Le plus grand espace dédié à la musique de la region sud.

Remise à valoir sur tout achat, sur présentation de la carte d'adhérent à l'association Continuum

Zi Frejorgues ouest 34 130


La boutique Harmonia Mundi propose une réduction de 10% sur l’achat de disques présentés en boutique de Montpellier aux adhérents de l’association CONTINUUM,sur présentation de leur carte d’adhérent.

L'association Continuum propose un tarif pour chaque concert aux clients de la « Boutique Harmonia Mundi Montpellier »,29 rue de l’argenterie.Tel: 04 67 63 28 23:

-Creation G.I.F:

Depuis Janvier 2004 Création GIF commercialise un nouvel outil pour la gestion et la diffusion d'images en ligne.Baptisée « Photothèque » ce progiciel au format flash vous séduira par son interface élaborée et intuitive.Découvrez la sans plus attendre et recevez une documentation gratuite sur simple demande:




Site officiel de l'Union des musiciens de Jazz à Paris.

L’UMJ est une association représentative au niveau national des musiciens du secteur jazz et musiques improvisées...


L’association Continuum est soutenue par la Région Languedoc-Roussillon,le Ministère de la Culture, le Département de l’Hérault et la Mairie de Montpellier

Plus d'infos: Naomi Jauneaud Coordinateur : (nouveau numero)











15 September
Late Lunch With Out To Lunch
What's happening in Germany? Last week presenter Ben
Watson and Germanologist Esther Leslie visited
Hamburg, where kindred souls are also involved in a
community radio called FSK, broadcasting a weekly
radio show on materialism and dialectics. Kerstin
Stakemeier also explains what her monthly show -
"Against Representation" - is all about. Marxism,
nationality, anti-fascism and the meaning of pop music
as both soul food and propaganda receive a thorough
interrogation in a discussion which actually does
"cross borders".

Clear Spot
Gemma Whitehouse and Jess Chesney have classical
Indian Table player Zafar talk and play live; and an
interview with 679  recording artist Martin Craft;
plus Decoration live in the studio.

16 September
From Here to Now
Alfredo Genovesi visits the 6000 Chairs festival in
Crystal Palace.

Clear Spot
Bridget Nicholls goes on a walk to track down bats,
with guests including the inventor of the Bat

Alternative Radio Bulletin
Culture and Imperialism. A talk by Edward Said
"Imperial power is constructed on a bedrock not only
of force but of culture as well. Culture provides the
underpinning, justification and validation of empire.
Its crudest manifestation is perhaps Kipling's "White
man's burden." A more refined version is the French
"mission civilisatrice," civilizing mission.
Imperialism is often thought of as a European
phenomenon of the past. In fact it continues today in
new shapes and forms. The US carries out its imperial
policies behind the facade of democracy and freedom.
Culture and politics produce a system of control
that transcends military power to include a hegemony
of representations and images that dominate the
imaginations of both the oppressor and the oppressed.
This classic from the AR archives was first broadcast
in 1993. "

17 September
What On Earth?
David Evans is joined by Phil Polley who will be
talking about and playing selections of New Orleans

Clear Spot
Laptop musician Ben Drew is live in session with

Small Pieces Loosely Joined
Eric Namour presents the second of a new series, the
aim of which is to provide a platform for a spectrum
of experimental/electronic musicians, djs and
promoters operating in the city's music network. The
focus is on electronica, drone, post-techno,
microsound, impro, soundscaping and the digital vibe.

18 September
Hello Goodbye
Dexter Bentley has The Cut-Outs live in the studio.
The Cut-Outs feature members of Airport Girl and The
Fat Tulips and play garage rock for pop kids with
short, daft guitar solos; and with a member of
Londonís all girl 60s dance troupe The Actionettes on
drums, there's always at least one band member on the
beat. They've been going for just over a year now and
have songs on two compilations on Where It's At Is
Where You Are Records, one a compilation of songs
about Valentines Day, the other a compilation of 60
songs of 1 minute long. They've just completed their
first UK tour with Californian C86ers The Frenchmen
and East London Quietests Pipas.

