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The BEST OMD (Online Music Distributor) for INDIES (MUST be - WE are there):






We have CHANGED the FOCUS of the D.I.Y. News page... from now on, please do NOT send show announcements!  Please DO SEND any/all announcements about new CD releases...  th' "twist"?  Please do NOT send us an announcement unless you have downloadable samples available on the web!  I want to see if we can use the D.I.Y. page to more accurately reflect what's happening DIGITALLY in "underground/D.I.Y." music in the 21st century!  So, SEND those links to your sample pages as SOON as you CAN, ok?



We WANT your announcements/links about your NEW RELEASES & .mp3's,  for D.I.Y.'er's... SEND us your links... e-mail to 
 is a rapidly expanding site for musicians to showcase their music to the world. We attract music makers and the fans who appreciate them on a global scale. Since launching on January 1 st, 2005, we have attracted thousands of loyal members and many more are joining every day.  We are NOW taking ADS for the sponsorship on the site - go HERE to check out our extremely affordable rates!





I've just released a Rock Instrumental CD called "Silver Cloud" by my band "Chasing Rainbows". The website reference is shown below. I'm trying to sell the CD via eBay - but it's quite hard/slow work. I'd be grateful for any links that you can afford me.


Best wishes




One of the strangest THINGS about D.I.Y. on the web is that (in the last four to five years) there are FEW places left for the truly indie musician (or LISTENER, for that matter)... many of th' zines have died, .mp3 sites have (often) gone commercial, & it seems (to me, anyway) to be EVER MORE DIFFICULT to find those artists who are recording THEIR OWN music.

For that reason, the "tone" of the D.I.Y. news page at IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION will change... we will ONLY post announcements about NEW CD's by indie artists - it does NOT matter what genre... SEND US the link to your new release catalog page (e-mail to:  )... ALSO (if you have it), the link(s) for where listeners can download your .mp3's! Do NOT (like EVER, people) send ME your .mp3 files... if you do, you will be BLACKLISTED at Zzaj Productions! We hope you'll spread the word FAR & WIDE... tell EVERY independent musician you KNOW... we WANT TO KNOW where all those "real" indie CD's & .MP3's are! We will post your link(s) in the most current issue's D.I.Y. news page!!! Rotcod Zzaj

Feel free to spread it to OTHER 'ZINES & radio stations you know, too, 'k?

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