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An ANNOUNCEMENT about IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION!!! I've been tagged as a replacement for someone (over) in Iraq... I'll be leaving (sometime) in late December or early January!!!  For that reason - please SUSPEND ALL SUBMISSIONS to us... but, DO NOT "write us off"!!!  I'll be back sometime early summer 2006, & will notify all of you when we're able to take your submissions again!  Please SPREAD THE WORD to folks you know who send us review material, too... I will NOT BE REVIEWING material until after I get back in summer, 2006!!!!

    Well, it's finally arrived - my "time in the sand".  Unless something (really) drastic steps in & changes my timelines, I'll be leaving for Iraq in the very near future.  I'm not "complaining" about the trip, though (of course) I'd rather just stay here & continue to review music & enjoy my twilite years.

         There are "positive" aspects to such a trip, though (believe it or not)... I've always been of the opinion that there is no better place to discern (just) how big "the lie" is than on-ground... I should be able to come back (assuming I do) & let you all know from first-hand experience how much the politicians (on both sides of the fence) have distorted the truth... it's a foregone conclusion, in my mind, that things are "different" than we've been led to believe - always is! 

        I'm hoping that I'll be able to meet a few of the local folks, though that will be far more limited than my usual excursions round & about th' globe... I'm all for discussion & interchange of ideas... but not if it involves grenades & mortars.  I do know (from personal experience) that many of the folks who've been over there have come back with horrific mementos of their time over there... one of my contractor pals had a grenade/bomb rip him from stem to sternum, if you will.  So, I'll err on the side of caution, to be sure.

       I doubt that I'll be able to publish from over there, as there are (very legitimate) severe restrictions on what can be accessed/pushed to the web from inside "the zone". 

       Please do keep me in your thoughts/prayers... nothing would make me feel better than to arrive safe/sound & ready to report reality to/for you!  In the meantime, all issues of our 'zine will remain available for you to peruse... please tell others about our 'zine... I have every intention of running this 'zine up to my (personal) goal of 100 issues... at that time, I'll probably bow out of the scene & let some younger enthusiast for high-energy music continue the tradition... but, obviously, I've got to make it through these 4 or 5 months in order to accomplish that goal!


See you next summer...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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