19 September
Calling All Pensioners
Retired bank robber Harry Haward and East End diamond
geezer rants against the government in this lively
pensioners' action slot.

20 September
From Here to Now
Alfredo Genovesi is still at the 6000 Chairs
exhibition at Crystal Palace, talking to artists and
audience. Part 2.

Clear Spot
DJ Rupture is live in the studio.

You Are Hear
Magz Hall and Jim Backhouse introduce Mira Calix live
in the studio.

Alexander Wendt previews the 12x50 carbon release by
Matt Rösner.

21 September
Open Air
Students from the School of Oriental and African
Studies present the second in a new series of world
music and deep roots.

22 September
Late Lunch With Out To Lunch
A documentary about Les Fils de l'Invention, a bizarre
organisation of Frank Zappa fans based in Paris, by
Ben Watson, notorious Zappa champion and author of the
600-page Frank Zappa: the Negative Dialectics of
Play. Les Fils have just published a 42-page
all-colour fanzine called "Le Pingouin Ligoté", which
Zappologists among you may recognise as a direct
French translation of the title of one of his mid-70s
favourites "Penguin in Bondage". Field recordings of
the launch at a club in Paris, plus airings of recent
cover bands, and some rare arcana by the king of genre
collage, avant boogie and smut rock.

Resonance 104.4 FM - The Art of Listening

London's experimental radio art station: broadcasting live across central London and webstreamed around the world via















Quinta 9 de Setembro às 23h00
Steffan Basho-Junghans + Christina Carter

Steffan Basho-Junghans
é dos mais importantes e inventivos criadores na guitarra acústica de cordas de aço, pós-Fahey e pós-Robbie Basho. A sua abordagem ao instrumento centra-se maioritariamente na experimentação das características e aspectos texturais e rítmicos do instrumento, a espaços coagulada com um trabalho mais focado na melodia a partir da escola norte-americana do fingerpicking. Tem uma discografia extensa, da qual «Waters in Azure», «Rivers & Bridges» e o acabado de sair «7 Books», todos pela Strange Attractors, serão os discos mais relevantes e emblemáticos.

Christina Carter
é fundadora do duo-base dos Charalambides, cujo trabalho a solo mantém a mesma idiossincracia daquele que desenvolve ainda com o seu ex-marido, Tom Carter, no referido projecto. Tocando guitarra de cadências mântricas e hipnóticas, o seu trabalho vocal é devedor de experimentadoras de voz como Patty Waters, Yoko Ono e Buffy Sainte Marie. O trabalho dos Carters a solo e dos Charalambides está a ser editado e reeditado pela Kranky.

+ info:
+ info:
Entrada: 7,5 €

Dia 10 de Setembro às 22h30
ZDBmüzique apresenta:
Adriana Sá

No início daquele que marca o ano em que a ZDB cumpre o seu décimo aniversário de actividades, a MOSTRA DE MÚSICA ELECTRÓNICA surge como uma mostra do trabalho que alguns dos mais importantes artistas e editoras nacionais deste campo têm vindo a efectuar. Para além de alguns nomes ligados à música improvisada com componentes de processamento e performance electrónicas, de artistas a apresentar peças conceptuais em que usam meios electrónicos, também marcarão presença alguns criadores ligados a esta prática por via do techno, electro, rock e outras referências exteriores ao campo que, de maneira mais directa guia a estética da mostra.
ZDB * SALA Verde
João Castro Pinto »»» Sirrecords / Grain of Sound / Variz
ZDB * SALA 2ª Andar
Adriana Sá + Convidados »»» S/ Editora
ZDB * SALA Verde
Rafael Toral »»» Ananana / Plancton Music
Ana »»» Variz
Lolly and Brains »»» Variz

