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As I move on towards my 6th decade in this cycle (only a year & a half away), I begin to wonder what the next cycle will bring.  I certainly can't complain about this one... I've learned a lot through various trials & tribulations (many of which I brought on myself), & I've had joyful expereiences of all types!  Musically, I've grown evermore "out", mostly due to being bored with things "regular"... does that mean that the next 'round on the Wheel of Life will be totally over the edge?

     This life cycle seems to be filled with bloody scoundrels (most of them in "politician's clothes"), but I s'pose that's no different from any other dimension... even in our parallel universe(s), I think scum always tends to rise to the top. 

     One thing that's been very exciting over the last couple of months is the series of INTERVIEWS I've been doing at the MIXPOSURE site.  A good place to start is my interview with a guy named kephas  There are a LOT of great musicians on that site, & I'm highly encouraged by the energy they display for supporting each other.  One of the best things about that site is that they're (usually) able to keep the petty feuding out of the forums... I hope that continues as a trend there. 

     We are moving, after 10 years (off & on) at the same address... it's not a "new" house - it's just "newer" than this one.  I'll be providing the address for you all in the next issue... due to the move, that issue may be delayed until (possibly) end-June, 2005.  Continue to send your submissions to the old address, though, for now.

     The poetry submissions seem to be dropping off... if you know of poets who want to get "non-schlock" poetry published, please have them e-mail to  I want to keep that section going, but if I don't get any submissions before mid-June, 2005, I'll be discontinuing the poetry page.  I already had to do away with the "D.I.Y. News" section, 'coz no one was submitting links for their .mp3 files.

     CD submissions (for review) seem to be actually GROWING, rather than cutting back... & that's a really good sign.  Despite "4 more years" of G.W., & the repressive atmosphere he's been able to impose on the world (in hopes of keeping his Saudi friends placated), folks are still making music... &, in my view, that is the BEST THING that could happen! 

     Guess that's about it for this 'round... anybody wanna' do a "guest rant"?  I appear to be "mellowing out" in my senior years... maybe need some o' you youngbloods to get us (me) fired UP!  Think about it!

Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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