I've played in over 65 "bands" .  We will highlight a few of these bands in this (and future) issues. 

CLICK the PLAY button to listen while you read - or don't, totally up to you!  You can also PURCHASE these tracks, if you'd like to support our efforts; no obligation to do that, but the option is there if you'd like!

Here's another feature Zzaj Band - This was my very first "production" on the Zzaj label; it's from a show that I did (I was on Fender Rhodes) with improv guitarist Davey Williams, violinist LaDonna Smith & sax player Wally Shoup.  We called the set "Sdrawkcab Zzaj" - you figure it out.  This is some of the wildest improv you'll ever hear:

New! New! New!  Zzaj PODCAST!

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I wrote last time of my iconoclastic ways... have had time (quite a bit, actually, since the desktop crashed) to think over some of the ways I said things.  To those who know what I'm talking about (there are only one or two), I apologize.  My biggest problem is that I've steeped myself in so much "free expression" that I often don't think about the impact of my words & actions on others.  So - getting that out of the way up front - time to move on to the "meat" of this rant!

     On the musical front, I've been back on the nets again, loading up music all OVER the place... being the realist about this that I've been for many years now, don't expect I'll make a living from it... but thought you might like to know about a few of the places I'm frequenting now...

    INDIEONESTOP is run by our long-time musical pal Bryan Baker, of GAJOOB fame, & you owe it to yourself to stop by at http://indieonestop.com/jamroom  If, like me, you've been into the whole home-produced INDIE thing for a long time, you'll meet some new players, as well as lots of ones who've been on the scene since it started! 

    Bryan's site uses a new (embedded) tool called BLASTMYMUSIC, too; here's MY site there:

We would really appreciate any support you can give us in this effort - as you'll see, there are a few FREE trax on each of the albums, too!  Please (also) TELL other folks about our new BLASTMYMUSIC site!

    Another site that uses embedding (for it's player) is PROJECTOPUS - I like their interface a lot, & they've got a nice "look & feel" that some other sites don't have!  I haven't downloaded or embedded their OPUS PLAYER yet, but plan to in the short run!

    The real "moral of the story" is that if you want your music to be heard - it's SO MUCH EASIER than it ever has been.  These sites (& plenty of others), allow you to sell .MP3's, as long as they're your own creations.  Does that result in "too much music"?  "Too much junk"?  I sincerely doubt it - there can never be too much music (not in my mind, anyway).  If there is more music, maybe there'll be LESS WAR!  & Gourd knows - we need some o' that!

    SO - get out there & put some of YOUR music up on the nets... don't (ever) get caught up in that "star-dumb" trap, though... I can tell you (from long years of experience at this) that it's doubtful you'll ever make that "big million", especially if that's your only motivation for music.  When you can play it for ENJOYMENT, & not worry about what other folks think of your motivations/work - you'll BE "in the big time" (though you may not be rollin' in dough... ha! ha!).

Till next time...,



Rotcod Zzaj


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