Sábado 11 de Setembro às 23h00

Liderados por Toni Fortuna, a voz dos extintos Tédio Boys que aqui se assume também como guitarrista, e na companhia de dois ex-Garbage Catz, Tó Rui na guitarra e Miguel na bateria, os d3ö movem-se no pantanoso mundo do rock'n'roll feito de 'groove' negro. São duas guitarras excitantes e uma bateria de balanço irresistível que estão na génese da música deste "power trio" que bebe inspiração no 'blues' corrompendo-o de forma electrizante. Os d3ö
baseiam a sua existência na energia que transpira das suas canções e actuações ao vivo, diz quem os viu que são autênticas explosões de som e intensidade rock.

+ info:
Entrada: 5 €

Projecto e exposição da Galeria Zé dos Bois
integrado no Luzboa 2004 | Bienal Internacional da Luz
quarta a sábado das 19h às 23h
[até 18 Setembro]

João Tabarra
João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva
Sancho Silva & Pedro Rogado
Colectivo ZDB
[+ info]


























Hello all, 
Please consider coming to one of the following September performances:
Wednesday, 9/8: with the RALPH LALAMA QUARTET (Pete Malinverni, Dennis Irwin, Clifford Barbaro) @ SWEET RHYTHM Seventh Ave. So. at Bleecker St., NYC.  Shows at 8 and 10
Sunday, 9/18: with the JOE LOVANO QUARTET (Pete Malinverni, Dennis Irwin, Otis Brown) @ TRAVIS PARK San Antonio, TX.  Show at 8pm
Tuesday, 9/28: with Jody Sandhaus, celebrating her new release "A Fine Spring Morning" (Pete Malinverni, Todd Coolman, Leroy Williams) @ SWEET RHYTHM Seventh Ave. So. at Bleecker St., NYC.  Shows at 8 and 10
Thank you for your time.
Pete Malinverni
241 Avenue of the Americas, #1-C
New York City, NY 10014
phone/fax: (212) 206-8634























Stefano Passerotti, giardiniere in Firenze, gardener in Firenze
Timet, artisti del suono, sound artists
RHS Gold Medal at the BBC Gardener's World Live Show 2004
Musicus Concentus

sono lieti di annunciare la riapertura in notturna del laboratorio
are proud to announce the night opening of the sonic lab
Giardino Sonoro La Limonaia dell’Imperialino
Via Poggio Imperiale 23, Firenze

9-10-11 settembre 2004, ore 20.30/24.00
9-10-11 sept. 2004, 08.30 PM/12.00 PM

Lighting design

di Andrea Sensoli 
Consulenza illuminotecnica, lighting consultancy

Maurizio Geppetti
Realizzazione, Realization

Ingegnerizzazione elettrica, electric engineering


Il Team che sta dando vita al laboratorio
The Team of the sonic lab
Giardino Sonoro La Limonaia dell’Imperialino

Stefano Passerotti, Giardiniere in Firenze, Gardener in Firenze
Lorenzo Brusci – Timet, Disegnatore del suono e coordinatore del team, Sound designer and team coordinator
Mario Bencivenni - Timet, Storico del giardino e del restauro, Garden  and architecture historian
Giacomo Bonciolini – Timet,  Artista visuale ed esperto di automazione, Visual artist and automation expert
Andres Bosshard, Architetto del suono, sound architect
Giovanni Antignano – Timet,  Web designer
Andrea Sensoli, Architetto, Architect
Paolo Fiumi – Timet, Architetto e illustratore,  Architect and illustrator
Letizia Renzini – Timet,  Performer e video-artista, Performer and video artist
Enzo Cimino – Timet, Sound designer and sound artist
Matteo Milani-Timet, Sound designer
I Mariposa, Music Group
Eyes, Sistemi d’illuminazione, Lighting systems
Cogesim s.r.l. Ingegnerizzazione elettrica, Electric engineering
Filippo Tincolini e Simone Zanaglia, Scultori ed esperti di lavorazione del marmo in Carrara, Sculptors and marble experts in Carrara

titolo installativo, title
Giardino Sonoro Urbano,
laboratorio di trasfigurazione del rumore cittadino.
Urban Sonic Garden
lab for the transfiguration of the city noise.

