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Do NOT "count your chickens" too soon.  You know the old adage... don't get complacent about anything these days... it's an awfully easy thing for us "players" to do, too.  Our whole attitude (at least MINE, anyway) is geared to goin' with the "flow"... & that often gets folks (like me) in a lotta' HOT water.  I've ranted on this issue once or twice before, but it's recently come & bit me (yet) again! 

     It's true that in order to make (or be involved in) music that reaches for the "outer limits", one must be focused... must shut out the normal, everyday influences, to the point that (as one who mediatates) those things (like mowin' th' lawn, or takin' out the garbage) don't invade the creative urges that drive us down the path to artistic oblivion.  The problem with that, on a personal level, is that (just like when yer' stoned on Rollin' Rock, or Lebanese Red) you're pretty much unable to see (or care) how your state of ignorant bliss is affecting those you DO care for.

     I went through a recent spate of such myself... visit to the Dentist... abject pain, good codeine & a night or two on the nets without ANY consideration for those 'round me... almost brought the phroggin' HOUSE down.  Of course, the musical involvement was FUN, & I was surely FOCUSED, but nearly at the expense of my marriage (of 20 years)... amazing how little it take to upset the balance, methinks.

    I'll not divulge all the gory detail, just suffice it to say that I'll be doing my best to "come back", & not get on such a "jag" again anytime soon.  & would advise you ALL to stop & think (ev'ry once in a while, anyway) about what it is you value most... artistic freedom is an absolutely necessary element in creation - but not to the point where the expense is more than you can afford to pay (emotionally or elsewise). 

    THINK about it!  :-)


Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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