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The BEST OMD (Online Music Distributor) for INDIES (MUST be - WE are there):

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Well, th' world ain't a totally LOST CAUSE yet... if you listen to Internet Radio, you'd better head on over to IndieRadioLive I've been in there over th' last months, & they've picked up tracks (of mine) in mid-show & played 'em!  Of course, they won't do that every time, I'm sure, but it's awfully nice when you can get that level of interactivity.  If you go in their CHAT room, you can talk right to the DJ's (I'm talkin' to DJ Wallybob, th' coolest DJ there, as I write this rant), as well as to many players.  It's really quite nice, & they really support the artists!  A far CRY from th' rotgut commercial/payola/crapola stations that abound (still) today. 

     Another site I've begun hanging my hat in is the INDIEHANGOUT - this is one of those sites that has (some really great) artists on it, & you can post tracks, as well as get feedback from those other players in there.  I quit "lists" quite some time back, because there were too many "flame" wars... as well as "wannabes", but that is DEFINITELY not what happens at this site.  You can count on strong support, & not just the "it's wonderful" variety... the other artists in there won't hesitate to tell you what you need to do to "tweak" a tune!  Good, solid & constructive criticism that can help you grow as an artist.  I've also hooked up with a couple of folks who are into collaboration, & turned out about 4 tracks (thus farly) with a guy named VESA... cool players, cool people, & a great place for INDIE musicians to "hangout".

     Lastly, there's a really cool NEW site where you can post tunes... it's called MIXPOSURE & has some excellent features... almost instant feedback on the tracks you post - plus, the startup is offering free "MIXPRO" acocunts for folks who review the most tunes (that means you have to post at least 15 reviews before the end of December... & how hard is that)?  I've been posting my .mp3's on SOUNDCLICK for at least 3 or 4 years now, & while it's a wonderful site (they're very, VERY supportive), they don't have that "instant gratification" loop plugged in quite as well.  I've already got a lot of feedback on my tunes, much of which will enable me to tweak them & make even better music!

     What's all this trying to say?  Basically, that there are most encouraging signs on th' net right now, as far as INDIE music is concerned.  I'm happy to be able to say that things look a little better than they did a few months ago!  SHIP your TUNES into these places & see what happens!


Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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