.           .           .           .           .           .           .           .           .           .           .           .           

I Timet e loro ospiti che performeranno sonobotanicamente nel Giardino Sonoro 
il 9-10-11 settembre 2004
Timet and their guests performing 9-10-11 sept. 2004

9 settembre
Lorenzo Brusci
Letizia Renzini
Andrea de Luca
Enzo Cimino
Alessandro Fiori
I Mariposa
ospite speciale special guest Marco Parente

10 settembre
Giuseppe Mangione
Paolo Frasconi
Dj Seya + Kono
Lorenzo Brusci

11 settembre
Matteo Milani
Letizia Renzini
Alessandro Fiori
Enrico Gabrielli
Lorenzo Brusci















What: See Beyond the Music
When: Sept. 30th - Oct. 27th at 1829 NE Alberta St. #11, Portland, Oregon. PH: 503.827.4142  Opening Reception: Sept. 30 6PM - 10PM
Who: Beta-lactam Ring Records, Jackpot Records, Optic Nerve Arts

A special month long exhibit to showcase the visual art of these amazing musical artists on the Beta-lactam Ring Records roster. We will have on exhibit both new artwork (available for sale) and a few select Beta-lactam Ring releases. Not only are these established music artists but they are also brilliant visual artists. There will also be a limited gallery 10" with new tracks from Edward Ka-Spel, Romulus/Remus, Christus and the Cosmonaughts and Armchair Migraine Journey.

We have the following artits for the exhibit:

Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound)
David Tibet (Current 93)
Tom Carter (Charalambides, Tom Carter)
Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots, Edward Ka-Spel)
Monika Kwiecinski (LPD/Edward Ka-Spel)
Markus Wolff (Crash Worship, Waldteufel)
Scot Solida (Christus and the Cosmonaughts)
Scott Rautmann (Romulus / Remus)
Else Teicher (the man with the plan and writes all the pretty words for the label)
Paul Anson (Daniel Menche)
Freek Kinkelaar (Beequeen, Brunnen, Wander)
Frans de Waard (Beequeen, Shifts)
Peat Bog (Earthmonkey, Nurse With Wound)
Matt Waldron (
John Balance (Coil)
Ian Johnstone (Coil)
Felix Kubin (Felix Kubin, Klangkrieg)
Luke Buser (Ekul B.)
Eric Lumbleau (Sound, Vas Deferens Organization)
Chris McBeth (Beta-lactam Ring owner, worker ant, record pimp)

Beta-lactam Ring Records

Jackpot Records

Jackpot Records  -Downtown            Jackpot Records

203 SW 9th Ave                                  3736 SE Hawthorne

Portland,OR , 97205                          Portland, OR, 97214

503-222-0990                                      503-239-7561


















Attend a free workshop directed by Scott Kelman... for
those seeking to develop their own performance and

creative skills from a totally original perspective. The
workshops have provided inspiration to hundreds of
artists, performers and all others seeking more creativity
and presence in their work and life.

A recipient of many directorial and performance awards,
Scott¹s workshops contain influences as diverse as The

Marx Brothers to The Living Theater and Eastern culture

to Western jazz. The LA Times once wrote about Scott¹s
work ³...for anyone hungering for artistic integrity, vitality
and a touch of the bizarre.²

SUNDAY, OCT 3, 10:30AM to 1:30PM

The Brooklyn Bay, 1825 S.E. Franklin St, Bay K
Must Reserve/Limited Enrollment - CALL 503-777-5879 or


More info on Scott and The Brooklyn Bay see:  

1. At Powell and SE 21st head South (you¹re almost there)
2. At Lafayette make a right to 20th
3. At 20th make a right to Pershing
4. At Pershing make a left to 19th
5. At 19th make a right and street park anywhere along there.
At the end of 19th (it overlooks Powell), there are a series of white bay warehouses on your left. We are in Bay K (1825 SE Franklin, Bay K)
Please don¹t park in the parking areas of the bay warehouses without special permission.
1. Park anywhere north of Powell around SE 21st
2. Cross Powell to the south side of street
3. At Powell & SE 20th there is a walkway (sidewalk) heading west.
4. Walk along walkway for a little over a block and you¹ll see a series of white bay warehouses on your left.
5. We are in Bay K (1825 SE Franklin, Bay K).

