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     During a recent flight back from Virginia, I picked up a book in the airport newstand... I don't even remember the title, but it was picking out th' connexions between th' Bush family & the Saudis - withOUT coming across as "just another conspiracy" book.  Some of the most astounding things th' writer had to say showed (ancient) hooks between Halliburton, ARAMCO, th' Saudis & th' Bush family all th' way back through several decades.

     If even half of what this guy was saying is anywhere close to "the truth" (I mean, in today's digital/TV world, there is very little of THAT left), then Mr. Rowe was definitely pulling th' strings at th' debates, & th' whole idea of us (only) having gone after oil for the last 50 years comes to be much, MUCH clearer.  Th' fact that Bush, Sr., was in Texas when JFK was offed, & his connections with Texas pols like John Connelly (a flip-flopper if ever there was one) certainly make one wonder, too.

     ALL politicians, under this scenario, are evil, people.  & "thought control" is right around the corner.  Yah, I know, we all say "that'll never happen to me", because we believe we have a "firm grasp" on what's happening around us (even if we're NOT addicted to network news).  Mebbe' those "Skull & Bones" stories aren't so far-fetched, either.  Especially when you consider that the "House of Saud" were originally nomadic robbers & thieves in their early years, centuries ago.

     What I rant about here will make little difference in "that" larger scheme... but it STILL must be said.... trust no politician... they DO have ulterior motives, even if we don't (really) know what they are (other than the obvious, like GREED & NEED to be STROKED).  Is there any point to saying it then?  You BET... because I CAN!

     So, is there anything you can do about this evil?  Well, YES... slant your musical message to whatever is (most) on your mind... I don't mean that you should make a campaign of it... only that when you see evil (like politicians & their lies), write about it... SING about it... PLAY about it.  I believe another very effective way to defeat the evil that rich men (i.e., politicos) do in the world is to write/play about the things that are beautiful in the world... even if it's about the beauty (what may be left of it) in Iraq... in North Korea... in "real" people around you... & the beauty in/of resistance to the idea that we can all be manipulated by sound bytes & other such nonsense.  Sorta' like th' '60's, without th' pot (as the emphasis point, anyway).  

STOP!     THINK, right now, about how you can twist the idiotic premises that catsup controllers & petroleum power freaks lay on you via th' nightly news into verbal weapons that reveal to more & more "regular" folks (like us) how insane it is to vote for (or do anything other than look down upon) anyone who makes more than $100k a year... how can they possibly have any idea what we need?   C'mon, players... I'm waiting to hear the songs of your new revolution! 

Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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