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Plenty of botter under th wridge, yet again!  Your support (in the form of CD's to review, & poetry to publish) has been stupendous, & I just want to let you know how much appreciated it is... nothing makes a "D.I.Y." & "improv" 'zine such more than those who practice the idea that life should (must, in fact, for th' creative) be spontaneous, & filled with the wonder of things we create.

    I've been keeping myself (really) busy at work with SHAREPOINT web sites, MS "new" way of doing webs... plenty of learning to do there, & finding ways to integrate "data" in those sites has often been a challenge (but a welcome one).  The more I research it, though, it looks like once MS Office 2007 is employed, many of the web/data tools we had will vanish.  What I did find in my research on this, however, is that there is a new "runtime" version available (free now, probably not later) that will (still) allow you to let users view data & reports, through the "runtime", not through the old Data Access Pages.  That's probably of little consequence to those who are doing music, but it is what I've been doing.;

    My keyboards are (here) with me, but I've been doing little in the way of music since arriving here in April this year... I don't (necessarily) like that, but there just doesn't seem to be enough time to pack into a day/night/weekend.  One of the detractors to that (anyway) has been the "up/down" nature of my favorite site, MIXPOSURE... OMD's like that (& MIX is unique, to be sure, for it's friendly atmosphere) have come & gone over the years, but I found that I drew much inspiration from the players I met there; even collabed with a few of them.

    The world doesn't seem to be getting much better, & until "the shrub" is transplanted to a sagebrush field somewhere, these "wars & rumors of wars" are bound to continue.  It's to the point that I don't watch the news at ALL anymore, having gotten sick of the "same old thing" every night.

    On a personal level, I feel encouraged by the continuing creativity that abounds in all the musical (& poetic) works we receive for review, but at the same time find that I'm not nearly as well able to state with certainty where I may be 3 months, 6 months - heck, even 3 days from now... some real turbulence, often on the scale of a tsunami!  Being the iconoclast has been my role for such a long time that I'm reticent to heed the advisements of those close to me that I should be more "normal", & not as "independent" as I've chosen to be over this long span of years... & yet, I feel as if I "let go" of that independence, I'll NOT be "who I am".  Kind of a carryover from having been innundated (in my early years) with too much "Popeye", I guess.. not an easy dilemma to solve.  Uno's, mebbe' end up like that guy in the song "A Poor Wayfaring Stranger"... might be harder to do at 65, but I'm sure I'll manage (if I have to).

    At any rate, I'm sure "life will go on" - I'll just have to figure out new "flows" if my circumstances change... a "musical Johnny Appleseed", mayhaps?  We'll see what develops...

Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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