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Improvijazzation Nation poetry - Issue # 66

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ALL artists!  I am very, VERY happy to announce that IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION is ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS again.  I have been granted a (possibly long-term) stay of execution for my trip to Iraq.  I will still  be traveling all over the U.S., so new issues may be a little less timely, but (as always), we will review your materials as soon as possible after we receive them.  Look at the guidelines for submission below, please:


MUSIC:  All formats accepted.  Snail mail to:  Zzaj Productions, c/o Dick Metcalf, 5308 65th Avenue, Lacey, WA 98513  The only criteria for music you submit is that it MUST HAVE high performance energy... if you submit lacklustre material, it will be reviewed accordingly

POETRY:  Poems are accepted for publication ONLY via e-mail.  Poems submitted in any other fashion will NOT be published.  Poetry that includes some reference to music is granted first priority for publication.

BOOKS:  We will review some books; books about music are PREFERRED.  We will NOT return any books submitted for review.  Snail them to the address listed above for MUSIC.

DIY Announcements:  We will post your (e-mailed) ad about DIY projects, regardless of genre or medium... HOWEVER, this is ONLY for INDEPENDENTS... if you are a corporation, don't even BOTHER sending stuff... it will be marked and reported as SPAM!




Your splinters of light
Pierce me, wake me.

The slivered moon,
Sinking, growing as it goes;
So little seen;
So much implied.

The slow-falling star,
A sight for four eyes
In western sky so bright.
Now falling, shedding light,
Then fading through an unseen horizon.

Wake me with wonder
From my wool-wrapped
Winter slumber.

Pierce me with light
Arousing my senses
To Your unfathomed mystery.

I would live awake to You,
Walking peacefully
In the promise of
Splinters of light.

Splinters of Light
June 19, 2004
Geri Rosser


A human body (network of tone and vibration)
has thirty-three vertebrae-

seven cervical (ROYGBIV) (or, if you prefer,
C D E F G A B)

twelve dorsal
(C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B)

five lumbar (fingers of one hand)
five sacral (fingers of another)

four coccygeal (2+2=4, but here my theory
is less certain--two hand + two feet? two eyes +
two ears? right ear + left brain + left ear  + right brain?)

you'll have to figure this out on your own.
(after all, these numbers are in your spinal column,

(it is the listener who makes the music,

Andrew Penland, 2004


have you ever seen video footage
of astronauts eating on the space shuttle?
when they pour a liquid, it becomes
a sphere
and floats through the zero-g
until it comes to rest in an astronaut's mouth.

I dream of space shuttles
with genius kids
rambunctiously playing,
building liquid pianos with white-out and
shoepolish, each droplet of a key
floating through the vacuum,
each silent note
chasing the next.

Andrew Penland, 2004


The Reason I Sing

You sang a song for me today

It'll stay with me

Till my dying day

I will never forget

Never forget you

Talking on the phone

Fish and rice soup

They were all you

You got me to sing

Thank you

The reason i sing

Grandpa, It was you

All you


"If you get to heaven before i do,

Coming for to carry me home

Please tell my friends im coming there too

Coming for to carry me home




We were monsters

And we were swimming

Into our futures


We were children

Swimming in a pool

That July day

The adults faded away


Testing our bravery

Testing our skills

Testing our selves

Marco Polo

Discovering the world


Jets soaring overhead

Labrador lumbering by

All surveying our island


Then the fireworks

On the coal-black horizon

For us, for our youth


Wrapped in towels

Feeling magical

Not wanting the day

To end


4 Towers


four piles of CDs sit upon my bar

a collection of worldly music mostly

rock, some jazz

some blues, too British Beck, and BB King

      and other Fathers


eject the tray for a new selection

place disc in carefully

push play &




(to think) entire Songs collected

      on this disc:

spontaneous solos, sleepless-night compositions,

      near-suicidal sufferings, self-therapy, soaring

      odes to Nature, to Love, the joy of living,

      waves of crying, swoops & swells


timeless sounds, songs, syncopes of soul & spirit:

      new sounds for

      new times,

      new souls


four towers of gold sit upon my bar


The New Phalanx


Bring on the New

      Clean the clutter

Dust the dust


Roll up sleeves

      Scrub the rust


Uncover radiant Truth

      O Children,

Do not be discouraged


You are the New

      Rebuild, re-seed, redesign




- Timothy Jos. Nelson


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