If you¹re biking find the walkway at SE 20th and Powell (see above).
Chain bike to the railing at SE 19th by the walkway.
















When: Saturday, September 25th, 8:00 pm, SHARP

Where: Mississippi Studios, 3939 N. Mississippi

How much: $10


Press Contact: Noah Mickens 503-445-8031


Mississippi Studios, Various Artists, and 36 Invisibles come together for

the first time to welcome an honored guest from the highest strata of freak


Doctor Eugene Chadbourne, legendary free guitarist and banjo, Knitting

Factory pioneer, fronted bands from Shockabilly to The 300 Statues Trio,

unstoppable force to tedium’s immovable object since his first release in

1975 inaugurated the groundbreaking Parachute label.

BBC Radio has this to say about the good doctor:

“Chadbourne has created an American folk music that never existed, a kind

of primitivist amalgam of blues, free improv and jazz; equal parts Derek

Bailey and Big Bill Broonzy. Ideal for the post-modernist back porch.”

Along the way to this unique musical aesthetic, Chadbourne has collaborated

extensively with fellow NYC giants John Zorn and Derek Bailey; and

sporadically with a diverse army of players that includes Charlie Haden,

Henry Kaiser, Fred Frith Violent Femmes, Camper Van Beethoven, Sun City

Girls, Wayne Horwitz, Toshinori Kondo, Carla Bley, Bill Laswell, Lenny Kaye,

Corrosion of Conformity, Butthole Surfers, Snakefinger, Jon Rose, Billy

Bragg, Eddie Van Halen, Michelle Shocked, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Holly Near,

Amy Denio, Jim O’Rourke, Keiji Haino, Jin Hi Kim, Mojo Nixon, Utah Phillips,

Boiled in Lead, Ronnie Gilbert, They Might Be Giants, Chris Cutler, Bela

Fleck, Jimmy Carl Black, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Gino Robair, Wadada Leo

Smith, William Parker, Mark Ribot, Olga Vogala, Zu Band, Mark Dresser,

Freeworm, Bitch and Animal, Bill Horist, and countless others.

More than anyone, Doctor Chadbourne is responsible for the fusion of

American country and western music with postmodern free improvisation;

starting with his group The Chadbournes in 1980. He was also instrumental

in the early years of the Home Taping Movement, that is the Lo-Fi Movement,

forming his own home tape label in 1982. He is an early builder of

electro-acoustic instruments, such as the Eletric Rake and the Prepared

Shopping Cart. He is the only musician ever to be simultaneously invited to

both the Vancouver Jazz and Vancouver Folk Festivals. He has played on five

continents, curated and participated in myriad series and festivals,

released scores of recordings. Those of you without a taste for this kind

of thing may be interested to know that Chadbourne was also Eddie Van

Halen's guitar teacher. Seriously.

And now he comes to us, to humble Portland, with his well-developed bag of

tricks in hand, ready to show us some sounds we’ve never heard before. Nor

will again, I shouldn’t guess.

Don’t miss it. Do you hear? DO. NOT. MISS. THIS. SHOW.

5000. – N.






















ALL-YOU-CAN- EAT smorgasbord buffet breakfast & dinner Saturday & Sunday
























Send wire to western union or money gram asap






SINGLES sold out





Contact: Linda “BLISS” @ 301-938-0838 Or 443-226-6426

CASH/CERT CHECK/MONEY ORDERS, WIRE (western union or money gram)




P.O. BOX 5011

LAUREL, MD 20726-5011




TIME: 1:00 P.M.








