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    "They" say, you can't take it with you... not that I'm planning on "going over" any time soon, but I've often wondered about that axiom.  After many years of hex-amining it, I'm inclined to believe that you CAN "leave it here" for others to share.  What'n'l 'm I talkin' about?  Well, if you're a musician or artist, what you "do" WILL be there for the next-gen, eh?  So, in that sense, if you make sure that what you're creating is what you'd want to take with you, it will move (at least) on to the next generation.  & who is to say that such perpetuation might not last until th' final turn of th' big wheel?

     We just moved to our NEW abode... so everyone knows, if you're submitting music, please be sure it goes to our new address:


Zzaj Productions

c/o Dick Metcalf

4714 39th Ave SE

Lacey, WA 98503


You know th' drill... th' "forward" will stay in place for some months, but your submission will get "hung" for a few extra days, & that could keep it out of the next issue... so, please be SURE to use our new address.


     As always, moving is a P.I.T.A.  OTOH, I feel very lucky... during the move, discovered about 50 "old friends"... vinyl albums... much Zappa, 'coupla' Stevie Wonder's & much much more... I'll be digitizing those over the next couple of months... it'll be a heavy project, but well worth it.  Also, if any (of you) know where to find the "best" vinyl collectors' sites, let me know about the, eh?  Like to see if what I have is of any significant value to anyone out there.  Then, prob'ly hold onto it for another 10 years... see how far UP that market might go.


     Time to run along... my schedule for June/July '05 is packed down TIGHT... so I won't be scanning my favorite sites on the net as heavily as usual.  We still WILL be reviewing everything that comes our way... so, note the address above & submit your CD.  We do take poetry, too, but only via e-mail to  NO paper poetry submissions... they will be dumped!

Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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