Capitol Heights, MD


















REABERTURA DA EXPO CIDADE ILUMINDA .................................
ZDBMÜZIQUE .........................................................


Projecto e exposição da Galeria Zé dos Bois
integrado no Luzboa 2004 | Bienal Internacional da Luz
quarta a sábado das 19h às 23h
[até 18 Setembro]

João Tabarra
João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva
Sancho Silva & Pedro Rogado
Colectivo ZDB

quinta 2 de Setembro às 23h00
Mourah + Nicorette

Aos 24 anos Mourah deu o passo significativo na sua carreira musical com o lançamento do disco de estreia intitulado: "From one Human being to Another".
É um disco honesto, simples e sem grandes pretenções, encontrando o seu ponto de ancoragem na mistura em bruto de sonoridades acústicas e electrónicas.
Autor, compositor e intérprete, ele entrega-nos aqui um conjunto de temas diversificados pela intensidade de estilo:
"Não é um disco homogénio com temas que seguem uma lógica sonora no objectivo de sugerir um ambiente no imaginário do ouvinte. É uma espécie de colectânea dos meus primeiros passos musicais, explorando caminhos diferentes tais como a trip-hop, a drum'n'bass ou outros...
Não procurem uma linha de directriz entre os temas, aqui o que os liga é a ruptura entre eles. Não é uma viagem de uma hora mas sim onze viagens de cinco minutos..." Mourah
A dupla Nicorette, constituída por Sílvio Rosado (música) e Carla Lickfold (voz), formou-se há pouco mais de um ano em S. João do Estoril. Projecto de inspiração retro mas preenchido por fórmulas e olhar contemporâneos, reflectem as influências da Carla, mais depressivas e obsucuras (Joy Division, Bauhaus, Laurie Anderson e Brian Eno) e o espírito mais jazzístico do Sílvio (Miles Davies, Jonh Cale, Hermeto Pascoal). O resultado traduz-se numa sonoridade próxima a um pop electrónico com temas que suportam quadros de algum intimismo com "Nana", "Missing Daisy" ou "Windtalker" e outros que nos reportam para paisagens exóticas e cores quentes como "L Áfrique" e "Eyewitness". Entre o equilibrio e o caos surgiu Eternal Premiére, o primeiro tema desta dupla, gravado num Pentium I com um microfone das lojas dos trezentos. A partir daí o processo de composição passou a ser feito como de fosse um directo para uma rádio, espontâneo e sem encenação, onde tudo o que se improvisa era gravado directamente para um computador.
Entrada: 5 €

Sexta 3 de Setembro às 23h00
ZDBision apresenta
Prevendo 2005, a ZDB irá promover uma série de interferências entre
criadores senior de várias áreas. O objetivo é estabelecer uma plataforma de discussão e trabalho que gerida colectivamente por um núcleo variável de artistas antecipe o aparecimento embrionário de linguagens experimentais, multimédia e/ou interdisciplinares.
Intervenção ao vivo. Transformação em tempo real de
NAKED MIND protofilme de Edgar Pêra musicado por Vítor Rua.

Nos últimos 200 anos, Vítor Rua e Edgar Pêra, têm incluído nas suas colaborações um grau cada vez maior de telepatia através de momentos improvisatórios de excepção. Desta vez a telepatia irá manifestar-se ao vivo através de um cine-concerto baseado num filme que ainda não existe mas que virá a ser reflexo deste cine-concerto onde Edgar Pêra se transforma em Sr. Ego e Vítor Rua em Sr. Egg.
EGO & EGG inciam na ZDB a sua NAKED MIND TOUR!
O cine-concerto, será a Fase Zero de um proto-projecto de investigação de formas de comunicação não verbais desenvolvido multi-disciplinarmente na ZDB Inspirados nas ideias e depoimentos inéditos de Terence Mckenna sobre a linguagem telepática do polvo, e em especulações  ficcionais de Edgar Pêra, diferenças mínimas no sound-input (o THEREMIN tocado por Vítor Rua), podem tornar-se em ciclópykas diferenças no cine-output: O MIKRO interfere com o MAKRO na Zé Dos Bois!
Música ao vivo: Vítor Rua
Filmes sónicos: Edgar Pêra
Ideias e vozes: Terence Mckenna
Tradução Gestual e video-actuação: Dora Ferreira (special makeup Jorge Bragada)
Cine-Arquivista: João Gomes
Entrada: 5 €

Sábado 4 de Setembro às 23h00
Curse Ov Dialect (Austrália)
Curse ov Dialect, vindos de Melbourne, na Austrália, são formados pelos vocalistas Raceless e Vulk Makedonski, Aturungi, e August the 2nd com Dj Paso Bionic.
Todos os elementos do grupo trabalham na composição das músicas, apesar de diferentes experiências musicais que cada um deles têm, o som que praticam vem de uma cultura não homogénia. As batidas políticas e a escrita de lâmina afiada reflecte o conhecimento que têm do hip-hop, das músicas do mundo e do clima multi-cultural da sua terra natal, Melbourne. Os Curse ov Dialect nas actuações ao vivo combinam a energia com um espectáculo de difícil relato. Baseando-se não só nos velhos beats e nos ritmos reciclados os Curse ov Dialect procuram um nível acima fazendo uma reinterpretação de sons de todas as épocas. As batidas de rap político, a estética punk-rock, a utilização de samples melódicos e bateria clássica e um turntablist, criam um ambiente sonoro centrado em melodias vindas da ópera, do hip-hop ou do avant-garde,
à semelhaça dos projectos da editora Anticon, tais como, Clouddead, Alias, Sole.
Entrada: 5 €























Just a short update, telling you all that a new weekly issue is online

feautring 16 reviews:

·Release of the Week:


·Album Reviews

Adam Rafferty Trio / Cataract / Chastain / Everest / Guardians of Time /

Heidi Saperstein / Jeffrey Michael / Johnny Forlord / Martin Stockdale /

Ming & Ping / Various Artists: The Spirit Lives On – The Music of Jimi

Hendrix Revisited Vol. II

·Single/EP reviews

Brody & Quint / Carbon Parlor / Winterbrief

Also check out the interview-section that features a brand new interview

with Swiss up-and-coming metalcore act Cataract.

Check it all out here:

As always send all promotional material to this address:

Hans J. Eidisgard


FO-470 Eidi

Faroe Islands

Via Denmark













vert pituite la belle présente :
les belles soirées #15 : du Vendredi 17 au Dimanche 19 septembre 2004
Vert Pituite la belle revient après cette pause estivale avant de faire une nouvelle pause d'hiver en même temps que les Voûtes ; et pour l'occasion, nous invitons REGREB & OGROB pour une installation sonore et visuelle sur trois jours accompagnée par deux soirées de concerts exceptionnels. Soyons curieux pour rester souriants !
Vendredi 17 septembre 2004
19h30 : Vernissage du Temple du Rock de Regreb & Ogrob

20h30 : Concert /
Regreb & Ogrob (?) :: expérimentation de l'est

Richarles Bronson
(france) :: un peu de tout et n'importe quoi avec une basse un micro et un ampli

Samedi 18 septembre 2004
de 14h à 20h : Le temple du Rock

20h30 : concert /
Pierre Deruisseau (belgique) :: essai sonore
Fred deltenre (belgique) :: pur rock'n'roll épuré
Sun Plexus  (?) :: séance d'écoute de la pièce "le singe qui lèche le linge qui sèche"

Dimanche 19 septembre 2004
de 14h à 20h :
le temple du rock


Comme d'habitude, les Voûtes proposeront de quoi manger et de quoi boire (sans se ruiner) chaque jour. Nous vous attendons donc nombreux, et n'oubliez pas de visiter le site :

lieu : les Voûtes / 91 quai de Panhard & Levassor, entrée rue Neuve Tolbiac devant les Frigos, métro Bibliothèque ou Quai de la Gare.

Tarifs : 7 euros chaque concert - le tarif de l'installation étant fonction de votre bon coeur...















UN DIMANCHE A BELLEVILLE Rencontre d'improvisation # 9

Guy-Frank Pellerin
(saxophone soprano)

Après avoir débuté le saxophone en autodidacte, Guy-Frank Pellerin participe rapidement à de petites formations qui composent ses propres musiques. Il étudie l'improvisation à l'I.A.C.P. puis y enseigne le saxophone, ainsi que dans d'autres structures (conservatoires, M.J.C.). Guy-Frank Pellerin a joué dans de multiples formations dont le ''Celestrial Communication Orchestra'' d'Alan Silva. Il pratique le saxophone en relation avec d'autres formes d'art : la peinture, le théâtre, la danse, la poésie, sous forme de spectacles écrits ou de performances en salle ou dans la rue.

Il présentera ici, une série de pièces en solo : Aïku, au saxophone soprano. Il s'agit là d'une série de notes écrites : fruit du Masara, série transformée par l'écriture. Ces éléments sont alors employés au gré de l'inspiration du musicien créant ainsi une nouvelle composition à chaque interprétation. Une série peut avoir un titre qui guide l'expression du musicien et son imaginaire. Où l'improvisation nous emmenera-t-elle ?

Pourquoi Aïku ? La forme, l'esprit... ce qui, a un bref moment nous touche et se/nous révèle. Petite forme poétique précise... extrême, orient...

Dimanche 12 septembre 2004 six dimanches par an / un concert tous les deux mois
(à 18 heures)



Atelier Richard Morice
48 / 50, rue Ramponeau 75020 Paris -

Métro : Belleville
(au fond de la cour à gauche)
PAF : 5 euros













8th edition
international experimental music festival LEM
9th september to 16th october 2004

At LEM, we are not only convinced that a lot of different worlds can and do exist but also about the fact that even the most unpredictable type of music is a much better guarantee of peace than any other weapon... But life is not about music only and, yes, even us musicians think this way. We are indeed very interested in the world and in all those themes that might not directly refer to music but that they somehow affect they way music can be enjoyed. This is precisely what this festival is all about. It's about this world and about the musicians who not only propose free social and economic organizational models as an alternative to / (to confront) the growing mass consumism and its consequences but also have set the wish of freedom and the will/ (commitment to) of deep change. LEM owes a lot to the movements which brought pleasure back to life and culture, hence stimulating our curiosity, thus treating this project as our own baby. In its 8th edition, LEM gives shelter to 62 activities, featuring 160 artists of 12 different countries, which will spread about 17 spaces within the city, mainly in such peculiar and 'human' urban territory known as Barcelona's district of Gracia, core of this land that becomes an island (free territory?) in the so called emerging civilization which disgusts contrast and hides evidence while defending the difference and, with this hypocrisy, aims to materialize a world in which the superior/higher individuals are the ones who own arms, and the lowest ones are those less informed...

Barcelona is again the world's center of experimentation and these days, imaginary folklore, daily routine gulfs, monologues sang in 2 voices, cuisines which turn to music, glasses that sing, machines which cry and other desire-like sound objects will meet at this festival to the enjoyment of an increasingly bigger audience whom make all this adventure have more sense...Having crossed the line between two centuries, the festival acts as the wave that disturbs the uniform soap in which traditional aesthetics swim so as to reveal the unknown present and future. Pay careful attention to the program, the artists and the new venues because as Josep Pla once said "One of the best things about caviar is that, despite being so expensive, it's excellent". Put it this way: if caviar was cheap, it would still be excellent.

Gràcia Territori Sonor crew.

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in situ - 06, rue de la justice 75020 Paris -




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